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TERA Warrior Guide DPS
April 15, 2014
Maintained by: Renai

TERA Warrior Guide DPS - Introduction

Greetings everyone!

This is a TERA Warrior DPS guide many people have been asking for. In this guide, I will help you maximise your DPS as much as possible as a TERA Warrior by suggesting glyph builds, gear, what crystals to use, and giving tips and tricks.

This guide will include both PvP and PvE aspects.

Before anything, if you're a new player and you have no idea what you are about to read, I suggest that you read EME's game guide which covers a lot of the basics in TERA.

This is all written from my experience, so you may not agree with me in some points. I am not the best nor claim to be the best warrior. If you disagree with anything, please feel free to point it out.

Any feedback and suggestions will be appreciated.

Enjoy the wall of texts!

Skills & Glyphs

Warriors have one of the most skills in TERA because we are a hybrid of a DPS and a tank. Some skills are made specifically for tanking, some are specifically for DPS which means that we won't be using all our skills all the time.

Because Warriors are a hybrid class, we don't really possess as much DPS power compared to a Sorcerer or a Berserker but we have the potential to unleash plenty of DPS and increase the DPS of our fellow group members with debuffs as well.

Warriors were designed to be a dodge tank which means we didn't have a block before and tanked only using evasion skills. This is why we have so many invincibility frames to allow us to dodge attacks and this allows us to solo anything with ease as long as you can control your RE.

Our DPS is heavily reliant on our high crit rate. Obviously, more crits = more damage, but not necessarily with the wrong crystal setups.

Crystal setups are extremely important in maximising your DPS so make sure you use the correct ones! I will cover crystal setups later on in this guide.

As for damage, after all the new patches and gear, I usually hit around 350~450k crit with Blade Draw and around 1 mil with Scythe. This is, of course, with priest buffs, charms and scrolls and against enraged mobs. Without them, I usually hit around 250k~350k crit with Blade Draw and around 600~700k crit with Scythe.

I will assume that you have general knowledge over TERA and the Warrior class so you know what each skill does. I will add a little explanation, tips & tricks you can use for each skill, and anything else you should be aware of.

As I've said, this is from my experience, so you may not agree with some points.

Also, most of this section will be based on PvE. PvP related stuff will be in a separate section.

Here is the glyph code that I will use:

  • Green Glyph = Great glyph. Highly recommend to use.
  • Orange Glyph = Decent glyph. Personal preference.
  • Red Glyph = Bad. Avoid using.
  • [x] will indicate glyph points.
  • [x*] will indicate that it is a master glyph.

Combo Attack Combo Attack - Cast time: Instant | Base Damage: 360 397 434 742

  • Your auto attack and source of mana.
  • Only use this if you are out of mana or all of your skills are on cooldown (which is rarely the case).

[5] Glyph of Threat - Provides 5% additional aggro.

You don't want this because you're a DPS.

[3 or 2*] Glyph of Spirit - Increases MP regeneration by 35% when the skill hits a target.

This is a great glyph if you have mana issues, but not compulsory. Even with infused charms, it may not be enough to keep up with your mana usage.

[5] Glyph of Sap - 5% chance to stun opponent for 2 seconds.

5% chance is low, even though our attack speed is fast. Not worth the glyph points. Don't use it.

Evasive Roll Evasive Roll – Cast time: Instant | RE cost: 500 (400 with glyph)

  • Your evasion skill and life saver
  • It has no cooldown unlike Slayer's roll so it can used multiple times in a row. Consumes 500 RE.

[4] Glyph of the Swift - 30% chance to increase attack speed by 15% for 10 seconds.

Not a bad glyph. 30% chance procs quite often and 15% attack speed is a huge boost which is highly noticeable. You'll also be using this skill a lot.

[4 or 3*] Glyph of Unending - Decreases RE consumption by 100.

Great glyph. Consumes 400 RE with this glyph. Allows triple rolling. You should probably always grab this unless you have confidence that you won't be RE starved.

[4] Glyph of Restoration - Restores 3% of total HP for the next chain skill: Poison Blade.

Not bad for soloing. Bad when in a group.

Rain of Blows Rain of Blows Cast time: Instant | MP cost: 350 | Cooldown: 7sec | Base Damage: 1736 | Edge Increase: 1

  • One of your main DPS skill. Also one of your hardest hitting skills.
  • Receive 30% less damage whilst executing this skill.
  • Executes 50% faster when used straight after Combative Strike and/or Pounce. Make sure to chain it for max effect!
  • Provides 1 edge.

Noctenium Infusion: Increases damage by 3 ~ 8%

[6 or 5*] Glyph of Power - Increases skill damage by 25%.

A must-get glyph. High damage skill + more damage = win. You will ALWAYS want this glyph no matter what.

[5 or 4*] Glyph of Restoration - Restores 0.5% HP per hit.

Good for soloing. Not so good when in a group. You have a healer to do the job for you. Total of 3.5% HP restored when all 7 hits connect.

Vortex Slash Vortex Slash – Cast time: Instant | MP cost: 230 | Cooldown: 7sec | Base Damage: 1139 | Edge Increase: 0

  • Conditional skill - can only be used in a short time frame of 5 seconds after using Evasive Roll and/or Death From Above.
  • One of your scarce amount of AoEs with a hitbox of 360 degrees around you.
  • Does decent damage.

Noctenium Infusion: Increases damage by 3 ~ 8%

[5] Glyph of Power - Increases skill damage by 25%.

Good for grinding masses of mobs at once. Also quite good in boss fights where you will roll a lot. Pair this with Glyph of Persistence for max effect.

[4] Glyph of Persistence - 30% chance to eliminate cooldown.

Good for grinding masses of mobs at once. Also quite good in boss fights where you will roll a lot. Pair this with Glyph of Power for max effect.

Combative Strike Combative Strike – Cast time: Instant | HP cost: 3824 | Cooldown: 3sec | Base Damage: 933 | Edge Increase: 1

  • One of your main DPS skill, rotation opener and endurance debuff skill.
  • Consumes HP instead of MP.
  • Adds a 4.5% endurance debuff on target. Does not stack with Debilitate (lancer skill).
  • Provides 1 edge.

Noctenium Infusion: Increases damage by 3 ~ 8%

[3 or 2*] Glyph of the Sanative - Decreases HP consumption by 50%.

Solves all your HP drainage issues. One of the must-get glyphs. Highly recommend to grab this first at lower levels, but you can lay it off when you get to endgame content if you feel that your HP is fine without it.

[5] Glyph of Powerlink - Increases skill damage for the next chain skill by 20%: Rising Fury.

Uses too many glyph points for the tiny amount of damage increase, in my opinion. I have seen some warriors use this glyph though.

[2] Glyph of Lingering - Increases effect duration by 50%.

Not bad as it only uses 2 glyph points, but the debuff will most likely stay on without the glyph because you spam this skill often.

[3 or 2*] Glyph of Powerlink - Increases skill damage for the next chain skill by 35% or 45%*: Leaping Strike.

No. Do NOT use this. I will delete your warrior if you do.

Rising Fury Rising Fury – Cast time: Instant | MP cost: 100 100 | Cooldown: 4.5sec | Base Damage: 474 680 | Edge Increase: 1

  • One of your minor damage + movement utility skill.
  • Two parts to this skill: press once for two slashes, press second time for third slash.
  • Third slash produces decent amount of RE and 1 edge. Not exactly the strongest skill.
  • Third slash has a high chance to knock down monsters. Does not knock down players.
  • Moves you around 6m forward on first two slashes.
  • Use the first two slashes to move forward faster in combat but not the third slash.
  • Receive 20% less damage when executing skill.
  • The lower your HP, the 'more' damage it does. Do NOT keep your HP low for this skill. It's a trap.

Noctenium Infusion: Increaes damage 3 ~ 8%

[5] Glyph of Persistence - 25% chance to eliminate cooldown.

Not worth 5 glyph points, in my opinion. It already has a short cooldown anyway.

[4] Glyph of Numbing - 10% chance to decrease opponent's attack speed by 15% for 7 seconds.

Not worth 4 glyph points with only 10% chance.

Defensive Stance Defensive Stance – Cast time: Instant | RE cost: 1000 | Cooldown: 5sec

  • One of your two stances.
  • Increases endurance and balance by certain amount depending on whether it is I, II or III.
  • Attacks draw more aggro.
  • Never, EVER use this stance as a DPS, otherwise prepare to be kicked.

[6 or 5*] Glyph of Grounding - Increases endurance by 20%.

You're a DPS. You won't be using this stance so this glyph is useless.

Assault Stance Assault Stance Cast time: Instant | RE cost: 1000 | Cooldown: 5sec

  • One of your two stances.
  • Increases power and crit rate but decreases endurance by certain amount depending on whether it is I, II or III.
  • Always, ALWAYS use this as a DPS warrior. It is essential.
  • Remember to toggle this stance back on whenever you re-log as the effect will disappear when you log out.

No glyphs available for this skill.

Retaliate Retaliate – Cast time: Instant | MP cost: 0 | Cooldown: 15sec | Base Damage: 1131

  • Jump back up whilst dealing damage when you are knocked down.
  • Only usable when knocked down.
  • Provides 2 sec immunity to knock downs and CCs (crowd control).

[4] Glyph of Energy - Decreases cooldown by 20%.

Hopefully, you won't be getting knocked down too much as a DPS so you won't need this. 

[3] Glyph of Power - Increases skill damage by 25%.


[2] Glyph of Influence - Reduces MP cost for the next chain skill by 75: Leaping Strike.


Battle Cry Battle Cry – Cast time: 1.1sec | MP cost: 0 | Cooldown: 30sec

  • One of your aggro drawers and stuns.
  • Shouts around a radius of 9m and has a chance to stun 1 ~ 2 targets in shout radius. Stun lasts around 2 secs.
  • Useful when grabbing bunch of mobs or need to stun a BAM doing a dangerous skill.
  • Will not be using this much as a DPS.

[4] Glyph of Energy - Decreases cooldown by 20%.

Won't be using this skill much as a DPS, so pass.

[6] Glyph of Haste - Speeds casting by 50%.

Too costly for it to be useful. Pass.

[2] Glyph of Luck - Increases chance of effect by 10%.

RNG is painful. Pass.

[3] Glyph of Threat - Provides 100% additional aggro.

The last thing you want is aggro.

Cross Parry Cross Parry – Cast time: Instant | RE cost: around 50 per second | Cooldown: 1sec

  • Your block skill.
  • Need to be in Defensive Stance to use it so you will never use this skill.
  • If you are using this skill, then you're doing it wrong.

[4] Glyph of the Pump - 30% chance to increase power by 15% for 10 seconds on a successful block.

Don't bother glyphing a skill you can't even use.

Torrent of Blows Torrent of Blows – Cast time: Instant | MP cost: 300 | Cooldown: 7sec | Base Damage: 790 | Edge Increase: 0

  • Tanking skill.
  • Does poor amount of damage but draws a lot of aggro.
  • Reduces damage by 50% while casting this skill.
  • Only use as a DPS is if all your evasion skills are unavailable and you have to dodge something.
  • Gives a big amount of RE.
  • Leave this skill for tanks. Last thing you want is aggro.

Noctenium Infusion: Increases damage by 3 ~ 8%

[6] Glyph of Threat - Provides 20% additional aggro.

You're a DPS. You won't even be using this skill.

