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TERA Mystic Guide PvE/PvP by Nan0teck

A TERA Mystic Guide updated for TERA Rising. This guide covers both PvE and PvP, and provides an in-depth look at the skills, glyphs, equipment, crystals and more!

This guide is currently updated for the Wounded World update (July 8, 2014).

TERA Mystic Guide - Introduction

TERA's Mystic class is a well-rounded support class, utilizing regenerative motes and a target heal to keep their parties alive, while constantly buffing them with a number of powerful auras. Mystics also pack extensive crowd control (CC) abilities and can summon pets which can heal and fight for them. Despite being a healer class, Mystics are more of an offensive support - they are quite active on the battlefield and are constantly on the move while healing and buffing allies and disabling their enemies.

The contents of this guide are based solely on my personal opinion/experience, and I hope newcomers and seasoned players alike can learn something out of it! I also encourage other players to help contribute to this guide; if you find any errors or want to share some tips and builds, feel free to comment.

If you would like to talk to me ingame, whisper or add Cannoneer.Askah on the NA server, Tempest Reach.

The Role of a Mystic


As a healer, you'll generally be staying behind your party, or sometimes in-between your melee/ranged DPS while keeping them healthy and buffing them. Your main healing skill, Titanic Favor, is a target heal; positioning is crucial, especially when you get into larger raids when you can only lock onto a maximum of three targets. You should only ever be at melee range of bosses to buff your Melee DPS and drop healing/mp motes (Arun's Vitae/Arun's Tears) for them, and also to use Corruption Ring, but only if you're experienced and with an experienced party as it's dangerously risky to use otherwise. Placement of your motes is also quite important, but generally, it's fine to place them anywhere beside your ranged DPS or inbetween your ranged and melee DPS. You also have an extensive crowd-control kit; unfortunately, many endgame bosses are highly resistant or immune to your CC. It still works on open-world BAMs, and common BAMs that are seen in dungeons such as Sirjuka Gallery, Crucible of Flame, Shattered Fleet, etc. Use your CC to interrupt big boss attacks!

Other than using your CC on certain BAMs, you'll generally want to stay out of combat as your combat movement speed is extremely slow compared to your out-of-combat (OOC) movement speed, making it more difficult to kite, avoid fatal attacks, and get in range to heal allies when they need it most. In some instances, you are allowed to mount up during a boss fight which makes life so much easier. Eventually, you will also learn when it is safe to use Corruption Ring to supplement your Aura of the Tenacious and Arun's Tears for a nice extra chunk of mana regen (mana is always important, especially for damage dealers).

Tip: If you selected the wrong targets with any lock-on skill, such as Titanic Favor, you can press Esc to cancel the skill without casting it. This is also useful for buffering your target heal/cleanse on your allies (in other words, pre-targeting your teammates) in case they get hit, and you can cancel the skill at any time if others need to be healed/cleansed first.


In PvP, generally your role as an offensive support is to, of course, heal/cleanse your teammates, but also use your multitude of CC skills for self-peels/peeling for teammates, setting up kills for teammates and for wombo combos. Regression can also be a game-changer, it will wipe all buffs from your opponents; some are extremely crucial, such as the Sorcerer's Burst of Celerity and the Slayer's In Cold Blood. It will even wipe every Priest buff from the affected opponents if they have them, which is pretty huge.

Of course, almost everything PvP-wise can only be self-taught by experience. The most important things which cannot be taught by anyone else are positioning and timing, especially in 3v3. The only thing that I or anyone else can teach is sharing what CC skills can be chained into each other. For example, you can chain fear into sleep but not the other way around, but you can chain stun and sleep into each other. Learn when you should use Regression; depending on the situation, a well-placed/well-timed Regression can really turn the tables in a fight. For example, clearing Priest buffs, shields, and other defensive buffs to help your teammates land a kill, stop the infamous Priest ressurection, clear offensive buffs like the ones I mentioned earlier to shut down their damage, etc. Learn how to react to certain situations, such as a teammate landing a stun on someone; follow up with your own CC to extend the combo. If you can predict/react quick enough to CC being targeted on you, you can also pop Thrall of Life for an instant cleanse. It's extremely vulnerable and is easily knocked down, but it will pretty much always get the first cleanse off if you know when to use it.

Glyph Builds

Note: The following glyph builds shown will be skeleton builds, meaning they will only include the core skills as to leave room for customization to the player.


Solo Skeleton Build

For the purpose of this build, I left out all master glyphs since this will be used for levelling.

  • Your thralls will be very useful for solo leveling.
  • If you like to brute force everything, just cycle between Metamorphic Blast and Metamorphic Smite while squeezing Sharan Bolts inbetween.
  • Thrall of Vengeance has a small AoE on its bolt attacks and actually does decent damage, so this can help greatly with fighting large groups of mobs.
  • When you learn Thrall of Wrath, it may take some time getting used to. The AI has been greatly improved (it won't stand around and do nothing for its entire duration unless there's literally nothing around it). I do suggest getting all the glyphs for it when you can, because it makes life so much easier (at least get cooldown reduction).
  • Getting glyphs for CC is OK here, since you'll mostly be fighting normal mobs (and possibly BAMs) and your CC almost always works on them.
  • Here's an example of a complete solo build for lvl 60.


Party Skeleton Build

Surprisingly, you don't get very many support glyphs early on. So, you have a few choices for glyphs to pick out as you get to 60 (most are for quality of life). When you hit 60, you'll have a lot more choices:


Large-scale PvP (15v15 or greater)

Champions' Skyring (3v3)

This is my personal glyph build. Before every round, I glyph swap something in order to apply the Glyph of Grounding buff with Thrall of Protection.

The build above is only to give you an idea of a Mystic's glyph build for 3v3. Feel free to experiment with your own builds!

Equipment and Crystals

There isn't really much a Mystic needs to worry about in terms of gear while leveling, so I will only be covering endgame Tier 14 gear, what rollable stats are optimal on each piece of gear and crystals you should use.

Wounded World Gear Sets


Oculus Set (T13)

Obtainable gear from Balder's Temple (Solo). This is entry-level gear for all fresh characters.

Patron Set (T14)

Obtainable gear from Rubra/Arcta tokens and from Rift's Edge Normal Mode. Don't waste your time with this.

