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KTERA Magician's Fortress Patch Notes

KTERA July 3rd patch notes for the Magician's Fortress update. Includes information on possible equipment stats.

KTERA Magician's Fortress Patch Notes

The "Magician's Fortress" update is now live in KTERA. Please keep in mind that these changes are solely for the Korean version of TERA and details may change when it is applied to NA/EU.

The details of the updates are below.

Instance Dungeon Changes

  • Added the following instances.
    • Magician's Fortress (Normal) / (Hard) [10-Raid]
    • Ancient Underground Waterway [3]
    • Giant's Forest [7]
    • Red Mist Pirates' Trap [5]
    • Balder's Temple [Single]
  • Removed the following instances.
    • Fane of Kaprima
    • Fane of Kaprima (Hard)
    • Balder's Temple (Hard)
    • Argon Corpus (Hard)
  • Rewards for the following instances have changed.
    • Balder's Temple (Single)
      • New item "Relic Guardian" set may be obtained.
      • T14 fodder, "Ancient Seal Scroll", and alkahests may be obtained at a low rate.
    • Balder's Temple (Normal)
      • Original 'Balder's Temple (Hard)' loot table is applied.
      • Sleeper gear that used to drop in Fane of Kaprima may be obtained.
      • Crafting materials for "Temple Guardian" set may be obtained.
      • New item "Relic Guardian" set may be obtained.
    • Argon Corpus
      • Loot table changed to that of former Argon Corpus (Hard).
    • Manaya's Core (Hard)
      • Low chance to obtain the "Aphrodite" series.
      • Low chance to obtain the "Magician's Fortress Insignia" item.
      • Low probability to obtain "Scroll of Prophecy" to initiate the quest to Luminous Visionmaker.
    • Shandra's Quill drop rate has been significantly increased.
  • The attributes of the following named bosses has changed in Manaya's Core.
    • Melkatran
      • Greatly increased resistance to "Pulsing Flame" effect.
    • Shandra Manaya
      • Greatly increased resistance to "Pulsing Flame" effect.
      • Immunity to Warrior's Combative Strike has been removed.
      • Immunity to Lancer's Debilitate has been removed.
  • Party Incentive System has been added. More players in a party will increase the effect "Joy of Partying" buff.
    • "Joy of Partying" buff is applied with a full party increase drop rate and number of items dropped.
  • With the addition of new dungeons the existing dungeon cool down times has been adjusted.
    • The new dungeons have are set as number of entries per day.
  • Bind-on-Pickup items will be tradeable amongst those who were in the original party.

Class Changes

  • Mystic
    • Increased the threat generation of Thrall of Protection.
  • Priest
    • Mana Charge
      • Reduced charge to 2.
      • Changed cooldown to 24 seconds.
      • Changed effective range to 12 meters.
      • Changed MP recovery of party: 0 charge - 4%, 1 charge - 10%, 2 charge 20% MP recovery.
      • Reduced Glyph of Haste points from 4 to 3.
      • Reduced Glyph of Spirit points from 4 to 2. Changed effect to increase effective radius from 12 to 16 meters.
      • Reduced Glyph of Collaboration points from 4 to 3.
  • Known Issue: The Nocternium effect is not properly applied. We will fix this as soon as possible.
  • Slayer
    • Added immobility effect when using Overhand Strike in PvP.
    • Added "reaction resistance" when using the following skills (from cast until damage is inflicted) Whirlwind, Knockdown Strike, and Heart Thrust.
    • In Cold Blood cooldown time has been reduced to 2 minutes.
    • Fury Strike now reduces healing received by 50% for 10 seconds.
    • Tenacity
      • Reduced cooldown from 60 to 30 seconds.
      • Added increased resistance to immobility for 5 seconds when skill is used.
  • Berserker
    • Tenacity
      • Reduced cooldown from 60 to 30 seconds.
      • Added increased resistance to immobility for 5 seconds when skill is used.
    • Added immobility effect to each hit when using Cyclone in PvP.

Equipment Changes

  • The re-rollable stats on equipment has changed. No changes for existing equipment.
  • The following equipment sets will have the new stats.
    • Luminous Visionmaker
    • Ruthless Visionmaker
    • Ruthless Conjunct
    • Aphrodite
    • Adonis

New Weapon Stats New Armor Stats

*Correction: The stat is decrease damage when knocked down instead of "increase damage when attacking prone" and right under it is decrease damage from frontal not when knocked down, sorry.