[3] Glyph of Influence - Reduces MP cost for the next chain skill by 88: Rain of Blows.

You're a DPS. You won't even be using this skill.

[6] Glyph of Binding - 25% chance to immobilise opponent for 4 seconds.

You're a DPS. You won't even be using this skill.

Smoke Aggressor Smoke Aggressor Cast time: 1.4sec | HP cost: 20% | MP cost: 200 | Cooldown: 50sec

  • One of your 'summons'.
  • Uses 20% of your HP to summon.
  • Has a high chance of knocking mob down.
  • Can save party from a wipe. Use this if you're the only one alive, make it take aggro from you, and res your healer. Hopefully your healer will be able to recover the party.
  • Can take a debuff from the first BAM of Manaya's Core
  • Can get points from the coins in Crucible of Flame.

[4 or 4*] Glyph of Energy - Decreases cooldown by 20%/25%*.

You won't be using this skill much, so don't bother with this glyph.

Command: Attack Command: Attack – Cast time: Instant | MP cost: 200 | Cooldown: 5sec

  • Aim at a target within 24m and press the skill button to command your Smoke Aggressor to attack that target.

Command: Follow Command: Follow  Cast time: Instant | MP cost: 200 | Cooldown: 5sec

  • Command your Smoke Aggressor to follow you.

Reaping Slash Reaping Slash – Cast time: Instant | MP cost: 250 | Cooldown: 40sec | Base Damage: 265 (increases with edge stack)

  • A skill that uses edge.
  • Does around 5x the base damage if you use it when target has more than 3 edge stacks.
  • At level 60, it applies a debuff to target which makes them take 25% more damage from your skill Scythe.
  • The higher the edge stacked, the longer the debuff will last.
  • This skill really isn't worth it unless you have another Warrior that can feed you edge fast and quickly. Two max edge stacked Scythes does more damage than Reaping Slash and one max edge stacked Scythe.
  • Can only be used in Assault Stance.

[5] Glyph of Power - Increases skill damage by 25%.

This skill has a long cooldown time and doesn't really do that much damage, so it is not worth it to waste 5 glyph points on this.

Smoke Flanker Smoke Flanker Cast time: Instant | RE cost: 300 | Cooldown: 2min | Base Damage: 945

  • One of your 'summons'.
  • Can only be used after a successful block with Cross Parry.
  • Cross Parry requires Defensive Stance and this skill can only be activated after Cross Parry -- therefore, this skill is useless as a DPS.

[6] Glyph of Threat - Provides 20% additional aggro.

You're a DPS, it uses 6 glyph points, and even tanks hardly use this anyway.

Poison Blade Poison Blade - Cast time: Instant | MP cost: 200 | Cooldown: 7sec | Base Damage: 181 | Edge Increase: 1

  • Your one and only DoT (damage over time) skill.
  • Does laughable amount of damage. Laughable = extremely weak.
  • Ticks every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.
  • Junk skill which is only useful for stacking edge and getting RE back.
  • Provides 1 edge.

Noctenium Infusion: Increases effect duration by 20%

[6] Glyph of Virulence - Increases poison damage by 15%.

6 glyph points for a junk skill is not worth it.

[3*] Glyph of Cumulation - Poison Blade's damage stacks up to 2 times.

Even 3 glyph points for this junk skill isn't worth it. Can't believe this is a master glyph... -facepalm-

Pounce Pounce – Cast time: Instant | MP cost: 200 | Cooldown: 10sec | Base Damage: 999 | Edge Increase:

  • One of your main DPS skill, gap closer and rotation opener.
  • Moves you around 6m forward.
  • Does decent amount of damage.
  • Reduces incoming damage by 50% whilst executing this skill.
  • Applies a movement and attack speed slow debuff which lasts around 3 seconds.

Noctenium Infusion: Increases damage by 3 ~ 8%

[3 or 2*] Glyph of the Swift - Increases attack speed of Pounce by 30%.

You would definitely want to grab this glyph. This skill does decent damage and is great as a gap closer as well but it's slow. Use this glyph and problem solved.

[2] Glyph of Energy - Decreases Cooldown by 20%.

You want to use this skill often, so grab this as well but you can drop it if you're lacking glyph points.

Leaping Strike Leaping Strike – Cast time: Instant | MP cost: 300 | Cooldown: 7sec | Base Damage: 296 (1480 to knocked down) | Edge Increase: 0

  • One of your 'damage' skills which is used more as a 'movement utility' skill.
  • Moves you around 10m forward.
  • Has an annoying animation lock after skill used.
  • Also has an annoying hitbox that rarely hits for some reason.
  • Does bad damage compared to the time it takes to cast.
  • Can be quite useful as an evasive skill.

[5] Glyph of Power - Increases skill damage by 25%.

Wait, there's a glyph for this skill? 5 glyph points for a junk skill that doesn't even hit properly? Pass.

Death From Above Death From Above Cast time: Instant | MP cost: 200 | Cooldown: 10sec | Base Damage: 755 | Edge Increase: 1

  • Another one of your life savers.
  • Use this to dodge and survive huge attacks.
  • Has a slight animation lock when you land after jumping up.
  • Recovers 180 RE.
  • The higher the attack speed, the faster this will cast which means less i-frame.
  • Provides 1 edge.

Noctenium Infusion: Increases damage by 3 ~ 8%

[3 or 2*] Glyph of Energy - Decreases cooldown by 30%.

Reduces cooldown time to 7 seconds. This combined with Glyph of the Swift is excellent if you can put this skill in your rotation. Low amount of glyph points used as well. Increases survivability significantly.

[3] Glyph of the Swift - 50% chance to increase attack speed by 15% for 10 seconds.

50% chance is quite high compared to how much attack speed boost it gives and only 3 glyph points used. Use this along with Glyph of Energy to increase your attack speed for almost forever depending on your luck.

[5*] Glyph of Grounding - Adds 25 endurance for 8 seconds.

This glyph is mainly used by tanks because of the huge endurance buff. DPS can use this, but I do not recommend using it due to the high glyph point cost.

Traverse Cut Traverse Cut – Cast time: Instant | MP cost: 220 | Cooldown: 11sec | Base Damage: 284 per stab | Edge Increase: 0

  • One of your endurance debuffs.
  • This skill hits 3 times when used on its own but hits 13 times rapidly when chained from Combative Strike and/or Pounce. This is why Combative Strike and Pounce are so important.
  • Each hit applies a 0.85% endurance debuff which totals a whooping 11.05% endurance debuff with all 13 stacks.
  • Drastically increases DPS of your whole group.
  • Try and always keep all 13 debuff stacks on bosses.
  • This debuff does not apply on Kelsaik and Nightmare Kelsaik due to their extrememly high debuff resistance.

[2] Glyph of Lingering - Increases effect duration by 50%.

You can keep all 13 debuff stacks up 100% of the time without the glyph but if you feel that you can't, feel free to take this glyph. I would personally avoid using this but I've seen some warriors use it so it's up to you.

[2] Glyph of Brilliance - Decreases MP consumption by 75.

Although it's only 2 glyph points, I wouldn't take this. Not a huge fan of mana reduction glyphs.

Blade Draw Blade Draw – Cast time: Instant | MP cost: 320 | Cooldown: 11 sec | Base Damage: 1978 | Edge Increase: 1 (2 when glyphed)

  • One of your main DPS skill. Also the hardest hitting skill that requires no condition. Your best friend as a DPS.
  • Executes extremely fast when chained after: Traverse Cut, Vortex Slash, Charging Slash, and Rising Fury.
  • Always chain it from these skills, otherwise this skill is slow as hell.
  • Your rotations will depend on this skill.
  • Provides 1 edge and 2 edge when glyphed.

Noctenium Infusion: Increases damage by 3 ~ 8%

[4] Glyph of Power - Increases skill damage by 25%.

Hard hitting skill + more damage = win. You MUST take this glyph no matter what. It is essential and is what keeps your DPS on par with others.

[2] Glyph of Brilliance - Decreases MP consumption by 80.

I normally wouldn't take reduced mana consumption glyphs, but this skill is used a lot especially when the cooldown keeps resetting, so this glyph isn't too bad seeming that it only uses 2 glyph points and could save you a ton of mana issues.

[5] Glyph of Persistence - 50% chance to eliminate cooldown.

50% chance to reset one of your hardest hitting skills. No questions. Must-have glyph.

[3*] Glyph of Advantage - The skill generates 1 additional Edge.

This glyph is highly recommended to use. In fact, this is a must-have glyph. Allows skill to generate 2 edge points. This is a huge DPS boost because it allows more Scythes to be used in a certain amount of time and this skill is used a lot.

Charging Slash Charging Slash Cast time: Instant | MP cost: 240 | Cooldown: 12sec | Base Damage: 792 | Edge Increase: 1

  • One of your legit gap closers and movement skills.
  • Charges you around 18m forwards and 'locks' onto a target if you are charging towards something.
  • If there is anything in the way of the charge, you will stop and slash it.
  • Quite a buggy skill. When using this, if you're too close to a monster and use this skill to run away, you'll stop and slash the monster, making you go nowhere.
  • Use this after making a slight distance from the monster to prevent going no where.
  • Provides 1 edge.

Noctenium Infusion: Increases damage by 3 ~ 8%

[3] Glyph of Energy - Decreases cooldown by 25%.

This glyph along with Glyph of Powerlink is actually quite a good DPS boost. 50% more damage on Combative Strike is quite a big DPS boost every 9 seconds (8 seconds with nostrum) and Combative Strike has a very short CD, so it can potentially have a higher DPS than Rain of Blows. It's always a matter of how you want to use your glyph points though, but I would save this skill for running away from huge attacks in certain instances. e.g. Manaya's curl and Kelsaik's ice AoE

[3] Glyph of Influence - Reduces MP cost for the next chain skill by 50: Poison Blade.

Lolno. I will delete your whole account if you use this.

[4 or 4*] Glyph of Powerlink - Increases skill damage for the next chain skill by 20%/50%*: Combative Strike.

See explanation for Glyph of Energy.

Mangle Mangle – Cast time: Instant | MP cost: 10 every 2 seconds

  • One of your slowing toggle debuffs.
  • Your final hit of Combo Attack decreases your target's movement and attack speed by 15%.
  • Debuff lasts 5 seconds.
  • Decays 10 MP every 2 seconds when this skill is active.
  • You most likely won't be using Combo Attack until the final hit with all the skills you have at your disposal, but activating this skill won't harm you. 10 MP/2sec is hardly anything.

No glyphs are available for this skill.

Backstab Backstab – Cast time: Instant | MP cost: 300 | Cooldown: 28sec | Base Damage: 199 | Edge Increase: 1 (2 when glyphed)

  • One of your stun and position skill.
  • Teleports you up to 11m behind a target and stun them.
  • Only useful for positioning and/or stunning a BAM when it is using a huge attack to cancel it in PvE.
  • Stun lasts 5 seconds on normal mobs. Stun time is reduced on BAMs to about 1 second.
  • Your best friend in PvP. 
  • Does not work very well in bumpy terrains.
  • Provides 1 edge or 2 when glyphed.

[3 or 2*] Glyph of Laceration/Lingering* - Increases effect duration by 50%.

Increases stun time to 8 seconds on normal mobs, probably around 2 seconds on BAMs. Only recommend for PvP. Not very useful in PvE with the BAMs having high stun resistance. No idea why the glyph names are different even though they're the same with less glyph point usage...

