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TERA Warrior Guide - Beginner Tanking by SolidGold24k

A beginners' guide for TERA Warriors looking to tank. Skills, Glyphs, Mana/Resolve management, Tips n' Tricks and more. Let's show the world how awesome Warrior tanks can be!

TERA Warrior Guide - Beginner Tanking by Solid

Hello, and welcome to the TERA Warrior Guide for Beginner Tanking with the warrior class. This TERA Warrior Guide is to help get you started on your grand adventures as a TERA Warrior Tank. With the Argon Queen update, warrior tank has changed so drastically that many guides are rendered useless. The balance of your party now lies in your hands!

What this guide IS:

  • This guide is intended for NEW players to help them in their understanding of the warrior class, from a tanking perspective, what skills are useful, which are not, etc.
  • It is to help inform NEW players of some mechanics that they may not have previously been aware, or thought about.

What this guide is NOT:

  • This guide is NOT for warriors who want to dps, or pvp. Look elsewhere if you want to learn how to generate maximum damage.
  • This guide is NOT for advanced players. If you are new to the concept of tanking, or Warrior is your starting class, this is a great spot to start!

NOTE: I would like to point out that just because some section of this guide was not useful for you, does not mean it was not useful for someone else. That being said, I am very much open to constructive suggestions on how to improve this guide. To my fellow warrior tanks. Let me know if I've forgotten or missed out some useful stuff, seeing as I may not have remembered to write down everything that just comes naturally to me at this point. Just keep in mind that this is meant for beginners (as in, don’t expect me to write in a “How to tank MCHM” section).

Is Warrior Tanking Right For You? - Warrior vs Lancer Tanking

Pros (stuff warriors are better at):

  • Warriors have three skills that make us invincible while being used (lancers only have one).
  • Warriors are far more mobile, having A LOT of jumping/dodging/momentum skills, which means that getting into a better position and catching up to that run away boss is a lot easier.
  • Being the only hybrid class in the game, playing a warrior at end game is essentially having two level 60’s in one. If you ever get tired of tanking, you can switch to being a dps without having to level a whole new character. And when you get tired of dps, you can switch back to being a tank at a moment’s notice. This alone is an amazing reason to play a warrior.

Cons (stuff lancers are better at):

  • Lancers are better at keeping bosses in one place.
  • Lancers are still a tankier class, even though we have Defensive Stance.
  • Lancers get a skill that heals them for a small amount and gives a very large amount of resolve back. They have 2000 RE and we only have 1200. This allows lancers to sit in one place and hold down the block button for a VERY long time (15 seconds). Basically, Lancers have a very stationary "Stone Wall" type of playstyle.
  • Warriors have no chained leash... :(

In Summary

We are a much less defensive, much more mobile version of a lancer. Do we require more skill? Yes. Is it such a huge hurdle that nobody can overcome it? No. Tanking with a warrior isn’t nearly as bad as people make it sound. There is NOTHING in the game that warriors cannot tank. That being said, if you want a much easier and more relaxing time tanking, lancers may be more down your alley.

Basic Mechanics

Tanking in Tera, whether you are a lancer or a warrior, is all about 3 things:

Holding Aggro

The first person to attack a monster gets that monster’s “aggro.” Aggro simply means who that monster will attack. If you are the first person to attack a BAM or a boss in a dungeon, an orange circle will appear around your feet. This shows who the boss is focused on attacking.

Sometimes, another party member will “pull aggro.” This means that the boss (and the orange circle) has moved from attacking one person, to attacking another person. There are a few different ways to pull aggro, but the most common one is for a damage dealer get a crazy big crit (damn you sorcs and zerks!).

  • As a tank, you want to make sure that orange circle is always on you. Pay attention to your feet, and if you see there is no orange circle then you need to (panic!) get aggro back.
  • And don’t feel too bad if you lose aggro from time to time. When a sorc or zerk pulls a million plus crit, there’s nothing you can do about that. They’re just doing damage, which is their job. Now it’s time to make sure that you do yours and get that aggro back! What separates a good tank from a bad one is partially the frequency at which they lose aggro, but more importantly – it’s how fast they get aggro back. If you lost aggro, but you got it back within a second or two (and no one got hurt) then that’s okay.
  • Both lancers and warriors have several skills that generate high aggro when used. Learn which ones these are for your class and keep those handy. You’re going to need them!

Managing your Mana (MP) and Resolve (RE)

Tanking is an entertaining dance of balancing your mana with your resolve, always making sure that you never run out of either.

Basically, you use MP to help you generate RE, and you use RE to block (Cross Parry). Run out of either, and you may find yourself in a bit of a pickle!

  • Many of your skills will use up MP, but will generate RE if they hit someone.- For warriors, three skills use up RE - Cross Parry (blocking), Evasive Roll (dodging), and Smoke Flanker (utility). I’ll talk more about skills in Part 4.
  • Ensure to learn the boss' attack patterns. These are your openings to attack and replenish your RE that was lost. If you do attack while a boss is attacking, warriors have a % reduction in damage while using certain skills. So iff you must attack while the boss is, make sure that you know what skills reduce incoming damage.


Positioning the boss is something newer people sometimes don’t realize is very important.

  • As a tank it is our job to keep the boss as still, and constantly facing towards us as possible. This is so that the dps can have an easy time attacking the back end of the boss to do more damage. Keeping the boss in one place can greatly increase the speed at which your team kills him, since the dps don’t have to chase the boss around the room.
  • Unfortunately, some bosses decide that they just don’t feel like getting stunned right now, and thus, will move around the battlefield to their heart's content. Don’t worry too much if your stun fails, and the boss moves around. Everybody should be fully aware that bosses will be moving from time to time, that’s simply part of the game. That being said, try your best to keep the boss in one place.
  • The best way to maintain the boss stays facing you is dodge backwards or to the side. Holding block during attacks works as well. If you dodge through the boss' feet he will turn around.
  • For bosses that push you while attacking or have a chance to get around your block, tank them with your back to a wall. While being pushed into a wall the boss can not push you or hit behind your block. The only thing is you must keep your resolve up so you can block or you will be pinched in by the boss.


Here are some useful crystals that you should be using. You can buy crystals from Crystal Merchants, Specialty Shops, Reputation Merchants, or off the Broker. Crystals also drop from various BAMs or bosses throughout TERA. The best ones have a green name, and a little green triangle on the top left to show that they are “uncommon.”