Devastator Set (T15)

The first of the T15 gear sets and is obtainable from Rift's Edge Hard Mode. Just like the Wonderholme set, the weapons have three different versions depending on what stats you want - Intense (pure damage), Keen (crit rate/damage) and Quick (attack speed). However, unlike the Wonderholme set, the base stats of these weapons vary slightly as well depending on the version. ex. Quick has the highest base attack/impact modifier of the three versions to somewhat make up for the lack of base damage lines.

Archetype/Pinnacle Set (T15)

The next upgrade to the Nightforge PvE set and is the current best-in-slot PvE gear. This set can be retooled from Nightforge gear or crafted from scratch. Just like the Devastator, the weapons have three different versions depending on what stats you want.

To retool Nightforge gear into Archetype, you need to obtain Muhrak's Cryptic Document (drops from Rift's Edge Hard Mode and is also tradeable); right-click on this item to start a quest. Visit Muhrak once you start the quest to obtain the recipes needed to retool Nightforge into Archetype.

To craft Archetype from scratch, you need to obtain Muhrak's Curious Letter (drops from Rift's Edge Normal Mode and is also tradeable), then do the same as you would with the Cryptic document.

Once you have learned your recipes, you need the following materials:

  • Sploy Nuggets - Obtainable from Agnitor rep shop
  • Riftsteel - Obtainable from Muhrak via the "From the Rift" quest
  • Airborne Shells - Drops from Rift's Edge Hard Mode
  • Demokron's Plasma - Drops from Ghillieglade, Lakan's Prison, Rift's Edge Normal/Hard Mode, and from the treasure chests that drop from these instances
  • Archeblade Mementos - Craftable material, tradeable

If you are making Archetype from scratch, you will also need:

  • Shandra's Quill - Drops from Manaya's Core Hard Mode)
  • Mark of Bloodshed - Drops from Channelworks, Shattered Fleet, Kezzel's Gorge, Wonderholme Normal Mode and Manaya's Core Hard Mode

The Pinnacle Weapon (VM3.5) and Belt are dropped from The Abscess Hard Mode and are part of the Archetype Set. The Pinnacle Weapon is basically a hybrid of Archetype Intense and Quick (same base stats and damage lines as Intense with an extra attack speed line).


Opportune Set (T14)

The basic T14 PvP set. Obtained from "Seven Wins for Seven Seas" and "Seven Kinds of Crazy" quests, which require you to achieve a certain number of wins in Corsairs' Stronghold. You will also receive retool recipes for upgrading the Opportune gear into Favored gear.

Favored Set (T15)

The basic T15 PvP set. Upgraded from Opportune gear after completing the preceding quests, then winning a certain number of times in Kumasylum. You then need lots of Victor's and Murderous Fortification Stones, obtained using Bellicarium/Killing Spree or Noctenium Society credits, Hijka Oils and Ostatak Oils. More info on obtaining Opportune and Favored gear can be found here.

Advantaged Set (T15)

The next upgrade to the Nightforge PvP set and is the current best-in-slot PvP gear. You need even more Bellicarium, Noctenium Society and Agnitor Credits as well as Hijka Oils and Ostatak Oils. More info on obtaining Advantaged gear can be found here.

Legacy PvE Gear Sets

Visionmaker Set (T14)

This used to be the endgame gear of all endgame gear; the pieces are craftable only but are NOT soulbound when crafted (you can craft this gear for alts). This is a hybrid set and is still very good in PvE, but unfortunately, very outdated in PvP. It required a lot of farming and mats from both PvE and PvP elements of the game and level 410 crafting for your appropriate weapon/armor type. The mats are much easier to obtain since the Dungeon Assault update, since you have to use this set as a component for Nightforge PvE.

Steadfast Set (T14)

Obtainable from Wonderholme Normal Mode. This gear has much higher base stats than all previous gear in the game; it's fairly easy to obtain and has a high chance to masterwork. This gear can also be bought using Molten Tokens, which drop from Kezzel's Gorge.

Bloodhoned Set (T14)

This is craftable gear that is slightly worse than Wonderholme.

Wonderholme Set (T14)

Obtainable from Wonderholme Normal/Hard Mode and Manaya's Core Hard Mode. This is a step up from Steadfast, but does not have a high chance to masterwork. Both Bind-on-Equip and Bind-on-Pickup versions of Wonderholme gear drops from WHHM. There is also a quest called "Occupy Wonderholme" that requires you to clear Wonderholme Normal Mode 60 times, and this will give you recipes for you to craft +10 Wonderholme gear which uses +12 Steadfast gear as a component. The weapons have three different versions depending on what stats you want - Intense (pure damage), Keen (crit rate/damage) and Quick (attack speed).

Nightforge PvE Set (T14)

This is the upgraded set to Visionmaker and is craftable only. This requires Visionmaker as a component, a Vision Document (begins a quest which hands you all designs for your class as a reward) and various materials:

  • Bandersnatch's Cube - Obtainable from Wonderholme Hard Mode
  • Metal Overlay - Obtainable from a repeatable quest which is given by Muhrak, the Legendary Blacksmith, in Habere (only after you've completed your Vision Document quest)
  • Mark of Bloodshed - Obtainable from Wonderholme Normal Mode, Manaya's Core Hard Mode, Channelworks, Shattered Fleet and Kezzel's Gorge

Legacy PvP Gear Sets

Visionmaker Set (T14)

This is extremely outdated for PvP now, but either Visionmaker or Bloodrave pieces are required as components for Nightforge PvP.

Strikeforce Set (T14)

This set requires Conjunct as a component, and does not require any crafting level to produce. However, you need Victor's Orthoclase (1200 Bellicarium credits) and the Dreamstriker Ore (1800 Killing Spree credits).

Nightforge PvP Set (T14)

This is the upgraded set to Visionmaker and is craftable only. This requires Visionmaker OR Bloodrave as a component and a lot of Victor's Trophy (3000 Bellicarium credits), Sturdy Forge Pitch (4000 Killing Spree credits) and Noctenium Forge Slag.

Enchantment Stats

Note: To see a complete list of all possible enchant stats, click here.


Like any class, your weapon is the most important piece of gear and should be focused on first. The better the weapon, the higher its base healing stat will be. The weapon's base healing stat ("Heals # HP") contributes the most to the total healing done in the healing formula. However, enchanting these weapons will NOT increase its base healing stat but will instead provide healing bonuses through enchantment stats.