[5] Glyph of Energy - Decreases cooldown by 25%.

Useful in PvP, not so useful in PvE with the high glyph points usage. Don't really recommend in PvE though it's good for positioning.

[2] Glyph of Advantage - Increases Edge by 1.

This glyph could be useful... but Backstab isn't used that often and the CD is pretty long so it's really not worth it, but for 2 glyph points, I'd say it's okay.

Deadly Gamble Deadly Gamble – Cast time: Instant | MP cost: 133 | Cooldown: 2min

  • One of your 'buffs'.
  • Increases your crit rate by 36 for 20 seconds.
  • However, it decreases your crit resistance by 30.
  • Has a long cooldown time of 2 mins so use it during burn phases.

[4] Glyph of Energy - Decreases cooldown by 25%.

25% may not sound like a lot, but 25% of 2 mins is 30 seconds, so it becomes 1 min 30 secs. It only lasts 20 seconds though and even then, 4 glyph points really is not really worth the 30 sec less downtime on this skill. It's personal preference though. I sometimes use this glyph when I feel crit lucky. Don't even ask what that means... This skill + Mystic crit aura does produce some huge amount of crits.

Staggering Counter Staggering Counter - Cast time: Instant | MP cost: 250 | Cooldown: 15sec | Base Damage: 788 | Edge Increase: 0

  • Conditional stun.
  • Can only use this skill within 6 seconds of being hit.
  • Flips your target so their back faces you.
  • Stun time is around 3 secs regardless of normal or boss mob.
  • Not that great in PvE but great in PvP.

[3] Glyph of Power - Increases skill damage by 25%.

You won't be using this skill much so don't waste 3 glyph points in PvE. But for PvP, this glyph is okay.

[5] Glyph of Lingering - Increases effect duration by 50%.

Read above. Uses too many glyph points as well. In PvP, it is another thing to annoy the hell out of people – longer stun time.

[4] Glyph of Energy - Decreases cooldown by 20%.

Only 20% less cooldown time for 4 glyph points is... not very good, in my opinion. Best to skip this glyph.

[4] Glyph of Powerlink - Increases skill damage for the next chain skill by 10%: Cascade of Stuns.

As I've said, you won't be using this skill much, and Cascade of Stuns uses a large amount of mana and also requires a previous stun to max its potential. Also high usage of glyph points makes it bad. Can be useful in PvP, but not PvE.

Cascade of Stuns Cascade of Stuns – Cast time: Instant | MP cost: 350 | Cooldown: 20sec | Base Damage: 1314 | Edge Increase: 0

  • Your stun extender. Completes the stun arsenal for warriors.
  • Deals quite a lot of damage.
  • If you hit a target that is stunned, the stun will spread to nearby enemies and prolong the stun of the stunned target you just hit.
  • This skill is very useful against monsters with low stun resistance but not so useful against monsters with high stun resistance.
  • You most likely won't be using this skill much in PvE when fighting bosses. However, it is still one of your hardest hitting skills so slot it in if you can.
  • Extremely useful in PvP.

Noctenium Infusion: Increases damage by 3 ~ 8%

[4] Glyph of Brilliance - Decreases MP consumption by 88.

You won't be using this skill much, and reduced MP consumption glyphs are not my favourite.

[3] Glyph of Influence - Reduces MP cost for the next chain skill by 88: Rain of Blows.

You won't be using this skill much, and reduced MP consumption glyphs are not my favourite.

[4] Glyph of Powerlink - Increases skill damage for the next chain skill by 20%: Rain of Blows.

You won't be using this skill much so it isn't really worth 4 glyph points for a slight DPS increase in PvE. Quite useful in PvP though.

[4] Glyph of Energy - Decreases cooldown by 25%.

Useful in PvP, not so useful in PvE.

[4*] Glyph of Power - Increases skill damage by 25%.

Useful in PvP, not so useful in PvE.

[3*] Glyph of Lingering - Increases effect duration by 25%.

Useful in PvP, not so useful in PvE. Well, okay, it can be useful in PvE, but again, only if the target is stunned and sadly, bosses in endgame content have very high stun resistance.

And last but not least...

Scythe Scythe – Cast time: Instant | MP cost: 250 | Cooldown: 12sec | Base Damage: 226

  • Your most hardest hitting skill.
  • Consumes edge to deal a huge burst of damage.
  • The more edge you have, the higher the damage.
  • You want to stack 10 edge as fast as possible for this skill. 
  • 3 hits to this skill: first two are normal weak hits and the last hit is the one that hurts a lot.
  • Always use this skill when you have full 10 edge stack for max effect.
  • Knocks down targets on third slash in PvP.

Noctenium Infusion: Increases damage by 3 ~ 8%

[6] Glyph of Carving - Doubles crit chance.

You want this skill to crit as much as possible because it deals huge amount of damage, so take this glyph or else.

[5*] Glyph of Sharpness - Exploit an Edge to inflict 25% more damage.

25% more damage on your hardest hitting skill... what more could you want? If you're not using this glyph, you're doing it wrong. If you don't have it, you should get to farming Sirjuka Gallery or buy talents from broker as soon as possible and grab this glyph. It is an essential glyph to have and will give a huge DPS boost.

Key Bindings

Seeming that you have so many skills, you may be unsure how to distribute your key bindings.

I shall help you out a little with this and share my key bindings that I use!

new keybindings.jpg

First of all, you need to rebind some of the default keys. Remember that you don't have to follow what I do. This is just a little recommendation to help you with key bindings.

Change the following:

  • Enchant 'T' → Alt + T
  • Whisper 'R' → Alt + R
  • Quick Chat 'E' → Alt + E
  • Marking 'Q' → Alt + Q
  • Profile 'C' → Alt + C
  • Raid Composition 'X' → Alt + X
  • Achievement 'V' → Alt + V
  • LFG 'Y' → Alt + Y
  • Battleground Score 'Tab' → Alt + Z
  • Alliance Information 'Z' → Alt + B



I personally changed from 'Space bar' to 'Shift' as my chain skill button.

Now for the key binding for our skills:

  • F1 - Charging Slash
  • F2 - Backstab
  • F3 - Leaping Strike
  • F4 - Poison Blade
  • Ctrl + ` - Traverse Cut
  • Ctrl + Q - Blade Draw
  • 6 - Vortex Slash
  • V - Torrent of Blows
  • Z - Mangle
  • Ctrl + E - Deadly Gamble
  • F7 - Combat Panacea
  • Mouse 5 - Mount
  • 1 - Rain of Blows
  • 2 - Combative Strike
  • 3 - Rising Fury
  • 4 - Pounce
  • 5 - Reaping Slash
  • B - Scythe
  • Q - Death From Above
  • E - Staggering Counter
  • X - Cascade of Stuns
  • C - Battle Cry
  • - - Bandage
  • = - Outlaw Declaration
  • Left Click - Combo Attack
  • Right Click - Evasive Roll
  • Tab - Cross Parry
  • Alt + 1 - Assault Stance
  • Alt + 2 - Defensive Stance
  • 7 - Smoke Aggressor
  • T - Command: Attack
  • Y - Command: Follow
  • N/A - Various Consumables
  • Ctrl + 1 - HP Pot
  • Ctrl + 2 - MP Pot
  • Ctrl + 3 - Onslaught Scroll of Savagery V
  • Ctrl + 4 - Nostrum of Energy IV
  • Ctrl + 5 - Noctenium Infusion
  • Ctrl + 6 - Pet Totes
  • Ctrl + I - Pet Totes Skill
  • N/A - Others

Don't ask why the keys are everywhere...

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Leveling as a warrior can prove quite difficult for beginners and this is due to the fact that we lack the ability to kill groups of mobs which is quite important for fast questing and grinding. Also, you may find yourself lacking HP because of Combative Strike and end up killing yourself. I'll split this section into different parts depending on what level you are and what you can do to... improve. I will list the glyphs that you want to grab first or as soon as possible as well.

Please note that a lot of this may be out of date. Please refer to this guide for more up-to-date information.

If you're a level 60 warrior already and here to look for some guidence at endgame, you can skip this section and go straight to Glyph Setups & Rotations.

Glyphs You Want To Grab First

This is the 'order' of glyphs you want to be using as soon as you have glyph points available for them.

  • [3] Glyph of the Sanative for Combative Strike
  • [4] Glyph of Unending for Evasive Roll
  • [6] Glyph of Power for Rain of Blows
  • [5] Glyph of Restoration for Rain of Blows if soloing
  • [4] Glyph of Power for Blade Draw
  • [5] Glyph of Persistence for Blade Draw
  • [3] Glyph of the Swift for Pounce
  • [5] Glyph of Power for Vortex Slash (if grinding mass of mobs)
  • [4] Glyph of Persistence for Vortex Slash (if grinding mass of mobs)
  • [2] Glyph of Energy for Pounce

Grinding or Questing?

When you are leveling, you either have the choice of grinding or questing.

Grinding means just killing a bunch of monsters continuously non-stop to gain XP to level.

Questing is... self-explanatory. Doing quests to gain XP to level.

Grinding will require decent gear if you want it to be quicker and need to take some consumables with you to make it even quicker. For example, you will want to use superior enchantable swords and enchant them up to +6 to make things faster. It is still possible to grind with quest gear, but it will be slightly slower so I recommend you enchant your weapon. When you are grinding, you want to use charms. Power charms, endurance charms, and infused charms. You also want to take some potions with you in case anything can happen e.g. getting over ran by too many mobs.

Grinding BAMs will take a lot of practice to get used to but once you are used to it, it is pretty much easy and simple, though you will still make mistakes. If you can't do it, keep practicing because soloing BAMs will improve you as a warrior a lot. Don't give up!

BAMs have been nerfed very badly, which also nerfed their XP gain so I don't think BAM grinding is a very good method of leveling anymore...

Questing is easy and simple. Just do what the quest says and you'll be fine. You shouldn't have any trouble doing the quests on your own unless they're BAM quests or requires you to do an instance.

If you are struggling to complete a quest or anything, don't be afraid to find a partner or group to tackle it with! Even though warriors are the 'king' of soloing, TERA is an MMORPG after all, so don't be so closed and play on your own. You might as well play a single-player game if you're not gonna interact with anyone...

Or you can just do Corsairs' Stronghold all the way from 30 to 60.

Level 1 - 20

Level 1 - 20 is pretty straight forward. Just follow your quests and you should be level 20 at no time. Your main attack skills will be Rain of Blows, Vortex Slash and Rising Fury up to level 20. If possible, you want to refrain from using Combative Strike because it will drain your HP at lower levels. You can use it if you want to and have the funds to buy bandages and potions to recover your HP, but I highly recommend not using it until you can glyph it for HP reduction. You may find yourself struggling to kill a massive group of mobs at this level.

Try and kill targets one by one because warriors are not exactly the best at killing groups of mobs. As I've said, level 1 -20 should be quick and easy, though it is the most boring part of leveling.

Level 20 - 28

From level 20, you can get glyphs from the glyph merchants. Glyphs are very important because they will improve your skills and your ability to do more damage, more survivability, etc.

Make sure you grab Glyph of the Sanative for Combative Strike first thing when you reach level 20 so you can start spamming this skill. You can also start to solo your first ever BAM (Big Ass Monster) and do your first ever instance, Bastion of Lok (BoL) at level 20.

