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KTERA August 8 Patch Preview

KTERA patch notes going live on August 8th after maintenance. Includes the Achievement revamp and some misc. adjustments.

KTERA August 8th Patch Preview

Hello, here are the latest patch notes from KTERA. Please keep in mind that these changes are for the Korean version of TERA and the contents of these patches may or may not be directly applied to NA in the future.

Content Changes

  • Achievement System

    • 180 new achievements have been added.
    • New rewards have been added including pets, mounts, and bonus stats.
    • You are able to achieve 100% completion even if you were unable to complete the specialized achievements.
    • Achievement filter function has been added.
    • A new gauge to show your completion has been added without having to go to individual sections.
    • Achievement details can now be toggled by the +/- button on the window.
    • Adjusted so the icons reflect the type of reward you will receive upon completion.
    • Adjusted the achievement scores/points.
  • Magician's Fortress (Normal)

    • Removed the barrier totem from the "safe zone" mechanic of King Lazzard. In NM, all players are required to move to the indicated area.
    • The shield put up by King Lazzard at 13% HP has been removed.
    • Reduced the effect of "The Black Knight's Spirit" (HP reduction debuff) cast by Vader.
    • Additional items have been added to the loot table of named mobs.
      • Hard Mode
        • Aphrodite set / King Lazzard's Cube / Scroll of Prophecy / Alkahests / MES
      • Normal Mode
        • Adonis set / Scroll of Prophecy / Alkahests / MES
  • Adjusted the amount of "Frozen Stone" required to upgrade Adonis to Aphrodite.
Weapon: 30 Chest: 25 Gloves/Boots: 10
Weapon: 24 Chest: 20 Gloves/Boots: 8
  • Adjusted the application formula of "Increase Max HP by 8%", HP should increase by more compared to before.
  • The "Flaming Stone" and the "Frozen Stone" can now be store in the bank.
  • "Mountain Climbing" board has been added.
    • Leave a note at the board on top of the hidden mountain tops to complete the achievement and receive rewards.
    • The "Mountain Climbing" record can be found under the "Hunting" category of your Achievements UI.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where the "Small Rock Monster" did not move in the Magician's Fortress.
  • Fixed the issue in the Magician's Fortress (Hard) where the monster attacked as you were ported in.
  • Fixed the issue where the Ruthless Conjunct design for gloves had not been included in the Killing Spree rep merchant.
  • Fixed the issue where the items dropped in the Training Grounds were of common grade.