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TERA Berserker Guide PvP by Kilryan

This guide takes into account my personal preferences for PvP as TERA's Berserker class. We will look into Glyph setups, Crystal setups and basic skill usage, as well as the overall concept of Berserker PvP in both Fraywind Canyon (15v15) & Champion's Skyring (3v3).

TERA Berserker Guide PvP - Introduction

I'm creating this guide to give a basic overall idea of how to play a TERA Berserker in a PvP environment. For the most part, I've done strictly Fraywind Canyon (15v15), and have a bit of time spent in Champions' Skyring (3v3). This guide will take into account glyph setups, crystals, skill usage, my mentality when PvPing as a TERA Berserker, etc. Keep in mind that everything is subject to change as I continue to develop my knowledge and skills as a TERA Berserker, and when patches come about.

  • I actively stream & am supported by TERAToday.com at my Twitch.tv Channel
    • Monday - Wednesday - Friday from 5pm-10pm MST
  • I also have various guides on my Youtube Channel and other TERA related videos!

Pros & Cons of Zerker PvP


  • Extreme amounts of burst - What this means is that with a proper setup from a Mystic, Sorc, Warrior, Archer, basically any class with a stagger / hard CC you CAN & WILL pull of an extremely high damage combo. This is the bread and butter of a zerker in PvP.
  • An unnoticed amount of CC with knockdowns - Both your Thunder Strike & Flatten abilities are practically a guaranteed knockdown. Learning to knockdown-lock people is a core aspect of a zerker and with enough experience & practice, you can practically keep a healer, dps, whatever you want knocked down for long periods of time.
  • An INFINITE block on a 1.5 second CD that lasts forever & literally blocks full damage of EVERYTHING coming at you from the front. Learning to use axe block as a zerker = perfect baits & perfect defense to hold off till you recieve heals & backup.


  • Limited Mobility - Zerkers do not have dashes & teleports much like warriors, slayers, sorcs, etc. Leaping Strike, one of the only 'jumps' a zerker has is pretty iffy, and can be obstructed. You have some quick dashes, but no very reliable escapes / gap closers.
  • You are not a tank - Axe block is exceptional, but you are still VERY SQUISHY! Low endurance combined with low base health - if you are overextended & getting focused you're going to probably die.
  • Staggers - The bane of berserkers :(. Any time you are charging and a flower petal falls on you - archer's Rapid Fire, 1st hit of warrior's Combo Attack, etc. you will most likely get interrupted out of a charge. This is a hassle because we are a melee class & we are mostly in the frontlines to pull off hits, so you have to be very very careful as a zerker to pull off your strongest attacks.

Mentality & Playstyles of a Berserker


Overall, the Assassin style gameplay of a zerker revolves around catching unsuspecting players. Sit back, charge up your skills and look for someone you'll be able to achieve a good back attack on. You can also utilize your evasive smash for an even harder hit. Typically, the Assassin style gameplay comes more with gear, because you're actually capable of literally one-shotting individual players. Utilize your team as a frontline while you prepare your strike, take advantage of overextending players & punish them thouroughly for doing so. Overall the Assassin style gameplay is the most common playstyle, and easiest, of Berserkers in PvP. The focus points of Assassin gameplay is as follows:

  • Back attack crits
  • Full charging of Thunderstrike / Evasive roll
  • Focusing & punishing easy targets


Defensive playstyle for berserkers is a little more of an advanced playstyle. This playstyle focuses more on quick strikes & single taps of abilties to maintain a knockdown chain on their targets. The key principle is to force a knockdown with a high impact ability, then play defensive & create another opportunity for another knockdown while their retaliate is on cooldown, punishing them heavily if they get knocked down twice in a short time. This method isn't one that gets you excessive amounts of OMGONESHOTs, but can probably cause your opponent to throw their computer out the window as they get knocked down repeatedly. Defensive playstyle is one end of the spectrum for berserker playstyles that if mastered, you will be considered a very good berserker. Your main focus here is as follows:

  • Knockdown chaining
  • Lighter burst damage, but heavy control
  • Typically a harder playstyle to master

How to Gear & Playstyles


Fraywind Set (+9) & Jewelry

With the recent patch, Fraywind gear has become the starter gearset of PvP, However I do not recommend actually enchanting this gear, just obtaining it to craft Conjunct gear while farming more credits in the Equalized battleground Corsairs Stronghold. Fraywind now costs 400 Credits for the weapon - 300 for Chest Piece - 200 for all Jewelry & Boots / gloves. Total Cost: 2100 Bellicarium Credits (Wep, Chest, Gloves, Boots, 2x Earring, 2x Ring)

Fraywind Set


Once obtaining full Fraywind gear continue to farm Corsairs Stronghold to progrses towards owning Conjunct Gear. Be sure once you get the rings / earrings to also utilize your newfound Zyrk slots!! Fraywind is just a stepping stone in crafting your Conjunct & moving towards the new Strikeforce gear!

Conjunct Set (Masterwork & +12)

Conjunct is a little more tricky than just grinding credits & buying the gear. You have to craft Conjunct gear by combining Victor's Orthoclase (1200 Bellicarium Credits), Fraywind gear & Nexus (Agnitor) gear & you have to be level 410 of your appropriate crafting profession. The Conjunct weapon takes 3 Orthoclase, the chest takes 2, and lastly the boots & gloves 1 each. This gear is untradeable, so you can't buy this off the Broker! Collectively, it will take you 7400 Bellicarium Credits & the respective armor pieces. Conjunct, like Fraywind gear, is enchantable, but also Masterworkable, which is the only true reason it's way better than Fraywind. This allows you to get to +12 instead of being capped at +9 & will truly set you up for success as a zerker. 

Conjunct Gearset

With the recent patch we now have a new Set available. Much like original Conjunct you craft the new Strikeforce gear with Conjunct gear. So that being the case, I do NOT recommend +12ing or masterworking conjunct, Instead save & work towards that strikeforce gear!