Bastion of Lok is a very easy and simple instance and provides decent amount of XP up to around level 25. Your main attack skills will be Rain of Blows, Combative Strike, Rising Fury and Vortex Slash up to level 28. As a DPS, you want to be using Combative Strike/Pounce → Rain of Blows as much as possible and use Rising Fury as a filler.

Level 20 - 28 should also fly by. It's not the most exciting part, but soloing BAMs can be very fun and challenging and may require a lot of practice. Soloing BAMs will help you master some of the aspects of being a warrior e.g. managing RE, learning attack patterns. Learning attack patterns of BAMs is very important because a lot of the BAMs are re-used and you will encounter them in the future again. I highly recommend that you solo BAMs because it will improve you as a warrior.

Up to level 28, the order of BAMs you should be killing are:

  • Basilisks in Bestial Vale, Oblivion Woods, Arcadia from 20 - 23
  • Kumas or Nagas in Omphalos Plains, Celestial Hills, Arcadia from 23 - 25
  • More Nagas down in Cardovek Remnants, Celestial Hills from 25 - 26
  • Fimbrilisks in Knoll of Screams, Cliffs of Insanity, Poporia from 26 - 28

You can grind BAMs all the way up to level 28 if you want to. I recommend you enchant twinswords (Blood & Gore) from BoL up to +6 to make BAM grinding easier. You will be able to kill faster and faster with practice.

Remember, the longer the animation of the BAM's attack, the harder it will hit. Also, keep an eye out for the red-eye that BAMs get before casting a dangerous skill.

Level 28 - 30

Level 28 is where the fun as a warrior begins. At level 28, you will get your best friends as a DPS: Traverse Cut and Blade Draw.

Remember to chain these skills together for faster execution. If you haven't already, you want to grab the two Blade Draw glyphs above right away even if this means dropping other glyphs. You should have 18 glyph points by now so you can use this setup for instances and BAMs. You might not be able to use this glyph setup at level 28 anymore because the glyph point usage of Glyph of Persistance for Blade Draw has changed from 4 to 5 but you should be able to use this setup at level 29.

28 - 30 should be easy as well because you can do Sinestral Manor (SM) which gives tonnes of quests that provide tonnes of XP. If possible, you should grab yourself a pair of twinswords (Fear & Tremble) from SM and enchant it to +6.

From level 28, you can start using the general and basic warrior rotation which is:

Combative Strike/Pounce → Traverse Cut → Blade Draw → Pounce/Combative Strike → Rain of Blows.

Use this rotation as much as possible.

You may have noticed another bar and number underneath the monster's HP by now... This is called edge which you don't have to worry about until level 60.

BAMs you can grind from level 28 - 30:

  • Ovoliths in Vale of the Fang, in front of Sinestral Manor.
  • That's about it. SM alone should take you to level 30.

Level 30 - 44

From level 30 - 42, I found it fastest to just do quests. It will get tedious and boring, but I can't think of any quicker methods.

You can try the desert fire mob grinding at level 30, but as I've said before, warriors are not the greatest at killing groups of mobs so I wouldn't recommend this until around level 35.

At level 35, you can start queuing for Cultists' Refuge (CR) but I highly recommend that you do not do this yet until you hit level 38 or until you start to have quests available there. You want at least quest gear or gear from CR if you want to enter. CR takes a lot of time to complete because you have to go back and forth a lot so you probably just want to complete this once for the story quest. Just quest all the way to level 44.

BAMs you can grind from level 30 - 38:

  • Basilisks in Howling Vale, Basilisk Crag, Val Aureum from 30 - 32
  • Nagas in Rain Cages, Mistmoor Island, Ostgarath from 32 - 35
  • Giants in Arena of the Exalted, Colossal Ruins, Val Aurem 35 - 38
  • Vulcans in Storst Ruins, Aurum Road, Val Aurem 35 - 38

You probably want to quest from level 38 - 44.

Corsairs' Stronghold

From level 30, you can also start doing Corsairs' Stronghold (CS) which is a 20vs20 battleground. Your main objective is to either defend or destory the Anchorstone (commonly known as crystal).

There is a daily quest for CS which requires you to win at least one match a day. This daily gives a large amount of XP and Bellicarium Credits (BG credits) which will be very useful in the future so it is recommended to complete this daily everyday.

PvP at lower levels is very painful for warriors so I highly recommend you grab a siege weapon and blast things away as much as possible.

More information about Corsairs' Stronghold can be found here.

Level 44 - 54

From level 48, you can also start grinding Nagas at Serpentis Isle. BAMs will start to hit hard so it is vital that you know the attack patterns and dodge each and every attack if you can. Nagas are one of the easiest type of BAMs to solo as a warrior. Their attack patterns are obvious and their most dangerous attacks take ages to cast which gives you time to run away or dodge. But if you can't dodge them... rest in peace.

Alternatively, you can just follow your story quest and do the side quests along the way.

Corsairs' Stronghold is also an alternative to grinding. You should get the skill Backstab at level 42 which will make doing PvP a little easier as a warrior but you still haven't gotten all your skills yet so don't be discouraged if the gameplay isn't appealing!

Grinding is much faster than CS at this point though.

Level 54 - 58

Now that you hit level 54, you want to move over to Pathfinder Post and skip the horrifying Elenea. Go to this location.

(Image from http://teratoday.com/tera-guide/tera-leveling-guide)

Get on your mount and aggro all the bears in the red marked zone on the map so they chase after you. Go round and round in circles around them until they get mashed up in a pile of bears. Then do your roll → Vortex Slash → Blade Draw combo as usual.

You can grab enchantable level 54 twinswords and +6 them to make things go faster.

Also, at level 54, you get Staggering Counter which can be quite helpful when grinding.

Another alternative to leveling from 54 is to leech XP from level 60 BAM farmers. Leeching XP from level 60 BAM farmers is an extremely fast method to level. I did this for a priest friend once and if I remember correctly, they leveled once every hour, possibly even faster than that. Remember to always use an XP boost for this!

BAM farmers will be rare to find nowadays though due to the price drop of vitriols which the argonomorth BAMs drop, so it may be difficult to find someone to leech from.

Level 58 - 60

You're almost there! From level 58, you have 2 options: more grinding or the Argon quest line. If I was you, I'd start doing the Argon quest line if you grinded all the way to 58. If you quested all the way to 58, you should do some grinding. The Argon quest line is the easiest quest line ever and gives huge amounts of XP so questing and grinding can be similar, depending on how fast you kill.

If you choose to grind, you should move from the bears to mugatos which are located further down in Tirkai Forest.

(Image from http://teratoday.com/tera-guide/tera-leveling-guide)

There are a bunch of mugatos here and you can also grab repeatable quests for extra bonus XP from one of these NPCs.

At level 58, you should get Cascade of Stuns which should make grinding a lot easier. Make sure to use it on a stunned target and watch them stars above the monsters! (No, seriously, don't stare at the stars.)

If you are questing, your first story quest of the Argon quest line should be called "[Lvl59] Cleansing Tirkai" in the "Argon War" quest line.

Level 58 - 60 is a breeze and the most funnest part of leveling because you get that feeling of "FINALLY, ALMOST 60." and you have most of your skills and the level 60 skill that you anticipate for soon. Or is that just me being special?

Again, the XP leeching works from 58 to 59... BUT. From level 59 to 60, the amount of XP required to level is increased by a huge amount compared to leveling from 58 to 59 so it will take quite a long while to level through leeching.

From level 59 to 60, I found it fastest and enjoyable to just do Corsairs' Stronghold. If I remember correctly, each win provides around 20% XP and each loss is around 10% XP. I could be very off here, but I know it gives a huge amount of XP. Cascade of Stuns gained at level 58 completes your warrior PvP arsenal so make sure to play around with it!

You can find more about PvP in the PvP section below.

After leveling 5 characters to level 60, I found out that level 59 - 60 is actually horrifying.

Level 60

And you've made it all the way to level 60! Congratulations.

(Here, you deserve some elin adorableness.)

You've also acquired Scythe which is your hardest hitting skill. Sadly, you need to stack all 10 edge for maximum effect of this skill.

But fear not! You will learn to love it and seeing high burst numbers. Hopefully...

Now the serious business begins.

If you're lost in where to begin, continue reading. Hopefully I made it clear enough for you...

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Glyph Setups & Rotations


("Hmm... Which glyphs do I use...?")

Now that the large section about skills and leveling is over... it's time for glyph setups and your general rotation.

This section will be covering endgame only.

Glyphs are an extremely important part in maximising your DPS. Glyphs add an 'enhancement' to your skill so that it deals more damage, casts faster, has less cooldown time, etc. depending on which glyphs you're using.

Warriors can have multiple glyph builds for different situations like other classes. Remember to use glyph builds that match your play style and not others. If you don't like a certain glyph build, switch it around a little. Mix and match until you can find ones that truly matches your play style.

Depending on whether you are playing solo or as a group, you will have different glyph setups. If you have a lot of spare money, you can carry around glyph toggles with you to save up reglyphing manually though I would say it is a waste of 15 gold just for one toggle. Or maybe I'm just cheap.

No master glyphs

("You're a glyphmaster! Y U NO HAVE MASTER GLYPHS?!")

No matter what situation, you should always be using these glyphs at all times for PvE.

must have glyph 1.jpgmust have glyph 2.jpgmust have glyph 3.jpg

Master glyphs (green glyphs) can be obtained through glyph merchants in Kaiator and Allemantheia or the BG merchant in any major city.

  • Temple of Temerity gives badges for the glyph merchant in Kaiator.
  • Sirjuka Gallery gives talents for the glyph merchant in Allemantheia.
  • BG merchants sell random glyph boxes specific to each class for 1,400 Bellicarium credits which will always contain a master glyph for the class you want.

General Rotation

Start off by using:

combative_strike.png → traverse_cut.png → blade_draw.png → pounce.png → rain_of_blows.png

Combative Strike → Traverse Cut → Blade Draw → Pounce → Rain of Blows

best ever.png

If Blade Draw resets in this rotation, go to this rotation:

rising_fury.png → blade_draw.png

Rising Fury → Blade Draw

- or -

evasive_roll.png or death_from_above.png → vortex_slash.png → blade_draw.png

Evasiave Roll/Death From Above → Vortex Slash → Blade Draw

- or -

charging_slash.png → blade_draw.png

Charging Slash → Blade Draw

NOTE: CHAIN BLADE DRAW AND RAIN OF BLOWS EVERY TIME YOU USE THEM TO MAKE THEM CAST FASTER. If Combative Strike/Pounce is on cooldown and your Rain of Blows isn't, wait for either one of them to go off cooldown and then use Combative Strike/Pounce → Rain of Blows. This applies to every single time you use Rain of Blows.

Filler Skills

If Blade Draw doesn't/stops reseting, you're gonna want other skills to use before Blade Draw or Rain of Blows are off cooldown again. Here's a little 'filler combo' you can use while waiting:

combative_strike.png → poison_blade.png → cascade_of_stuns.png → combative_strike.png → rising_fury.png → death_from_above.png → vortex_slash.png

Combative Strike → Poison Blade → Cascade of Stuns → Combative Strike →

Rising Fury → Death From Above → Vortex Slash → Repeat



Before the end of this filler 'combo', most of your 'main' DPS skills should be off cooldown so you don't have to complete this full 'combo' and just use your main skills when they're off cooldown.