For those that are curious, the healing formula is roughly as follows (Credit goes to Celaeris from the Enmasse forums):

Healing done = HealSpellBase * (1 + HPOnWeapon * (1 + BonusHealingDone) / 1000) * (1 + HealingReceivedOnTarget)

Healing done = The number that appears when any healing is done to a party member.
HealSpellBase = The base heal amount of the spell you are casting as it appears on the skill tooltip.
HPOnWeapon = The weapon's base healing stat, "Heals # HP".
BonusHealingDone = The enchant line that increases your outgoing heals, "Increases healing by %."
HealingReceivedOnTarget = The enchant line that increases the amount of healing received, "Increases HP Restoration by X%". This is also increased by a consumable called a Heart Potion.

The desired enchantment stats for the weapons are the following:

  • Attack speed increases by X%.
  • Decreases cooldown by X%.
  • Increases healing X%.
  • Increases your crit rate by X.


Your chest piece will provide the most defense out of all your gear, but you can choose to focus on your chest piece either after your weapon or gloves.

The desired enchantment stats for the robes are the following:

  • Reduces damage by X%.
  • Raises max HP by X%.
  • You take X% less damage from frontal attacks.
  • You take X% less damage from attacks while knocked down.

Skill bonus lines (as seen on Wonderholme/Nightforge):

  • Shara's Lash cooldown -10%
  • Teleport Jaunt cooldown -7%
  • Volley of Curses effect lasts 15% longer
  • Metamorphic Smite damage +17%
  • Gain 175 MP when you use Thrall of Life
  • Gain 175 MP when you use Thrall of Protection
  • Gain 110 MP when Sonorous Dreams hits target
  • Gain 175 MP when Vow of Rebirth hits target
  • Gain 100 MP when Mire hits target
  • Gain 75 MP when you use Titanic Wrath

You should get cooldown reduction for either Shara's Lash (for PvP only) or Teleport Jaunt.


The gloves not only give you additional defense, but also provide many useful bonuses such as additional attack speed, healing, MP regen, etc. I recommend fully upgrading your gloves after your weapon is set in stone.

The desired enchantment stats for the gloves are the following:

  • Attack speed increases by X%.
  • Restores X% of your MP every 5 seconds.
  • Increases healing X%.
  • Increases endurance by X.
  • Increases your crit rate by X.


The shoes have the lowest priority out of all your enchantable gear. They mostly give additional defense, but also provide some other useful bonuses such as MP regen and movement speed.

The desired enchantment stats for the shoes are the following:

  • Restores X% of your MP every 5 seconds.
  • Movement speed increases by X%.
  • Increases endurance by X.


The desired enchantment stats for accessories are the following:


  • Increases healing X%
  • Increases your crit rate by X.
  • Restores X% of your MP every 5 seconds.


  • Increases healing X%


  • Raises max HP by X%.
  • Decreases duration of stun effects by X%.
  • Decreases poison damage by X%.


Your best options for innerwear are:

  • Performance Bodywear / Satin Smallclothes - Restores 108 MP every 5 seconds.
  • Fitness Briefs / Satin Delicates - Raises max HP by 5.4%.


The desired enchantment stats for the belts are the following:

  • Raises max HP by X%. (Can double roll)


The desired enchantment stats for the brooches are the following:

  • Raises max HP by X%.
  • Increases your crit rate by X.

These stats can also be double rolled.

For more information on Brooches, please see this article. For more information on Wounded World gear, please see this thread.


There are three types of Crystals in the game: Weapon Crystals, Armor Crystals and Zyrks (accessories). There are many different prefixes for each type, but there are only a select few that Mystics really need.

Weapon Crystals

  • Fine Brilliant: Provides MP regeneration of X per 5 sec.
  • Fine Swift: Increases movement speed by X while in combat. Cannot stack with other Swift crystals.
  • Hunter's: Inflicts an additional X% damage to normal monsters. (For soloing)
  • Fine Threatening Crux: Increases monster aggro by 15%. (Manaya's Core only)

Armor Crystals

  • Anarchic: Decrease damage by X% from bosses.
  • Stalwart: Decrease damage by X% when attacked by normal monsters.
  • Fine Poised: Decrease damage by X% when attacked by enraged monsters.
  • Fine Fleetfoot: Increases movement speed by X while out of combat. Cannot stack with other Fleetfoot crystals.
  • Fine Relentless: Increases maximum HP by X. (Shandra Manaya and PvP only)
  • Fine Grieving: Immediately regenerates X MP when attacked by a player. (PvP only)


  • Pristine Succoring Zyrk: Increases healing by 2%.
  • Pristine Indomitable Zyrk: Reduces PvP damage received from player characters by a factor of 5.
  • Pristine Powerful Zyrk: Adds 2 Power. (For soloing, if you really want to max out your mad deeps)

The most common crystal setup for general party play is the following:

  • 3x Fine Brilliant Crux
  • 1x Fine Swift Crux
  • 4x Anarchic Crux
  • 4x Pristine Succoring Zyrk

The most common PvP crystal setup:

  • 3x Fine Brilliant Crux
  • 1x Fine Swift Crux
  • 3x Fine Relentless Crux
  • 1x Fine Grieving Crux
  • 4x Pristine Indomitable Zyrk

In The Abscess Hard Mode, you may choose to use some Fine Poised Cruxes against Nightmare Krakatox simply because he is enraged for most of the fight.

Levelling Up

I highly recommend finding a leveling partner because soloing as a Mystic is not really the greatest thing ever. You get your 3 main DPS skills at level 1, 2 and 6, and you'll be cycling through them over and over and over again until (and even after) 60.

Thralls are very useful for solo leveling, so if you can't find a leveling partner, these will be your fallback. Soloing BAMs is actually a viable option with thralls. Also, if you decide to go with the questing route, ignore all of the repeatables until 60; if you do all of the sidequests at all the camps you visit, you'll be way overleveled for the story quests anyway (you can even skip BAMs and still be overleveled). A comprehensive leveling guide can be found here.

Other than that, you'll find parties easily in Instance Matching or Looking for Group (LFG) due to being a healer. The dungeons aren't really difficult up until endgame, but they do teach you about different boss mechanics which will be very useful at endgame.