Weapon: Fine Threatening crystals should go on your weapon. Keeping up threat is our job. However, others have pointed out that having 4 threatening is likely overdoing it. Many bosses in Hard Mode dungeons are dps races. This means you have a limited amount of time to kill the boss before he wipes the party. In these cases, you should experiment with mixing mutinous crystals with threatening. Try to see how many you can get away with having while still keeping up constant aggro. A couple others you may want to consider thinking about are brilliant crystals to help with mana regen, and focused crystals for some extra enraged damage. Even though we’re in Defensive Stance, we’re still warriors, who crit quite a bit.

  • Threatening –Increase monster aggro by X%.
  • Mutinous – Inflicts an additional X% damage to boss monsters.
  • Brilliant – Provides MP regeneration of ## per 5sec.
  • Focused – Your attacks do an additional X times critical damage against enraged monsters.

Armour: While tanking any boss monster use Anarchic crystals. These are reduction of incoming damage from a boss. While leveling these crystals are not that common so if you do not have any replace them with Relentless crystals. These crystals increase your max HP. For tanking groups of normal monsters you can use Stalwarts or Relentless.

  • Relentless – Increase maximum HP by X.
  • Anarchic – Decrease damage by X% from bosses.

Jewellry: Once you start doing end-game dungeons, you will get earrings and rings that can hold crystals the same way your armour or weapons can. These crystals are green and are called “Zyrks.” You can get these from Rep merchants (something you won’t encounter until you are level 60), or off the broker. There are three you should know about, but again, in my opinion “Pristine Grounding Zyrks”are what you should fill up your jewellry with. They add endurance, and more endurance = more tank.

  • Threatening Zyrk – Increase monster aggro by X%.
  • Relentless Zyrk – Increases maximum HP by X.
  • Grounding Zyrk – Adds X Endurance.


In this section I’ll talk about which skills and glyphs are useful for tanking. In brackets ( ) is what level you attain that skill from the Tactics Instructor. Many of our skills move us forward to varying degrees in the direction the camera is facing. Get comfortable with swinging and adjusting the camera around during combat, as which way the camera is facing determines where you aim almost all of your attacks. This can be used to great effect in helping with positioning. So get familiar with the distance all our skills move us (the distance and animations may vary based on race/gender).

As with anything in this guide, don’t take my word as law. I always recommend trying things out for yourself. There are many different glyph set ups one could use, and rather than blindly taking my word for what I personally feel is the optimal build, I believe people should experiment, and try things out for themselves. Now that we have glyph pages, and can respec at a moment’s notice, there is no reason not to try out different builds, and see what works best for you and your team.

What are Master Glyphs? Master Glyphs are glyphs that are acquired by handing in tokens you receive for completing the level 60 dungeons – Temple of Temerity and Sirjuka Gallery. These glyphs range in what they do from overwriting a previous glyph with a decreased Glyph Point (gp) cost, changes # value, or having an entirely new effect.

The square brackets [5] around a glyph convey it's Glyph Point(gp) cost.

Glyphs will be color-coded in rank of importance (based on my opinion):
Green = Must-get
Orange = Preference/Consider getting it
Red = Avoid these

Combo Attack Combo Attack (lvl 1) - Strike one or more targets in front of you, and gain MP with each hit. Successive strikes do more damage up to four hits, with the fourth hit dealing substantially more.

[5] Glyph of Threat (lvl 25) - Provides 5% additional aggro.
[3] Glyph of Spirit (lvl 25) - Increases MP regeneration by 35% when the skill hits a target.
[5] Glyph of Sap (lvl 20) - 5% chance to stun opponent for 2 seconds.
[2] Glyph of Spirit (lvl 58) - Increases MP regeneration by 35% when the skill hits a target.

At 5gp, [5] Glyph of Threat is definitely not worth it. Far too expensive for way too low a perk. 9/10 times you will want to have [3] Glyph of Spirit, or the master version [2] Glyph of Spirit. Combo attack will likely be the primary source of MP regen for you. Don't bother with [5] Glyph of Sap for PVE tanking.

  • This is one of the main ways you will get back MP. Hold down the button to hack and slash at your foes while filling up your mana bar.
  • The first slash of this 4-strike combo staggers (sometimes called “flinching”) the foe, this cancels animations in pvp. For example if you attack someone charging a skill it’ll interrupt that skill, and they’ll have to start charging the skill again, meaning berserkers will hate you forever.

Evasive Roll Evasive Roll (lvl 1) – Dodge your enemy’s attack.

[4] Glyph of the Swift (lvl 20) - 30% chance to increase attack speed by 15% for 10 seconds.
[4] Glyph of Unending (lvl 20) - Decreases Resolve (RE) consumption by 100.
[4] Glyph of Restoration (lvl 20) - Restores 3% of total HP for the next chain skill: Poison Blade.
[3] Glyph of Unending (lvl 58) - Decreases Resolve (RE) consumption by 100.

Four is that tempting sweet spot for cost of glyphs. But when you’re tanking a boss, there won’t be enough occasions where you’re combo attacking that [4] Glyph of the Swift is worth it to me. I highly recommend you get [4] Glyph of Unending no matter what kind of warrior you are. ER is one of our best dodging skills, and having it cost less is amazing. Not only does that 100 RE equate to approximately an extra second of blocking, having it cost 400 instead 500 means that we can now ER three times in a row on a full bar of resolve. [3] Glyph of Unending is the master version of [4] Glyph of Unending and is worth picking up.

  • This skill will make your character leap in the direction your camera is facing OR you can hold down a direction key, and then use this skill, and your character will leap in the direction you were moving. Doing this allows you to leap in a different direction from where the camera is facing.
  • While using this skill we are invincible! It’s great for dodging lock-on skills in pvp. :3
  • This skill can be used to go through enemies. It’s a very quick way to get you to the side of the boss you want to be on.
  • This skill has zero cooldown, and is one of our three skills that consume resolve (RE) when used. Casting this spell costs 500 of our precious RE. You can buy a glyph to decrease this cost down to 400. If you do glyph it to have 400 RE cost, that means that you can then use this skill 3 times in a row before needing to regenerate more RE.
  • When tanking a boss however, try to avoid using this skill, as it takes up a very large amount of our precious RE, which we need for blocking. That being said, it is an awesome skill in case you need to reposition yourself to the boss.

Rain of Blows Rain of Blows (lvl 2) – Execute a flurry of sword swings while advancing on your foe. Damage taken reduces by 30% while this skill is being used.

[6] Glyph of Power (lvl 20) - Increases skill damage by 25%.
[5] Glyph of Restoration (lvl 25) - Restores 0.5% HP.
[5] Glyph of Power (lvl 58) - Increases skill damage by 25%.
[4] Glyph of Restoration (lvl 58) - Restores 0.5% HP.