Edge plays a large role when it comes to DPS as you use it to unleash your burst DPS skill Scythe. To find out more about edge, check out this awesome forum post.


As soon as you reach 10 stacks, unleash your Scythe!

I would usually use something similar to this glyph build if I'm just focusing on using this rotation above.

If you don't have any master glyphs yet, I suggest you use this glyph build.

Powerlink Glyphs

If you want to do some more 'advanced' rotations, you can insert some Powerlink glyphs and then alter your rotations slightly or add some more options outside the generic rotation.

Glyph of Powerlink for Charging Slash

  • charging_slash.png → blade_draw.png → combative_strike.png
  • [Charging Slash → Blade Draw → Combative Strike].
  • However, if Blade Draw is on cooldown, don't hesitate to just use Charging Slash and go straight to [Charging Slash → Combative Strike] as both stack edge.

Glyph of Powerlink for Cascade of Stuns

  • cascade_of_stuns.png → combative_strike.png → rain_of_blows.png
  • [Cascade of Stuns → Combative Strike → Rain of Blows].
  • You can switch around Glyph of Power or Glyph of Energy for Cascade of Stuns. You can also fit in both by using this glyph build which sacrifices the Pounce attack speed glyph which I don't really prefer.
  • This type of glyph build will use A LOT of mana because Cascade of Stuns is a mana drainer.

Both Glyph of Powerlink for Charging Slash and Cascade of Stuns

  • charging_slash.png → blade_draw.png → cascade_of_stuns.png → combative_strike.png → rain_of_blows.png
  • [Charging Slash → Blade Draw → Cascade of Stuns → Combative Strike → Rain of Blows]
  • This will probably be the highest DPS rotation in my opinion.

Reaping Slash

Reaping Slash is a very... strange skill. It sacrifices edge to add a debuff on the mob which allows you to deal 25% more damage with Scythe on the mob with the debuff. But because it sacrifices edge, most people think that it isn't exactly the greatest skill to use when you're a solo warrior.

However... I figured out that the Reaping Slash debuff does not sacrifice edge when it is stacked below 3. When you reach 2 edge, use Reaping Slash and it'll add a 15 sec debuff on the mob and not use up the 2 edge.

If you really want to include Reaping Slash in your rotation or see a high Scythe crit whilst maintaining 'decent' DPS, here's something you can do by doing any of the following:

backstab.png → combative_strike.png → reaping_slash.png

Backstab → Combative Strike → Reaping Slash

- or -

poison_blade.png → combative_strike.png → reaping_slash.png

Poison Blade → Combative Strike → Reaping Slash

- or -

combative_strike.png → rain_of_blows.png → reaping_slash.png

Combative Strike → Rain of Blows → Reaping Slash

This will add the 15 sec debuff whilst keeping the 2 edge stacks you've built up. Keep in mind that Reaping Slash cast speed is increased when used after Combative Strike and Rain of Blows!

After that, just use your usual rotations whilst focusing on stacking edge as fast as possible and you should be able to reach 10 edge within 15 seconds if the boss doesn't move all over the place.

Reaping Slash deals much more damage when it is stacked above 3 edge so I'm not quite sure if this method (2 edge Reaping) is effective or not. It will, however, allow you to see Scythe in its millions.

These are just ways you can make use of Reaping Slash as a solo warrior.

  • 2 edge Reaping for low Reaping damage but being able to continue stacking edge from 2.
  • 3 edge Reaping for high Reaping damage but having to stack edge from 0.

2 edge Reaping will probably yield a higher chance of allowing you to stack 10 edge and using Scythe in 15 seconds compared to 3 edge Reaping as you'll have a head start with 2 edge Reaping.

In fact, I would highly encourage using 2 edge Reaping at the start of your rotations to maximise your Scythe damage.

Here are a few 'golden rules' you should be aware of: 

  • USE BLADE DRAW AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Whenever Blade Draw resets, use skills that chain to make it faster and use Blade Draw every time it is off cooldown.
  • ALWAYS CHAIN RAIN OF BLOWS FROM COMBATIVE STRIKE/POUNCE. I cannot emphasise this enough when I see 1 in every 10,000 (exaggeration) warrior not using the Combative Strike/Pounce → Rain of Blows chain.
  • Focus on stacking 10 edges for Scythe as fast as possible and use Scythe as soon as you reach 10 edge stacks.
  • Always attack from BEHIND THE BOSS. This is EXTREMELY important because you will be using back crit crystals in order to maximise your DPS as much as possible.
  • Always make sure to keep all 13 stacks of Traverse Cut up to maximise DPS of yourself and your whole group. Again, the amount of warriors I see not keeping up 13 stacks is pretty damn high.
  • Use only the FIRST 2 slashes of Rising Fury and Leaping Strike for movement in combat. Both these skills have a forward movement which moves you in the direction you are facing and can save your life sometimes.

List of skills that chain into each other:

  • Combative Strike/Pounce → Rain of Blows (Faster execution)
  • Combative Strike/Pounce → Traverse Cut (Faster and more hits)
  • Rain of Blows → Reaping Slash (Faster execution)
  • Combative Strike → Reaping Slash (Faster execution)
  • Evasive Roll → Vortex Slash (Required to use this skill)
  • Death From Above → Vortex Slash (Required to use this skill)
  • Rising Fury → Blade Draw (Faster execution)
  • Charging Slash → Blade Draw (Faster execution)
  • Vortex Slash → Blade Draw (Faster execution)
  • Traverse Cut → Blade Draw (Faster execution)

The ones written in bold are the most important chains you should know and use very often.

Keep these chain skills in mind - especially the Blade Draw chains - and always use them as combinations in your rotations.

I created a little video to show the difference between chaining skills and not chaining them. The top left shows the skill being used on its own and the bottom right shows the skill being used as a chain. Click here to check it out!

It's not the best and it's the first ever video I created but... enjoy! You can see a clear difference in speed from the video, unless I haven't made it obvious enough.

Here's another video but this time, it's a video of me soloing an alliance BAM with all (maybe not all) of the things stated above. Your general rotation should be similar to mine though mine is slightly altered here because I have to dodge and such. Click here to check this one out!

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Gear & Crystals

Now that you know all about what skills and rotations to use, it is time for gear -- the most important part in maximising DPS.

Most of this section will cover endgame gear. If you're a fresh 60 and lost in where to begin, try and read this guide. It covers most of the basics for fresh level 60s and should help you out a lot.

Types of Gear

With the new gear being released, T14 gear is now compulsory (like it was before anyway) and the old T14 sets are extremely easy to acquire now, due to the fact that people have moved on from the old T14 sets to the new T14 sets which means the value of the old T14 sets have decreased.

The old and new T14 sets are completely different and have very different attributes to them.

Of course, the new T14 sets are much more superior to the old T14 sets so you should be using the new T14 gear instead of the old ones now.

I will highlight all the gear available to you now and which one you are better off with.

Old T14 gear sets:

  • Agnitor - lowest base stats out of the old T14 sets which makes it the weakest. Good for fresh 60s. Can be obtained with Agnitor credits from Nexus. Tradeable.
  • Abyss - slightly higher base stats than Agnitor. Good for fresh 60s. Drops in Argon Corpus (AC). Tradeable.
  • Dismay - same stats and appearance as Abyss, just different colour. Drops in KNX. Untradeable/Bind on pick up.
  • Regent - higher base stats than the others. Chest offers a skill stat bonus which is good and weapon has thunderlash effect which deals a tiny amount of damage but looks cool. Tradeable.
  • Mayhem - similar to Regent but has 5 rerollable stats instead of 4 like the other ones. Also has high chance to masterwork and gives 3% masterwork base stat bonus by default. Untradeable/Bind on pick up.
  • Visionmaker - the best old T14 gear. Has 5 rerollable stats like Mayhem and it is still useful because you must have Visionmaker item to craft the best new T14 gear set -- Nightforge. Untradeable/Bind on pick up.

New T14 gear sets:

  • Steadfast
  • Strikeforce (PvP gear)
  • Wonderholme
  • Nightforge PvP (PvP gear obviously)
  • Nightforge PvE

The new T14 gear sets as mentioned before are much more superior than the old sets because the base stat difference is HUGE. The new T14 gear sets also have different stat bonuses which I will cover later on.

(Regent's weapon vs Wonderholme weapon - you can see the massive base stat difference.)

(Comparison of all the 3 new T14 weapons. As you can see, the base stats are similar but the stat bonuses is what makes one better than the other.)


Steadfast is obtained as a loot from Wonderholme Normal Mode (WHNM).

It can also be gained by trading Molten Tokens to an NPC for Steadfast. Molten Tokens can be acquired upon completion of Kezzel's Gorge (KG) which is a 7-man raid or from the chests you gain when you clear one of the new instances.

There is a tradeable version and a non-tradeable version of this.

Steadfast is the weakest out of new T14 sets. The only thing good about Steadfast is the fact you can masterwork it easily.


Strikeforce is basically upgraded Conjunct which is PvP gear. Strikeforce is viable for PvE even though it is PvP gear because some new stat bonuses can be used in both PvE and PvP. This is crafted by using Conjunct as a reagent and extra material from the Bellicarium (BG) merchant.

It is better than Steadfast but slightly inferior to Wonderholme because it doesn't have a skill stat bonus on the chest. The weapon also lacks base stats PvE weapons have: enraged damage and more damage.

Even though this is PvP gear, it is perfectly viable for PvE but it is not exactly optimal because it lacks some of the important PvE base stats.


Wonderholme is obtained as a loot from Wonderholme Hard Mode (WHHM).

It also has an extremely low chance of dropping in Manaya's Core Hard Mode (MCHM) and WHNM.

There is a method to obtain this gear by upgrading it from Steadfast +12 but this method will take ages (1 month minimum) so you are better off clearing WHHM and getting the loot.

There is a tradeable version and a non-tradeable version of this. Wonderholme chest also has a skill stat bonus.

There are also 3 different types of Wonderholme weapons:

  • Keen - offers extra crit damage
  • Intense - offers extra damage when attacking from behind
  • Quick - offers extra attack speed
Quick Keen Intense
Do more damage Crit rate Do more damage
Attack speed Crit damage Behind damage

The type of Wonderholme weapon you choose to use depends on your playstyle (or if whether you're the only warrior in the group or not).

If you like seeing crits often, choose Keen. If you like seeing high damage all the time, pick Intense. If you prefer speed, pick Quick.

With the new smart boxes being introduced, I would highly recommend that you grab the Intense weapon if you can because that behind damage is really, really useful for us.

Nightforge PvE

Nightforge has two versions to it - PvE and PvP. Depending on which version you craft, it will require you to gain different mats.

Nightforge is the ultimate and strongest gear available at the moment.

It requires the previous best gear which is/was Visionmaker as a reagent to craft and in order to craft Visionmaker, you'll need to clear the hardest instance in the game -- MCHM.

Crafting PvE Nightforge isn't as bad as PvP Nightforge and you can use PvE Nightforge for PvP perfectly well. Nevertheless, it will take a couple of days, money and RNG to craft.

I'm sure you would know a lot about this by now if you're working towards this already.

