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TERA Sorcerer Guide PvE by Solracs

Discover TERA's ranged caster class, the Sorcerer. Find skill information, Crystals, Glyphs, Builds and popular trends with your favorite fire-wielding class.

TERA Sorcerer Guide - Introduction

"Sorcerers fight from range, shaping magic through an arcane disc, channeling the force of will into sheets of flame, icy blades, and spheres of pure energy. The sorcerer strikes and evades and strikes again, flanking the foe, leaping out of danger, playing a game of position. With only sorcerous robes for protection, staying clear of attacks is vital, and dealing massive damage in a spectacular fashion is all in a day's work for this explosive class.

Warriors of the intellect, sorcerers are at their best when they stand apart, watch for vulnerability, and then make their foes pay dearly for it. Sorcerers may not be as flexible as other classes, but when your close-quarters companions fall in battle it's awfully nice to have arcane artillery at your disposal." -Enmasse Entertainment

Ever want to play with fire? The TERA Sorcerer is the class for you. Barraging your foes from afar with spells will destroy them before they knew what hit them. I want to bring a TERA Sorcerer guide that gives you the information you are looking for about the class. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player looking for some added information, this TERA Sorcerer Guide is the place to look!

Role of a Sorcerer

Solo Play

When adventuring by yourself there are some concepts that will make survival easier. The Sorcerer, or "Sorc", is a high-offense, low-defense caster, or "glass cannon". Since you are a fragile caster, you have to take some precautions as to not kill yourself right off the bat. A simple tactic such as kiting (constantly running just out of reach) can be used to bait your foe. Once you decide it is time to unleash your power, you can use crowd control (CC) to keep your target stationary or severely slowed. Once they are crippled and at your mercy, unleash a barrage of ranged attacks that will decimate your foes!

Keeping range is also a very important part of being by yourself. Having an enemy beating on you will only result in added problems. Try to always keep a good distance from your target. Your spells have a set range in meters. If you are too close or too far away you could also miss your casts. Balancing a good distance and timing of skills will allow you to make it through your adventure in one piece.

When you decide that monster fodder just isn't challenging enough and you seek bigger fish, such as Big Ass Monsters (BAM), keeping your distance may not prove the best option. Using your skills to evade and be elusive close to a BAM will yield better results than provoking them to use their ranged attacks as well. Best to tackle these behemoths with others...

Group Play

When that BAM is proving to be more trouble than it's worth...you can call in some teammates to finish it off. Sorcs will shine when teamed up with others. Instead of worrying too much about your own safety, you can switch to brute force and burn right through your foes. In a team format you normally have a tank, DPS, and a healer. If someone is filling the tank role they will have the boss' attention a majority of the time. You can now freely position yourself where you want to get the most out of your skills. Generally, you will be a set range away from the target and barraging them. Although with a group, you have to remember that you are still fragile. Keep an eye on the BAM because if they turn around and have you in their sights you risk taking damage. Best not let your guard down. Leave the corpse of the enemy sizzling as your team cheers in triumph!

TERA Sorcerer Skills and Glyphs

Below is the list of Sorc skills along with their respective glyphs. The following is a rating that is suited for PvE and leveling, not for PvP:

  • A [#] beside the glyph represents how many glyph points it requires.
  • Glyphs with a * beside its value indicates that it is a master glyph.
  • Green = Must-have
  • Orange = Preference
  • Red = Bad

Fireball Fireball (1)
Shoot a fireball at one target within 18m. Does less damage to far-off targets.
Cooldown: None
Cast time: Instant.
[3] Glyph of Longshot - Increase range by 3m.

This skill will be fun to throw around at very early levels, but will soon fall off and be removed from your skill bar when you receive additional skills down the line. As for the glyph, I wouldn't even waste the silver to purchase it from the vendor. It is just that useless.

Flame Pillar Flame Pillar (1)
Summon a column of flames in front of you that burns enemies within 3m.
Cool-down: 4 seconds after activation
Cast time: Instant
[5] Glyph of Power - Increase power by 25%.
[3] Glyph of Blaze - Speed casting by 40% for Lightning Trap, the next skill in the chain.
[4] Glyph of Energy - Decrease cool-down by 20%
[3*] Glyph of Shield - 8% chance to activate Mana Barrier I

Same as Fireball, this skill will be helpful at very low levels and quickly forgotten as you progress in levels. The only glyph most people would work for leveling would be Glyph of Power. This is for leveling only and if you can manage the extra glyph points.

Mana Infusion Mana Infusion (2)
You regain X mp every 2 sec for 25 sec. Effect does not end even if combat starts.
Cool-down: 10 sec
Cast time: 4.5 sec
[4] Glyph of Spirit - Increases MP regeneration by 10%

More mana you say? During leveling, if you can fit the glyph in your build, then this would be a nice utility glyph. It is not mandatory for a functioning build.

Backstep Backstep (2)
Quickly backup out of harms way. Gain invulnerability while using this skill. Puts Teleport Jaunt on cool-down for 5 sec.
Cooldown: 5 sec
Cast time: Instant
[3] Glyph of Indignacy - 20% chance to trigger Overchannel
[4*] Glyph of Fleetfoot - Increases movement speed by 20% for 2 seconds.

