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TERA Guide to Avatar Weapons

A quick look on how to acquire avatar weapons to help speed up the leveling process in TERA Online.

What is an Avatar Weapon?

"Many researchers, archaeologists and those who seek power have long sought out the powers of the gods but to no avail. This was due to the fact that the power of the gods were sealed in a different realm and little of that power remained in Arborea.

According to the ancient records the fragments of the weapons used by these gods as well as gems that absorbed the blood of the gods retained some of their powers albeit small. We have yet to fully understand its real powers or where they are..." - Relic of the Ancient Gods

The Avatar Weapon system allows players to obtain the best weapons for their level while leveling up. All materials required to build and upgrade these avatar weapons are obtained by killing mobs, so there is no need to do extra quests or spend an unnecessary amount of gold on upgrades. This will help speed up the leveling process considerably for all new characters.

How does it work?

You can create avatar weapons using relic pieces dropped by monsters in level 16 - 59 zones and dungeons. Upon reaching level 60, you will no longer be able to create avatar weapons.

Note: The Arms of the Avatar quest, located in Crescentia, is automatically acquired when the player reaches level 16. If a player is above level 20, the quest will not be acquired. However, you can still collect relic pieces and weapon shards as normal even without the quest.

Every few levels, you may loot a weapon shard infused with the power of one of the ancient gods. When you have a shard, monsters in dungeons and in the open world will drop relic pieces, which you collect to assemble your own avatar weapon.

The tier of relic piece and weapon shard dropped corresponds to both yours and the monster’s level. Weapon shards can be used to enchant an avatar weapon of the same tier or lower. Relic pieces drop at a very low rate until you possess a weapon shard of that tier, then will start to drop more frequently.

To distinguish Relic pieces from normal drops, they will display a special effect when dropped, like so:

As you collect relic pieces, your Inventory UI displays and updates your progress accordingly. Once you've collected enough relic pieces, you may then build your avatar weapon, shown step by step below:


...and the end result is this:


(No, avatar weapons won't automatically come out +9, I already upgraded this axe after I crafted it. They're very cheap to upgrade, though.)

As indicated in the tooltips, these avatar weapons have greatly increased crit chance on monsters of similar level to the weapon's level requirement. It is highly recommended to use Scroll of Savagery with these weapons in order to maximize damage. The enchant lines are also considerably better than those on normal weapons.

Enchanting your Avatar Weapon

To enchant avatar weapons, all you need are weapon shards and godly alkahest (to enchant avatar weapons up to +6) or refined godly alkahest (to enchant avatar weapons from +7 to +9). Both the godly alkahest and refined godly alkahest can be found from drops, and can also be purchased from any general merchant at a fraction of the cost of normal alkahest and refined alkahest. There is no fodder required to enchant your avatar weapons when using weapon shards. However, you may still use weapon fodder as normal instead of weapon shards for enchanting (they will still use godly alkahest/refined godly alkahest).



Note: Godly Alkahest and Refined Godly Alkahest can also be used on any other enchantable gear in place of regular Alkahest and Refined Alkahest as long as they are Tier 12 or under.

List of Avatar Weapons

Avatar Name Tier Level Requirement
Isren 4 20
Elinu 5 26
Tithus 6 32
Amarun 7 38
Zuras 8 44
Gidd 10 50
Karas 11 55
Dagon 12 58