Nightforge PvP

Nightforge PvP is basically the same as Nightforge PvE but instead of more damage and enraged damage base stats, you have crit rate and PvP damage. Again, even though this is PvP gear, it's perfectly viable for PvE but Nightforge PvE would be better if you want optimal DPS.

Stat Bonuses

Stat bonuses are huge when it comes to gear. This is also the main thing that will decide how much DPS you will do.

I will briefly cover the old T14 gear sets' stat bonuses and move on to the new T14 gear sets' stat bonuses.

For the old T14 gear, you want to focus on having these stats:

  • Weapon - 2x attack speed.
  • Chest - 2x boss damage reduction.
  • Gloves - 2x power.
  • Boots - doesn't really matter, movement speed or endurance will do.

That's all you need really, because you're going to replace the old gear once you get the new gear.

The new T14 gear no longer have junk stats that nobody uses (minion damage) and most, if not, all the stats are viable. Some stats are more superior to the other though.

For the new T14 gear, you want to have the following stats:

  • Weapon
    • Attack speed
    • Do more damage
    • Behind damage
    • Crit damage/enraged (recommend enrage over crit damage if you purely PvE only)
  • Chest
    • Reduces damage taken
    • Raises max HP
    • Frontal damage reduction
    • Immediately restores 0.4% when you hit something (nice to have with our fast and rapid attacks)
    • As long as you have reduces damage and raises max HP, you should be fine.
  • Gloves
    • Attack speed
    • Power
    • Crit rate
  • Boots
    • Movement speed
    • Decrease slow effect duration
    • MP regen (nice to have if you encounter lots of mana issues)

For the skill stat on your chest piece, you want:

  • Increases damage of Blade Draw by 10%. Nothing more, nothing less.


A whole new bunch of jewellery has been introduced as well in the last few patches.

You can wear a necklace, 2x earrings and 2x rings.

It is essential that you use jewellery with a slot on it so you can use zyrks which are crystals for rings and earrings. Necklaces do not have a slot.


There are a few necklace choices you have but the best necklace right now is probably either Zenith Necklace or Kelsaik's Focus.


Zenith Necklace has a chance of dropping in Shattered Fleet or in the chest boxes given at the end of the new instances.

This necklace is good because of the attack speed it provides. It also has a set bonus which is amazing. If you equip any 3 of the Zenith accessories, you'll get the bonuses stated at the bottom of the necklace.

Kelsaik's Focus is good because of the 3 power it provides and the Pulsing Flame effect. Pulsing Flame staggers an enemy which cancels whatever they are doing and make them pause for a few seconds. The lack of attack speed is what makes it not the best though and the cost to buy it.

Kelsaik's Focus can be obtained in the supply boxes from KNX/XX or you can buy them off broker.

For the rerollable stat of the necklace, you want increased crit damage or crit rate. Crit damage is more ideal because we already have a high crit rate anyway.


Ring of Pain. 'nuff said.

Ring of Pain can be obtained from the Alliance Vault but is very, very rare.

Ring of Pain sadly cannot be rerolled so you need to be very lucky in order to get a perfectly rolled one to drop. I got 2 of these on my priest which made me very sad and depressed.

A great alternative to this is the Powerful Noctenium Ring which is the same as Ring of Pain but has slightly lower base stats and rerollable stats.

The best part is that you can reroll the same stats in two different lines. I got this ring drop like this but I've seen many people with +0.03 and +0.04 on their ring.

There is also the Zenith Rings but those aren't really that good as you'll be losing 6% extra damage for extra crit rate. However, Zenith Rings with decent rolls (+0.04 crit dmg and 4 crit rate) will total an extra 24 crit rate so in a sense, it could balance out. It's nice to have if you like critting a lot.

For the rerollable stat/stats, you want at least one +0.04 crit damage and another crit damage or maybe crit rate.


Zenith Earrings.

These are part of the Zenith set which means they will count towards the Zenith Set bonus.

(I stole a random person's earring so I censored the name... for safety purposes.)

If you're going to use 2 Ring of Pains/Powerful Noctenium Rings, you want to use 2 of these earrings and Zenith Necklace together in order to get the set bonus.

An alternative to this is the Sharp Noctenium Earring or Cascade of Desire both from Alliance Vault. Or you can use the BG earrings (Wind's Whisper) until you can get a hold on these.

For the stats, you want decreased stun duration effects and raises max HP/HP restoration.

To summarise, your ideal jewellery should be the following:

  • 2x Zenith Earrings
  • 2x Ring of Pain
  • Zenith Necklace

Or you can use

  • 2x Zenith Earrings
  • 1x Zenith Shield Band Ring
  • 1x Ring of Pain
  • Kelsaik's Focus


Now that the huge long section about gear is over... it's time for crystals!

Crystals are very important in maximising your DPS. Even with the best gear in game, if you are using the wrong crystals, you will not be doing as much damage as someone with worse gear than you.

I have seen so many DPS, not just warriors, use Mutinous crystals (increases damage to boss by %) which you should never ever be using unless you are fighting a boss with high crit resistant like Kelsaik.

Because we have a high crit rate, we want to be utilising this and taking advantage of it by using back crit crystals.

Always position yourself behind the boss and attack its butt. You will see a huge difference in crits if you use back crit crystals compared to Mutinous crystals.

If you are a level 60, you MUST be using CRUXES. Do NOT use anything below cruxes e.g. concach. Cruxes are the ones for level 58+.

Slotted Jewellery

As a DPS, you want to use power zyrks all the time on for your jewellery. You can use carving zyrks but you already have a high crit rate, so power zyrks are more ideal.

power zyrk

(Pristine Power Zyrk - increases power by 2.)

Always use the crystals that have the green edge on the top left corner indicating that it is an uncommon item. They are more superior than the plain, normal crystals.

Weapon Crystals

The main crystals you need to know on weapons are:

  • focused crux Focused Crystal - increases crit damage to enraged monsters.
  • savage crux Savage Crystal - increases crit damage when attacking from behind.
  • acrimonious crux Acrimonious Crystal - increases crit damage when attacking a boss from behind.
  • backbiting crux Backbiting Crystal - increases crit damage when attacking a normal monster from behind.
  • carving crux Carving Crystal - increases crit rate.
  • glistening crux Glistening Crystal - procs an MP regen when you crit from behind.
  • forceful crux Forceful Crystal - applies a 10 second power buff when you crit from behind.
  • mutinous crux Mutinous Crystal - increases damage to bosses.
  • hunter crux Hunter Crystal - increases damage to normal monsters.

On your weapon, you must use these crystals to max out your DPS when fighting a boss.

  • focused crux Focused
  • acrimonious crux Acrimonious
  • savage crux Savage
  • carving crux Carving or glistening crux Glistening or forceful crux Forceful or mutinous crux Mutinous


(The last crystal is optional. I personally switch around Forceful and Glistening crystal because I can't decide whether I prefer constant mana or more power.)

When fighting normal monsters, use these crystals:

  • focused crux Focused
  • backbiting crux Backbiting
  • savage crux Savage
  • carving crux Carving

- or -

  • hunter crux Hunter
  • focused crux Focused

Armour Crystals

The main crystals you need to know on chest piece are:

  • anarchic crux Anarchic Crystal - decreases damage received from boss monsters.
  • vigorous crux Vigorous Crystal - provides an HP regen every 5 seconds.
  • relentless crux Relentless Crystal - increases your max HP.
  • stalwart crux Stalwart Crystal - decreases damage received from normal monsters.

When fighting bosses, use these crystals:

  • anarchic crux 4x Anarchic

Only use Relentless Crystals if you do not own any Anarchic Crystals. If you are solo BAMs, you can replace these crystals with Vigorous Crystals.

Manaya's Core Hard Mode (MCHM) will require you to have more than 60k HP because of the mechanics in there. It isn't compulsory, but it will increase the chance of surviving by a huge amount.

In MCHM, I suggest you use:

  • relentless crux 4x Relentless


  • anarchic crux 2x Anarchic and relentless crux 2x Relentless

Chest Crystals

(Anarchic Crux set.)

When fighting normal monsters, use these crystals:

  • vigorous crux 4x Vigorous Crystals


  • stalwart crux 4x Stalwart Crystals


  • relentless crux 4x Relentless Crystals


And last but not least, you need to take consumables with you. The main consumables you want to take are Scroll of Savagery, Nostrum of Energy and charms. 


Charms are purchasable through the Specialty Store. Charms are only usable in campfires. Go up to a campfire and use the charms and they should be 'greyed' out on your effect bar. They will activate as soon as you enter combat.

Charms in effect

(Notice the charms are 'greyed' out with no time underneath them. Don't mind all the red dots... they're only GvG targets. When you enter combat, the charm duration time will display under the charms.)

There are 3 types of campfires:

  • campfire Campfire - Restores stamina and charms used in this last 15 minutes.
  • Charming campfire Charming Campfire - Restores stamina and charms used in this last 30 minutes.
  • hasty campfire Hasty Campfire - Restores stamina faster than regular and Charming Campfire. Charms used in this last 15 minutes.

There are also 3 different sub-group of charms:

  • offensive charms Offensive Charms
  • defensive charm Defensive Charms
  • support charms Support Charms

Quick tip: Charms with nothing on the top left corner are random charms that give random tier as well. Charms with green on the top left corner are charms that give one selected effect and random tier (uncommon charms). Charms with a blue on the top left corner are charms that give one selected effect and always greater tier (rare charms).

(From left to right - 'white' charm, 'green' charm, 'blue' charm)

Offensive charms consist of:

  • Power Charm - Increases power.
  • Keen Charm - Increases crit rate.
  • Speed Charm - Increases attack speed of your auto attack.
  • Strength Charm - Increases your chance to knock down an enemy.

The offensive charm you want to use is Power Charm though you can use Keen Charm if you want to. With Keen Charm, we don't really need extra crit rate but it might help, but Power Charm is superior, in my opinion, because it isn't RNG based and increases the raw damage output.

Defensive charms consist of:

  • Enduring Charm - Increases endurance.
  • Unyielding Charm - Increases crit resistance.
  • Rigid Charm - Increases balance.
  • Robust Charm - Increases resistance to weakening effects.
  • Caduceus Charm - Increases resistance to DoTs.
  • Tenacity Charm - Increases resistance to stuns.
  • Mirror/Reverse Charm - Reflects damage received to your attacker.

Endurance Charm is probably the defensive charm you want to take the most. Unyielding Charm can be helpful in PvP maybe but it isn't exactly the best. Same can be said for Mirror/Reverse Charm. Mirror/Reverse charms are actually extremely useful in huge large scale PvP so you might consider using these.

Support charms consist of:

  • Relentless Charm - Increases max HP.
  • Cunning Charm - Increases max MP.
  • Vigorous Charm - Increases HP regen.
  • Infused Charm - Increases MP regen.
  • Swift Charm - Increases movement speed.

You definitely want to use Infused Charms no matter what because it keeps your mana up and stable and solves most mana lacking issues. The only time you won't need Infused Charms as much will be in PvP where Salivating Crystals (gains MP when attack hits player) will generate all the mana you need, but in case you miss all your attacks, you'll want to keep Infused Charm on.

Charms also have different tiers.

  • Lesser Charm
  • Minor Charm
  • Major Charm
  • Greater Charm

In most instances, you will want to use Greater Charms. You can either purchase Greater Charms or pay less for a random tier one from the Specialty Store. The Greater Charms cost 8G whilst the random tiers ones cost 1G. It's all about how much money you have to spare and your RNG luck. They are about similar in the long run.