This skill will be nice for dodging damage throughout leveling. It has what is called invincibility frames, or for the duration of the skill you do not receive damage. Don't worry yourself about these glyphs either.

Magma Bomb Magma Bomb (4)
Arc a fiery projectile 10m away, where it explodes in a 3m radius.
Cool-down: 5 sec after animation
Cast time: Instant
[4] Glyph of Brilliance - Decreases MP consumption by 100.
[5] Glyph of Persistence - 30% chance to eliminate cool-down.

Your first early decent damaging AoE. The glyphs used for this skill are recommended to be used together. Since it has a decent rate to reset its' cool-down, lowering the mana cost per cast would be beneficial. Some sorcs recommended the % chance to reset for higher level play, but still did not rate it very high. These are glyphs I leave up to the casters own preference.

Painful Trap Painful Trap (6)
Set a trap that explodes when stepped on. Trap lasts 10 seconds.
Cool-down: 30 sec after animation
Cast time: 1.8 sec
[4] Glyph of Brilliance - Decreases MP consumption by 75.
[4] Glyph of Influence - Reduces MP cost for the next chain skill by 80: Flame Pillar.

For PvE this skill and its' glyphs won't see the light of day that much. I wouldn't focus on taking the time to set up traps. There will be far superior skills to use.

Time Gyre Time Gyre (8)
Briefly immobilize up to 3 targets within 18m. Prevents other players from using evasion and movement skills. Effect ends when the target takes damage or is knocked down. Press the skill button once and mouse-over to lock on targets, then press the skill button again to shoot at all targets. Using this skill on a target cursed with Nerve Exhaustion will remove the Nerve Exhaustion effect from the target.
Cooldown: 20 sec
Cast time: Instant
[4] Glyph of Energy - Decreases cooldown by 15%
[7] Glyph of Multiplication - Increases number of lock-on targets by 2.
[4] Glyph of Blaze - Speeds casting by 25% for Fireblast, the next skill in the chain.
[4*] Glyph of Multiplication - Increases number of lock-on targets by 2.

This skill and its glyphs seems to be in a 50/50 toss up between sorcs. During leveling, it's a nice skill to use to create separation from your targets. With the new patch to CCs (Feb 5th), the more targets you cast on, the lower the duration of the stun on each target. So, this cancels out the usefulness of the skill and one of its glyphs. For leveling it is still rated good to use for practice and learning proper kiting.

Ice Needle Ice Needle (10)
Launch a damaging ice shard through a line of targets up to 18m that briefly slows targets' movement speed by 20%
Cool-down: 7 sec
Cast time: Instant
[4] Glyph of Energy - Decreases cool-down by 30%.
[3] Glyph of Lingering - Increases effect duration by 50%.
[3] Glyph of Slowing -Increases slowing effect by 20%.
[5] Glyph of Blaze -Speeds casting by 40% for Mindblast, the next skill in the chain.

This skill is used in leveling as an in-line AoE and useful for its slowing effects. Use this to help kite your foes. Later on, this skill will turn into a pure DPS skil. The slow has minimal effect in endgame dungeons. The glyphs are mainly used during leveling to increase the effect of the slow for easier kiting of mobs.

Retaliate Retaliate (12)
Leap to your feet while attacking your target. You can use this skill only when knocked down. Buff applied that prevents another knock down within 2 sec.
Cool-down: 15 sec
Cast time: Instant
[4] Glyph of Energy - Decreases cool-down by 20%.
[5] Glyph of Shield - 50% chance of activating Mana Barrier II.

If you seem to be getting hit and knocked down more than you'd like, glyphing this skill to get through the rough patches may be helpful. It was expressed to only worry about this glyph during the leveling phases.

Painblast Painblast (14)
Up to 5 targets within a 4m radius centred 10m in front of you take X damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. Does less damage to other players.
Cool-down: 30 sec
Cast time: Instant
[6] Glyph of Lingering - Increases effect duration by 40%.
[5] Glyph of the Blossom - Increases periodic damage by 20%
[4] Glyph of Slowing - 50% chance to decrease opponent's speed by 50% for 7 seconds.
[3*] Glyph of Energy - Decreases cool-down by 25%
[5*] Glyph of Powerlink - Increases skill damage for the next chain skill by 25%: Flaming Barrage.

When you learn this skill at level 14, it will be a nice AoE skill for mob pulls. Most glyphs are not very useful in the grand scheme, but the two listed above are rather nice to have in certain skill rotations for end-game. I will go over those rotations further in the guide.

Mana Siphon Mana Siphon (14)
Charge up your attack by holding down the skill button, then release it to take MP from targets within 18m. While charging up, you can move at full speed.
Cool-down: 19 sec
Cast time: Instant, lock-on, Instant
[3] Glyph of Spirit - Increases MP regeneration by 10%.
[3] Glyph of Energy - Decreases cool-down by 20%.
[2] Glyph of Blaze - Speeds casting by 25% for Flaming Barrage, the next skill in the chain.
[5] Glyph of Indignacy - 20% chance to trigger Overchannel.

Since sorcs are always mana hungry, this skill will help ease the hunger. Use this after rotations and when you have a moment of downtime. The only recommended glyph is for an increase in your return of mana. Also, this is only advised to use during leveling if you find yourself using too much mana.