I have been corrected on how [5] Glyph of Restoration works. It actually restores .5% per hit. Seven hits makes this restore 3.5% HP which if you glyph Combative Strike for decreased HP consumption, will actually cover its cost. You should consider this for leveling. Though at end game, both of these amounts are very small compared to how much healers can give. [6] Glyph of Power is a damage glyph, don't bother.

  • Do damage while taking less damage! The main reason we use this skill is for the damage mitigation it gives. But don’t undervalue its damage output either. A very useful skill for tanking, so make sure to fit it in your rotation.
  • This skill activates faster if you first use Pounce and Combative Strike (even though the tooltip doesn't state that)

Vortex Slash Vortex Slash (lvl 4) – Swing your swords in a wide arc. You can use it as a chain skill only after Evasive Roll or Death From Above.

[5] Glyph of Power (lvl 20) - Increases skill damage by 25%.
[4] Glyph of Persistence (lvl 20) - 30% chance to eliminate cooldown.

Don't bother glyphing this skill as a tank Warrior.

  • Self explanatory, not super important.

Combative Strike Combative Strike (lvl 6) – Sacrifice HP to deal a decisive attack, decreasing the Endurance of your targets by 4.5% and their HP recovery by 50%.

[3] Glyph of the Sanative (lvl 20) - Decreases HP consumption by 50%.
[5] Glyph of Powerlink (lvl 20) - Increases skill damage for the next chain skill by 20%: Rising Fury.
[2] Glyph of Lingering (lvl 20) - Increases effect duration by 50%.
[3] Glyph of Powerlink (lvl 20) - Increases skill damage for the next chain skill by 35%: Leaping Strike.
[2] Glyph of Sanative (lvl 58) - Decreases HP consumption by 50%.
[2] Glyph of Powerlink (lvl 58) - Increases skill damage for the next chain skill by 45%: Leaping Strike.

[3] Glyph of the Sanative is very useful for leveling, no matter who you are. CS is important skill for both dps and tanks, and having it take off less of your health bar every time you use it is very beneficial. This being said, you should experiment with having this off once you hit end-game content. The amount of health this skill takes off is not incredibly noticeable at end-game given the large amount healers can restore. If you are in a static, try turning it off and asking your healer if he thinks it makes a difference or not. Perhaps I’m lucky in that my healer says he doesn’t notice a difference. [5] Glyph of Powerlink is not worth it, at 5gp, and such an odd chain. You will be using CS to chain into Traverse Cut, not Rising Fury. [2] Glyph of Lingering is a very nice glyph as it allows you to worry less about keeping the CS debuff on all the time.

  • Regardless of whether you are a dps or a tank, this will be a skill you use a lot. Make sure to grab the glyph that decreases HP consumption so you don’t murder your health bar as fast while leveling. Feel free to take the glyph off when you hit end game though, as the damage it does to you isn’t that big of a deal.
  • That 4.5% endurance debuff is really useful. Try to stab the boss with this often enough to keep that debuff on them. It’ll help your team do more damage. At earlier levels using this skill a lot isn’t a great idea, since health is more of an issue.

Rising Fury Rising Fury (lvl 8) – Hit a target twice; the lower your HP, the greater the damage. Damage taken reduces by 20% while this skill is being used.

[5] Glyph of Persistence (lvl 20) - 25% chance to eliminate cooldown.
[4] Glyph of Numbing (lvl 20) - 10% chance to decrease opponent's attack speed by 15% for 7 seconds.

I'm personally not a fan of [5] Glyph of Persistence, due to the expensive glyph cost. Give it a shot though, you may find you use it. [4] Glyph of Numbing isn't worth the cost of 4gp.

  • This skill has two parts, press it once to swing twice, and press it a second time to do a third slash. It moves you forward a decent amount, so this is a great skill to use when you need to get around the boss.
  • Although hopefully your HP never gets too low, that’s a nifty perk.
  • What tanks really use this for is that 20% less damage taken. I like to chain it off of Rain of Blows, but it’s up to you where you have it. Just make sure to fit it in your rotation.
  • This skill also regenerates RE on the 3rd slash.

Defensive Stance Defensive Stance (lvl 10) – Increases endurance by 25% and balance by 20. Attacks draw 65% more aggro. You can use only one stance at a time.

[6] Glyph of Grounding (lvl 20) - Increases endurance by 20%.
[5] Glyph of Grounding (lvl 58) - Increases endurance by 20%.

[6] Glyph of Grounding is a have for any tank. More endurance = more tanky. [5] Glyph of Grounding is the Master Glyph that decreases the gp cost of Glyph of Grounding.

  • Yaaaayyy! This is how we keep up in defense with lancers even though we wear leather armour. You want this on always. We cannot use our block without it on.
  • Both Assault and Defensive Stance cost 1000 RE to turn on. So make sure you don’t have this hot keyed to a button you could press by accident. Because if you goof up and press this again, you’ll need 1000 of our precious 1200 RE to activate it again.

Assault Stance Assault Stance (lvl 10) – Your Power rises by 60%, but your endurance decreases by 10%. Your crit rate increases by 50. You can use only one stance at a time.

  • This is for warriors who want to do damage. We don’t use this. Shoo.

Retaliate Retaliate (lvl 12) – Leap to your feet while attacking your target. You can use this skill only when knocked down.

[4] Glyph of Energy (lvl 20) - Decreases cooldown by 20%.
[3] Glyph of Power (lvl 20) - Increases skill damage by 25%.
[2] Glyph of Influence (lvl 20) - Reduces MP cost for the next chain skill by 75: Leaping Strike.

For only 4 gp, an argument can be made for using [4] Glyph of Energy. On those (hopefully) rare occasions that you do get knocked down more than once in a row before the cd is ready, you’ll want to get up and back to the fight as quickly as possible. Don't bother with [3] Glyph of Power or [2] Glyph of Influence.

  • Self explanatory. I suppose you could glyph it for cd reductions so that in those rare cases you get knocked down more than once in a row, you can get up faster to get back in the fight. Food for thought that.

Velik’s Horn (lvl 12) – Teleport to Velika.

  • Pretty self expla...oh wait, what’s that you’re saying? You don’t have this skill? You’re not an Elin? Who the hell do you think you are!? Go buy a damn race change voucher already!

BattleCry Battle Cry (lvl 14) – Your warlike shout draws high aggro from enemies within 9m, and may stun them.