Keep in mind that you can change glyphs on the fly as long as you aren't in combat. You can have up to 5 glyph pages, and you can modify them and swap between them as much as you want at no cost.

Endgame Instances

When you first hit 60, you're going to be hit in the face with a crapton of quests and new factions unlocked, which means lots of dailies.

The following section will have sample explanations of some gimmicks, but this is not an instance guide so it won't cover everything (it's just to give you an idea of what you'll be dealing with from now on).

  • Balder's Temple (Solo / 5-man)
  • Alliance Vaults (Solo / 5-man)
  • Ghillieglade (Solo)
  • Lakan's Prison (5-man)
  • Rift's Edge Normal/Hard Mode (10-man)
  • The Abscess Normal/Hard Mode (7-man / 5-man)

Legacy Dungeons

  • Manaya's Core Normal/Hard Mode (5-man)
  • Kelsaik's Sanctuary (10-man/20-man)
  • Argon Corpus (5-man)
  • Temple of Temerity (5-man)
  • Sirjuka Gallery (5-man)
  • Crucible of Flame (5-man)
  • Channelworks (3-man)
  • Shattered Fleet (5-man)
  • Kezzel's Gorge (7-man)
  • Wonderholme Normal/Hard Mode (10-man)

You should start doing Temple of Temerity as soon as you hit 58 to start getting your master glyphs. It's a pretty simple defend-the-crystal minigame where you have to defend a crystal for 20 minutes (or until you kill all 3 bosses) while hordes of enemies zerg it. It's actually a very easy dungeon, and you really don't have to do much other than drop some skittles and buff people. Your party needs to kill all 3 bosses to get the maximum amount of Practicum Badges and Dire Badges, so you should run in with someone for every boss fight without potting just for the auras (pot for the last fight). A comprehensive guide to Temple of Temerity can be found here.

Sirjuka's Gallery is a bit more complicated than Temple of Temerity, but you need the Talents from this dungeon in order to get some of your best glyphs. A comprehensive guide to Sirjuka Gallery can be found here.

For quite a long time, Manaya's Core Hard Mode was the most difficult instance in the game. This is where you're gonna have to do the kiting I was talking about (but only for the first phase of Shandra Manaya, the "cocoon" phase). Drop motes to produce universal aggro and run around like a headless chicken while your party beats down Shandra's cocoon. No, but really, just mount up for this part. Why do you have to kite them? Those adds have extremely high defense so you can't really bother trying to kill them and they'll just get in the way of your party. Occasionally, some adds that look like banelings (Fanged Gullets) will spawn and will run to you (make sure to cast your Arun's Vitae as soon as they spawn to ensure that you have aggro). They will explode and release a strong poisonous DoT; lead the adds into them and they'll die quickly. Also, try to drop some skittles close to the middle of the fight when you can, and use the totem here for the HoT. You'll hardly have time to use your target heal, but the skittles and totem should keep your party sufficiently healthy. Have them bring their own emergency pots as well. You can still do emergency drive-by target heals and teleport to stay away from mobs. A comprehensive guide to MCHM can be found here. The dungeon kind of lost its difficulty simply due to the power creep of T15 gear, but it's still a fun instance to run.

The Abscess Hard Mode serves to replace Manaya's Core Hard Mode. It's a much shorter instance with only two bosses, and while it isn't as mechanically challenging, the dungeon still keeps you on your toes, requiring great teamwork and execution and is extremely punishing to execution errors. The dungeon is very taxing on healer as well; even more so for a Mystic. A comprehensive guide to TAHM can be found here.

Here's a short survival 101 video guide for Nightmare Krakatox:

PvP Tips & Tricks

One important thing to keep in mind is that ALL your CC can be blocked or iframed (invincibility frame). You should generally aim your stunball right at the ground so it explodes immediately and won't give anyone time to react to it, unless you are using it to extend another lockdown combo from afar. ex. Use it in conjunction with Lancer's Giga Leash and follow up with Regression!

Also remember that all of your lock-on CC take time to actually affect your opponents since they all share the same animation, and it must actually "hit" them to take effect. This gives your opponents time to react and block/dodge accordingly, so don't mindlessly throw them out! Try catching your opponent off-guard in the heat of battle, right after an iframe such as the Warrior's Death From Above or after a Backstep (Lancer, Priest, Archer, Sorc).

Mire and Curse of Confusion (fear) are exceptions since they are instant lock-on CCs, even though they do share the same animation as all your other lock-on CCs. If you lock either skill on an opponent and immediately cast it, it won't give them any time to react.

Your Teleport Jaunt also has iframes, albeit a short duration, but you can use this to dodge CC yourself, such as the Priest's Ishara's Lullaby (their only CC!), Sorc's CC or another Mystic's CC as well. It's also important to note that the Priest's sleep actually has a slight delay on its effect. This is actually quite important to know, especially for 3v3. If you are using Jaunt to iframe it, you'll have to wait until the animation actually "hits" you, then Jaunt at that moment. If you mistime it, you'll get slept, which COULD spell disaster. This is the only CC in the game that has this sort of delay.

Another thing to keep in mind: nothing in the game can counter fear except for Priest's Guardian Sanctuary. The only escape is to iframe/block it but it should NEVER fail unless you literally waste it while someone is iframing or if you use it too predictably. One of the best ways to land fear is to use it immediately on an enemy's Retaliate (or following an escape skill).

I mentioned the infamous Priest resurrection before, but what is it you ask? With the use of Guardian Sanctuary, which gives them 5 seconds of CC immunity, and Kaia's Shield, they basically become nearly unstoppable while they ressurect a teammate (it's ridiculously fast with Noctenium Infusion), so your best counter to this is Regression + Metamorphic Smite or some form of CC to stop the Priest. The enemy Priest/team will try to lock you/your team down before the Priest "all-ins" to revive their teammate, so you should try to pressure the Priest as far away from their dead teammate as possible.

Some effective CC chains:

Some examples of all-in CC wombo combos:

Mystic Skills and Glyphs

Below is a complete list of Mystic skills along with their respective glyphs (Skills acquired by level in brackets).