Glacial Retreat Glacial Retreat (16)
Freeze the ground before you as you leap backwards, briefly decreasing the movement speed of your target by 70%
Cool-down: 5 sec
Cast time: Instant
[4] Glyph of Lingering - Increases effect duration by 40%.
[4] Glyph of Blaze - Speeds charging by 30% for Arcane Pulse, the next skill in the chain.
[4] Glyph of Blaze - Speeds casting by 40% for Lightning Trap, the next skill in the chain.
[4] Glyph of Indignacy - 35% chance to trigger Overchannel.

Another escape skill for the sorc, but this one does not have iframes. Instead, it inflicts a nice slow debuff to enemies. During leveling, this is a welcome skill to slow your targets and provide enough space to quickly cast some slower, highly damaging skills. Using the added slowing effects through glyphs is only recommended during leveling.

Arcane Pulse Arcane Pulse (18)
Charge up the pulse's attack power by holding down the skill button, then release the button to hit targets in a 21m line.
Cool-down: 10 sec
Cast time: 4 charges, cast upon releasing
[4] Glyph of Power - Increases power by 25%.
[5] Glyph of Powerlink - Increases power for the next chain skill by 25%: Ice Needle.
[4*] Glyph of Carving - Doubles crit rate for 4 seconds.
[4*] Glyph of the Slick - Eliminates slowed movement restriction.

This skill is frowned upon by most sorcs. The time it takes to fully cast is not worth the damage or even the mana. The Glyph of Carving is preference and can be fitted for endgame rotations. This will be explained later in the guide. The in-game description states that it lasts for 2 seconds. In fact, it is actually 4 sec on the buff you receive when casting.

Flaming Barrage Flaming Barrage (20)
Press the skill button once and mouse over to lock on to 4 targets within 18m, then press the skill button again to shoot at all targets.
Cool-down: 3 sec
Cast time: instant, lock-on, 1.5 sec
[4] Glyph of Brilliance - Decreases MP consumption by 150.
[4] Glyph of Multiplication - Increases number of lock-on targets by 2.

This skill is a nice sure way to get damage on a target. With a maximum of 4 targets possible, adding 2 more is not worth the glyph points. Another argument is the fact that the damage is split between targets, so adding 2 more will further spread your damage.

Teleport Jaunt Teleport Jaunt (22)
Teleport a short distance in the direction the camera faces. Gain invulnerability while using this skill. This skill puts Backstep on cool-down for 5 seconds
Cool-down: 12 sec
Cast time: Instant
[3] Glyph of Energy - Decrease cool-down by 15%

This skill also receives iframes during its animation. At a low 3 glyph points, it can be nice to have for mobility, though not really needed for leveling. When you enter endgame dungeons and become familiar with the area and bosses, you may not need it there either.

Mindblast Mindblast (24)
Briefly put targets to sleep in a 4m radius centered 10m in front of you. Sleep will break upon damage.
Cool-down: 20 sec
Cast time: 3.2 sec
[4] Glyph of Lingering - Increases effect duration by 25%.
[5] Glyph of Haste - Speeds casting by 30%.
[5] Glyph of Persistence - 25% chance to eliminate cool-down.
[5] Glyph of Sharing - Increases chance of debuff by 30% when skill hits multiple targets.
[4*] Glyph of Sharing - Increases chance of debuff by 30% when skill hits multiple targets.

Since most mobs come in groups, the more mobs you try to sleep the less likely they will be slept. Adding these glyphs are not worth the points it takes. Since this skill is slow to cast at the beginning it is not really worth focusing too much attention on it.

Fireblast Fireblast (26)
Blast targets in a flaming circle with a 4m radius centered 10m in front of you.
Cool-down: 12 sec
Cast time: 4.4
[5] Glyph of Haste - Speeds casting by 17%.
[4] Glyph of Brilliance - Decreases MP consumption by 250.
[6] Glyph of Impulsion - 30% chance to eliminate MP cost.
[4*] Glyph of Haste - Speeds casting by 17%.
[3*] Glyph of Brilliance - Decreases MP consumption by 250.
[3*] Glyph of Energy - Decrease cool-down by 10%

Your bread and butter from this point forward. This is one of your hardest hitting abilities. It will have a slower cast time when you first receive it, but later in levels it will become more viable and stronger. The only glyphs not highly recommended are the 30% chance to reduce MP and the decrease cool-down. The % chance on is not liked because if it does not proc, the glyph points are wasted. This is a pure preference glyph. The cool-down reduction glyph is also not really needed because in endgame rotations, the base cool-down is perfect for most of the sorc's skill rotations.

At level 32, you receive the passive skill, Fireblast Intensity. This removes the split damage mechanic from the skill.

Lightning Trap Lightning Trap (28)
Set a ring-shaped trap that briefly paralyses its victims. Trap lasts 10 seconds.
Cool-down: 30 sec
Cast time: 2.2
[5] Glyph of Powerlink - Increases power for the next chain skill by 20%: Fireblast.
[4] Glyph of Brilliance - Decreases MP consumption by 100.
[4] Glyph of Blaze - Speeds casting by 25% for Flame Pillar, the next skill in the chain.
[2*] Glyph of Brilliance - Decreases MP consumption by 100.
[4*] Glyph of Powerlink - Increases power for the next chain skill by 20%: Fireblast.

