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KTERA New Class Teaser Released

KTERA releases more information on the new class slated to release mid-January.

KTERA New Class Teaser Released

KTERA has just released some much awaited information on the new Elin-exclusive class. You can check out their official teaser page here.

Please keep in mind that any names mentioned in this article is directly translated and the class name as well as skill names will be different when it is officially localized by EME. Use it only as a reference. Thanks!

TERA's Newest Class Arrives: Reaper

From the burning ruins of Pora Elinu a lone shadow clad in a charming Gothic dress emerges wielding a sickle wrapped in darkness. Cutting down with blades like the cresent moon enveloped in darkness so deep to swallow the world she brings strikes down to end the war.

Why has this Elin descended upon us?

The long war between the Argons and the continent of Arborea took a devastating toll upon the natural world leaving a deep scar. Sadness overwhelming her, the queen of Elins formed a resistence against the Argons. Pora Elinu became the supply base for the Valkyon Federation.

Just when they had finally delivered the last supply crate, Pora Elinu was up in flames with the screams of its people. The culprits were the orcans living off the edge of Poporia — We come and we will turn Pora Elinu into a hellish world of madness in an instant.

Queen Rida, while watching the burning spirits of Pora Elinu, was filled with sadness and rage but could do nothing but to evacuate what remained of her people. Days of heartbreak go by when one day a mysterious Elin approaches the queen. This mysterious Elin and her band of mercenaries declared that she would help take back Pora Elinu and said...

We are the double-edge sword that cuts through the darkness like moonlight in the night sky.

Character Creation Conditions

To create the new class you will need another character on your account that is level 40 or above. Once the new class is created she will start at level 50.

Class Features

The Reaper class envelopes their sharp sickles in an aura of darkness — a mid-range melee class. They dance around the battlefield with their sickle and chains flying through the air to cover both close and mid-range leaving their enemies in confusion.

They can use their dark magic to bring enemies close or use their chains to swap their position with their enemy. A tricky but fresh gameplay that is new to TERA.

Class Skills

Scythe Barrage

Spiral Barrage
Most basic attack of the Reaper.

Judgement Double Sheer
Slices the enemy in half.
Dark Assault Sundering Strike
Wraps the scythe in a dark aura then strikes down on an enemy with a powerful strike causing an explosion.
Strikedown Blow Grim Strike
Attacks the target three times from the front.
Blade Maelstrom Death Spiral
Attacks the enemy by spinning the scythe and chain.
Spiral Blade Whipsaw
Spins the blades towards an enemy in the distance.
Smite Smite
Jumps in the air to strike down on an enemy causing stun.
Knockback Pendulum Strike
Throws the scythe down, using the force to back away.
Whip of Darkness Shadow Lash
Generates whips of darkness to recover MP.
Burst of Darkness Shadow Burst
The aura of darkness explodes to inflict large damage to surrounding enemies.
Retaliate Retaliate
Advent of Darkness

Shadow Reaping
Reduces the cooldown of all Scythe skills.

Reverse Leash Cable Step
Throws the scythe towards the enemy and pulls user towards it.

Skill Preview

Double Shear



Spiral Blade

Shadow Burst

Burst of Darkness

Shadow Reaping

Advent of Darkness

Key Skills

Skills that are the key features of the Reaper class. Again, class names are literal translations (or of my own imagination) and will change with official localization.

reprskillthmb12_darkcurtain.png Veil of Darkness
Ignores a fatal attack and attempts to revive. Passive skill.
reprskillthmb13_counter.png Retribution
Ignores an attack from the enemy and counters.
reprskillthmb14_rapidstep.png Shadow Step
Dashes forward up to two times. Basic evasion skill.
reprskillthmb15_shiftchange.png Soul Reversal
Swaps position with an enemy.

Skill Preview

Veil of Darkness

Curtain of Darkness



Shadow Step

Rapid Step

Soul Reversal

Shift Change

Reaper Exclusive Costumes

The new class will also have exclusive costumes to wear. Gothic-style dresses with plating to show off both the charming side and the strong warrior residing within.

Reaper Exclusive Costumes 

New Hairstyles and Presets

There are also 2 new hairstyles and presets for the Elins. Not to worry, existing Elins will also be able to use these new styles.

Spiral Blue

Spiral Pink

Short Orange

Short White

Character Slot Expansion

With the release of the new class they will be expanding the max character slot from 8 to 12. They are also planning on releasing a character expansion service that will apply across account rather than just the server of choice.

Furthermore, with the release they will be giving out one free character slot to accomodate for the change.