[4] Glyph of Energy (lvl 20) - Decreases cooldown by 20%.
[6] Glyph of Haste (lvl 20) - Speeds casting by 50%.
[2] Glyph of Luck (lvl 20) - Increases chance of effect by 10%.
[3] Glyph of Threat (lvl 20) - Provides 100% additional aggro.

I highly recommend [4] Glyph of Energy, [6] Glyph of Haste, AND [2] Glyph of Luck. You'll be using Battle Cry often, and [4] Glyph of Energy lets you use it even more. Likewise, [6] Glyph of Haste will let you cast Battle Cry faster. [2] Glyph of Luck lets you count Battle Cry as a reliable stun. [3] Glyph of Threat is a great glyph, but depending on your situation you may not need the extra threat. Consider it if you're having aggro issues.

  • HEAR MA BATTLE CRY!!! This is a big aoe taunt that draws high aggro, if you glyph it for increased stun chance, you can pretty much consider this one of our many stuns as well. 
  • It’s what you’ll use to grab a room full of mobs.
  • It’s also great for getting aggro back on a boss who you just lost aggro to and is starting to run towards their new target. If you glyph it for increased casting speed, you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll taunt the boss before he leaves the aoe.
  • During a boss fight, save this skill for when you lose aggro, and Torrent of Blows is on cooldown.

Cross Parry Cross Parry (lvl 14) – Block frontal attacks with your crossed swords. Damage blocked depends on your weapon. Lasts as long as the skill button is held down. Allies behind you also get reduced damage. Can only be used while in Defensive Stance.

[4] Glyph of the Pump (lvl 60) - 30% chance to increase power by 15% for 10 seconds on a successful block.

[4] Glyph of the Pump is worth it. If you are hard pressed for gp, I guess I could forgive you for skipping it. But as tanks blocking is what we do, and this pops off a lot. If you were to get any damage-oriented glyph, THIS is the one to get. When you think about it, using just 4gp we increase our damage output across the board (assuming it pops).

  • Ah, finally we are here. This is your most important skill. It is the primary reason you can tank. This is now the main way we defend ourselves. From now on, I shall refer to this skill as blocking. You can only block in the direction the camera is facing, so make sure to adjust the camera when needed.
  • This is one of our three skills that cost resolve to use. It’s also the primary use of resolve for us.
  • As with all blocks (lancers, berserkers and warriors) you can cancel the animations of most of your skills by blocking. It’s a very useful trick if you’ve committed to a long-animation skill (such as Rain of Blows) but you see that the boss is about to hit you with an attack you were not expecting. You can then cancel the animation of your attack, and go into a blocking stance to protect yourself.
  • You will not want to block any longer than necessary as you will be wasting RE. Try to only block just before the moment that a boss is about to land an attack. Basically, you want to block when the enemy is attacking and attack when the enemy isn’t!

Torrent of Blows Torrent of Blows (lvl 18) – Swing your swords in a wide arc, drawing high aggro from surrounding enemies. You are less likely to be knocked down, or stunned, and you will take only half damage.

[6] Glyph of Threat (lvl 20) - Provides 20% additional aggro.
[3] Glyph of Influence (lvl 20) - Reduces MP cost for the next chain skill by 88: Rain of Blows.
[6] Glyph of Binding (lvl 20) - 25% chance to immobilize opponent for 4 seconds.

[6] Glyph of Threat is expensive at 6gp, but still very worth it. Torrent of Blows is our main aggro skill, and this glyph is one of the many tools you will have to make sure that you rarely lose aggro. [3] Glyph of Influence may be worth trying out, as we use Torrent of Blows often. I'm torn on if [6] Glyph of Binding is worth the 6gp. I’ll be honest, I haven’t used it much, as there are other glyphs I value more, but considering that we use ToB so much, this immobilize goes off enough that one might argue it’s worth it. Just remember that immobilize does not mean stun. The enemy can still attack you, they just can’t move.

  • This is your aggro bread and butter. When you’re tanking a boss you should be using this skill every single time it is off cooldown. This is our primary tool to keep up constant aggro.
  • This skill is also how you’ll tank tons of mobs with the greatest of ease.
  • Take note of the 50% damage mitigation, when a boss uses a big attack when you are RE starved, this could save your life.

Smoke Aggressor Smoke Aggressor (lvl 18) – Sacrifice 20% of your HP to summon a spirit for 20 seconds. Your spirit receives 7.5 times the HP you sacrificed and retains your aggro level from your enemies.

[4] Glyph of Energy (lvl 20) - Decreases cooldown by 20%.
[4] Glyph of Energy (lvl 58) - Decreases cooldown by 25%.

The situations where Smoke Aggressor is useful are so few and far between that I don’t feel this skill is worth glyphing.

  • In all honesty, since the Argon Queen update and the “Smoke Flanker” skill, I’ve yet to find a real reason to use this. I’m sure there are extreme cases where it saved someone’s team from wiping, but if your team really got to a situation where smoke aggressor saved you, you’ve made some serious mistakes along the way. Still, you may want to keep it on your bar for those...emergency situations.
  • Using your shadow on the end boss of Baulders Temple may Knock him down. For some reason the shadow has a very high Impact modifier versus that boss.

Attack Command: Attack (lvl 18) – Aim at a target withing 24m and press the skill button to command your Smoke Aggressor to attack that target.

  • Self explanatory. Unless you’re using Smoke Aggressor, this skill is useless.

Follow Command: Follow (lvl 18) – Command your Smoke Aggressor to follow you.

  • Self explanatory. Unless you’re using Smoke Aggressor, this skill is useless.

Reaping Slash Reaping Slash (lvl 18) – Chop targets with both blades at once. Those you hit briefly take 25% more damage from your Scythe attack. Build your Warrior’s Edge before attacking to greatly increase the debuff’s duration. Can only be used while in Assault Stance.

[5] Glyph of Power (lvl 60) - Increases skill damage by 25%.

[5] Glyph of Power is a damage glyph, shoo.

  • This skill is for dps warriors, so it doesn’t matter to us.
  • I’m not going to talk about what the warrior edge system is, or how it works as it isn’t important to us as tanks. However, if you have more than one warrior in your group (1 tank, x dps) you might want to learn about it. In fact, you should learn how it works because it is very important to the dps half of our class. If you are interested in understanding how the edge system works, Diver wrote a great guide which you can find here: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/warrior/topics/Understanding-the-Edge-UI?page=1

Smoker Flanker Smoke Flanker (lvl 18) – Summon a shadow to your position and teleport behind your enemy. Briefly stuns your target if you attack. Aggro transfers to your shadow upon summoning. Can only be used after a successful Cross Parry, on a target within a range of 15m.