This skill is a useful tool during leveling if you need an instant to breathe if mobs are chasing you. The way most sorcs utilize this skill is by using the powerlink glyph to boost the strength of Fireblast. You can cast cancel the skill by moving in any direction as soon as you begin casting, and you'll proc the glyph without popping the cool-down on Lightning Trap. This will play an important part in your future rotations.

Overchannel Overchannel (32)
Your next attack within 20 seconds does 25% more damage.
Cool-down: 10 sec
Cast time: Instant
[2] Glyph of Energy - Decreases cool-down by 30%.

During leveling, this is not a necessity. It is nice to use before a good spike skill such as Fireblast. But be warned that it will only affect the next tick of damage dealt to a target after casting. If you use this skill while Hail Storm is going, the first tick of Hail Storm will receive the buff and the rest will not. This is best used on single-hit spells that will not be overlapped by other DoTs. The glyph is optional. As you level, the cool-down decreases, so it falls in-line nicely with certain skill cool-downs as well.

Void Pulse Void Pulse (36)
Launch a powerful sphere at a single target within 21m.
Cool-down: 15 sec
Cast time: Instant
[4] Glyph of Energy - Decreases cooldown by 20%.
[4] Glyph of Brilliance - Decreases MP consumption by 250.
[3*] Glyph of Brilliance - Decreases MP consumption by 250.

Another one of the sorc's hardest hitting skills. Both the glyphs for this skill are highly recommended.

Mana Barrier Mana Barrier (40)
Cast a magical shield that absorbs damage for 45 seconds. Costs 1 MP per 33 damage the shield absorbs. Ends when the shield reaches maximum damage or you run out of MP. Mana Barrier I absorbs 7063 damage, Mana Barrier II absorbs 13,529 damage.
Cool-down: 90 sec
Cast time: Instant
[3] Glyph of the Pump - Increases power by 10% for 15 seconds.
[4] Glyph of Grounding - Increases endurance by 20% for 15 seconds.
[2] Glyph of Energy - Decreases cool-down by 20%
[4] Glyph of Lingering - Increases effect duration by 50%.
[4*] Glyph of the Ward - Increases damage absorption by 30%.
[3*] Glyph of Lingering - Increases effect duration by 50%.

During leveling, this skill is a blessing and help you survive some nasty mobs. This skill along with its defense has some nice utility with it. The only glyph that is not recommended is the increase to endurance. A sorc's endurance is rather low, so a % increase to a relatively low number will not yield a decent return for 4 glyph points.

Burning Breath Burning Breath (44)
Shoot a fiery blaze that inflicts damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds on up to 1 target within 15m. Deals less damage to other players. Press the skill button once and mouse over to lock on targets, then press the skill button again to shoot at all targets. Burning Breath damage I/II/III : 1175/1631/2305
Cool-down: 20 sec
Cast time: Instant, Lock-on, 1 sec
[5] Glyph of Lingering - Increases effect duration by 20%.
[4] Glyph of Powerlink - Increases power for the next chain skill by 35%: Flaming Barrage.
[4*] Glyph of Hinder - Decreases the HP regeneration of your enemy PC by 50% for 10 seconds.

Purely PvP-oriented skill. The Damage-over-Time (DoT) is a fixed amount and will not do that much damage to PvE mobs.

Burst of Celerity Burst of Celerity (48)
Your attack speed increases by 20% for 15 seconds.
Cool-down: 25 sec
Cast time: Instant
[5] Glyph of the Swift - Increases attack speed by 50%.
[4*] Glyph of the Swift - Increases attack speed by 50%.

A must-have!

Hail Storm Hail Storm (48)
Summon an icy storm 12m in front of you for 10 seconds damaging all targets in 6m radius. Slows targets by 10% per hit. Effect stacks up to four times
Cool-down: 26 sec
Cast time: Instant
[3] Glyph of Energy - Decreases cool-down by 20%.
[5] Glyph of Brilliance - Decreases MP consumption by 300.

Hail Storm is another great skill in the sorc's arsenal. Use this skill as an AoE slow and decent DoT. Both glyphs are recommended for endgame and leveling.

Nerve Exhaustion Nerve Exhaustion (56)
Cast a hex that exhausts up to 4 targets within a 15m radius, making them unable to use any skills for 10 seconds. Effective only on other players. Press the skill button once and mouse over to lock on targets, then press the skill button again to shoot at all targets. Using this skill on a target cursed with Time Gyre will remove the Time Gyre effect from the target.
Cool-down: 120 sec
Cast time: Instant, Lock-on, 1 sec
[4] Glyph of Energy - Decreases cool-down by 20%.
[3*] Glyph of Energy - Decreases cool-down by 30%.

PvP-only skill, zero application for PvE or leveling.

Mana Volley Mana Volley (58)
Up to 4 targets within 15m lose 25% of their total MP immediately and 172 further MP every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. This affects only other players. However, hitting any target restores 25% of your total MP. Press the skill button once and mouse over to lock on targets, then press the skill button again to shoot at all targets.
Cool-down: 180 sec
Cast time: Instant, Lock-on, Instant
[5] Glyph of Lingering - Increases effect duration by 40%.

Since you receive this skill rather late in leveling, it is only recommended as a mana supplement when you need it. Otherwise, its primary function is more PvP-based.