Glyphs will be color-coded in rank of importance (based on my opinion):
Green = Must-get
Orange = Preference
Red = Avoid these

[#] - indicates glyph point cost
[#*] - indicates master glyph

All master glyphs that are level 58 can be purchased for 30 Dire Badges each from the Dire Badge merchant beside the Temple of Temerity gatekeeper in Kaiator. Dire Badges are obtainable from Temple of Temerity and are tradeable, so you can buy them from the Auction House. You can also try your luck by buying Mystic Glyph Boxes for 10 Practicum Badges (also tradeable) each from the Practicum Badge merchant, also next to the gatekeeper.

All master glyphs that are level 60 can be purchased for 45 Gold Talents each from the Ranged Talent Agent across from the Sirjuka's Gallery gatekeeper in Allemantheia. Gold Talents are obtainable in Sirjuka's Gallery and are tradeable, so you can buy them from the Auction House, but they don't come cheap. Alternatively, you can try your luck with the Glyph Boxes for 15 Silver Talents (also tradeable) each beside the Ranged/Melee Talent Agents which can drop all master glyphs from ToT/SJG.

Master glyphs are either improved versions of existing glyphs and simply replace them, or have completely new effects.

Sharan Bolt Sharan Bolt (1)

Unleash a bolt of Sharan Energy at a single target up to 18m away. Does less damage to far-off targets.

Effect of Noctenium Infusion: Increases damage by 3-8%. Consumes 1 each time a skill is used.

[3] Empowered Sharan Bolt (Lvl 20) - Increases skill damage by 25%.

The first of your three main offensive skills. Only get the glyph if you're soloing. As Mystics, we could use all the extra damage we can get.

Arun's Vitae Arun's Vitae (1)

Gather Arunic power to create a mote that restores X HP every second for 5 seconds and removes all harmful effects.
[3] Glyph of Blaze (Lvl 28) - Speeds casting by 25% for Arun's Tears, the next skill in the chain.
[2*] Glyph of Restoration (Lvl 60) - Immediately restores 15% of total HP (to the caster).

Do you like skittles? I know I do. Don't bother with Glyph of Blaze. You have no reason to drop blue skittles even faster than you already do. For only 2 Glyph Points, the Glyph of Restoration causes this skill to instantly restore 15% of your own HP (this glyph is GAME-CHANGING). The healing ticks are affected by HP restoration.

Mana Infusion Mana Infusion (2)

You regain 100 MP every 1 second for 20 seconds. Ends if you take damage or use a combat skill or item.
[5] Spirited Mana Infusion (Lvl 20) - Increases mana regeneration by 20%.
[3] Hastened Mana Infusion (Lvl 20) - Increases casting speed by 25%.

Extra mana is always nice, but with Greater Infused Charms, you most likely will not be using this very often. In 3v3, you may actually consider getting Hastened Mana Infusion if you REALLY get mana-starved, but this is VERY situational (aka. if people actually ignored you long enough for you to use this and actually generate some mana out of it).

Metamorphic Blast Metamorphic Blast (2)

Project a cone of divine energy that damages nearby enemies.

Effect of Noctenium Infusion: Increases damage by 3-8%. Consumes 1 each time a skill is used.

[6] Empowered Metamorphic Blast (Lvl 20) - Increases skill damage by 25%.

The second of your three main offensive skills. Same as Sharan Bolt; only get the glyph if you're soloing. Mystic deeps #1.

Thrall of Protection Thrall of Protection (4)

Summon a Thrall of Protection that draws aggro from monsters and makes melee attacks. Lasts 10 minutes or until death.
[5] Energetic Thrall of Protection (Lvl 20) - Decreases cooldown by 10%. (The cooldown of this skill is 5 seconds...)
[4] Empowered Thrall of Protection (Lvl 20) - Increases the Thrall of Protection's damage by 25%.
[3] Fortified Thrall of Protection (Lvl 20) - Increases defense of Thrall of Protection by 25%.

[4*] Glyph of Grounding (Lvl 58) - Increases your and your party's endurance by 10% for 10 minutes.

The Glyph of Grounding is the primary reason you'd be summoning this thrall (you can do some glyph swapping with this). The buff stacks with other endurance buffs and persists even when the thrall isn't out on the field. You can also use him as debuff fodder for the 1st boss of Manaya's Core. He is also useful for solo leveling, as he does hold aggro decently against you. You could also use him as a distraction for you to summon your Thrall of Wrath to destroy mobs with while solo leveling.

Command: Attack Command: Attack (4)

Aim at a target within 24m and press the skill button to command your summoned creature to attack that target.

Command: Follow Command: Follow (4)

Command your thrall to follow you.

Metamorphic Smite Metamorphic Smite (6)

Damage targets within 3m.

Effect of Noctenium Infusion: Increases damage by 3-8%. Consumes 1 each time a skill is used.

[3] Energetic Metamorphic Smite (Lvl 20) - Decreases cooldown by 20%.
[4] Influential Metamorphic Smite (Lvl 20) - Reduces MP cost for the next chain skill by 41: Metamorphic Blast
[4] Hastened Metamorphic Smite (Lvl 20) - Increases casting speed by 25%.

The final main offensive skill. You could pick up the optional glyphs if you are soloing. This skill has surprisingly high impact, so use it to your advantage in PvP! Chaining it after disabling someone can help ensure kills for your teammates. Hastened Metamorphic Smite can help ensure landing this skill on opponents. EXTREMELY good self-peeling skill for 3v3, abuse it.

Teleport Jaunt Teleport Jaunt (8)

Teleport a short distance in the direction the camera faces.
[3] Energetic Teleport Jaunt (Lvl 20) - Decreases cooldown by 15%.
[4] Blazing Teleport Jaunt (Lvl 20) - Speeds casting by 25% for
Arun's Vitae, the next skill in the chain.
[4] Blazing Teleport Jaunt (Lvl 20) - Speeds casting by 25% for
Thrall of Life, the next skill in the chain.
[2*] Glyph of Energy (Lvl 58) - Decreases cooldown by 15%

Your one and only escape skill, which thankfully has invincibility frames when casting. Energetic Teleport Jaunt is optional for PvE (you may want it just for the mobility), but definitely get it for PvP. Blazing Teleport Jaunt for Arun's Vitae or Thrall of Life could be a life-saver in PvP even though the casting speed is already very fast. The split second timing could be the difference between life and death.

