This week in TERA (Week 13) - TERA Community and Game News

April 6, 2013
Posted by: Nan0teck

This week in TERA is intended to be a quick weekly roundup of TERA News, Community events, and Community contributions. Not everything here is going to be interesting to every visitor; but should provide an overview of what's been happening in TERA this week. If something interesting/important was missed, or you'd maybe like your community event to be listed next week, or have feedback regarding this article, feel free to let us know!

TERA Community

Guild Recruitment Video Contest Winners - This week, the winners of the Guild Recruitment Video Contest have been announced. The original rules for the contest can be seen here. All the winners have received 1 Radeon HD6850 Vapor-X 1GB graphics card, plus a guild prize of 500/400/300 extensive alkahests and 200/150/100 spellbinds!

  • 1st place: Luciform from Mount Tyrannas
  • 2nd place: Believe from Tempest Reach
  • 3rd place: Sinister Swarm from Mount Tyrannas

Check out their videos here:

Runners Up and Honorable Mentions

  • Black List from Tempest Reach
  • Déjà vu from Mount Tyrannas
  • Derivation from Valley of Titans
  • Dumptruck Brigade from Lake of Tears
  • Harbingers of the Dawn from Celestial Hills
  • Just Cause from Tempest Reach
  • No Fun Allowed from Mount Tyrannas
  • Order of Divinity from Celestial Hills
  • Pineapple Hurricane from Tempest Reach
  • Royalty from Ascension Valley
  • The LEGION from Mount Tyrannas
  • Tiny Knights from Tempest Reach

Congratulations to all the winners!


Weekend Sale: 33% off Easter Ears - Easter’s here, so hop on over to Valkyon Outfitters and fit yourself with a set of bunny or cat ears—33 percent off from Thursday, March 28 1 p.m. PDT through the Easter weekend! (Ears available for female characters only.)

Easter Eggs, TERA Style

Easter Eggs, TERA Style - Caiman egg thieves are dropping bronze, silver, and golden eggs in the world of TERA from Thursday, March 28 at 11:00 a.m. PDT through Monday, April 1 at 1:00 p.m. PDT. Find a caiman in the world and defeat it for a chance to get an Easter egg. Eggs contain a variety of goodies like scrolls, masterwork alkahests, and even strongbox keys. Each day you log in, you will also receive one each of bronze, silver, and golden eggs in Item Claim. If you want more eggs, you can gather more by seeking out the egg thieves.


New Shop Items on the 26th of March 2013 - TERA EU's shop update features some great new items, and also implements a long-awaited feature: pets! These pets will always be by your side and will loot everything for you. How convenient! Added to the shop are a new mount, cute pet friends, weapon skins and other cosmetic items.

Have a look at the breathtaking new Rainbow mount:

Rainbow Mount

The following pets have been added to the shop:

  • Rambo
  • Carnivorous Plant
  • Prince

RamboCarnivorous PlantPrince

The Sea Ice weapon skins are now available as well:

  • Sea Ice Twin Swords
  • Sea Ice Lance
  • Sea Ice Greatsword
  • Sea Ice Axe 
  • Sea Ice Disc
  • Sea Ice Bow
  • Sea Ice Staff
  • Sea Ice Scepter

Sea Ice Twin SwordsSea Ice LanceSea Ice GreatswordSea Ice Axe
Sea Ice DiscSea Ice BowSea Ice StaffSea Ice Scepter

Sea Ice BowSea Ice Staff

...and finally, two new cosmetic items:

  • Winged Band
  • Blue Angel Halo

Winged BandBlue Angel Halo

The Easter Surprise Box - Test your luck with the Easter Surprise Box, available now in the TERA Shop from Thursday, 28th of March 2013 until Tuesday, 2nd of April 2013. What special item is hidden in the Easter Surprise Box for you? Whether it’s something to speed your progress, a valuable time-saver, or a lovely mount, you could become the envy of all your peers with a bit of luck! Get the biggest bang for your buck in the TERA Shop.