Stone Skin Stone Skin (60)
Encases your body in stone for 5 seconds, protecting from all attacks and dropping all aggro. Can be cancelled if activated a second time.
Cool-down: 300 sec
Cast time: Instant
[5] Glyph of Energy - Decreases cool-down by 20%.
[3*] Glyph of Energy - Decreases cool-down by 20%.

This skill can save you in a bind by nullifying all damage received. Since it drops all of your aggro, it is a nice tool to send away a giant trail of mobs, or to make the dungeon boss find someone else to pick on. For most PvE applications, this a purely defensive skill and does not need to be focused on. Even with a reduction in glyph points, it is still not highly recommended.

The above skills and their glyphs center around mana conservation and highly damaging skills. You can fit in some utility, but the sorc's main role eventually becomes the team's ranged turret. I will go over skill applications and rotations further in the guide. Please leave a comment on glyphs you feel deserve more attention for their unique applications. I know there are many possibilities for skills and glyphs. The above are only recommendations.

TERA Sorcerer Crystals

Crystals are small additions that are inserted into your weapon and chest piece to enhance your offensive and defensive capabilities. Weapons have up to 4 slots that you can add offensive crystals. At any phase of the game it is imperative that you try to gain the best optimized crystals for that situation. Zyrks are crystals that go into an accessory slot(lvl 60). I will list some popular crystals that are useful for different situations.

Acrimonunious Crystals: Critical attacks against boss monsters do +# times damage when attacking from the rear. Cannot stack with other Acrimonious crystals.
These are used to increase your critical damage output while hitting a BAM only. Use these in dungeons and when killing open world BAMs with a tank. Positioning is key with this crystal.

Brilliant Crystals: Provides a set amount of mana back per 5 seconds.
You can have up to 4 of these slotted in your weapon. They supplement your mana regeneration and are great for leveling if you find yourself running out of mana during or walking to mob pulls.

Carving Crystals: Increases crit rate by %. Cannot stack with other Carving crystals.
This crystal adds an increase to your % chance to critical. This crystal is coupled with other crystals that need a crit to trigger their effect.

Focused Crystals: Your attacks do an additional +# times critical damage against enraged monsters. Cannot stack with other Focused crystals.
This is a crystal that increases your critical damage. This crystal is primarily used for BAMs. It can be used for normal mobs but they often don't survive long enough to reap the benefits of this crystal.

Hunters crystals: Inflicts an additional % damage to normal monsters.
Up to 4 of these crystal can be stacked in your weapon. Using 4 of these will give you the most possible damage at any given time to mobs. Use these during the entire leveling phase. Even in some end-game dungeons you will still need to use this crystal.

Mutinious Crystals: Inflicts an additional % damage to boss monsters. Up to
4 of these can be placed in your weapon slots. They provide the highest increase in damage to a boss that does not require a critical hit. Since the sorcs base crit stat is rather low in compared to most DPS classes, they tend to use this crystal to increase their non-crit sustained damage. Use these only against BAMs.

Savage Crystals: Critical attacks do an additional +# times damage when attacking from the rear. Cannot stack with other Savage crystals.
This crystal requires you to crit and be in the back of your target. This crystal will work on any monster type from minion to BAM. Best used versus groups of mobs or bosses when a "tank" is present in the group.

There are plenty of other weapon crystals in the world of TERA. I highlighted popular crystals that you can use for all stages of grinding and dungeons.

Defensive crystals are inserted into your chest armor. You can have up to 4 crystals inserted. Here are some popular defensive crystals that will let you survive your encounters.

Anarchic Crystals: Decrease damage by % from bosses.
Reducing incoming damage from a boss is very important. Even with a healer you can still be killed if you do not wear these type of crystal versus BAMs. You can have up to 4.

Poised Crystals: Decrease damage by % when attacked by enraged monsters.
This crystal is very useful against certain mobs that enrage a majority of the time. Some BAMs enrage on a timer or when their health falls. The choice to use this crystal is important. If the BAM is not enraged you will not receive and defensive bonuses. Up to 4 can be used.

Relentless Crystals: Increases maximum HP.
4 can be stacked in your armor slots. If you do not have a defensive crystals against a specific type of monster, this is the next best thing to help you survive. By adding to your pool of health you can take a few more hits.

Stalwart Crystals:Decrease damage by % when attacked by normal monsters.
While leveling, these can be a nice crystal to have if you are taking too much damage in an encounter with normal monsters. You can use up to 4.

Vigorous Crystals: Provides a set HP regeneration per 5sec.
During the leveling phases this crystal will keep you above water. Once you take a bit of damage these crystals will give you HP every 5 seconds. This is a nice thing to have when traveling and between encounters. You can have up to 4 of these in your armor slots. I suggest if you are going to use this crystal type use all 4 slots with these to gain the most out of the HP regen.

There are other crystals that can be used for defensive purposes, but they require certain situations to be met. The above are the most popular used crystals for the entire time you play TERA.

Zyrks are either offensive or defensive depending on what ones you choose. The only recommended zyrk that sorcs use are Power zyrks.

TERA Sorcerer Crystal Builds

I will list a few Crystal combinations for Leveling and Dungeons.