[6] Glyph of Threat (lvl 60) - Provides 20% additional aggro.

[6] Glyph of Threat at 6gp, this glyph isn't worth it. Don’t get me wrong, SF is an amazing skill, and I think it’s one heck of a “get out of jail free card.” But remember SF has a 2 minutes cooldown. You should be saving SF for emergencies, which means that under ideal circumstances this glyph would never get used.

  • This skill chains off of Cross Parry, meaning you have to have blocked an attack before you can use this skill.
  • It costs 300 RE to use, so don’t use this when you have, ya know, only 300 RE. Be careful when using it, as you might end up screwing yourself over when you wanted it to help you.
  • This is the “oh [filtered] I have no health/resolve” skill. With a 2 min cooldown, you’ll want to save this for emergency situations. It’ll summon a clone to hold aggro where you were standing then teleport you to behind the boss. Use this breathing time to get healed, or attack the boss to refill your resolve bar, depending on what the emergency was.
  • Make sure to co-ordinate using this skill with your team in advance (assuming you are in a static using voice chat), as sudden use of this skill might confuse someone if they weren’t prepared for it. The biggest example is if you took a huge amount of damage (so you used this skill) and your priest ran up to where you were to give you a big snuggly heal, only to find that you’ve vanished! Healers hate us to begin with, so make their life easier, and let them know in advance when you’re going to use this skill. For example, you could yell “flanking!” when you’re going to use this skill, which could alert your healer than you will be changing locations.
  • In theory, for end-game bosses that are dps races (meaning you have a limited amount of time to kill the boss before he wipes the whole party) this could be used to help give you a few extra seconds to pump out some dps throughout the fight. Keep in mind though, that you are a tank, so it’s not like you’ll be doing crazy damage, but in theory every little bit helps right?
  • Seriously, have this skill on your bar, it is one of those skills that could potentially mean the difference between a party wipe or not. That being said, hopefully you never have to use this skill, as it meant mistakes were made that led up to the situation that you are in now.

Poison Blade Poison Blade (lvl 22) – Poison on your swords wounds your foe for X HP every 2sec for 10sec. Does less damage to other players.

[6] Glyph of Virulence (lvl 22) - Increases poison damage by 15%.
[3] Glyph of Cumulation (lvl 60) - Poison Blade's damage stacks up to 2 times.

Nope to both [6] Glyph of Virulence and [3] Glyph of Cumulation.

  • This skill although pathetic in damage, does still give resolve when used. So, keep that in mind.
  • Unless your specific goal was to generate edge as fast as possible (and even then it’s iffy), there is very little reason to use this. The damage it puts out is so minimal that it simply isn’t justifiable to put it in your rotation. It’s a waste of mana more often than not.

pounce Pounce (lvl 22) – Jump to target and slow target by 50% with a slash. You take only half damage while using skill.

[3] Glyph of the Swift (lvl 22) - Increases attack speed by 30%.
[2] Glyph of Energy (lvl 22) - Decreases Cooldown by 20%.
[2] Glyph of the Swift (lvl 60) - Increases attack speed by 30%.

[3] Glyph of the Swift at 3gp is debatable. Attack speed is useful for everyone. For dps it means faster damage, for healers it means faster heals, for tanks it means faster resolve return. But really, there are more useful glyphs for us than this one. [2] Glyph of Energy is only 2gp but not worth our time.

  • This is another “we take less damage while using” skill. Fit this into your rotation.
  • It moves us forward a bit, so it can help with positioning.
  • After using this skill you can activate Rain of Blows much faster, so make sure to chain those two when you can for a quick burst of damage (that’s a tip for dps more so, but still).

Merciless Leap Merciless Leap (lvl 24) – Your Leaping Strike deals 5x damage against knocked-down enemies.

  • This is a passive skill, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Leaping Strike Leaping Strike (lvl 24) – Jump at your foe and smash downward. Knocked-down foes take 5x damage once you learn Merciless Leap.

[5] Glyph of Power (lvl 24) - Increases Skill damage by 25%.
[5] Glyph of Power isn't worth it. Not only does it cost 5gp, but it's a damage skill.
  • This skill makes you leap really, really far forward and slams your swords into the ground.
  • I know 5x damage might make you go “holy [filtered]” but it’s not nearly as scary as it sounds, especially given the fact that we’re tanks.
  • This skill may seem like a great positioning tool, but there is a long animation while you pull your swords out of the ground, which makes you vulnerable, immobile, and unable to dps. I recommend using caution when choosing to use this skill. More often than not, the time you lose with its long animation is not worth the mobility it gives. Even if you’re a dps warrior, that 5x damage is usually not worth the amount of damage you could dish out, had you chosen to do your regular rotation, given that Leaping Strike has such a long animation time.

Death from Above Death From Above (lvl 26) – Become invincible while executing a surprise blow.

[3] Glyph of Energy (lvl 26) - Decreases cooldown by 30%.
[3] Glyph of the Swift (lvl 26) - 50% chance to increase attack speed by 15% for 10 seconds.
[2] Glyph of Energy (lvl 58) - Decreases cooldown by 30%.
[5] Glyph of Grounding (lvl 58) - Adds 25 endurance for 8 seconds.

[3] Glyph of Energy is a must have. Not only is DFA an invincibility/dodging skill, this combined with Glyph of Grounding makes it part of a tank’s regular rotation. At 3gp, one could very well argue that [3] Glyph of the Swift is worth it, since we’ll be using this skill so often. I personally don’t use it, but it’s a very good idea to try it for yourself to see if you like it. [5] Glyph of Grounding is why I highly recommend having DFA as part of your regular skill rotation. In combination with Glyph of Energy, you can have a constant additional 25 endurance. More endurance = more tank. DO IT!!! And as always, pick up the master glyph [2] Glyph of Energy ASAP.

  • Use this skill to dodge big boss attacks.
  • Warriors have a love-hate relationship with this skill that many people aren’t aware of.
  • On the one hand, this skill is AMAZING. It makes your character jump into the air, attack in front of you, while being invincible for most of the animation.
  • And there’s the key word “most.” The very end of the animation makes you immobile, unable to use skills BUT you are still able to be attacked. If you don’t time using this skill to dodge an attack correctly, you will have brief period of time where you will likely be spamming your block, but your character won’t do anything. It confused the hell out of me for the longest time until I finally did some testing and figured out what the problem was.
  • Learning how long after using this skill you are actually able to start blocking again is very important.