The box contains any of the following items:

  • Snowdrift – a regal leopard with an incredible riding speed (either 7 days, 30 days, or permanent)
  • Dragonette – a fiery pet with a strong gathering instinct
  • Night Mare – a scorching mount for heated adventures (30 days)
  • Sleipnir – a frosty mount for arctic action (30 days)
  • Alkahest for powerful enchantments
  • Goddess’ Blessing for resurrection
  • Veteran Crystalbind to protect crystals from destruction
  • Summon NPC: Monti, Dimon, Phargo, or Schwab
  • Travel Journal
  • Divine Infusion for more mana power
  • Rejuvenation Potion for eternal youth

Easter is upon us

Easter Event EU

Gameforge is hosting a trifecta of events for the Easter holiday that expands past the game itself. They are giving out TERA Standard Edition Keys for two of them, so be sure to get in on it! Check out the official event page here.

Event #1 - Egg Hunt!

Easter eggs will appear all over TERA EU's website and you have to find them all and discover the word they are looking for. However, these eggs can only be found on the English version of the website and will be numbered from 1 to 7.

The event will be held from the 28th of March (starting at 12:00 CET (11am UK)) until the 2nd of April (at 12:00 CEST (11am UK)). In order to participate, visit TERA EU ( and search for the different Easter eggs that are hidden all over the place. After finding the eggs, send the word as well as your character name and server to the following address:

The prize pool consists of 9 TERA Standard Edition Keys (three per language) as well as a 30-day version of the new mount named “Rainbow” per server!

Event #2 - Two Popori walk into a bar...

How do you think this sentence should end? How can you carry the joke on? The event will be held from the 28th of March (starting at 00:00 CET (11pm UK)) until the 31st of March (at 23:59 CEST (10:59pm UK)). All you have to do is follow @TERAEurope on Twitter, and let them know what you think is the best way to finish this joke! Remember that you have to send your tweet to @TERAEurope as well.

The prize pool consists of 6 TERA Standard Edition Keys (two per language) as well as one TERA roll-up for each language! The winners will be contacted on Twitter and will be sent a direct message in early April.

Event #3: Bounty Hunt!

There have been an increasing number of reports that certain BAMs have started to search for the Easter eggs too! We cannot allow them to steal these eggs so you need to hunt them down!

This event will be held from the 29th of March (starting at 00:00 CET (11pm UK)) until the 31st of March (at 23:59 CEST (10:59pm UK)). You will have to hunt the corresponding BAMs for your level range:

  • Players from level 1 to 30 have to hunt “Basilisks” that lurk around Crescentia.
  • Players from level 31 to 50 have to hunt “Yearning Vulcans” which have been sighted in Val Aureum.
  • Players from level 51 to 59 have to hunt “Ebon Fimbrilisks” which are known to roam in Amena Quatla.
  • Players at level 60 have to hunt “Arzakaar Guardians”, evil argon fellows that guard the ground in Granarkus.

After you’ve killed them, take a screenshot of your victory and submit it to the dedicated Bounty Hunt thread at TERA EU's forums. Please add the name of your server, as well as the character’s name and gender to your post.

Partying is allowed, although everyone must submit their own screenshot, and it is one submission per player only.

The prize pool consists of 30 Bunny Ears (7-day versions, 10 per language) for female characters, as well as 30 Winged Bands (7-day versions, 10 per language) for male characters.


This week on TERAToday, we've recently seen a large spike in the amount of content that's been put out. Let's take a quick look at the new articles for this week:

TERA Lore - Castanics - Everything you ever wanted to know about TERA's 'horniest' race. Ever wondered where they all got those scars on their highly exposed bodies? The history of their race? Whether you just appreciate the lore of the game and want to know more, or perhaps you're role-playing as a Castanic, this article has all you need to know.

TERA Leveling Guide - Need help getting your first character or an alt to lvl 60 quickly and easily? This detailed guide will give you tips and the best grinding spots to help you achieve that goal!