Strikeforce (Masterwork & +12)

Here is the new 'Gear to Get' persay in a pure PvP sense. With the patch, this gear is an EXTREME upgrade over previous Conjunct Gear. This gear is obtained much like Conjunct, by crafting it utilizing both BELLICARIUM & KILLING SPREE credits. If you are looking to use full Strikeforce gear for PvP it will require several things. 

1) The recipe - these recipes can be obtained from your Killing Spree merchant located in each major city. Each recipe is under the 'strikeforce' tab. The weapon recipe costs 500 credits, the Chest is 400 Credits, and Boots / gloves run 300 credits a piece. These recipes CAN be traded / sold, so you can look to buy from fellow players / the trade broker if necessary.

2) Lots and lots and lots of Bellicarium / Killingspree credits. I personally use only Strikeforce Gloves & Boots currently, because Wonderholme Hard Mode Chest & Weapon are better than strikeforce for PvP.

The Weapon: To craft the weapon it requires a CONJUNCT weapon, 9 Victors Orthoclauses (1200 Bellicarium Each) and 3 Streamstrike Ore (1800 Killing Spree each). 
The Chest Piece: To craft the Chest, it requires CONJUNCT chest, 7 Victors Orthoclauses and 2 Dreamstriker Ore
Boots & Gloves: to craft these it requires the CONJUNCT piece, 3 Victors Orthocaluses and only 1 Dreamstriker Ore - Overall I believe the boots & gloves are a solid purchase if you are looking to PvP.

Crystal Setups

Crystals can really make or break your berserker. There are several key setups (in my opinion) to optimally play in Battlegrounds and 3v3's. Mine typically revolve around heavy emphesis on damage output, but you can also build into a tankier zerk with proper glyphs & Zyrks.

Weapon Crystals:

Fine Savage Crux - this adds a 1.2x crit multiplier when attacking from behind & typically the only crit multiplier you need in PvP. EVERY build you use should have this as a centerpiece. Big crits are a part of zerkers & what makes them truly shine in any PvP situation.
Fine Cruel Crux - "Increases your Power against Knocked-Down opponents." Don't lie to me crux, this does not increase your power. It actually gives you another crit multiplier! Sneaky, I know. The buff applies any time you knock someone down for 9 seconds, increasing your crit multiplier by another .44. This is great because many of your attacks as a zerker will knockdown your target. You can almost have a constant uptime of this buff & the harder your crits are hitting, the more likely it'll be absolutely fatal to your target!!
Fine Carving Crux - Flat +3% crit chance, can't really go wrong here. More crits = more damage = more giggling as you one-shot more people :o or even more damage if you're a defensive style zerk!
Fine Swift Crux - Absolutely necessary, this crux gives 15 combat movement speed. This should be in any PvP build you have. Zerkers lack mobility; it's one of our primary cons to the class. Increasing that by any means is extremely high priority to a zerker. You are a class that gets kited easily & that does not have many gap closers, so you need to be able to connect with your targets and this crux is one feature that helps you do so.
Fine Salivating Crux - Restores 81 mana when hitting a player in PvP. This crux has its uses, primarily in situations where you do not have mana restoration (ex. lack of Infused Charm). I've found using this in 3's is pretty much the only viable time to be using it, but still a crux that is notable if you're having mana issues.

Armor Crystals:

Fine Relentless Crux - a flat 4808 HP increase, pretty much staple for any PvP class. Stack these as much as you can for the most part. More HP = more tanky!!
Fine Grieving Crux - A necessity for a zerker in PvP, upon getting hit you recieve 108 mana. That may not sound amazing, but what makes it amazing is that it procs while blocking!! This crux will allow you to maintain high mana in both BG's & 3v3's. You can't stack them, but one should be enough since people LOVE to hate on zerks.
Fine Resolute Crux - Reduces incoming damage by 9.5% when below 50% HP. This is a pretty substantial crystal. It could easily mean the difference between life and death with that 10% reduced dmg!

Jewelry Crystals:

Pristine Griefing Zyrk - +2 flat PvP damage. With the recent patch, they nerfed these zyrks from 4 pvp damage to 2. This dealt a pretty hard blow to it overall. Though still valid, I personally now Use PvP damage reduction.  - harder hits are harder hits after all :).
Pristine Indomitable Zyrk - +4 PvP Damage Reduction. Due to how squishy zerkers are & being in the frontline, indomitable zyrks actually provide a good boost in defense. From Testing indomitable Zyrks now provide more defense than the Enduring Zyrks. This is good to use if you're going to play 3's as a knockdown champ.

My Personal Setups:


Fine Savage Crux

Fine Carving Crux
Fine Swift Crux
Fine Cruel Crux

Fine Relentless Crux x 3
Fine Grieving Crux

Pristine Indomitable Zyrk x 2
Pristine Griefing Zyrk x 2


Fine Savage Crux
Fine Carving Crux
Fine Cruel Crux
Fine Salivating Crux

Fine Relentless Crux x 3
Fine Grieving Crux

Pristine Indomitable Zyrk x 2
Pristine Griefing Zyrk x 2

Abilities & Glyphs

Note: Glyphs with a * beside its value indicates that it is an advanced glyph.

Color Coordinated by Importance:

  • Dark Green: Solid glyph choice
  • Orange: Average
  • Red: Don't get/use I will cut you

Thunder Strike Thunder Strike (3 second CD):

Charge up your axe for up to 4 ticks, overcharge & release for your 2nd hardest hitting ability & most often used ability. Thunder Strike is basically a guaranteed knockdown regardless of single tap charge or fully overcharged.