Specialty Store

(The Greater Charms should cost 8G in most Specialty Stores. The price will vary depending on where you are and how high the taxes are set by the exarchs in each province. In this case, the tax is set to 15%, so it is 9G. And yes, I'm poor.)


You can buy Nostrum of Energy from general merchants. Nostrums decrease the cooldown time of skills by a little bit which is helpful.

(You can grab yourself a Nostrum of Energy IV as it won't make much difference to Nostrum of Energy V if you want to be cheap like me.) 


You can obtain Scroll of Savagery by leveling your alchemy skills and crafting it or buying directly from the broker.

Scroll Crafting

For bosses with high crit resistance, you can use Scroll of Swiftness which increases your attack speed by a lot. Or if you just feel like your attacks are too slow, you can use Scroll of Swiftness, but this will drain your mana quickly.

Nostrums, Charms and Scroll of Savagery are very important in maximising your DPS, especially the Scroll of Savagery. Carry these around and use these all the time. You will see a huge difference in your damage.


Noctenium Infusion

Noctenium Infusion was introduced with the alliance patch.

Simply, right click it like you'd use a scroll and it will toggle on. Right click it again to toggle it off.

Once you toggle it on, the damage of most of your skills will increase by 3~8% and you'll get...


The only reason to use it is just for the green trail. I mean, for the extra DPS it provides.

Warrior attacks are fast and rapid though, so you will drain Noctenium Infusion pretty quickly. You can get these from doing the daily vault quest or buying off broker or crafting some yourself.


Panaceas are important to keep your stamina up. When your stamina is below around 100%, your damage will decrease slightly and your MP regen will slow down which you do not want happening.

As a solution, you should carry panaceas to refill your stamina quickly.

There are 3 main types of panaceas:

  • Arunic Panacea - Restores 120% stamina. Basically fills your stamina all the way to max. Cannot be used in combat. Use this as soon as you get ressed.
  • Combat Panacea - Restores 40% stamina. Can be used in combat. Use this when you notice your stamina go below around 105% every time to maintain max damage and MP regen.
  • Battle Panacea - Restores 120% stamina. Can be used in combat. Only use this if you die, get ressed, and get stuck in combat straight away and cannot use an Arunic Panacea.

Arunic Panaceas have a chance to drop from most mobs in the game or purchased from the trade broker. Combat Panaceas can be purchased from Specialty Stores.

To be honest, I really have no idea where to get Battle Panaceas. If I remember correctly, they are only obtainable through RNG boxes as a lesser reward.

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Warrior PvP is a completely different story to warrior PvE. In PvP, every class hates us. Why? Because of our stuns and staggers and ability to survive. Also, haters be hatin'.

Regardless of all the hate, I will give you tips & tricks to being even more annoying. Again, I am not the best warrior at PvP, there are plenty of others that are better than me.

Both stances (Assault Stance & Defensive Stance) are viable for PvP. You can variate between the two but both of them have very different play styles in terms of rotations due to the fact you can block cancel and do extremely complicated combos.

In terms of damage, Assault Stance yields far more damage than Defensive Stance. So for killing, you want to use Assault Stance. For locking someone down with staggers and giving them a slow, painful, annoying death, you want to use Defensive Stance.

This section will be written for warriors who use Assault Stance because I always use Assault Stance.

Glyph Setups & Rotations

PvP glyph setups are very different to PvE for warriors. Your glyph setups should focus on stunning skills.

Your rotations will also be very different compared to PvE. If you use PvE rotations in PvP... I wish you the best of luck.

But fear not! That is why I am here to teach several you rotations you can use in PvP to be a pro!

Glyph Setups

The first step to being a PvP pro is creating a glyph build for yourself. Remember to make sure that it fits your play style, not mine, nor others. However, some glyphs are essential in order to excel in PvP.

This is the glyph template that you want to use for PvP. From here on, you can glyph anything at your own preference.

Here's the glyph build I personally use.

As you can see, I rely heavily on my Cascade of Stuns and glyph it the most. The damage is fairly good on this skill and the Powerlink glyph is helpful because you will be using this in the general rotation a lot.

I switch my glyph build around almost all the time whenever I feel like it. Sometimes, I'll use Glyph of the Swifts, sometimes I'll go for Blade Draw reset and so on. Like I said just now, mix and match glyph builds so that it matches your play style.

Even then, you may have to switch glyph builds depending on who you're playing with or playing against. For example, against zerkers, you will want to glyph Retaliate for less cooldown as they will knock you down a lot.


Most of your rotations will start off with Backstab so don't waste it too much. I've done a few rotation experiments and these are the ones that seem most effective.

Actually, I'm going to use the word 'combo' instead of 'rotation' because it sounds cooler.

Note: Some of these combos will not work without attack speed stat bonuses.

Note #2: I cannot guarantee that any of these will work 100% of the time as different people will react differently to different things. 

If possible, you should peck at your target with the stagger rotation and then use one of these combos when your target is around 70~80% HP and for combos that start with Backstab, use it after the opponent use an evasion skill. This will reduce the chance of your opponent i-framing and dodging your Backstab to almost 0%.

Super Mainstream Combo

 →  →  →  →  →  →  →  → 

Backstab → Poison Blade (Optional) → Cascade of Stuns → Combative Strike → Rain of Blows → 

Reaping Slash → Evasive Roll → Vortex Slash → Blade Draw

This is probably one of the most commonly used combo hence the name "Super Mainstream".

The reason why Poison Blade is optional is because with high latency or for whatever reason, the Backstab stun duration runs out if you use Poison Blade in between which means you can't extend the stun with Cascade of Stuns which means the whole combo is broken. This usually works all the time though so if you can, insert Poison Blade in between Backstab and Cascade of Stuns.

If you get hit by Retaliate after Reaping Slash, you can do Roll → Staggering Counter depending on whether you rolled after Reaping Slash or not then Vortex Slash/Charging Slash → Blade Draw for a more secure hit.

Stun Stun Stun Combo

Get hit to activate Staggering Counter first and then:

 →  →  →  →  →  →  →  →  →  →  → 

Evasive Roll → Staggering Counter → Vortex Slash → Blade Draw* →

Backstab → Poison Blade → Cascade of Stuns → Combative Strike → Rain of Blows →

Reaping Slash → Pounce → Combative Strike

Pretty straight forward.

Most people will use an evasion skill after the Staggering Counter stun ends which is after Blade Draw indicated by a * so keep an eye out for that as you might miss your Backstab due them using a dodge.

Just use Backstab after their evasion skill or straight after staggering for a secure hit. If the opponent is a zerker or lancer, just move around them, stagger, then Backstab and continue the combo.

After Reaping Slash, Pounce is used to slow down the target mobility so you can get back onto them straight away. This is especially useful for soloing priests.

Stun Stun Stun Mk. II Combo

Get hit to activate Staggering Counter first and then:

 →  →  →  →  →  →  →  →  →  →  → 

Staggering Counter → Combative Strike → Cascade of Stuns → Pounce → Rain of Blows →

Roll → Backstab → Vortex Slash → Blade Draw → 

Combative Strike → Battle Cry → Scythe

This one is great for locking down a healer. Death by stun!

KD KD KO Combo

The KD KD KO combo comes in many different variations. The whole concept of the KD KD KO combo to make the opponent waste their Retaliate. After that, you follow up with another KD which leads them to not being able to Retaliate and being stuck in the standing back up animation which gives us time to pour down damage while they can't do anything.

KD KD KO combo usually begins with an initial KD. This is either:

  • [Combative Strike → Reaping Slash]

- or -

  • [Battle Cry → Scythe]

- or -

  • [Staggering Counter → scythe.pngScythe]

I usually tend to use [Battle Cry → Scythe] because Scythe has quite a strange hitbox where if you're in 'mid-range' (around 2-4m) it won't land. This means if you use Reaping Slash first, there's a chance of missing the KD on the third hit of Scythe which just breaks the combo.

Reaping Slash has a very linear hitbox so it will only hit in front of you. Even a little bit to the side will mean that it won't land and it has a long cooldown as well, so don't waste it.

Scythe has quite a big horizontal hitbox which is very similar to Blade Draw and a short cooldown as well. It's basically a side way version of Reaping Slash with a shorter cooldown.

Anyways, once you land the knockdown and they use Retaliate, follow up with any of those combos above.

I usually do this for the full combo:


Battle Cry → Scythe → Wait for them to Retaliate →

 →  →  →  →  →  →  →  → 

[ →  → ] or [ → ]

Combo Attack → Backstab → Poison Blade → Cascade of Stuns → Pounce → Rain of Blows → 

Reaping Slash → Roll behind →

[Combative Strike → Traverse Cut (cancel) → Blade Draw] or [Vortex Slash → Blade Draw]

I can never decide if I should use [Combative Strike → Traverse Cut (cancel) → Blade Draw] or [Vortex Slash → Blade Draw]...

These combos may look easy and simple (?) when written down, but they can prove to be quite difficult when the enemy can predict what you'll do next.

Yeah, I made up all those combo names. I need a medal for creativity.

Stuns & Staggers

The most important thing you want to know about PvPing as a warrior is manipulating your stuns and staggers. Without stuns or staggers, I hate to say this, but we are slightly useless.


Skills that cause stagger to target:

  • Combo Attack First hit of Combo Attack
  • Combative Strike Combative Strike

Staggers are important for warriors and annoys the hell out of other people so use it often and well.

Staggering is the main reason why people hate warriors. Staggering is a short time frame when you interrupt the target from doing anything. They cannot move, nor cast any skills. You can consider it as a mini-stun.

Use staggers to cancel the opponent's attacks. Literally any skill will be cancelled if you stagger someone while they are casting it unless they have a stagger immunity buff or skill.

Charge up skills - which archers and berserkers have - can be cancelled by staggering as well. 

Even with healers, if you stagger them when they're healing, the effect may appear, but the person being healed will not be healed when timed correctly.

You should use this basic stagger rotation to keep someone locked down.

The Stagger Rotation:

Combo AttackFirst hit of Combo Attack → Combative Strike → Combo AttackFirst hit of Combo Attack → Poison Blade → Combo AttackFirst hit of Combo Attack → Combative Strike → Combo AttackFirst hit of Combo Attack → Rising Fury → Repeat

If the target runs away, use Rising Fury to chase them down. Rising Fury moves you forward faster in combat than when you're just moving. Remember to only use the first part of this skill! The second part won't be as effective as the first part for movement.

If possible, try and stagger from behind the target so you can proc the power buff from Forceful Crux.

This stagger lock requires timing, aiming and no desync issues. It is impossible to execute this perfectly all the time because of desync issues and in group PvP situations where someone may come and help peel you off.

Desyncing means that even if you 'land' a hit on the target, it won't do anything because they are actually a few meters away from where you hit.

Desyncing is the horrible part of TERA PvP. If there was no desync in TERA, warriors would most likely dominate everyone because warriors suffer hugely from desync and hitbox issues. Half our attacks sometimes will just go through the enemy and you can't do anything about it but get used to it, sadly. It may sound like a put-off, but you'll get used to it.

Again, Staggers are important for warriors and annoys the hell out of other people so use it often and well.


Warriors have two different types of stuns - off-the-bat stuns and conditional stuns.