  • 4x Hunters Crystals
  • 4x Vigorous Crystals
  • 4x Brilliant Crystals
  • 4x Vigorous Crystals

Dungeons and BAMs:

  • Carving Crystal
  • Focused Crystal
  • 2x Mutinous Crystals
  • 4x Anarchic Crystals
  • Carving Crystal
  • Focused Crystal
  • Acrimonious Crystal
  • Savage Crystal
  • 4x Anarchic Crystal
  • 4x Mutinous Crystals
  • 4x Anarchic Crystals

TERA Sorcerer Gear 101

TERA Online is very dependent on what gear you have equipped. Optimizing for the best possible gear and stat will make every part of TERA easier. Each piece of gear adds to your total stats but also has room for customization. Each piece also has unique stats that show up only on specific pieces.

Gear is broken up into 4 different parts. They include 3 armor pieces (Chest/Boots/Gloves) and 1 weapon. There are also 3 different accessories (Rings/Earrings/Necklace). I will go over each type and stats that are recommended for each piece. Remember that stats should supplement your play style and make sure to experiment and test out different combinations to find what is right for you.


Your weapon, there are many like it but this one is yours. This is your meal ticket. A sorc without a good weapon is not a sorc at all. Ensure that you put time into getting the best weapon you can obtain at the stage of the game you are in. When leveling you will out grow your weapon rather quickly, this does not excuse getting the worse possible stats unless you do not have another option. I will be listing popular stats that you should obtain. Masterwork is an additional improvement upon enchantable weapons. Strive to get this on your end-game weapons.

  • % damage to bosses
  • % damage from behind
  • % damage to enraged monsters
  • % attack speed
  • % damage to normal monsters(Leveling)

Note: sorcs have the skill Celerity, so attack speed is not as important as increased damage stats.

Weapons that you want to get would be Superior Ranked or Gold weapons. They will give you the highest level of stats and amount possible on your weapon. These are obtained from BAMs, Dungeons, and trading with other players. Superior also give you 4 crystal slots where as rare, or blue, only give 3. The actual base stats will vary from weapon to weapon and tier to tier. You want to always have the highest attack modifier/attack power. Attack power is the number used in the damage calculation. The higher this can be the higher your damage will become.

Sorc weps

All items have base stats (top 1/2 of the weapon stats) and enchanted stats (+3/6/9). The stats I listed previously are going to show up in the base/3/6/9. As you can see the amount of stats you gain increase as the tier of weapon increases. Also notice the attack power differences in the change of tier as well.

The best easily obtainable disk to get would be Queens Heart. It is dropped by Queen in the hardest dungeon in TERA so far. The best weapon in the game is part of the Visionmaker Set. This take time and effort to get. Queens Heart is listed in the screenshot above.

Chest Piece

This armor piece is where you receive the majority of your defensive stats. Like any other gear obtaining the best superior chest will benefit you the most. Like the weapon there are unique stats that are available only on the chest piece. I will list the ones that will be most beneficial:

  • % reduction from Bosses
  • % reduction from enraged monsters
  • % increase in healing received
  • % reduction of frontal attacks(facing your foe)
  • % reduction from normal monsters(leveling)
  • 30% chance to regen health at start of combat(leveling)
  • 30% chance to regen mana at start of combat(leveling)

The same idea as weapons goes for chest too. The higher the tier/rarity will yield better stats. Aim for the most defense possible while leveling:

armor display

Visionmaker again is the best chest to get in the end. The Royalfire Gown is most likely your best chest piece you can easily obtain.


Gloves are considered an offensive item. The base stats give you defense, but the additional stats affect your skills directly. On gloves it is best to focus on getting the stat 'Power'. This stat is a small multiplier to your base attack power. On lower tier gloves it is most likely you will out level your gloves fast. Getting gloves with the power stat in the +0/base stat will suffice. On all gloves +3 and +6 will be an increase to Crit chance. When you settle on end-game gloves make sure to roll your +0 and +9 stat as Power.

sorc glove display

Like weapon and chest, Visionmaker is the best all around for Gloves. What an overwhelming amount of the population does for gloves is PvP gloves. The conjunct set has decent stats and can be masterworked. The best thing is that it can be used for PvP and PvE. Thus saving on enchantment costs. As well the masterworked +10/11/12 stats roll power or healing. It still might be a pain but it is cost effective to get these gloves.


Boots are a primary defensive item. They do not give you very unique stats. The best ones to roll for is Endurance or Speed. In leveling and Dungeons reducing incoming damage or avoiding it will be your best choice. Visionmaker is the best choice for all around boots, but Conjunct (PvP) is the cost effective choice:

sorc boot display


Rings: Rings are an offensive item. They increase your attack modifier. The additional stats also slightly increase offensive stats like crit chance and crit power. Other various things such as periodic damage (DoT) or stun effects can also be on rings. They are not as useful as crit chance or crit damage. The best end-game ring is considered Conquer Rings. they give 1.5% more damage and 1 rollable stat.

