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BHS Prepares for a New Class, Dungeons, and More

Bluehole Studio announces news for a large scale content update for their 3rd anniversary. A brand new class and new dungeons, inner wear slot and Tier 15 gear.

BHS Prepares for a New Class, Dungeons, and More

From 2012 to 2013, when we all look back to the state of MMORPG genres in general it was something that one would want to look away from. But despite the gloom and doom atmosphere there has been several large scale MMORPG that has been going strong regardless such as Bluehole Studio's TERA.

TERA is now coming up to their 3rd anniversary since release and the single most sought after information was that of the next big update. Now that has been confirmed and with it comes a new class and new dungeons. There will also be a new "rookie" server dedicated to new players to allow them to level up in a short amount of time.

Furthermore, they plan to release the long awaited inner wear slot that had been empty ever since and will allow players to have characters with a unique look.

This is certainly an update that should appeal to players who had been thirsting for new content. To get more information on this new content update we'll be talking to two lead players from BHS.

BHS Interview

We're curious about how the update is coming along. Please tell us what's coming up.

As it were with our first and second anniversary, we have brought our players an update that was fitting for the occasion. For our 3rd anniversary, as we enter the winter season, we have prepared a new class and dungeons as well as new items. We're busily working towards finishing and polishing to bring the highest quality update possible.

To summarize what you can expect with the update, firstly we will be adding a new rookie server that will allow new players to ease into the world of TERA while still allowing them to gain a lot of levels in a shorter amount of time. The new class will be released some time around the start of January and once we've determined that the players have had a chance to get used to this new class we'll be releasing the new dungeons at that time.

Also, we're bring back the Snowball Fight, a casual PvP instance, that was well-received last year with a few new adjustments. And of course to match the Christmas atmosphere the Santa outfits will also be coming back.

Elin Santa Outfit

A New Class?

After 3 years a new class is being released. How was it developed?

3 years could be considered long or short depending on how you look at it. TERA's population is made up of a lot of veteran players after these 3 years and of course, the skill difference between the new and old is apparent. One of the reasons for the Free-to-Play transition back in January was to even out the numbers between the new and old. For that we had also released dungeons in summer with a lower difficulty setting.

For that reason we had decided to focus on trying to remove that wall of difficulty for new players. Our initial plan was to develop a new tank-type class but the role of the tank is an important role. They are usually the ones to lead the party into battle and must know the attack patterns of a boss along, adjusting the party and so forth. All of which can prove to be a difficult and daunting task for a new player. Therefore, with a change of plans, we have decided to go with a damage dealer type. Of course, all tanking skills have also been removed.

In most dungeons, a tank would lead the party. A role that may prove difficult for new players.

Are you able to reveal what sort of characteristics the new class will have?

The new class will be a powerful mid-range damage dealer. HP absorption, counter attacks, and self-revival (tln: unsure if correct translation); the new class excels in survivability. The new class will also be physical rather than magic based but will differ from the Archer class. We'll just leave it with saying their attack range/area is pretty wide.

BHS introduces the new class.

When looking at the type of skills you've revealed, it seems like they would be quite powerful in PvP. Wouldn't there be a need for some major balancing?

We are currently in the midst of development so there may be skills that are removed and/or added still. The focus for the new class is high survivability so we will be working on still allowing that characteristic to shine without breaking the balance of PvP.

What sort of weapon/armour will the new class use?

It will be using a completely different set of weapons unlike the existing types while the armour will be leather.

Initially we had plans of making them a plate wearer but the basic concept of the new class did not quite match with it but in saying that we couldn't exactly make a new armour type so we have settled to having it wear leather.

Of course, we understand that the leather armour is shared between a lot of classes but we do have plans to alleviate the competition between classes. Part of that was done during the summer update when the armour pieces differed between healer and dps or tank and dps. We will also be working towards adjusting the drop rates to something that is agreeable by the players.

Equipment sets differ between job types.

Will anyone be able to create the new class?

The process will be similar to what other MMORPG has used in the past. Any player with a level 40 or higher character on their account will be able to create the new class. But due to difficulties and time constraints in development, not all races will be able to be chosen for the new class.

The race-restricted part is interesting. So not all races will be able to become the new class?

Our conclusion was to only allow the Elin to choose the new class. In general, most MMORPG has had race-restricted classes but up until now TERA has allowed any race to become any class. But developing race specific skill animations and other features to go along with it would take too long. Generally developing new animations and such for each race takes 8 months or longer.

During beta phases the entire development team is able to come together and work on these details but during live service it becomes difficult. Therefore we have chosen the most popular Elin race to be able to choose the new class.

Will the other races ever be able to choose this new class?

As we've mentioned it takes a lot of time and man-power to develop a new class and apply it to each race. We'll monitor the player reactions and take in feedback after the class has been released to the public to see if we will work on applying it to other races or to work on a different job (class?).

We do apologize to those players who love to play other races but please understand that we are not completely cutting off the other races over the Elin.

A Variety of Dungeons and New Class Items

Are there plans on releasing new dungeons along with the new class?