Traverse Cut Traverse Cut (lvl 28) – Make 3 quick lunges to the front. Activates faster and attack up to 13 times if you first use Pounce or Combative Strike. Target’s endurance decreases by 0.85% per each hit, and the Effect stacks.

[2] Glyph of Lingering (lvl 28) - Increases effect duration by 50%.
[2] Glyph of Brilliance (lvl 28) - Decreases MP consumption by 75.

I highly recommend [2] Glyph of Lingering. It only costs 2gp no matter what kind of warrior you are, you should be keeping TC applied to boss as often as possible. [2] Glyph of Brilliance isn't worth it.

  • Now, when it says “activates faster” it not like other “activates faster” skills. This means, if you don’t activate it after said skill it will move at a snail’s pace. Always activate this skill after said skills, and nowhere else.
  • Whether you are a tank or a dps, this skill is amazing, and you should always have this stacked on the boss, along with the combative strike endurance debuff.
  • Traverse Cut 0.85 x 13 = 11.05 + Combative strike 4.5 = 15.55%
  • Keeping up a constant 16% endurance debuff on the enemy will greatly increase the damage your dps do to the boss.
  • You might panic a bit about getting the timing just right before you use Blade Draw so you get all 13 stacks, but I’ve found that the timing on this is actually more forgiving than I thought. Just practice getting the timing right before you use blade draw, and you have it down pat in no time.

Blade Draw Blade Draw (lvl 28) – Stab and slash your target as you draw your weapon from the wound. Activates faster if you first use Traverse Cut, Vortex Slash, Charging Slash, or Rising Fury.

[2] Glyph of Power (lvl 28) - Increases skill damage by 25%.
[4] Glyph of Brilliance (lvl 28) - Decreases MP consumption by 80.
[5] Glyph of Persistence (lvl 28) - 50% chance to eliminate cooldown.
[3] Glyph of Advantage (lvl 60) - The skill generates 1 additional Edge.

All of these glyphs are dps or PVP glyphs. We don't need any of them as a tank.

  • Now, when it says “activates faster” it not like other “activates faster” skills. This means, if you don’t activate it after said skill it will move at a snail’s pace. Always activate this skill after said skills, and nowhere else.
  • Since we’re tanks, this skill won’t deal much damage. However, since it casts SO fast after using skills such as Traverse Cut, there’s no reason not to use it when you happen to use said skills.

Charging Slash Charging Slash (lvl 30) – Charge toward your target, drawing high aggro.

[3] Glyph of Energy (lvl 30) - Decreases cooldown by 25%.
[3] Glyph of Influence (lvl 30) - Reduces MP cost for the next chain skill by 50: Poison Blade.
[4] Glyph of Powerlink (lvl 30) - Increases skill damage for the next chain skill by 20%: Combative Strike.
[4] Glyph of Powerlink (lvl 58) - Increases skill damage for the next chain skill by 50%: Combative Strike.

At 3gp it's hard to argue against using [3] Glyph of Energy. CS is a high aggro skill, and one of our chasing/escaping skills. [3] Glyph of Influence is junk and both [4] Glyph of Powerlink are damage skills.

  • This is your chasing skill. It is used when the boss is getting away and you need to catch up.
  • This is also your escaping skill. Many end game bosses have ridiculously large aoe attacks that you simply need to get away from instead of blocking. Whip the camera around and use this to get out of there quickly.
  • A great time to use this skill is to quickly it the moment you see you’ve lost aggro. Since it moves you forward really far, really fast, chances are you’ll hit the boss and get aggro back before they have a chance to run very far. Keep in mind that Torrent of Blows is our primary aggro skill though.

Mangle Mangle (lvl 32) – Your fourth consecutive use of the Combo Attack skill cuts your foe’s speed by 15%. You lose 10 MP every 2 seconds while Mangle is active.

  • When it says “cuts speed” it actually means it decreases both the opponents movement AND attack speed.
  • This is a toggle skill (like our Assault and Defensive stances), which means it’s either on, or off.
  • The natural mana regen we have is more than enough to cover the cost of this skill. i.e. this skill will never drain our mana bar to zero while active.
  • I’m actually quite torn as to whether or not this skill is worth it. Perhaps someone with more experience could comment on that. From my own experience, with all the other skills we use during combat, with the blocking, dodging boss moves, chasing after bosses, and the general chaos of combat, I rarely get around to hitting the boss with the fourth combo attack strike. If I’m ever in a situation where I’m using combo attack while tanking a boss, I usually don’t have time in-between his attacks to hit him with all four; it’s usually just one or two.

Backstab Backstab (lvl 42) – Rush 10m and make a lethal thrust to your target’s back. The target is immobilized for short period of time.

[3] Glyph of Laceration (lvl 42) - Increases effect duration by 50%.
[5] Glyph of Energy (lvl 42) - Decreases cooldown by 25%.
[2] Glyph of Advantage (lvl 58) - Increases Edge by 1.
[2] Glyph of Lingering (lvl 60) - Increases effect duration by 50%.

[3] Glyph of Laceration is pretty good value for 3gp, Longer stuns are always a plus. Definitely worth trying out for yourself. Keep in mind that many end-game bosses have a high stun resistance. [5] Glyph of Energy and [2] Glyph of Advantage aren't useful for us as PVE tanks.

  • “for short period?” jeepers...
  • Anyway, this is a very, very key skill for warriors, whether you be dps or tanking, or doing some ol’ fashioned pvp. You teleport to the back of your target (up to 15m away) and stun them.
  • While using this skill we are invincible.
  • This is an amazing tool for catching up to that runaway boss.
  • Don’t forget that skill can also be used for escaping, not just attacking. If you see that you’re in a bad situation, and you need to get out quickly, you can find a far away target and leap to them to escape.
  • This is another skill all warriors have a love-hate relationship with, as teleport skills are the buggiest, most finicky skills in TERA. Sometimes you can backstab enemies up/down inclines, sometimes you can’t. Sometimes you can backstab enemies on a flat surface, sometimes you can’t. We appear to have the best chances of this skill working if there is a flat surface though, so try to use it only if that is the case.
  • When you use this skill, the camera will take a moment to turn around, so wait until it does before you start attacking. Or else you’ll be slashing away from the opponent.
  • Also make sure that the enemy you are aiming at is even targetable. e.g. if the dragon is flying in the air, don’t use this skill, as we are not Nightcrawler.

Deadly Gamble Deadly Gamble (lvl 48) – Increase your crit rate by 36 for 20sec, but reduce your crit resistance by 30.

[4] Glyph of Energy (lvl 48) - Decreases cooldown by 25%.

[4] Glyph of Energy does nothing for us as we're tanks.

