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TERA Fate of Arun - Leveling Guide

A quick look on the easiest and fastest ways to level your characters to level 65 in TERA Rising.


Leveling in TERA Online is generally pretty simple, but there are a few different ways you can get to the level cap. This TERA Leveling Guide will cover the fastest and easiest ways to get your character maxed out. It is highly recommended to quest, especially on your first character. Also, partying makes the leveling process in TERA much quicker and easier for everyone involved, so I strongly suggest finding a leveling partner or just LFG as much as possible (especially if you're a healer)! Whichever method you choose to level up, this TERA Leveling Guide is the place to look.

If you are leveling alts, it's highly recommended to always have at least on-level rare gear and accessories; you can upgrade your armor to +6 for safety since it isn't very expensive to do so. Also, always craft your Avatar Weapons and upgrade them to +9! These weapons are the most powerful weapons of any tier up until level 64. Pounding crystals and the use of Cruelty Scrolls along with the avatar weapons are highly recommended as well.

Tip: Remember to keep yourself charmed up (Power/Endurance/Infusion) whenever you're farming. It makes life so much easier. It is also HIGHLY recommended to buy XP boosts off the Auction House (at least 50% XP Boost (1 Hour)) and pop them whenever you go to any grinding spot.

Normal Mobs

These grinding spots generally have high density mobs that could net tons of exp in short periods of time, as long as you use an XP boost.

Level 10-20:

Do the story quests and sidequests at every camp you visit until you hit lvl 10. Grind off the Warthogs just north of Lumbertown until level 14. At this point, you can either grind off Ravenous Hyenas/Devan Mobs, located just south and north of Crescentia respectively, or continue questing until lvl 20.

Ravenous Hyena Spawn Location

Devan Mobs

When you reach the first dungeon, Bastion of Lok, get all your quests and clear the dungeon once. Once you turn in all BoL quests, don't bother with the repeatables and/or going back in the dungeon. You should farm off Basilisks in the area to get to lvl 23.

Level 23-32:

You'll have to grind off BAMs for these levels; there really is nothing better. Refer to the BAM Grinding section for this. You can also run Sinestral Manor until lvl 32 while doing the quests/repeatables for it. I highly recommend soloing it if you have a +9 avatar weapon.

Level 32-38:

(Highly Recommended!) Desert Fire mobs - Located just north of Tufulan, past the first camp (Camp Marrakeen). Refer to image below. This area is highly dense and you can just run around the area pulling 10-15 of these mobs and nuke them all at once.

An alternative spot to Desert Fire mobs is just outside the camp. Hyenas are a great alternative to Desert Fire mobs if you're having trouble with them, and are much easier to mob as well.

Desert Fire Mobs

Level 38-48:

Unfortunately, there isn't really much in this level range that qualifies as good grinding spots. You can either start killing BAMs or run Cultists' Refuge until lvl 39 or 40, then start and follow the story quest chain, "The Core". The quests offered in these areas give very respectable amounts of experience; skip any quests that reward you with under 200k XP. More experienced players can solo CR with a +9 avatar weapon.

Once you hit the low 40 range, hit the Sabertooths at Defiled Vale, just north of Frontera.

Level 48-58:

(Highly Recommended!) Devan Mobs - Located southeast of Dragonfall. This spot is quite dense and there is an elite mob (Mystic Tyrant) that patrols the area with two bodyguards; the Mystic drops Game Hunter's Boon, which gives +3% XP and heals a large amount of HP, and he gives quite a bit of XP along with the bodyguards (almost 1.5m total XP with a 100% XP boost!!). The Mystic Tyrant spawns about every 2-3 minutes.

High lvl Devan Mobs

Level 58-60:

Tirkai Grizzlies - Located just south of Pathfinder Post. There is a decent amount of them in two different locations, so you can pull a bunch of them and continue moving south as you kill them, move back north when you've sweeped the place and repeat.

Tirkai Grizzly Spawn Location

Argonomorph Tirkai Grizzlies - Same as Tirkai Grizzlies, except this place has a much greater quantity of bears.

Argonomorph Tirkai Grizzlies

Argonomorph Mugatos - Located just south of Tirkai Grizzlies. The spawn area is extremely dense and a very nice alternative to Tirkai Grizzlies, since they are quite spread out and less numbered than the Mugatos.

Argonomorph Mugato Spawn Location

Argonomorph Fiends - Located on the 2nd floor of Three Towers, south of Mindcrown Chamber. There is one room filled with these guys and you can run around the room, gather them up and kill them for a nice chunk of XP. Be careful though, because they can hit quite hard. Channel surfing is required to get the most out of this location, so at least two channels need to be vacant.