  • 1.5% extra damage
  • Crit rate +2/Crit mod +.04

Earrings: Earrings are a defensive item. They give base defense. The stats that are on earrings are preventative. They give % chance of resisting bad status effects. The 2 stats to get on earrings are debatable and should support your style of play. I recommend the following stats for PvE and PvP:

  • 10% reduction on stun duration
  • 4.3% increase heals received
  • 2.3% chance to resist stuns

Necklace: This is an additional offensive item. The objective is to gain the highest attack modifier possible. Current dungeons that give acceptable necklaces are Crucible of Flame and Serjukia's Gallery. These both have a chance to drop a necklace with 4 or 6 percent attack speed increase along with 1 rollable stat. Getting crit rate or crit mod on this will be the recommended stats.

  • increase attack speed 4/6%
  • Crit rate +2/Crit mod +.04

TERA Sorcerer Leveling

Sorcs will start off by throwing fireballs at the enemy over and over. It will seem slow, but soon you are casting a barrage of spells at your foe. You must quickly learn how to be light on your feet and quick on the trigger. A battered and bruised sorc won't be very effective.

Until level 6 you will not have a form of Crowd Control(CC). You will have to rely on well aimed casts and dodging enemy attacks. This is rather simple since low level creatures are pretty cumbersome. Rotate between using auto attacks and moving backwards or away from the mob in some form. This keeps damage on the target and space between you.

Once you gain some CC at levels 6,8 and 10 you can breath a little. You have a few DPS skills and CC that allows you to attack and keep a good distance.

You will gain a mixture of DPS and utility skills until level 28. Once you hit level 28 the whole game changes. You learn Fireblast at level 28 and you now are TERA's own nuking class. Although it is slow to cast at the beginning, if you notice the outer edge of the Fireblast is approx 15m. If you place your cast on them from 15m they will come at you and walk through your Fireblast! You should be done casting by the time they come close. Continue to practice with CC skills and alternating damage skills in.

At level 32 you gain a skill called Overchannel. This skill is a great spike assist. The only thing to note is that it is only useful for the next amount of damage to hit the target. If you use Overchannel and then auto attack it will be wasted. Or if you use Ice Needle on 2 targets, only the first target hit will receive the damage increase.

Level 36 you receive Void Pulse. This skill has slightly less damage than Fireblast but only hits the first target it contacts. This is a great single target spell. Best to save this for killing the leader of minion mobs.

Mana Barrier or you shield is acquired at level 40. This gives you the ability to take a hit or two without having to worry as much about your health. It also gives some decent utility though glyphs, such as increase power for damage skills.

At level 48 you receive Hail Storm and Burst of Celerity. Hail Storm is a wide AoE and a DoT. This is great for slowing groups of mobs and damage at the same time. It has a decent cool-down timer so best to know how to fit it in your rotation. Additionally you receive Burst of Celerity. This makes every spell you cast on crack. Glyphed this skill gives you 50% additional attack speed. Now you can cast almost instantly. This is when damage rotations start to play a role in the sorcs abilities.

Skills received after 48 are primarily PvP oriented. At level 60 you get Stone Skin.


If you are leveling solo almost the entire time you will have to adapt a kiting method and CC before you get hunted down by monsters. Rotating in damage between CC or possibly blowing them up before they know what hit them might be the best approach. It will be something you do a lot and will become second nature soon enough.

To level up in an timely fashion it is best to do normal quests or yellow "!". These will take you through the zones and give you the most EXP overall. Story quests, or red "!", are the quests that lead you to the next zone. You can not gain access to certain normal quest unless you have unlocked the same level main story. If you find yourself running out of quests you may have to grind a bit to reach the level required for the next main story.


If you have 2-5 people in your group your job now becomes the damage machine. Ideally you should have your partners group up the mobs and "tank" them while you burst them down. This is also safer for you if you do not have a healer. For dungeons it is the same concept. Wait for the tank to go and then burst down the mobs or BAM from behind for max damage possible. Positioning in dungeons is important so you get the maximum amount of damage off as well as surviving BAM attacks.

Leveling is a very straight forward path from talking to NPCs, carrying out their quests, and then handing in your reward. On certain story quests you will have to complete dungeons. Once you get the quest required to do the dungeon it is best to join the instance matcher to find a group or shout in chat for open positions. During the time you are waiting for a group you can grind more mobs for EXP and money, or what ever else you feel you might need to do.

TERA Sorcerer End Game Dungeons

Your role in the end game dungeons do not change much from the dungeons you completed during leveling. You sit in the back of the mobs/BAMs and burst them down. Here are some end game dungeons that you should aim to complete to obtain the gear you need to succeed in TERA.

  • Fane of Kaprima Hard Mode
  • Baulder's Temple Hard Mode
  • Argon Corpus Normal/Hard Mode
  • Manaya's Core Normal/Hard Mode
  • Crucible of Flame
  • Sirjuka's Gallery
  • Temple of Temerity

Fane of Kaprima is the best place to start. It is a rather straight forward dungeon that introduces new Dungeon and Boss mechanics. The end loot is tier 13 and not very strong in comparison to t14. Kaprima drops enchantable armor only, as well as decent jewelry. This dungeon is pretty much here to get your feet wet.

Baulder's Temple is slightly harder to do but the rewards are greater. This dungeon is very Dungeon mechanic based. You will have to learn how the bosses interact with the environment. This end boss will drop the t13 enchantable weapon. Both the t13 armor and weapons are very cheap on the Trade Broker. If you want to save time paying money for the gear will save you some hassle.