  • Carving Thunderstrike (5): Doubles crit chance of Thunder Strike
  • Carving Thunderstrike (4*): Doubles crit chance of Thunder Strike
  • Slick Thunderstrike (7): Removes movement restriction while charging Thunder Strike
  • Slick Thunderstrike (6*): Removes movement restriction while charging Thunder Strike
  • Sanative Thunderstrike (3): Halves the Health overcharge cost of Thunder Strike
  • Sanative Thunderstrike (2*): Halves the Health overcharge cost of Thunder Strike
  • Swift Thunderstrike (4*): 25% faster charging speed on Thunder Strike

Cyclone Cyclone (7 second CD):

Charge your axe for up to 5 ticks, overcharge & release for a spinning attack that provides a quick source of damage & some AoE potential. This ability now STAGGERS every tick of damage! This ability does not typically knockdown.

  • Empowered Cyclone (6): 12% increased Overcharge damage. (good glyph, but too expensive only use with a lancer in 3's)
  • Hastened Cyclone (4): 25% faster charging speed on Cyclone
  • Hastened Cyclone (3*): 25% Faster charging speed on Cyclone
  • Carving Cyclone (6): Double crit chance with Cyclone
  • Carving Cyclone (5*): Double crit chance with Cyclone

Axe Block Axe Block (1.5 second CD):

Plant your axe into the ground absorbing X amount of damage (based on axe). This is a core ability for a zerker. Block incoming spells and attacks, sit in a corner and go lololol.

  • Mindsparked Axe Block (3): Gain 3% of your total mana when you successfully block an attack
  • Minsparked Axe block (2*): Gain 3% of your total mana when you successfully block an attack
  • Pumped Axe Block (4): 30% chance to increase power by 20% for 5 seconds after a successful block.


 Combo Attack Combo Attack:

Your basic auto attack type ability that restores mana, but it has secret powers of staggering on the first hit!

  • Carving Combo Attack (6): 10% crit chance on combo attack
  • Spirited Combo Attack (4): 15% increased mana back on combo attack

Staggering Strike Staggering Strike (20 sec CD):

Quickly sweep your axe in front of you with a small amount of damage and a moderate chance to stun & spin the target around. This also speeds up Flatten if used as a follow-up.

  • Influencial Staggering Strike (3): Reduces MP cost of your next Flatten by 63
  • Energentic Staggering Strike (4): Reduces cooldown of Staggering Strike by 20%
  • Blazing Staggering Strike (4): For 7 seconds speeds up charging your next Thunder Strike by 30%
  • Persistent Staggering Strike (4*): 35% chance to refresh the Cooldown on Staggering Strike

Flatten Flatten (8 second CD):

Smash your axe down on your target for moderate damage. This ability, like Thunderstrike, is a guaranteed knockdown.

  • Swift Flatten (4): Speeds up the casting speed of Flatten by 25%
  • Swift Flatten (3*) : Speeds up Casting speed of Flatten by 25%
  • Empowered Flatten (4): Increases Flatten damage by 25%
  • Empowered Flatten (3*): Increases Flatten damage by 25%

Vampiric Blow Vampiric Blow (8 Second CD):

Charge up your axe (or instant full charge if chained with other overcharged abilities) and release to strike for moderate damage & regain 9.5k HP on a full overcharge or 2.5k HP on instant charge.

  •  Empowered Vampiric Blow (5): Increases Vamp Blow damage by 25%

Evasive Smash Evasive Smash (15 second CD):

This ability will basically conserve a previously charged ability (while its charging) & roll yourself forward / to the side. This ability is held for 3 seconds after rolling with the skill. Upon hitting it again, it will release an attack in the form of a quick dash forward & upward cut combo. This is your hardest hitting ability.

  • Empowered Evasive Smash (6): 25% damage increase to Evasive Smash
  • Carving Evasive Smash (4*): Double crit chance on Evasive Smash


Dash Dash (25 second CD):

Increases movement speed by 50% for 15 seconds.

  • Energetic Dash (4): Decreases Cooldown of Dash by 25%
  • Persistent Dash (4*): 35% chance to eliminate the cooldown on Dash

Mocking Shout Mocking Shout (30 second CD):

A shout causing hardly any damage & staggering any enemy hit by it. Also buffs you for 12 seconds to be immune to staggers & knockdowns.

  • Hastened Mocking Shout (5): Speeds up Mocking Shout cast time by 50%

Fiery Rage Fiery Rage (30 Second CD):

Enrage yourself gaining 20% increased power, but reducing endurance by 40% for 25 seconds. 

  • Pumped Fiery Rage (5): 30% chance to increase power by an additional 10% for 20 seconds.
  • Fleetfooted Fiery Rage (5): Increases combat movement speed by 20 for 15 seconds on use of Fiery Rage

Leaping Strike Leaping Strike (7 second CD):

Leap forward roughly 10 meters & slam the ground dealing 4x damage on knockdowned targets. Also is a so/so escape.

  • Empowered Leaping Strike (5): 25% damage increase on Leaping Strike
  • Persistent Leaping Strike (4): 30% chance to eliminate / refresh cooldown on Leaping Strike
  • Blazing Leaping Strike: (4): Hastens charging of your next Lethal Strike by 30%
  • Glyph of Carving (3): Doubles crit chance of Leaping Strike

Lethal Strike Lethal Strike (7 second CD):

Charge up your axe consuming health per charge & releasing for fairly high damage. Upon releasing the charge, it dashes forward quickly & does a upward slash.

  • Empowered Lethal Strike (3): Increases damage of Lethal Strike by 25%
  • Slick Lethal Strike (6): Removes movement restriction while charging up Lethal Strike

Tenacity Tenacity (30 sec Cooldown)

Instantly restore 360 MP, and provides a 5 second Stun Immunity.