Argonomorph Fiends

Level 60-65:

Parthian Mobs - Head to Spring Valley in Val Oriyn. Just north of Amadjuak Trading Post is a small camp of Parthian mobs. There is a pretty high concentration of them and they spawn pretty fast. You need strong AoE for this, though. If you have a friend who can powerlevel you here, even better!

BAM Grinding

As the name suggests, this method involves mostly grinding off BAMs over questing. This section is recommended for more experienced players, and is assuming you keep all your gear updated and you have a +9 avatar weapon, or you are a healer with a leveling partner.

Do the story quests and sidequests at every camp you visit until you hit lvl 10. Grind off the Warthogs just north of Lumbertown until level 14. At this point, you can either grind off Ravenous Hyenas/Devan Mobs, located just south and north of Crescentia respectively, or continue questing until lvl 20.

Level 20-30:

Farm Basilisks at Oblivion Woods until lvl 23.

Then, go to Celestial Hills and grind off Nagas/Kumases there until lvl 26.

Travel to Popolion and grind off Fimbrilisks and/or do the story quest chain for Sinestral Manor. At lvl 30, I highly recommend soloing SM if you have a +9 avatar weapon.

Level 30-40:

Go to Mistmoor Island and grind on the Nagas or Crabs in that region, or head to the second floor of Azarel's Labyrinth and grind off Vulcans there. Do this until lvl 36, then head over to Tulufan.

Mistmoor Island

Azarel's Labyrinth

When you arrive at Tulufan, head directly west over to Storst Ruins in Aurum Road and kill BAMs there.

Level 40-60:

At this point, you can either go through all the quests in Essenia, grind off normal mobs or move to Acarum and grind off Nagas at Tempest Reach. I'd recommend grinding off normal mobs, since there are a few spots that give insane amounts of XP.

If you still want to kill BAMs, go to Tempest Reach and kill Nagas there. When you hit lvl 50, go to Serpentis Isle and grind Nagas from lvl 50-54.

Serpentis Isle

Level 60-65:

Ruins Guardians - Head to Ex Prima in Val Oriyn, just west of Highwatch. They are lvl 63 BAMs that give you an insane amount of experience per kill. If you have a powerleveling partner and 100% XP boost, you can literally go from 1-60 in a matter of hours here.


This next method is quite simple; just do all side-quests at every camp you visit along with the story quests, but skip all the repeatables. You’ll be overleveled for the actual story quests themselves after you’ve completed all your available sidequests (if you can’t find a party, you can even afford to skip BAMs and still be overleveled).

You should only have to clear every instance once or twice at most to get all their respective quests completed, and then continue with your other quests.

For example, your first dungeon, Bastion of Lok, is a very easy introductory dungeon that you can clear relatively fast (you can even solo or duo it if you have a leveling partner). Make sure you get all your quests for it. After clearing BoL once and turning in all your quests, you'll then have access to repeatables for the dungeon. Don’t bother doing those or entering it again. Continue completing your other quests as usual.

Keep in mind that if you are using XP boosts, these only affect mob exp, not quest exp. However, if you're going through the game for the first time, questing is highly recommended. The gold gained from this method is also very good to help you get yourself setup for lvl 65.

Corsairs' Stronghold can be done starting from lvl 30 and gives a huge amount of % XP at any level for winning + turning in the daily quest. It's very fun, and if you like PvP, this is also a viable option to level. There is also another daily (given to you automatically when you enter Corsairs' Stronghold) which gives 200 Bellicarium rep/credits and can be increased with rep/credit boosts!

If you're in a guild that is part of an alliance, I highly recommend doing the Alliance quests which give a huge percentage of your XP/level (of course, you'll need some help with this as the mobs are level 65).




i tried your guide with my sorcerer and my slayer and it's really useful! I get the 60 in about 40 hours with the slayer ( dunno, but i think it's good )


I just was in trouble doing the 44-48. At this level is really hard to manage with the devan mobs, So i just get the 46 doing quests, cs and kumas. Then found a healer and went to the devan. At 51, with my lvl 50 avatar wep +9, all became smooth ^^


So really thx :D

I slightly adjusted the level for Sabertooths. They aren't the greatest, but if you're having trouble with Devas (solo, no Priest buffs, etc.) then you could always go back to hitting Sabertooths until 48-50. If you have someone that will help you either by buffing you, duoing or what have you, then I'd highly suggest grinding Devas ASAP since it's the most efficient leveling spot for a good long while, even if you die a couple times. Of course, Corsairs' Stronghold and Kumasylum are viable options as well, until you get to 50 for your next avatar weapon.