Argon corpus Normal mode has the exact same rewards as FoK and BT. It is not as mechanic heavy and you should be able to complete it every time. This is the dungeon I recommend running a lot when you first hit 60. It also prepares you for the boss mechanics for hard mode.

Argon Corpus Hard mode will be your first true test of late game dungeons. Learning boss mechanics from normal will help you survive. The bosses act differently than normal mode so you need to stay on your toes. The last boss here drop t14 Abyss gear. This gear is what you want to start enchanting and using on a regular basis.

Manaya's Core normal mode is an addition the TERA to help you learn the Hard Mode. This dungeon is still difficult to do and requires a certain gear score to survive without too many problems. These fights are very mechanic based and also having a +9 abyss weapon or greater will help in the long run.

Manaya's Core hard mode is the ultimate goal to accomplish in your dungeon runs. Doing this dungeon will allow you the chance to make the best gear in the game. The queen also drops Regent gear. This gear you can obtain through the trade broker if you want to save the money to buy it. If you do want to go this route of farming i suggest you only buy the chest and weapon. They will be very expensive though.
Good luck on your dungeon clears!

Sirjuka's Gallery and Temple of Temerity are timed instances that when cleared give tokens that you can redeem at an NPC for additional glyphs.

Crucible of Flame is a PvE ranked competetive dungeon. Fast clear times and higher difficulty produce a higher score. This is also a good dungeon to receive possibly the best necklace in the game so far. 

TERA Sorcerer Damage Rotations

These are only going to be suggestions. I do not imply that these are "the best" rotations. You should experiment and test your own thoughts and ideas. Some builds will rely on certain glyphs to operate correctly. I just want to give you some insight and concepts to think about when coming up with your damage cycles. The main idea of a damage rotation is to apply as much damage within the duration of a Burst of Celerity. Celerity is 15 seconds up-time and 10 seconds down-time.

The most common practice is casting Fireblast twice in the duration of celerity. To do this you have to cast Fireblast withing the first 2 seconds of your celerity. Then you follow a combination of skills to fill the gap and your last skill will be the second Fireblast. So a common rotation will look like:

Celerity>Void Pulse>Fireblast>Flame Barrage>Ice Needle>Magma Bomb>Painblast>Mana Infusion>Hail Storm>Arcane Pulse>Void Pulse>Fireblast. This is just a concept to see how to fit in 2 Fireblasts in 1 rotation. After these 15 seconds, you have a 10 second downtime to use other DPS or mana/utility skills.

Other concepts come into play such as preparing your Fireblast with a few skills for increased power:
Overchannel>lighting trap cancel(glyph of powerlink)>mana barrier(glyph of pump)>celerity>Fireblast for maximum burst of the initial attack.

Another is not using Overchannel before or during Hail Storm's animation. A popular misconception is that Overchannel will work for the duration of Hail Storm. In fact, it only applies to the first tick of damage that the buff is in effect. So if Overchannel is used during the animation, 99% of the time Hail Storm will waste your Overchannel.

Arcane pulse used before your Fireblast is another glyph dependent rotation. When using arcane pulse(glyph of carving) a 2x crit buff is applied for 4 seconds. In this time you can use void pulse and Fireblast and have 2x chance to crit than using them normally. The one thing is that you need to use celerity because the normal cast animation is long and may consume ~1 second of your crit buff. Once you see the Buff you can let arcane pulse go into the ground or off to the side if you don't want to consume a cast of overchannel.

Pain blast+flame barrage rotation. The Glyph of Powerlink for Pain Blast and Flame barrage can be used for DPS between your Fireblast Combos. The glyph adds a buff for 10 seconds that increases Flame barrage's damage by 25%. Using pain bast with the buff could yield up to 3 buffed flame barrages if used sequentially.

So a damage rotation including the prior mentioned skills/glyphs would look like:

Overchannel>lightning trap cancel(glyph of powerlink)>mana barrier(glyph of pump)>celerity>arcane pulse(glyph of carving/1 tick fast cast)>void pulse>Fireblast>pain blast>flame barrage>mana infusion>flame barrage>overchannel>lightning trap cancel>arcane pulse>void pulse>Fireblast>hail storm.

Since hail storm has a 10 second duration you can time your rotation to start when hail storm has ended so you don't consume your overchannel. Within these 10 seconds you can cast mana infusion again to keep it up 100% of the time. Make sure to use skills such as magma bomb and ice needle during the 10 sec of down time to keep your DPS up. Also note that this rotation was used with +13% attack speed+celerity(50% glyphed).

You can see that it is possible to have a full DPS rotation with minimal downtime...10 seconds reserved for mana gain and re positioning. Remember that all fights are dynamic and wont be the same. Be mindful of your surroundings and be ready to move or dodge. If you die because you wanted to get 1 more spell off you actually lose out on damage compared to losing out on 1 or 2 spells. Dead sorc is a bad sorc.


The sorc is one if not the highest sustained damage in the game. They have high crits and powerful bursts. Along side of that you are rather squishy and risk death at every turn. Make sure to practice your positioning the most. Being at the right place at the right time is better than being dead. Please leave comments or suggestions. Also please let me know what your damage rotation is. I only gave 1 that fit all of the specific glyphs I mentioned in the guide. Nice to see what all of you think think. Thank you for reading.