  • Energetic Tenacity (3): reduces cooldown by 20% on Tenacity
  • Balancing Tenacity (5): Increases Balance by 50% for 15 seconds after using Tenacity
  • Glyph of Balance (5*): Doubles balance for 15 seconds after using Tenacity
  • Restorative Tenacity (4*): Restores 12% health on use of Tenacity
  • Spirited Tenacity (3*): 50% chance to restore 6% MP every second for 5 seconds

Flurry of Blows Flurry of Blows (45 second CD):

Speeds up charging & attack speed of all attacks by 25% for 15 seconds

  • Lingering Flurry of blows (5): Increases effect duration of Flurry of Blows by 30%

Shanaa is bad Unchained Anger (10 second CD):

Sacrifices HP (roughly 5%) to restore 517 MP.

  • Sanative Unchained Anger (4): Reduces HP cost by 50% on Unchained Anger
  • Strengthened Unchained Anger (5): Increases knockdown chance by 10% for 20 seconds
  • Raging Unchained Anger (5): 25% chance to activate Flurry of Blows after using Unchained Anger

Retaliate Retaliate (15 second CD):

After getting knocked down, you spin leap back up dealing small damage & becoming immune to stuns / knockdowns for 2 seconds.

  • Energetic Retaliate (3): Reduces cooldown by 20% on retaliate
  • Empowered Retaliate (4): Increases retaliate damage by 25%
  • Furious Retaliate (3*): The lower health you are the more damage retaliate does, up to 4x

Fearsome Shout Fearsome Shout (1 min CD):

Area of effect shout of 5 meters that fears enemies for 5 seconds. Good for knockdown chaining.

  • Glyph of Powerlink (3): Causes your next staggering strike to deal 30% increased damage

Triumphant Shout Triumphant Shout (30 second CD):

Grants you 100 MP and your MP does not naturally decay for 20 seconds.

  • Spirited Triumphant Shout (3): Increases MP granted by Triumphant shout by 50%
  • Energetic Triumphant Shout (4): Reduces Cooldown of Triumphant Shout by 30%
  • Influential Triumphant Shout (3): Reduces the cost of Dash by 75 MP after Triumphant Shout
  • Grounded Triumphant Shout (3*): Increases Endurance by 16 for 12 seconds after Triumphant Shout

Bloodlust Bloodlust (3 min CD):

Increases Power by 26, Balance & Stun resistance by 50% and increases PvP Damage by 15% for 30 seconds. Oh lawdy nuke em' cooldown.

  • Glyph of Brilliance (4): Reduces MP cost by 150

Inescapable Doom Inescapable Doom (2 min CD):

A shout with an area of effect of 5 meters. If a target is hit they are slowed by 60% & unable to utilize dodge skills (teleport, roll, backstep, etc.)

  • Energetic Inescapable Doom (4): Reduces CD by 20%
  • Lingering Inescapable Doom (5): Increases slow duration by 30%
  • Blazing inescapable Doom (2*): Speeds up the casting animation of Flatten by 30% 

My Personal Glyph Setups:

Here are links regarding what glyphs I prefer to use in certain situations. I typically enjoy playing my berserker as an Assassin, looking for easy targets & hard hits. I'll do a brief explanation regarding each overall glyph setup aswell.

Battlegrounds without any Advanced Glyphs - The idea here is that you stack as much damage as possible and get some extra mobility. You lack a lot of very important advanced glyphs with this setup, but it's a beginners setup if you lack advanced glyphs. One of your top priorities should be to start obtaining the advanced glyphs so you can be much more optimal in BGs & 3v3s.

Battlegrounds with Advanced Glyphs - This is the optimal Assassin style build with full Advanced Glyphs, in my opinion. This stacks damage & crit chance across almost every core ability of a berserker for the Assassin playstyle, optimally letting you pull off the one-shots that will lead teams to victory. The key notable Advanced Glyphs are: 25% faster charging on Thunderstrike, 35% reset chance on Staggering strike and double crit chance on Evasive Smash. In combination, these allow for a fast-attacking, very burst intensive berserker.

3v3 with Advanced Glyphs - Basically the same as the full advanced BG, except you take out the cyclone for Tenacity MP regen. Zerkers if you're actively fighting have huge mana issues in 3v3's, so swapping it out for a little more mana efficiency is crucial. There is no glyph setup for non-advanced due to 3v3 being basically 'end-game' pvp. You want to be fully prepared with gear & glyphs before you start taking Champion's Skyring seriously.

How to Obtain Advanced Glyphs:

There are two instances in which you can obtain Advanced Glyphs. Sirjuka Gallery in Allemanthia & Temple of Temerity in Kaiator.

Advanced Glyphs

Sirjuka Gallery: In Allemantheia, this instance is a 5-man dungeon which is essentially like a points game - SJG Guide

  • SJG offers literally game-changing glyphs for berserkers & key point reduction ones as well
    • Glyph of Carving for Evasive - Double crit chance (HUGE)
    • Glyph of Mindspark - Reduces point cost from 3 to 2
    • Glyph of Carving - Reduces Cyclone double crit glyph cost from 6 to 5
    • Glyph of the Swift - 25% faster charge speed on Thunderstrike - literally game-changing
    • Glyph of Persistance - 35% chance to reset Staggering strike (stupidly strong & amazing)

Temple of Temerity: A much easier thing to get your glyphs from Kaiator, however doesn't have quite the amazing set of glyphs that SJG has - ToT Guide

  • ToT gives a lot of point reduction glyphs which are very useful in maximizing glyph potential in a build
    • Glyph of Haste - Speeds up charging Cyclone by 25%, reduces point cost from 4 to 3
    • Glyph of Slick - Removes movement restriction on Thunderstrike, reduces point cost from 7 to 6
    • Glyph of the Sanative - Reduces health cost on Thunderstrike by 50%, reduces point cost from 3 to 2
    • Glyph of Carving - Doubles crit chance on Thunderstrike - reduces point cost from 5 to 4
    • Glyph of the Swift - Speeds up Flatten by 25% - reduces point cost from 4 to 3
    • Glyph of Power - Increases Flatten damage by 25% - reduces point cost from 4 to 3
    • Glyph of Restoration - Tenacity restores 12% HP on use
    • Glyph of Infusion - 50% chance on Tenacity to restore 6% MP every second for 5 seconds
    • Glyph of Grounding - Gain 16 endurance for 12 seconds after using Triumphant Shout