I'm gonna be updating this guide for Fate of Arun as well, but I'll probably be questing to 65 on my Mystic first, then I'll try to find some good grinding spots on my other characters.

So it's faster if we just grind bams?

because sure it's a lot more fun hah

So it's faster if we just grind bams?

because sure it's a lot more fun hah

Yeah, there's a new method with lvl 63 Teraliths that can apparently get people from 1-60 within hours if you have someone to powerlevel you.

Solo killing a Ruins Guardian gives you around 8m XP without an XP boost;

I am trying to powerlevel a friend at EU Tera who is level 31 now but he keeps getting around 70.000(+14.000) exp per kill without xp boost.

Shoudn't he be getting around 800k exp per kill since thats 10% of 8mil or is that diffrent on EU then on NA Tera?

I was leveling my alt yesterday and it was definitely 350k (base) + 350k (xp boost) + 100k (party bonus) = 800k (total).


Maybe greedy #### from GF nerfed it? Gonna check it later

Can confirm that powerleveling from 1-60 works at these locations. 60-65 becomes much slower with a partner, so it's recommended that you either solo grind or do story quests and vanguard requests to 65 if you don't have good gear.

There is an error in XP reward from Ruins Guardians. They give 14m sans boost, not 8m (when you are at the proper level to grind them).

There is an error in XP reward from Ruins Guardians. They give 14m sans boost, not 8m (when you are at the proper level to grind them).

Is there anyway to get the actual numbers.  And do all your boosts stack?  Like say you have rested xp along with a 100% XP boost would that then be 350k + 350k + 350k or (350k + 350k)x2 or would it just be a huge waste because you can only use one boost at a time?


And by all the numbers I mean the party boost and how the extra boosts are calculated.  Based on what you said about the 10% penalty per level I've already got that in a spreadsheet calculated.  So a level 60 running with a level 65 would get 10% of level 61 which gets 10% of level 62 and so on, it's not just 10% of the base xp cause that would mean that a level 1 would end up getting 1.4 million which could send them straight to level 20 after one kill.


Edited: To better explain what I was asking for.

Boosts are additive. Basically, think of rest XP as another limited 2x XP boost.


I'm not sure if 10% penalty per level is accurate, since people were reporting different results in this thread. All we know is that this powerleveling method is quite effective, and I guess that's really all that matters.

So basically it would end up being BASE + BOOST1 + BOOST2.  I'll check out the other thread and take a look.

Can you include a change log section for this or something?


There are a lot of players who find the guide, see the 2013 date, and think it's old without actually looking at it.

Hmm, I probably should, but I haven't kept a changelog of it ever since I wrote the guide...so idk. It'll be kinda weird to only start seeing the changes this year lol.

if you are stuck trying to get lvl 50 and wanna grind some bams...


the nagas at tempest reach are good, but the others bams there (onyx something, 43) are easier, and

as 1 level higher than nagas (42) gives more exp.


also, they have only 1 skill that you should be care about, easily blockable or avoidable BTW.


another tips for grinding  BAMs:


a. create a glyph config specially for (soloing) bams, it helps a lot and u have 5 config slot to use :)


b. its more efficient to grind lowers bams than your current lvl (keep lvl gap between 2 and 5) and farm fast, than try some of your lvl and get pwned. nobody likes to lose buffs, gold and traveling time...


Good luck and have fun

Removed the entire powerleveling section since this method got extremely nerfed.


Back to Kumas/CS/Mob grinding /shrug


Thank you for your great guide, it helped me a lot to improve my leveling with my characters.


In your guide you mentioned some Normal grinding zones with insane amount of xp for level 40 to 50, could you tell me where is it ?


I'm actually grinding nagas and i wanted to know if there was some normal grind too ?


Thank you :)



Lvls 40-50 are kind of the "hell" levels in that there isn't really anything good to grind until Devas (lvl 50 or basically asap; 44-45 at the earliest with Priest buffs, charms and upgraded gear).


Sabertooths are not the greatest, but they're better than nothing. They're mapped out in the guide, in the 38-48 range. You can also do Kumas/CS in the meantime.

Removed any mention of Kumasylum since it is a 65-only BG now.

is there a different spot rather than devan mobs and those naga in serpent isle?

Would you be kind enough to make a mystic lvl guide or a healer lvling guide? 

Would you be kind enough to make a mystic lvl guide or a healer lvling guide? 

It's actually not much different for healers. You still solo dungeons and grind mobs with avatar weapons (partying helps, though) or follow quests if grinding isn't your thing. Queue for CS on the side; you'll pretty much get instant pops as a healer.