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KTERA GO Communication: Misc. Summer Update

KTERA GO Communication post on miscellaneous changes coming with the summer update. Including removal of old instances with major changes to the remaining level 60 instances in preparation for the new.

KTERA GO Communication: Misc. Summer Update

Hello, this is the TERA team.

In our last post we introduced the upcoming content update, PvP gear, and the summer events. Today we would like to share with you some miscellaneous changes that will be happening in conjunction with the major update.

Instance Retirement and Solo Play

With the release of the new level 60 instances there will be some changes occuring to our existing level 60 instances. Whenever a new instance is released we understand that the older instances with out dated gear will have less and less players queueing for them making it difficult for newer players to find a party. Furthermore, the value of these items themselves also decline.

In this update we have selected several instances that will be removed and some that will have major changes. The following instances will hence forth be removed after the update:

  • Fane of Kaprima / Fane of Kaprima (Hard)
  • Balder's Temple (Hard)
  • Argon Corpus (Hard)

The corresponding normal modes will have their loot tables changed to that of their hard mode counterparts after the removal. Also, for those who find party play difficult will be glad to know that we will be lowering the difficulty level of Balder's Temple (Normal) to a solo-able level.

Creating a solo instance is difficult when considering the class balances so just the difficulty level has been lowered. We will consider the class balances for solo play and continue to work on the possibility. 

Instance Reset Scroll

The Instance Reset Scroll is something that our players have favored and used but as it is now it carries the problem of resetting all the instances at once. Therefore you could not use it for a different instance.

In the upcoming content update the improved Instance Reset Scroll will allow players to reset specific instances. The value of these scrolls will change depending on the loot tables of the instance it is for. In addition, we will also be introducing a Party Instance Reset Scroll where a specific instance can be reset for the entire party.

The existing Instance Reset Scrolls will be removed after the update and the new types will be sold in the T-CATSHOP. But the Party Instance Reset Scrolls will not be sold in store and will be obtainable through events.

In conjunction to the newly improved Instance Reset Scrolls we will also be adjusting the instance cool downs so that our players are able to enjoy more instances with less trouble.

Pandora's Box and Homonculi Shops

The Pandora's Box and the Homonculi Shops were both services that had been around before the F2P release but will be permenantly removed in the long run.

But removing them abruptly will cause a lot of problems for those who had been using these frequently therefore with the update the Pandora's Box will be re-named as the Old Pandora's Box and will no longer be useable. These items can be re-sold to the merchants for the same price the players had bought them for.

The Homonculi Shops are still being used by players therefore we have adjusted them so that they will no longer be use-able once their energy runs out. We thank you for using these items and we hope to introduce a re-worked system in the future.

In Conclusion...

There are still some other small changes coming with the update. Some of them are for the positive while some we may make our players feel are against the plans we had. We hope that you continue to give us feedback and we will be listening in to improve.

In the next GO Communications post we will be introducing the much anticipated swim wear avatars. We understand that many players felt the latest costumes sets were lacking due to them being female only. Not to worry, these new swim wear costumes will be for all genders.

Please look forward to our next post.

KTERA 2013 Summer Swim Wear