In-Depth Ability Overview

Ability Overview:

Thunder Strike: This ability has a base damage modifier of 2743, this puts TS at the second hardest hitting ability a Berserker has. Thunderstrike is easily going to be your most often used ability; it's a guaranteed knockdown & primary source of knockdown chaining along with comboing into every ability imaginable. Overall, Thunderstrike will be pretty much the startup & finish of most of your combo kills / follow-ups. Things to note regarding Thunderstrike: 

  • A single tap of Thunderstrike will knockdown
  • It can overcharge tick four times - in other words you will see 4 ticks of health loss before it is fully overcharged
  • The act of overcharging Thunderstrike & connecting with a target will unlock an instant Vampiric Blow - this is your primary double hit burst.
  •  it is possible to Combo Attack > Block Cancel > single tap Thunderstrike for a knockdown

Cyclone: Cyclone with the recent patch now finally has Validity to it, this is due to the new addition of every tick of cyclone now STAGGERING your opponent. Typically I find it most useful now by utilizing it to stagger my opponents as they stand back up from a full knockdown chain. Still a fairly hard ability to fully utilize, but now actually has some sort of use rather than a thing that just says 'hey attack me once to interrupt me'.

  • A majority of the time use this as a finishing touch to a full knockdown chain to stagger them as they stand.
  • Single tap for a very quick 360 AoE spin, great for pulling people off mounts / nodes, and forcing a stagger which you can capitalize on with good ping etc.
  • 5 Ticks of health loss = fully charged Cyclone

Vampiric Blow: A pretty slow charge time & 3 times to full overcharge (flashing red), 99% of the time this is going to solely be used as a damage boost following up an overcharged ability (primarily Thunderstrike / Cyclone). Using this as a heal isn't really worth it due to the fact that it takes so long to charge, doesn't have a movement restriction removal glyph & does not hit nearly as hard as Thunderstrike / Evasive Smash.

  • Fully overcharging Vamp Blow will land you a 9.5k heal
  • Your core burst will come from a combo of a 4 tick OC of Thunderstrike into instant Vampiric Strike
  • You can utilize this to charge up for Evasive Smash if you are really really lacking on health

Flatten: This ability is a core aspect of berserker offensive & defensive playstyles. Being a guaranteed knockdown & a super-sped up ability from chaining Staggering Strike into Flatten, this is your follow-up to almost any combo to deal a good amount of damage & a guaranteed follow-up knockdown if the opponent's retaliate is down. Double glyphing(dmg & speed) Flatten paired with double attack speed can make even using this ability non-chained valid. I'll go more in-depth with this in skill chains later. Learning to utilize and chain Flatten into your Berserker PvP gameplay is crucial.

  • Another guaranteed knockdown ability
  • Very fast animation if chained from Staggering Strike
  • Is part of the most basic combo for damage for an offensive Zerk

Staggering Strike: Staggering Strike, especially with proper glyphs, will provide you a lot more control & offensive capability as a zerker. This is primarily your only very quick attack, other than a single tap Cyclone; this allows you to utilize the ability in a very short time span or opening. You can Combo Attack stagger > Axe Block > Staggering Strike, creating a big enough opener. As you progress & learn how other classes compete against berserkers, you'll begin to notice more opportunities to react with Staggering Strike, mid enemy animation (ex. just before lancer's Wallop). 

  • Very quick strike & can be used during openings
  • By utilizing a combination of Combo Attack stagger & Staggering Strike, you will be able to create openings
  • After using Staggering Strike, your Flatten attack speed will basically be doubled

Fearsome Shout: This ability is pretty core for properly setting up chains of knockdowns, even with the Assassin style gameplay. Fears & Sleeps go through the 2 seconds of immunity to Stuns / Staggers from Retaliate. What this means is that you can fear opponents on reaction to their Retaliate & give you a huge opener to pull off another heavy hit & knockdown lock. The cooldown is fairly high, but can be used multiple times in a fight if you play defensive. Take note of the casting animation of this, because it's fairly slow & has a fairly small AoE range. During the fear from the shout, you can fully overcharge a Thunderstrike in the duration (if you have swift TS glyph). It takes a LOT of practice to pull off a full charge TS during the fear, but once you do it's an amazing combo.

  • Fear goes through Retaliate immunity - use this to setup knockdown chains & get another huge hit off
  • It's overall range is very small and has a long casting animation, so learn the times you can utilize it & bait people into it
  • You can fully overcharge a TS in some situations during the fear
  • Learn to place your attack at the end of the duration for best results

Evasive Smash: The hardest hitting ability you have, and your only iframe (invulnerability frame) skill. Take into account regarding how many overcharge ticks you have saved up as you use the ability. Thunderstrike 4x health tick, Cyclone 5x health tick, Lethal Strike 4x tick (once it starts flashing red), Vamp Blow 4x tick (once it starts flashing red). Regardless of which ability you use to overcharge into Evasive, all fully charged abilities have the same damage output of Evasive Smash, except a 5 tick cyclone does a little more. This ability is your primary source of kills as an Assassin style zerker. Evasive Smash (first use - the roll) ignores unit collision - (second use - dash & slash) does have collision. Learning to aim & use Evasive Smash is KEY for any zerker gameplay. With it being the only iframe, you can use this to bait many many attacks (Lancer giga leash always the most fun huehue), knowing to predict your opponents' reactions is core in knowing when to use this ability and/or just using this as a killing machine skill. Another thing of note is that the secondary skill (dash & slash) of Evasive Smash can instantly be block-canceled to either force damage at a distance without even moving or dash & then block immediately as a movement boost. This does not animation lock you like Lethal Strike does.