Corruption Ring Corruption Ring (10)

Drain HP from targets within 6m, storing it as a spiritual energy. The HP absorbed is proportional to how long you channel the ring. Use the Infusion Ring skill to release the stored energy.
[5] Trebling Corruption Ring (Lvl 20) - Increases balance and resistance to stun by 300%.
[4] Unfeeling Corruption Ring (Lvl 20) - Reduces damage by 50%.
[3] Influential Corruption Ring (Lvl 28) - Reduces MP cost for the next chain skill by 100: Arun's Tears.

Cast and hold the skill to deal damage to enemies inside the ring, then cast the skill again to convert the damage into mana for your party. Unfeeling Corruption Ring is excellent for facetanking attacks in dungeons like The Abscess Hard Mode when Jaunt is on CD/you have no way to dodge an incoming fatal attack.

Retaliate Retaliate (12)

Leap to your feet while attacking your target. You can use this skill only when knocked down.
[4] Empowered Retaliate (Lvl 20) - Increases skill damage by 25%.
[4] Energetic Retaliate (Lvl 20) - Decreases cooldown by 20%.
[3*] Opportunistic Retaliate (Lvl 58) - 100% chance to clear the cooldown of Teleport Jaunt.
[2*] Glyph of Balance (Lvl 58) - Increases balance by 500% for 2 seconds.

Mystic balance is near non-existent, so you'll probably find yourself getting knocked down very often, especially solo. Don't bother with Empowered Retaliate or Glyph of Balance (Retaliate already makes you immune to staggers/knockdowns for 2 seconds by default). Energetic Retaliate is pretty nice to have anywhere, and you'll definitely want Opportunistic Retaliate in PvP (optional in PvE).

Thrall of Vengeance Thrall of Vengeance (12)

Summon Thrall of Vengeance that makes ranged attacks against your enemies. Lasts 60 seconds or until death.
[3] Empowered Thrall of Vengeance (Lvl 20) - Increases the Thrall of Vengeance's damage by 25%.
[3] Fortified Thrall of Vengeance (Lvl 20) - Increases defense of Thrall of Vengeance by 25%.
[3] Lingering Thrall of Vengeance (Lvl 20) - Increases the thrall's duration by 25%.
[2*] Glyph of Lingering (Lvl 58) - Increases the thrall's duration by 35%.

This thrall can help a lot with leveling, especially if you pick up Empowered Thrall of Vengeance. Its bolts have a small AoE, so it makes mobbing a little easier with this out. In a party setting, it does decent damage over time as long as it's up, but it's fairly situational. It'd be good to summon it during burn phases, but unfortunately, it gets owned pretty often by pretty much every AoE attack ever. It's good to have up for open-world/common BAMs, though. This can also be used as debuff fodder in Manaya's Core.

Volley of Curses Volley of Curses (14)

Inflict a curse that does X damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. Effect stacks up to three times. Does less damage to other players. Press the skill button once and mouseover to lock on to 1 target within 15m, then press the skill button again or left-click to curse all targets.

Effect of Noctenium Infusion: Increases effect duration by 20%. Consumes 1 each time a skill is used.

[5] Lingering Volley of Curses (Lvl 20) - Increases effect duration by 20%. (This only adds an extra 2 seconds to the duration, or 1 extra tick)
[3] Influential Volley of Curses (Lvl 20) - Reduces MP cost for the next chain skill by 33: Volley of Curses.

[6] Multiplicative Volley of Curses (Lvl 20) - Increases number of lock-on targets by 1.
[2*] Glyph of Influence (Lvl 58) - Reduces MP cost for the next chain skill by 33: Volley of Curses.

This is not a skill I find myself using very often, since the tick damage is a bit low and is fixed, meaning the damage doesn't scale with your gear (although the DoT can crit, but it's still not very good). If you find yourself kiting often during soloing, you'd probably be using this skill. If you like to out-heal and brute force everything, don't bother. Consider getting Multiplicative Volley of Curses if you do use this skill, but at 6 glyph points, it's quite expensive.

Sonorous Dreams Sonorous Dreams (14)

Put target briefly to sleep. Press the skill button once and mouseover to lock on up to 2 targets within 18m, then press skill button again or left-click to cast at your target.

Effect of Noctenium Infusion: Increases effect duration by 20%. Consumes 1 each time a skill is used.

[5] Brilliant Sonorous Dreams (Lvl 20) - Reduces MP cost by 188.
[4*] Energetic Sonorous Dreams (Lvl 58) - Decreases cooldown by 20%.
[2*] Glyph of Brilliance (Lvl 58) - Reduces MP cost by 188.

You won't be using this skill much in PvE, except on BAMs and Kelsaik's adds in KN20 (hopefully there won't be any adds to begin with!). However, it's a good idea to glyph this skill in PvP.

Arun's Cleansing Touch Arun's Cleansing Touch (16)

Purge all harmful effects from your allies. Press the skill button once and mouseover to lock up to 2 group members within 19m, then press the skill button again or left-click to purge all targets.
[4] Multiplicative Arun's Cleansing (Lvl 20) - Increases number of lock-on targets by 1.
[3*] Glyph of Multiplication (Lvl 58) - Increases number of lock-on targets by 1.

This is your only party cleansing skill besides Arun's Vitae, so get the glyph for it (Thrall of Life can heal/cleanse teammates but you'd have to be standing right beside them, so it's not very practical). Though, some fights do not require much cleansing, such as KN20 or Shandra Manaya, so you can dump this glyph for something else. For obvious reasons, don't use this glyph in 3v3.

Thrall of Life Thrall of Life (16)

Summon a Thrall of Life that periodically heals you and removes harmful effects. Last 12 seconds or until death.
[2] Fortified Thrall of Life (Lvl 20) - Increases defense of Thrall of Life by 100%.
[5] Energetic Thrall of Life (Lvl 36) - Decreases cooldown by 20%.
[2*] Glyph of Energy (Lvl 58) - Decreases cooldown by 20%.

[2*] Glyph of Lingering (Lvl 60) - Increases the thrall's duration by 25%.

This is your personal burst healer, however, its AoE heals do also affect party members. All heals from this thrall are auto-cleanses, and are also affected by HP restoration. Get some cooldown reduction on it. At only 2 Glyph Points each, Fortified Thrall of Life and Glyph of Lingering are pretty good to have in PvP, especially since it's got paper defense, extremely low balance and a long CD.