Several new dungeons will be added as well. This summer we released the 3, 5, and 7-man dungeons, next we plan on releasing 5, 7, and 10-man dungeons. We will also be creating an original piece of solo dungeon.

This solo dungeon will not just be a recycled map with lowered difficulties set for a solo player and will actually be an originally created one. Of course, we will be adjusting it in such a way that even healers can complete it without much trouble.

New instance screenshot.

Some of the players are asking for a high difficulty dungeon. Will these suggestions be answered?

Most of the players want a dungeon where they can farm easily and still have fun but we also are aware that players do enjoy being able to challenge a difficult dungeon. Therefore the new 10-man dungeon will have both a normal and hard mode.

In addition, instead of simply using old monster models and adjusting its attack patterns, power, or HP -- the new dungeon will be set at an extremely high difficulty level and at the same time we plan on adding in a mechanic that would allow you to keep challenging it. Basically, with this, a group can bring in a new player and while you may fail and need to keep challenging it... your group will be able to eventually clear it.

New instance screenshot #2

The new dungeon sounds promising but it does seem like there are some limitations for new players, what are your thoughts there?

That is something we must continue to work on and we do try our best to keep that in mind with every update. That is efficiency and the rewards.

We have players who clear a dungeon without death and continue onto farming a particular dungeon -- allowing them to gain profit. But this is due to the fact that the dungeons revolved around farming/clearing. Therefore it is harder to breakthrough that type of system but we want to work towards developing a system where players can clear previous content and tackle the next.

Lately the popularity of the other instances aside from the 3, 5, 7-man and Wonderholme has dropped. Do you plan on improving this state?

Currently we are putting priority on the new dungeons and equipment but we do have plans on working on the older instances that players have lost interest in.

There is no avoiding the fact that with the release of any new content or dungeon with new rewards will trump that of the old. When the Wonderholme set was released, the Mayhem set was thrown aside in favour for the new. Yet, we cannot just simply change the rewards of the older dungeons as it will clash with what is actually new. Furthermore, there is also the fact that a particular dungeon will be the focus of attention over another and in this regards we will continue to work on a better solution.

New instance screenshot #3

When we hear about a new dungeon we cannot help but ask about the next set of new items.

For a long time we have been sitting at tier 14 sets therefore with the new update we will be releasing a better tier 14 along with tier 15 sets. A lot of players may be thinking now whether there's even a necessity for bringing out yet another tier 14 set but to not cause problems with the in-game economy we have decided to bring both tier 14 and 15 at the same time.

Currently the Wonderholme set can be obtained by various methods through time and effort and then there is the Nightforge set that is the best in slot gear. We plan on introducing the new sets in a similar fashion.

New Dungeon, New Gear Sets

Sever Merge and the New Rookie Server

Let's start with the server merge, what was the reasoning behind this?

The main reason for the server merge was to prepare for the new class as well as supporting the nurturing between new and old players. In the Arun server there are many players and it is not difficult to introduce a new class as there will be many other players whom you can party with to clear quests with and dungeons. But in servers with lower populations this becomes hard therefore the server merge.

What is the Rookie Server?

The upcoming winter update revolves around the new class, dungeons, and items. To help those who are just starting out or those who have decided to come back, we have decided to open up a server that would speed up the process of leveling and learning the game. We have noticed that new players are often overwhelmed by the fountain of new information so we would like to help ease the transition.

We plan on providing services that will help the leveling process in the Rookie server.

Will anyone be able to start on the Rookie server?

Players will be able to start/return without any restriction to the game and enjoy a speedy leveling process. The dungeons have also been tweaked to allow an easier time clearing. On the Rookie server players will be able to reach 59 (or 59 and 99%), after that players will need to choose a regular server. Your character will retain all the items, gold, and XP that you have attained during the server transfer.

The Long-Awaited Inner Wear Slot Will Now Open

It seems the inner wear slot will finally open up. What was the reasoning behind the delay?

Initially the inner wear slot was going to simply be another accessory but because many players have voiced to give purpose to the slot we had to completely change our plans. Many ideas were tossed around as to whether we make it into a costume or if we put more emphasis on its actual use as an additional armour piece. This was what caused the delay in development.

Inner wear slot.

What sort of features will the inner wear bring?

As mentioned, to satisfy the player suggestions of it being a functional piece of equipment we have worked on providing stats as well as looks.

To ensure that it has use as an armour piece we will be adding stats but as we do not want it to clash with other pieces we've chosen an appropriate level to the pieces.

In addition, when you equip the inner wear for the first time, the rest of your armour will be removed so that you will first notice the change in appearance but we do not recommend jumping into battle in just that. Think of it as an accessory.

Will inner wear be cash shop only?

No, the inner wear will have two options, free and paid. Generally there will be no stat differences between the two types. The main difference is that the paid pieces will have a much higher quality in its design. You can say that the freely obtained piece may be a plain white piece while the paid version may have sparkles and frills.

We plan on releasing inner wear through log-in events and actual events.

Translator Note

The translation may not be 100% and some words do not transfer to English as well. Please take the information with a grain of salt as we wait for more clarification when the actual release draws near. Thanks.