New Glove Stats New Boots Stats New Necklace Stats New Ring Stats New Earring Stats

  • Unified the re-rollable stats for "Battleground Gear" and "Instance Dungeon Gear".
  • New equipment enchantment rule changes are listed below.
  • The default options on the new equipment are now fixed.
    • Weapons
      • Masterwork enchantment stats +10 thru 12 has been changed to attack speed from threat/power/healing.
    • Gloves
      • The +3 and 6 fixed enchantment stats has been changed to re-rollable.
      • Separated the roles of tank, DPS, and healer,
      • Masterwork enchantment stats +10 thru 12 has been fixed to either threat, power, or healing.
      • Sturdy Gloves = Increased Threat; Savage Gloves = Increased Power; Splendor Gloves = Increased Healing
    • Shoes
      • The +3 and 6 fixed enchantment stats has been changed to re-rollable.
  • Planned supplemental patch list. We will be releasing the breakdown of the new equipment soon with an additional patch. We will notify players beforehand when it will be applied.
    • Weapon
      • Attack Speed: Enigmatic 4%; Masterwork 4.5%
      • Threat: Enigmatic 13.5%; Masterwork 15.5%
    • Gloves
      • Attack Speed: Enigmatic 2%, Masterwork 2.25%
    • Accessories
      • Set Effect: Attack Speed 4%
    • Expected attack speed increase after the supplemental patch are as follows:
      • Enigmatic: 3% increase (up to 22%)
      • Masterwork: 2.5% increase (up to 28%)
  • Changed the skill effects of UTI and Jax equipments.
  • The masterwork chance of the new "Adonis" set is higher than other sets.
  • The reselling price of equipment has been reduced.
  • With the new equipment the "Equipment Acceleration" item has been added.
    • The "Equipment Acceleration" item will convert the sacrificial item's enchantment to the new equipment's enchantment correction.
    • There are two types of "Equipment Acceleration" items; one for weapon and another for armors.
    • The "Equipment Acceleration" item can only be used on item owned by the player that is T14 and greater than +9 enchantment. (Does not apply to Bloodrave gear)
    • You can use the "Equipment Acceleration" by talking to the Legendary Blacksmith in Habere.
  • The "Burning Stone Collection House" NPC has been placed in all major cities.
    • "Burning Stone" can be traded to the NPC for the "Adonis" series.
    • The NPC resides in Velika, Allmantheia, and Kaiator.
    • "Burning Stone" can be obtained in the "Giant's Forest" instance.
  • Monsters in Argonea now drop the "Argon Spirit Stone".
    • By obtained the "Argon Cooler" item from Valeskyr Hunt rep merchant you can combine with the "Argon Spirit Stone" to create the "Frozen Stone".
    • The "Frozen Stone" can then be traded in for a piece of the "Adonis" series.

T-CAT SHOP Changes

  • Added sunglasses in the shop.
  • Removed the existing Instance Reset Scroll and replaced with the new type.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Increased the time when screen goes back to character selection from idling from 30 minutes to 2 hours.
  • When the games remains inactive for 1 hour at the character selection screen it will be taken to server selection.
  • Removed the energy meter from pet shops.
  • Changes to the dye system.
    • Dyes sold in shops will now expire after 1 hour.
  • Changed the existing Pandora's Box to the Old Pandora's Box. The item can no longer be used.
  • Players can resell the Old Pandora's Box for the same price they bought.
  • Reduced the credits required for Cyasmic Oil to 425.
  • Reduced the credits required for Chaos Block to 6000.
  • Changed the items sold in reputation shops.
    • Allemantheia / Cutthroat Harbor Shop List
      • Removed the UTI and Jax equipment series.
      • Added renewed UTI and Jax equipment series.
    • Bellicarium Shop List
      • Battleground Equipment: Fraywind
      • Supplies: Battle Charger, Victor's Set, Victor's Spoils Item, Black Label Templates, Coat of Arms Box
      • Designs: Luminous Conjunct Weapon / Armor / Gloves / Boots
      • Sacrificial Equipment: T14 Superior Weapon / Armor / Gloves / Boots
    • Killing Spree Shop
      • Equipment: Bloodrave Set
      • Design I: Ruthless Conjunct Weapon / Armor / Gloves / Boots
      • Design II: Ruthless Visionmaker Weapon / Armor / Gloves / Boots
      • Supplies: Luminous Enchantment Stone, Powerful Luminous Enchantment Stone, Suspicious Enchantment Stone
  • Item has been added to the Federation shops.
    • Added the "High Grade Spirit Stone" to the supply shops in the Federation HQ.
  • Game Optimization
    • Optimizations for the game has been done.
    • We will continue to further optimize the game with the new updates.
  • PC Bang changes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue with the game closing when the flag and summoning federation skills were used.
  • Fixed the issue with abnormal points received when defeating the Naga in Crucible of Flame.
  • Fixed the issue with several green crystals having set at level 60.
  • Fixed the issue with the summoning skill (mob) being used near level 60 instances.
  • Fixed the issue with the new accessories dropped in the Training Ground showing the stats could be re-rolled.
  • Fixed the issue with the Mystic skill "Corruption Ring" not properly recovering MP when in a raid.
  • Fixed the issue with the Dropout debuff not disappearing.
  • Fixed the issue with the Priest's Guardian Sanctuary immobilizing the user.
  • Fixed the issue with the Archer's Ensnaring Trap could not be dispelled.
  • Fixed the issue with the reduced distance of Backstep when used by female High Elves.