  • Any ability with full overcharge (except Cyclone 5 tick) > Evasive Smash combo - hits for the same amount of damage
  • It is your only iframe ability
  • The roll ignores unit collision (ex. you can roll through lancers while they block)
  • You can essentially phase blade the damage of it if you use the 2nd charge of Evasive & block cancel instantly
  • Use this as a forward dash / gap closer if necessary - It does NOT animation lock you like Lethal Strike

Lethal Strike: Sacrificing your HP & is fully overcharged when 'flashing red'. It has a nice dash forward, with varying ranges depending on race. Elins have the shortest being at 6m, while I know Popori get to 9m distance. Overall, Lethal Strike has a very long animation lock, so you can use it to avoid certain abilities such as sorc's Mindblast (AoE sleep) or just to get a quick dash forward to gain some distance. I believe that the distance is not far enough to personally justify the animation lock for using it as an escape tool, only avoidance. If you put more emphesis on Leaping Strike & Lethal Strike, the Leaping Strike glyph to speed this up could be valid, however I prefer to stick with all my damage from Flatten, Thunderstrike and Evasive Smash.

  • Very long animation lock (even when utilizing block-canceling)
  • Quick dash forward, good for escaping positional things such as Rain of Arrows / Fireblast etc.
  • Does not use mana - only health & can be utilized for your Evasive Smash if out of mana

Axe Block: This ability has a huge impact on berserker gameplay. This is the only way you can attack animation cancel as a berserker. By doing so it will cut down on the animation lock on pretty much every ability you use. What animation cancelling does is that it will cut down your recovery time on a skill as soon as damage is dealt & let you move around again and on to using your next ability. Things such as Lethal Strike, Evasive Smash, Thunderstrike, basically almost everything, can have their animation shortened & let you move on to your next ability as quickly as possible. The other core aspect of Axe Block is that it will let you bait & block many abilities from other classes, though utilizing this comes with time & learning peoples' patterns with other classes. Axe Block, with its 1.5 second cooldown (automatically starts CD on use of block rather than after the release of it), and not consuming mana (actually giving you mana), on block can let you eternally block if you wish. 

  • Sole animation cancel of Berserkers - Use to block-cancel abilities & cut off their recovery animation after damage is dealt
  • Bait / Block enemy abilities on a 1.5 second CD can literally block everything (once you get good, you can even block long CD skills like Warrior's Backstab)

Bloodlust: Your 3 minute steroid that lasts you 30 seconds and will force you to literally be able to one-shot almost anyone. The 26 power & 15 PvP damage combined with your entire damage skillset can make you an extremely scary person. In a BG, use this to kill high priority targets with an Evasive Smash. You can & will be able to kill any target you get a good lineup on with this ability popped.

  • Use on high priority targets with high damage chains - an Evasive Smash crit alone will kill almost anyone.
  • It costs 600 mana, keep this in mind; it literally costs around a quarter of your mana. Don't use it if you don't have the mana to follow up with more abilities afterwards.
  • +50% knockdown & stun resistance, helps you in the frontlines a bit more than just trying to snipe people.

Mocking Shout: This 7m AoE staggers opponents that it hits & gives you that 7 seconds of knockdown & stagger immunity. The stagger component of the shout is great to interrupt channeling / casting ranged or heals. Along with staggers being a royal pain for berserkers, this ability gives you an opening to charge up freely. Classes that will utilize staggers to their maximum potential will be archers / warriors / sorcs / lancers. Using this ability to prevent staggers paired with your Dash ability will let you gap close on those pesky ranged DDs & typically pull off a hit, because they will be like "wtf y he no stagger". It is key to watch your CD of this ability & know when their escapes are on cooldown so that you can get a free hit off & begin locking them down (this is how you will win a lot of duels)

  • 30 second Cooldown - 7 second stagger/knockdown immunity
  • Very good ability to close in on archer / sorc / warrior / lancer because they won't be able to stagger you
  • Interrupts any casting animation enemies are doing, due to minor stagger from the shout (use it like an interrupt)

All other abilities listed in the previous section I feel are basic enough that they don't need advanced explanations. Now I will move onto the basic & intermediate combos a berserker can pull off in PvP.

Skill Chains

Beginner & Intermediate Combo Chains

  • All of these combos are accomplished with 2x attack speed rolls on gear & at least a +3% attack speed necklace. 
  • These combos also take into account swift glyphs such as faster charge speed on Thunderstrike & double Flatten glyphs

Combo chaining is an essential aspect of any berserker PvP gameplay. These can range from simple double attacks to full knockdown chains, upwards of 6+ attacks a time. 

Advanced berserker gameplay is composed of hard hits & lots of knockdowns.

The staple kill combo on lesser geared / just want to get burst out on a target would go like this: Thunderstrike OC 4x >  Staggering Strike > Flatten

  • With Flurry of Blows active you can also add the instant Vampiric Strike after Thunderstrike
  • After the Flatten, you can also choose to pull off a green/yellow charged 1-2 ticks of Cyclone damage

This combo can be pulled off in a very quick span & should be done before they can even Retaliate & escape. This will land you a LOT of kills on squishy or semi-squishy targets. Typically these people who die to this will be fairly undergeared players you didn't one-shot already.

Triple knockdown (if opponent's Retaliate is down): Single TS > Flatten > Semi-charged TS

Single tap Thunderstrike (forces knockdown) > Flatten (2nd knockdown) > Semi-charged Thunderstrike (3rd knockdown)

This is an easy-to-use combo if you know their Retaliate is on cooldown; this will force you to have a LOT of control on your target keeping them knocked down to hell. Typically, this will be something you do on a healer or something that you're just trying to control. Force an immediate knockdown and they will react with Retaliate & use their blink/escape. If you can follow up with a single tap or even charged TS after their escape, then this will open them up to this combo causing a moderate amount of damage & a lot of control. 