Titanic Favor Titanic Favor (18)

Immediately heal up to 2 allies for X HP, then heal an additional X HP every 1 second for 10 seconds (modified by your heal bonus). Press the skill button once and mouseover to lock on up to 2 group members within 19m, then press skill button again or left-click to heal all targets.

Effect of Noctenium Infusion: Increases healing by 5%. Consumes 1 each time a skill is used.

[6] Multiplicative Titanic Favor (Lvl 20) - Increases number of lock-on targets by 1.
[4] Longshot Titanic Favor (Lvl 20) - Increases range by 3 meters.
[3*] Glyph of Longshot (Lvl 58) - Increases range by 3 meters.

Titanic Favor is your main healing skill and is the only healing skill you have that is affected by outgoing heal bonuses (meaning it scales with your gear). Get all the glyphs for it. Don't use Multiplicative Titanic Favor in Champions' Skyring (3v3), for obvious reasons.

Resurrect Resurrect (18)

When dead group members lie within 4m, you can restore life to the nearest one.
[3] Brilliant Resurrect (Lvl 20) - Reduces MP cost by 510.
[5] Energetic Resurrect (Lvl 20) - Decreases cooldown by 50%. (The cooldown for this skill is 20 seconds. I hope your party doesn't wipe so much for you to need this!)
[5] Hastened Resurrect (Lvl 20) - Increases casting speed by 40%.
[4*] Glyph of Haste (Lvl 60) - Increases casting speed by 40%.

Normally, a Scroll of Resurrection (and its variants) has a 20 minute cooldown, and persists even if you get interrupted. This skill has a 20 second cooldown, so you should be fine without any glyphs. If you're running an endgame dungeon for the first time, you may need Energetic Resurrect until you have those dungeons down. For emergencies, Hastened Resurrect basically turns this skill into a Scroll of Rapid Resurrection with a 20s (or 10s) CD. This skill doesn't go on CD until after you've fully casted it. This skill CAN be used in PvP, but pointless in Corsairs' Stronghold or Fraywind Canyon.

Aura of the Swift Aura of the Swift (20)

An aura emanates within 30m of you. Increasing group members' movement speed by 10%. Drains 30 MP every 2 seconds while active. Cannot be used with Aura of the Merciless.
[2] Brilliant Aura of the Swift (Lvl 20) - Reduces MP cost by 50.

You'll probably be using this while levelling or something, but it's basically useless immediately after you learn Aura of the Merciless.

Summon: Party Summon: Party (22)

Teleport all group members within the same province to your side. You cannot teleport group members who are in other provinces.
[2] Brilliant Summon Party (Lvl 22) - Reduces MP cost by 800.
[1] Energetic Summon Party (Lvl 22) - Decreases cooldown by 20%.

There are way better things to spend your Glyph Points on.

Regression Regression (24)

End all beneficial effects on enemy targets within a 8m radius of you.
[4] Energetic Regression (Lvl 24) - Decreases cooldown by 25%.

Regression is needed for Nightmare Shandra Manaya's "Great Ones" buff (MCHM), Nightmare Koleogg's lightning charge attack (REHM) and Nightmare Krakatox's "You are not prepared" buff (TAHM). It's also used in Crucible of Flame on the first BAM when he is "inflamed", and on the first trash mob in Wonderholme when he has a shield up. Glyphing Energetic Regression is situational in PvE, but it's amazing in PvP as well, so glyphing it isn't a bad idea.

Aura of the Unyielding Aura of the Unyielding (26)

An Aura emanates within 30m of you, increasing group members' crit resistance by X%. Drain 30 MP every 2 seconds while active. Cannot be used with Aura of the Tenacious.

There are no glyphs for this skill. I have this on at all times in PvP, and rarely in PvE; you should almost always use Aura of the Tenacious to help upkeep your party's mana pool.

Titanic Wrath Titanic Wrath (26)

Energy pours into you and non-hostile players within 8m, increasing power by X for 25 seconds.

Effect of Noctenium Infusion: Increases effect duration by 20%. Consumes 1 each time a skill is used.

[5] Lingering Titanic Wrath (Lvl 26) - Increases effect duration by 35%.
[4] Influential Titanic Wrath (Lvl 26) - Reduces MP cost for the next chain skill by 100: Arun's Vitae.
[2*] Glyph of Spread (Lvl 58) - Increases skill range by 5 meters.

Titanic Wrath is the Mystic's only power buff. Get Lingering Titanic Wrath; 10 extra seconds doesn't sound like a long time, but it really is when it's your only power buff. Alternatively, you can opt out of using it and use Noctenium Infusions instead, or use them both for a much longer buff duration. Also get Glyph of Spread, so you don't have to literally be under a boss' feet when you want to buff your melee DPS (and you'll buff more people at the same time). You can drop all glyphs for this skill if there's a Priest in your party/raid.

Arun's Tears Arun's Tears (28)

Gather Arunic power to create a mote that instantly restores 639 MP.
[4] Blazing Arun's Tears (Lvl 28) - Speeds casting by 25% for Arun's Vitae, the next skill in the chain.

Yeah, you don't need the glyph for this.

Mire Mire (32)

Movement speed of targets decreases by 90%, but their balance increases by 100%. Effect ends when the target takes significant damage or is knocked down.

Effect of Noctenium Infusion: Increases effect duration by 20%. Consumes 1 each time a skill is used.

[6] Energetic Mire (Lvl 32) - Decreases cooldown by 20%.

You won't be using this much in PvE. You may want the glyph for PvP. This is an instant-cast lock-on CC, along with Curse of Confusion (it has an animation similar to all of your other lock-on CC, except that it hits your target pretty much instantly).

Aura of the Tenacious Aura of the Tenacious (36)

An Aura emanates within 30m of you, restoring 20 MP to all other group members every second. Drains 30 MP every 2 seconds while active. Cannot be used with Aura of the Unyielding.

There is no glyph for this skill. You should have this on at all times in PvE party play once you've learned it.