Off-the-bat stuns are the ones you can use at any time and it will stun a target. Conditional stuns are ones that require a... condition to work.

Off-the-bat stuns consist of:

  • Battle Cry Battle Cry
  • Backstab Backstab

Backstab is your main stun and combo starter. This should be used on priority targets such as healers or whoever you are focusing on in a group PvP scenario. In duels, you should use this when your opponent uses an evasion skill after you stagger them continuously to start a combo. Avoid using this right at the start as people will predict it.

Battle Cry is your AoE stun which has a radius of 10m and stuns usually around 1~2 people caught in it. You can use this to briefly stun someone or to keep them still if they're moving around a lot especially healers. I usually follow up with Scythe.

Conditional stuns consist of:

  • Staggering Counter Staggering Counter - Requires to be hit
  • Cascade of Stuns Cascade of Stuns - Requires an already stunned target

Staggering Counter is your "OH HELL NAW, YOU DIDN'T JUST TOUCH ME." slap to the face stun which flips your targets back to face you. This is a great skill and creates a lot of opportunities to pour down damage on your opponent.

Cascade of Stuns can be considered as an AoE stun. It functions more as a stun extender and deals decent damage as well. This skill is extremely important in PvP so don't waste it on non-stunned targets.

A little hint in making the most out of this skill is when a lancer uses Chained Leash (or Giga Leash) and you hit the leashed targets with this skill. They will be stunned for even longer and your group can just melt them while they're locked in a stun.

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Gear & Crystals

PvP gear is completely different to PvE gear. This isn't always true, but most of the time, your gear will decide whether you win a fight or not because TERA has separate PvP stats which will judge your damage and defence in PvP heavily.

With the introduction of the new gear, some PvE gear is viable for PvP, if not, even better.


I'll separate this section into 5 separate parts: weapon, chest, gloves, boots, and jewellery. Don't worry, it won't be extremely long like the other gear section.

But before anything, you need to know the sets available for use if you want to do any competitive PvP.

  • Nightforge PvP is the strongest PvP gear in the game and takes a lot of time and effort to get. It is also known as VM2 PvP because you can use VM as a reagent to craft this.
  • Nightforge PvE is second best after Nightforge PvP. However, I highly recommend that you avoid getting Nightforge PvE gloves and boots because they lack the PvP stats Strikeforce gloves and boots can offer you.
  • Strikeforce is basically the advanced Conjunct and requires Conjunct as a reagent to craft.
  • Wonderholme chest and weapon are only viable. Best to avoid using gloves and boots.


Nightforge PvP > Nightforge PvE > Strikeforce > Wonderholme

Stats you want:

  • Attack speed
  • Crit damage
  • Do more damage
  • Behind damage

nightforge pvp wep.jpgnightforge pve wep.jpgstrikeforce wep.jpgwh keen wep.jpg

Nightforge PvE is similar to Nightforge PvP but instead of PvP damage, it has overall 6% damage stat and lacks 14 crit rate compared to Nightforge PvP. The difference is minimal and Nightforge PvE is completely viable in PvP, but even a tiny amount of damage can make the biggest difference in PvP.

These two also have Blacksmith's Hammerstrike which applies a random stun on anything you hit and both of these weapons have 4 rerollable stats.

Strikeforce and WH Quick weapon have very similar stats and like Nightforge PvP and Nightforge PvE, Strikeforce has PvP damage instead of overall 6% damage stat and 14 crit rate stat instead of enraged stat (which is useless in PvP). Both of these weapons only have 3 rerollable stats compared to Nightforge which have 4.

All 3 Wonderholme weapons are viable for PvP as well.

  • Quick, as mentioned before, is slightly weaker than Strikeforce but has the same stats otherwise.
  • Keen has crit damage as a base stat which is extremely useful in PvP where you won't have much crit modifiers such as scrolls or other crystals but it lacks the attack speed.
  • Intense has behind damage which makes it stronger than Strikeforce only from behind but it lacks the attack speed.


Nightforge PvP > Nightforge PvE > Wonderholme => Strikeforce

Stats you want:

  • Reduces damage
  • Raises max HP
  • Less damage from frontal attacks
  • Less damage when knocked down
  • HP restoration
  • Increases Rain of Blows damage by 12% for skill stat if you have one (not available on Strikeforce)

nightforge pvp chest.jpgnightforge pve chest.jpgwh chest.jpgstrikeforce chest.jpg

Raises max HP and reduces damage are pretty much mandatory but the last 3 stats are all viable 3rd or 4th options depending on how many rerollable stats you have.

Nightforge PvP and PvE both have 4 rerollable stats whilst Wonderholme and Strikeforce both have 3 rerollable stats.

The reason why Wonderholme is greater than or equal to Strikeforce even though it is a PvE set, is because Wonderholme provides a skill stat which can increase our DPS while Strikeforce offers slightly higher defence in PvP and an extra less damage when knocked down stat. However, 12% extra damage on one of our core damage skill is great so if you can, I suggest that you use Wonderholme if you can get it


Nightforge PvP > Strikeforce > Nightforge PvE > Wonderholme

Stats you want:

  • Attack speed
  • Crit rate
  • Power

nightforge pvp gloves.jpgstrikefrce gloves.jpg

All four gloves have 3 rerollable stats so it matches perfectly for the stats mentioned above.

The 'real' PvP gloves, Strikeforce and Nightforge PvP, both provide a stat which reduces crit damage taken by a whole 15% which is amazing compared to the crit rate PvE gloves provide. They also provide PvP damage as well which is useful.

Many people can't decide whether they should use Nightforge PvE gloves or Strikeforce gloves. I highly recommend that you use Strikeforce gloves if you're one of these people as it is highly superior to PvE gloves. This is because 7 PvP damage and 15% crit damage reduction that Strikeforce gloves give is much better than 3% overall damage and crit rate Nightforge PvE gloves give.

I won't even talk about Wonderholme as it is horrible as PvP gloves.


Nightforge PvP > Strikeforce > Nightforge PvE > Wonderholme

Stats you want:

  • Movement speed increase
  • Slow effect duration reduction
  • Endurance

nightforge pvp boots.jpgstrikeforce boots.jpg

Again, like gloves, all four boots have 3 rerollable stats so it matches perfectly.

Avoid using PvE boots at all cost because you're losing out on 10 PvP defence which is very useful.

Nightforge PvP boots and Strikeforce boots are very similar and are much more superior to PvE sets. The only difference between Nightforge PvP and Strikeforce is the resist crit stat which isn't exactly that great.


A lot of jewellery used in PvE can be used in PvP as well without any need to reroll stats.

For necklace, Zenith Necklace with crit damage on it.


For rings, 2x Ring of Pain or Powerful Noctenium Ring with crit damage/rate rolled on them.


For earrings, 2x Zenith Earrings to make use of the Zenith set bonus. Decreases stun duration effect is an essential stat for earrings so you must have this on them. If you can, you should also focus on getting the raises max HP stat on your earrings so you have stun duration and raises max HP -- this can be quite costly.



To summarise what the best setup for PvP would be:

  • Nightforge PvP weapon - attack speed, crit damage, more damage, behind damage
  • Nightforge PvP chest - reduces damage, raises max HP, frontal damage, knockdown damage or HP restoration, and increases Rain of Blows damage
  • Nightforge PvP gloves - attack speed, crit rate, power
  • Nightforge PvP boots - decreases slow duration, movement speed, endurance
  • Zenith Necklace - crit damage
  • Zenith Earrings - decreases stun duration and raises max HP
  • Ring of Pain or Powerful Noctenium Ring - +0.04 and +0.03 crit damage


PvP crystal setups are very different to PvE crystal setups.

For weapon, you want to use this crystal setup:

  •  Savage Crystal
  •  Salivating Crystal
  •  Forceful Crystal
  •  Carving Crystal or  Cruel Crystal

The first 3 are essential ones which I recommend you to use all the time. The last crystal is optional. Cruel Crystal provides around an 8 second buff which increases your crit damage when you knock someone down. I use Scythe to knock someone down to proc this buff then start my "combos" most of the time.

For chest, you want to use these crystals:

  •  4x Relentless Crystals

This is all you really want. More HP is the best crystal for PvP. There are other crystals you can use, but Relentless is more superior.

For jewellery, you want to use these crystals:

  •  4x Griefing Zyrks - increases PvP damage by 4

I highly recommend that you use Griefing Zyrks as more PvP damage is important. You can use Indomitable Zyrks if you want to be able to survive more. It's personal preference, really. Optionally, if you don't have PvP Zyrks, you can use Power Zyrks.

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Upcoming Changes

This section will cover upcoming changes to the Warrior class.

Please note that these changes are from K-TERA so some may never ever make it to NA-TERA, or NA-TERA may receive completely different changes to K-TERA.

Basically, this section is just fortune telling, just the fact that some may never happen.

If these changes ever happen, I will make sure to implement them to the guide as soon as possible.

Change to Combo Attack

Warriors in KTERA have recently received a 'chain' thing where if you hit 14 times with Combo Attack, it speeds up Combo Attack by 20% for 10 seconds. To be honest, this is pretty useless for us.

Here's a video of the slayer 'chain' in action.

Note that while the buff slayers get disappear upon casting Whirlwind, the buff warriors receive will continue to stay even after using Combo Attack so you can potentially speed up Combo Attack 20% permanently. Not worth it though.

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By reading all that wall of text, I hope you have been informed about the warrior class and become more familiarized with it.

You are now the best warrior in town (like me -cough-).


(I decided to change my appearance whilst in the middle of this guide because I wanted blue hair as it matches my running togs and weapon.)

If this guide was helpful, please suggest to other warriors that are struggling to do their role as a DPS.

In case you're wondering, I use the following PvE gear:

  • +12 Masterwork Cruel & Unusual (Nightforge PvE wep) - attack speed, more damage, behind damage, crit damage
  • +9 Masterwork Dooble Vestness (Wonderholme chest) - Blade Draw damage, reduces damage, raises max HP, restores HP every 5 secs
  • +12 Masterwork Bloodgrove Mitts (Strikeforce gloves) - attack speed, power, crit rate
  • +9 Masterwork Downtreaders (Strikeforce boots) - decreases slow duration effects, movement speed, MP regen
  • 2x Zenith Earrings - raises max HP, decreases stun duration effect
  • Zenith Necklace - 0.04 crit damage
  • Powerful Noctenium Ring - 0.04 + 0.03 crit damage
  • Ring of Pain - 0.03 + 0.01 crit damage

For PvP:

  • Same as the above apart from chest
  • +12 Masterwork Sinewlace Coat - Rain of Blows damage, reduces damage, raises max HP, knockdown damage, reflect (soon to be rerolled to something else...)

If you want to see some warrior action in PvP, I would highly recommend checking out Orbitxd (Suzamia)'s Twitch.tv channel! You can also find his warrior PvP guide (with various other links) on the forums as well. His videos were very useful and helpful when I was a noob warrior learning PvP.

Please point out any mistakes I've made or if anything doesn't sound clear enough so I can improve it. OCD hits hard sometimes so little mistakes get on my nerve, although I can never spot them.

Peer suggestions are the best!

If you have any questions or just want to talk to me, feel free to PM me (Mite) on the forums or post on this thread! Alternatively, you can contact me via the comment section below. 

Thank you for your time reading this and I wish you good luck in being a DPS Warrior.

Happy TERAing and see you around!

- Renai

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