  • This is a dps skill, so we don’t care about it. It also has a 2min cd, so any dps should choose wisely when to use this skill.
  • But honestly, as if warriors need MORE crit rate...jeepers we’re OP.

Staggering Riposte Staggering Riposte (lvl 54) – Staggering Riposte (lvl 54) - When you are hit, you can counter with Staggering Counter.

  • A passive skill that simply allows us to use Staggering Counter.

Staggering Counter Staggering Counter (lvl 54) – Staggering Riposte (lvl 54) - Execute a counterattack that briefly stuns targets. You can use this skill as a counterattack only after you’ve been hit.

[3] Glyph of Power (lvl 54) - Increases skill damage by 25%.
[5] Glyph of Lingering (lvl 54) - Increases effect duration by 50%.
[4] Glyph of Persistence (lvl 54) - 100% chance to eliminate cooldown. NOTE: This glyph has an inaccurate name and description. When you buy it from the store and use it, it becomes the following glyph: [4] Glyph of Energy (lvl 54) - Decreases cooldown by 20%.
[4] Glyph of Powerlink (lvl 58) - Increases skill damage for the next chain skill by 10%: Cascade of Stuns.

As I said earlier, although this is a stun, it turns around the enemy so their back is facing you, which means that the dps are now attacking the front. Don’t use this skill when tanking, as it will piss off your dps and make the run go slower. That makes [5] Glyph of Lingering quite counterproductive. [3] Glyph of Power and [4] Glyph of Powerlink are yet again damage/pvp glyphs, we don't need them.

  • This skill may sound awesome, and is awesome! Just not for tanks.
  • This is because when you use this skill, it turns the target around (so their back is facing you) and stuns them.
  • Dps or pvper’s love this skill, but if we’re tanking bosses, we shouldn’t use this skill, as it will piss off your dps, causing them to hit the front of the boss because you turned him around.
  • I would like to point out that I will continue to say that we shouldn’t use this skill throughout much of the guide. The only reason I say these things is because the skill happens so fast, that it makes it almost impossible to co-ordinate with the dps in the average situation. 
  • HOWEVER, this skill does have a time and a place. An example is when your entire party is chasing after the boss (and thus are all approaching from the same side). If you got hit recently enough, you can slap the boss with this, and since the entire team is facing the same way, your dps can have a free few seconds to pump out some back-end dps. While this is happening, you should be getting into position so that when the boss turns to face you, your dps are staring at his back.

Cascade of Stuns Cascade of Stuns (lvl 58) – Slash a target in front of you. If you hit a stunned target, the stun spreads to nearby enemies.

[4] Glyph of Brilliance (lvl 58) - Decreases MP consumption by 88.
[3] Glyph of Influence (lvl 58) - Reduces MP cost for the next chain skill by 88: Rain of Blows.
[4] Glyph of Powerlink (lvl 58) - Increases skill damage for the next chain skill by 20%: Rain of Blows.
[4] Glyph of Energy (lvl 58) - Decreases cooldown by 25%.
[4] Glyph of Power (lvl 58) - Increases skill damage by 25%.
[3] Glyph of Lingering (lvl 58) - Increases effect duration by 25%.

[4] Glyph of Energy could very well be worth it. It’s at that sweet spot of 4gp, and CoS is really great skill. At only 3gp, it's very hard to pass up [3] Glyph of Lingering. A longer stun that stuns people who were stunned, which stuns people who weren’t stunned before? What a simply stunning glyph! At this point I hope I don't have to go over why we don't want the mana or damage glyphs.

  • Self explanatory and awesome. This one of the ways we chain-stun enemies. When you see a stunned target, wait a few seconds, and then slap them with this to keep them stunned even longer.

Scythe Scythe (lvl 60) – Deliver a deadly sweeping arc, attacking multiple enemies. Final strike spends your Edge to do more damage.

[6] Glyph of Carving (lvl 60) - Doubles crit chance.
[5] Glyph of Sharpness (lvl 60) - Exploit an Edge to inflict 25% more damage.

[6] Glyph of Carving and [5] Glyph of Sharpness are damage glyphs, skip.

  • And here we have our final skill. Which is useless to us, since we don’t care about the edge system or doing damage. Again, however, if you are a dps or have more than one warrior in your group, it is worth knowing how the edge system works. Diver made a great guide explaining how to utilize the edge system, and understanding the Edge UI, which you can find here: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/warrior/topics/Understanding-the-Edge-UI?page=1

Some Basic Tips n’ Tricks for Tanking Mobs and Bosses

I’m not going to write an in-depth guide for every boss in every end-game dungeon. Youtube is actually a great resource for learning the mechanics of end-game dungeons. Many people have uploaded guides explaining how each dungeon works, and stuff you should look out for. What this final section is for, is to give some general, all-rounded tips and tricks for tanking mobs, bosses, and keeping your mana and resolve up.


Some people newer to the warrior class are unsure what to do when faced with an army of minions/mobs. There’s so many of them, what should I do? How do I keep them all in check? This panic can lead to some unfortunate situations. However, there a really simple, ridiculously easy way to tank a room full of these tiny buggers. Keep in mind that this strategy might not work for every kind of monster in the game (some have some weird moves), but 9/10 times this trick will allow you to tank large groups of monsters by pressing just 2 buttons!
  1. Use your battle cry, or run near every group of mobs or whatever to aggro the entire room.
  2. Once you have aggro’d the amount of mobs you wanted, run around them a bit to herd them into a smaller group.
  3. Run in straight line towards a wall, turn around and block. Running in a straight line makes the mobs group up in tight cluster by the time they get to you. Having your back against a wall prevents any of the mobs from going around you.
  4. Use Torrent of Blows. This move is quick, has a good sized aoe, and returns resolve for EVERY mob hit. You can go from a completely empty resolve bar, to completely full with a single swing. Using this trick you can tank a room full of mobs by just pressing two buttons – block, and using ToB when your resolve gets low to bring your resolve right back up to full again. It’s hilariously easy.
  5. Another option is once you’ve grouped them up like in steps 1-3, you can use Smoke Flanker. The shadow clone will hold the group, while you can help dish out some damage on all those mobs your clone is tanking for you. This is also something you can do if a boss spawns mobs. Use Smoke Flanker on the boss, then you are free to aggro/take care of those pesky mobs running around, deal with those, then come back to the boss
  6. I want to point out that you should ALWAYS discuss with your team BEFORE you run in, and grab all the mobs in a room. NEVER silently run in and grab everything in sight. Make sure your team is:
    • Aware of what you are about to do and is okay with it.
    • That your team can actually handle all the mobs in the room at once.
    • If you are unsure about either, just grab one or two groups at a time. I’m sure everyone will agree that a slow run is much better than a party wipe.