Thrall of Wrath Thrall of Wrath (38)

Summon a Thrall of Wrath for a powerful area attack. Thrall will quickly make one of three powerful attacks unless it dies first.
[5] Energetic Thrall of Wrath (Lvl 38) - Decreases cooldown by 50%. (It has a 10 minute cd!!)
[4] Empowered Thrall of Wrath (Lvl 38) - Increases the Thrall of Wrath's damage by 25%.
[4] Hastened Thrall of Wrath (Lvl 38) - Increases casting speed by 30%.

Get all glyphs for this skill if you're soloing. It will make your life easier. It can also potentially be used to help with burn phases in specific dungeons such as Kelsaik's Sanctuary and Manaya's Core, but unfortunately it still has a very long cd, even when glyphed. While solo leveling, Thrall of Protection combined with the Thrall of Wrath makes mobbing large groups very easy, since the aggro will transfer between thralls automatically.

Ancient Binding Ancient Binding (42)

Hurl a magical bolt forward 18m, briefly slowing the target by X%.
[5] Lingering Ancient Binding (Lvl 42) - Increases effect duration by 50%.
[5] Numbing Ancient Binding (Lvl 42) - 50% chance to decrease opponent's attack speed by 30% for 6 seconds.

This is a pretty niche skill in PvE; you could use it to slow BAMs or slow enemies in SJG/CoF. Both glyphs are optional in PvE/PvP.

Vow of Rebirth Vow of Rebirth (42)

Form a pact between you and a group member in front of you, who will resurrect if killed in the next 20 minutes.
[5] Energetic Vow of Rebirth (Lvl 42) - Decreases cooldown by 40%. (Cooldown is 15 minutes!)
[8] Altruistic Vow of Rebirth (Lvl 42) - Caster receives effect of Vow of Rebirth when used on another target.
[7*] Glyph of Altruism (Lvl 58) - Caster receives effect of Vow of Rebirth when used on another target.
[4*] Glyph of Energy (Lvl 60) - Decreases cooldown by 40%.

Get the glyphs for this skill; it makes a great safety net. The tank always has top priority, unless the tank already has this effect. Make sure that your target is separated from the rest of the group, because the targeting is a huge troll sometimes. If you want, you can do some Glyph swapping to save a whopping 11-13 Glyph Points to put elsewhere! This skill is not allowed in PvP.

Curse of Exhaustion Curse of Exhaustion (46)

Curse your enemies for X seconds, increasing their cooldown for all skills by 20%. Effective only on other players. Press the skill button once and mouseover to lock on up to 4 targets within 18m, then press the skill button again or left-click to curse all targets.
[3] Energetic Curse of Exhaustion (Lvl 46) - Decreases cooldown by 20%. (Cooldown: 3m)

PvP-only skill. It's not bad for using on knocked down healers, on DPS trying to sit on you or during Giga combos.

Aura of the Merciless Aura of the Merciless (50)

An Aura emanates within 30m of you, doubling the crit chance of group members. Drains 30 MP every 2 seconds while active. Cannot be used with Aura of the Swift.
[5] Brilliant Aura of the Merciless (Lvl 50) - Reduces MP cost by 300.

This is the main reason Mystics exist. You should basically have this on 24/7.

Shara's Lash Shara's Lash (50)

Cast a bolt of Sharan Energy forward 10m that explodes at a range or on contact, briefly stunning foes.
[5] Lingering Shara's Lash (Lvl 50) - Increases effect duration by 40%. (Base duration is 3 seconds)
[4*] Glyph of Fleetfoot (Lvl 58) - Increases combat movement speed by 50 for 3 seconds when a target is hit.
[4*] Glyph of Lingering (Lvl 58) - Increases effect duration by 40%.

Lingering Shara's Lash is a must for PvP, Glyph of Fleetfoot is optional.

Curse of Confusion Curse of Confusion (56)

Curse monsters so they tremble and flee briefly. Ends if target is knocked down. Press the skill button once and mouseover to lock on up to 4 targets within 18m, then press the skill button again or left-click to curse all targets.
[5] Lingering Curse of Confusion (Lvl 56) - Increases effect duration by 25%.

You may or may not want the glyph for PvP, since the effect immediately ends if an affected opponent is hit (the tooltip description "Ends if target is knocked down" only applies in PvE). Get the glyph if you want to go for super-long CC lockdown chains.

Warding Totem Warding Totem (60)

Summons a totem 10m in front of you which casts a warding effect on allies within 20m and restores 339 HP every 2 seconds. The totem lasts for 60 seconds.
[3] Brilliant Warding Totem (Lvl 60) - Decreases MP consumption by 300.
[3*] Glyph of Restoration (Lvl 60) - Increases HP regeneration by 20%.

I like the warding effect on this thing; it only absorbs about 5k damage, but that can sometimes be life-saving in both PvE and PvP! If you time it right, you could use this as debuff fodder for the 1st boss in Manaya's Core. It's also nice to have during Queen's Cocoon Phase, and 2nd Phase standing debuffs for the warding effect. Although the base heal isn't very high and is fixed, you could pick up Glyph of Restoration if you want. It has a large radius and can heal up to 10 people (as well as put the warding effect on them), as long as they are standing inside the ring. The healing ticks are also affected by HP restoration.



Added a few effective CC chains for PvP and updated some links.

Updated for Wounded World patch

Any chance you could add a keybind?

Any chance you could add a keybind?

My keybinds might be a little odd. However, I do recommend binding lock-on heal to left-click and teleport jaunt to something easily accessible like Tab. That's what I have those set to, at least.

Hiya, any recommended etchings for  mystic?

Hiya, any recommended etchings for  mystic?


Weapon and Gloves - Energetic

Chest and Boots - Relentless or Grounding for PvE, Unyielding for PvP

can you add keybindings please.

can you add keybindings please.

To be honest, the reason I did not add keybindings is because that is completely player preference and there is no wrong or right way to set them up. I can however suggest that you bind your lock-on heal to right-click and all of your most important skills on 1-6 for easy access with your left hand. Other than 1-6, I also have Teleport Jaunt bound to Tab, and for the rest of my skills I use F1-F6 (mainly for buffs and mount on F1), Shift+123456, Shift+QWERTY and CTRL+1QER so I don't have to reach across the keyboard for them. However, I've heard of some people even using numpad or Ins/Del/Home/etc.


As you can tell, my keybindings are completely different from Renai's. I can add my keybindings to the guide, but this is not necessary at all and is usually something you figure out on your own as you develop your own playstyle.