High Damage & Forced Knockdown

Full OC Ability > Evasive Roll > Evasive Smash > Block-cancel > Combo Attack > Staggering Strike > Flatten

  • Make sure to block-cancel immediately so that you can force the Combo Attack stagger right after damage hits

A good crit from the Evasive will either kill your target or bring them pretty low; the follow-up CC provided from the stagger on Combo Attack > Staggering Strike > Flatten will pretty much kill a target, or at the very least, force their Retaliate CD.

The Ideal Knockdown setup

This combo is very hard to fully land, but if you do it's pretty much a guaranteed kill if you're not being interrupted: TS > Fearsome Shout > TS > Flatten > Semi-charged TS > (their retalliate possibly) > Combo Attack stagger/Staggering Strike > Flatten > "repeat situational skills"

4x Overcharge Thunderstrike (this will force the knockdown)
Fearsome Shout - Use this because immediate reaction is to Retaliate a knockdown, and Fearsome Shout's animation is long enough that they will be midway in Retaliate animation & get feared (This puts Retaliate on cooldown & they are feared for full duration while you charge up again)
4x Overcharge Thunderstrike again! - Lay that smackdown all over again; double hits of fully charged TS is pretty much fatal. This will also force a knockdown & they won't have Retaliate up.
Flatten - Another knockdown & fairly hard hitting ability while they're still on the ground
Semi-charged Thunderstrike - Another knockdown & they should be dead by now - Their Retaliate most likely will be up at this point
Leaping Strike - 4x damage output on a knockdown target adding fair burst to the setup (recommended by Feanix)
If they somehow manage to live through all of this they probably have their Retaliate back up by now (or used), but to counter, you still have Auto attack > Staggering Strike > Flatten up by this time.

  • Following-up on the second Thunderstrike, you CAN use a Vampiric Strike if you have Flurry of Blows active as well

Notable Tips & Tricks

These are just to pound the main tips & tricks for zerkers into your head, so much of this section is repeats.

Combo Attack Stagger - You can use your very first combo attack after any ability (including axe block) to stagger your opponent. This is a huge thing to keep in mind because it will help you create many openers for you to begin chaining your opponent to death.

Evasive Smash (roll) - The roll is a huge troll to enemy players. It is your only invulnerability frame (they cannot hit you with anything while you are rolling!) & it ignores unit collision, meaning you can roll through enemy players. This is exceptional to get behind them & get that quick and easy back crit (not to mention huge damage).

Fearsome Shout - Small range, but can completely negate your target's Retaliate. They may be immune for 2 seconds from stuns / knockdowns (this is why you don't follow up your Thunderstrike with immediate Staggering/Flatten combo unless it's a squishy target), but your fear will still reach them & CC them before they can even react while they're mid Retaliate animation.

Thunderstrike - This will knockdown regardless of charge. Utilize it properly & it will get you very, very far as a berserker.

Flurry of Blows - In a chain knockdown combo, this ability will let you pull off a Vampiric Blow on an OC'd Thunderstrike without interrupting your follow-up Flatten knockdown continuation.

Mocking Shout - Stagger & knockdown immunity for 12 seconds; use it wisely & make sure you get a hit off on whichever target you're pursuing. 

Axe Block "Trap Popping" - With axe block you can approach traps (archer / sorc) - right as you approach the edge use axe block & it will trigger the trap, but block any effect from hitting you from it. This is very useful in every PvP situation agains these classes. (Added by Arcadia)

Fraywind Canyon (15v15 Battleground)


Intro To Fraywind Canyon:

Fraywind is a domination-type battleground where two teams compete to hold three pyres (or nodes) & claim victory over BAMs that spawn on the map. The end goal is to reach 5000 points before the other team does. There are several things that can grant you points in the battleground itself:

  • Killing a player grants 8 points
  • Capturing a node grants 200 points
  • Killing a mini-mob pack grants 10 points
  • Killing Potent Teralith grants 50 points
  • Killing Naga grants 400 points
  • Holding more nodes than the opposing team:
    • 1 node - 3 points per second
    • 2 nodes - 5 points per second
    • 3 nodes - 7 points per second

Basic Goals:

The idea behind a berserker in Fraywind Canyon is being an Assassin to key players (leaders, healers, easy targets), peeling for nodes to hold a cap as long as you can, peeling for your teammates, and sniping BAMs for your team. You should never really branch off from your team as a berserker; you're reliant on your team to take advantage of the chaos & kill or lockdown those priority or easy targets.

Early Game: (0:00 to 4:55)

The initial push is a huge period in which a zerker will get demolished or completely change the tide of the fight. Until you are geared, as mentioned in the gear section, you should be sitting back & peeling for your team. However, once you progress into Conjunct & VM gearsets you are completely capable of becoming an absolute Assassin or offensive-defensive player. Assassin style play: Pop your Bloodlust, pop your Flurry of Blows, get a full Evasive & target their healers, and try to get a one-shot on squishy targets etc. While on the defensive end you can be in the frontlines & lock down their healers with the advanced knockdown tactics. Overall, just applying proper pressure or peeling for your team will allow you to be an optimal berserker in early game Fraywind.

  • If you are undergeared - Peel for your team & focus on overextended players.
  • If you have Conjunct / VM - You can choose to play the Assassin & target squishies & healers or knockdown-lock priority targets.
  • Stick with your team, because being a solo zerker against X number of players puts you at a huge disadvantage.

Mid Game: (4:55-11:00)

Mid game for berserkers is all about travelling with your team & assisting in taking vital nodes primarily. Being with your group and still playing the peels or the high priority target killing machine is what you should be doing at this time. However there is one more thing to note: the BAMs. Here is where a berserker can straight up change the game in favor for your team. As a berserker, you have the burst-ability to easily steal or fully secure the last hits on BAMs.