So, how do you make sure that you don’t run out of mana or resolve? Well, let’s start off talking about mana. We need mana to casts skills to give us resolve so we can block. So mana is very important! Let’s make sure we never run out alright?

Combo Attack – Remember near the beginning of this guide I said that this will be your primary source of mana? Make sure to grab that Spirit glyph that increases the mana gained from CA by 35%. When you see that you’re getting to around half of you mana, try simply using combo attacks instead of other skills in-between blocking boss moves. You just might be surprised at how efficiently this keeps your mana in check.

Although all you should need is combo attack to get your mana back, there’s a couple of other ways that can help out:

Greater Infused Charms – These charms can be bought from a Specialty Store, which can be found in every town (assuming the local Vanarch has them turned on!). They increase your mana regen by quite a bit, and if you really want to, burning one of these at a campfire before you head off into battle might be worth your while.

Mystics – This healer class has a skill that will give everyone within a certain radius of them a mana regen buff. Mystics not only heal the team, they offer many useful buffs such as this one. They can also drop blue orbs that when picked up by anyone in your party will give a chunk of mana back. Many people tend to ignore the orbs that Mystics leave on the ground. They drop these things for a reason people! Use them! If you find yourself running low on mana and there happens to be a blue orb nearby – go grab it! Just don’t compromise the safety of your team by going too far away from the boss.

How about resolve (RE)? This is our most important resource since it’s what we use to block. We must make sure that we NEVER run out of it. Now, almost all of our skills give us resolve when they hit a target, but only three actually use up RE. So let's talk about how to best manage these.

Cross Parry – Don't block any more than you have to. Most boss attacks have a very specific point in the animation where the damage is actually applied. Learning what that exact point is for each boss attack (and blocking only at that moment) is a very important skill to have, and will greatly decrease your overall resolve consumption. Don’t be afraid to attack a boss during their long animations. Learn when the damage is applied for each of his attacks, so you know when it’s safe to slash away. Remember that you can cancel many of your skills by using block. Don’t hesitate to stop an attack mid way to defend yourself.

Example - Kumas have a move where raise up their arms, and then close them together on top of you. If you started blocking the moment the Kuma started to raise his arms, and didn’t stop blocking until he hit you, you’ve just wasted resolve during a time when no damage was ever going to be applied. The damage from that move is only applied at the very end of the animation, so there is no reason to block for any part except that last moment when he’s actually going to do damage to you. 

Death From Above – Remember that this should be part of your regular rotation. What you should be using this skill for two things. The first is to keep that endurance debuff up, but don’t forget its primary purpose – dodging. When you use this skill you’re invincible for a good amount of time, and you should timing the use of this skill to dodge boss attacks. Remember that this skill gives good resolve returns, regardless of whether you hit something or not, and that the time spent using this skill to avoid damage, means that your consuming less resolve using block to avoid damage.

Smoke Flanker - SF costs 300 RE to cast, so you want to make sure that you don’t use when you are running extremely low on RE. Always try to stay at least above half full on mana and resolve (ideally you should be keeping your mana and resolve bars constantly topped off). Careful use of this skill is important for your resolve consumption.

Evasive Roll – Make sure to get the glyph that decreases the RE cost to 400. That extra 100 RE amounts to approximately an extra second of blocking. Also, try to avoid using this skill whenever possible, as it takes out a ridiculous amount of our resolve. We can block almost every boss move in the game. There is rarely a need to use Evasive Roll or Death From Above to dodge attacks anymore. That being said, you’ll remember that I talked earlier about putting Death From Above into your regular rotation to keep that endurance buff up. Since that’s the case, you should be timing using DFA to dodge an attack anyway.

Now, just about all of our skills give back resolve. So I’m a bit hesitant to give out a skill rotation and say “THIS IS THE BEST, MOST EFFICIENT WAY OF GETTING RESOLVE BACK.” Because, honestly, everything we do gives us resolve. That being said, here’s a few basic rotations/set ups I use. Take my suggestions with a grain of salt:

  • Remember that you should be using Torrent of Blows every time it’s off cooldown to keep your aggro up. On top of giving aggro, it also gives a decent amount of resolve back, even if you only hit one thing.
  • Death From Above actually gives resolve regardless of whether it hits anything or not. Nifty eh? And it’s a decent amount too.
  • A chain I use a lot is Rain of Blows – Rising Fury – Blade Draw. RoB and RF both decrease damage taken while being used, so they’re ideal skills for tanks. Often though I don’t have time to finish the third slash (second button press) of RF before I have to block the next boss attack. I use BD here because there’s no reason not to, it casts so fast.
  • Combative Strike – Traverse Cut – Blade Draw. This is a basic dps chain, but we should be applying these debuffs to the boss when we get a chance anyway.
  • If I ever find myself in dangerous need of resolve, I use Smoke Flanker to give myself some breathing room. Once I’ve casted that, I attack the boss from the back using this chain – Combative Strike – Traverse Cut – Blade Draw – Pounce – Rain of Blows – Rising Fury. If you need mana as well as resolve, you might want to just Combo Attack the boss instead.

From my experience by using Torrent of Blows, Death From Above, Rain of Blows, and Rising Fury, I rarely need to do anything else to keep my resolve up. And like I said earlier, simply using Combo Attack when I need mana seems to do the job just fine. Well that’s it. We’ve reached the end of the guide. Ta-da! :D

In Conclusion

I wanted to write a guide to help educate new players about how to play the warrior class from a tanking perspective. If more people are informed, then there are more people who can help others to learn. If more people learn, then the overall skill level of the community increases. If the overall skill of the community increases, then there will be less negativity towards warrior tanks. It is my hope that this guide will help new players to learn, and help to remove any kind of fear of this amazing class. Fear falsely created by us, the community, that warrior tanks are incredibly difficult to play, and that newcomers should run in terror of our monstrous difficulty. I feel that this is grossly exaggerated. Yes, the argument could be made that we are the most difficult class (and depending on my mood, I might even agree with you). Yes, there are much easier classes to play than us. But just because other classes are easier does not mean that learning the way of the warrior is impossible. I hope this guide has helped you have a better understanding of this amazing class, and I wish you all the best of luck in your adventures as a warrior tank. :)

A special thanks to following people for helping add to, and improve this guide: Aixa, Xak, Airutra, Mynta.

“We do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win." - President John F. Kennedy, 1962