The BAMs of Fraywind Canyon are focal points of winning or turning the tables on a losing game. As a berserker, you have the ability to easily steal kills because all that counts is last hitting the BAM for it to count for your team. To steal these, you would typically sit outside of the pit that they spawn in. Use Mocking Shout and charge up 4x OC Thunderstrike & go in on the boss at 25% or so (try to release attack at around 10-15%), or conserve with Evasive Smash & once again aim for the hit at 10-15%. Always try to get a back crit (a solid crit will bring the boss from 20% or so to 0%) and have CDs popped when aiming to steal these, because they are game-changing!

Potent Teralith:

The Potent Teralith spawns on the south-end of Fraywind Canyon at about 3 minutes and 30 seconds into the game. This should be a very high priority target for your entire team; it's even worth losing a node over. The reason is that upon killing the Teralith, your entire team (if they're alive) recieves a three minute long buff providing 40 power, 20% attack speed, 20 endurance, and 30 movement speed. This is an unreasonably good buff, which will let you one-shot people even harder, tank even harder, and move even faster. You & your team need this buff, so make it top priority as it spawns.

  • Spawns at around 3:30 just north of the south node in Fraywind Canyon // Will spawn typically between 7:00-7:45 again depending on when you kill it
  • Applies a buff to your entire raid (if they're alive) that gives 40 power, 20 endurance, 20% attack speed, and 30 movement speed - This buff lasts 3 minutes (will be active on you for naga spawn)
  • Allows you to hold positions better, or take positions better - straight up game-changing!


Naga, which spawns at around 5:30 seconds into the game, is also a very important BAM to secure. It is not quite as overpowered as Teralith, but it grants your team 400 points straight up towards your victory. I've seen many, many games turn around solely because of a naga kill, if you're far behind it catches you up very quickly, if you're already ahead it seals your lead & almost victory each time.

  • Spawns at 5:30 just south of the north node in Fraywind Canyon // Will spawn again typically between 14:30-16:00 depending on when you kill it
  • Grants your team 400 flat points closer to victory
  • Can tilt games further in your favor or pull you back from a losing match

Late Game: (11:00-18:00)

Late game is when you either know you're screwed or you know you're going to win. In close games, you need to be with your team & once you have experience, help lead your team. Take high priority nodes with your team & hold nodes if you're banking on holding 2 nodes till you win. If it's close & you're holding two nodes, be at the node they're going to most likely hit, (they hold south - your team holds north & mid - they most likely will hit mid) and PEEL THAT NODE!!! - Your Thunderstrike can literally hit 360 degrees around that node if you swing directly into it. What this means is you attack the node with your Thunderstrike with a guy on the other side of that node, it will knock him down! Use this to your advantage, either trying to live yourself & peel the node or just keep them off regardless. Take note of when your team killed Potent Teralith, take note of when your team killed Naga, be prepared to head to those locations as they spawn and be ready to be the game changer if you're losing or the solidifier if you're winning. Taking that second set of BAM spawns will win you the game almost every time.

  • Be ready for second set of BAM spawns
  • Assault or Defend key nodes to hold / secure victory
  • Peel nodes like a boss if you need to hold them by abusing Thunder Strike

Champions' Skyring (3v3)


Introduction to 3v3:

Berserkers are kind of a weird class in the 3v3 realm of TERA. Due to their nature of being one of those classes that doesn't like to be targeted, well... you get targeted, a lot. 3v3 is more organized and more intense than Fraywind Canyon. Teams know what you are capable of, and will do everything in their power to stop you. This typically means having you be a primary kill target or lockdown target. However, with utilizing the proper setups or proper use of skills such as Mocking Shout, you will be able to pull off those combos & you will be able to absolutely punish people in 3's. When going into the realm of 3's you should be prepared; be in atleast full +12 Conjunct or VM wep and/or chest piece properly rolled, the whole deal.

Two Core Playstyles for Arena

Playstyle - One-Shot King

This playstyle is like your typical Assassin, however a little more tricky. Your focus is going to be landing absolutely punishing full damage combos on priority targets that are already partially low, or fully locked down by your teammates. To do this, you basically need to be communicating with your team constantly and be aware of enemy cooldowns. Typically, you won't be able to pull off a hot knife through butter kill (one-shot slick and easy); you will need to organize & call out "charging up - are you ready for burst" etc. while your teammate locks down the kill target, or lining up on the kill target that is CC'd by your healer. The biggest flaw in this concept of arena is that you have to be semi left alone for it to truly work. You have to learn to weave & avoid while getting that Thunder Strike / Evasive Smash lined up for a back crit on your kill target & the opposing team will recognize you running off into the corner to get those buffs up and to start charging up. They will not let that happen easily.

Playstyle - Knockdown Champ

This is the more typical defensive playstyle that has its own ways in 3v3. As a one-shot king, you have to be reliant on your partner to help give you time to charge up & set up the kill. As a knockdown champ, you are more able to say "okay you get X, I'll fight X". Though you still have that wonderful burst, you're moreso going to be focusing on splitting each others DPS until an opportunity arises for you to switch or your partner switches to your target. The coordination still needs to be of a high degree, but it lets you fight a little more freely rather than banking on that one hit. If you are targeting a healer as a knockdown champ, it's going to be much more like imagining a 1v1 with a healer. Try to knockdown lock people the whole time, punish them with small blows that force their Retaliates & continue with knockdown chains. This typically will help dwindle them down, preparing your team for a proper switch on the target. Once a knockdown champ gets their target on the ground & their Retaliate is down, they will have them on the ground for a bit & if their teammate switches to their target, it's going to be a bad time for that target.

Typical 3v3 Setups:

Warrior / Berserker / Healer (typically Mystic - More CC & Crit Aura):

This setup is a very good setup for either playstyle of berserker. Warriors can apply constant pressure while setting up kills very well for either playstyle. Typically, you want to coordinate with your healer to CC the enemy healer (or DPS if healer is your kill target) as you line up a full charge attack as a one-shot king as the warrior backstabs & combos that kill target. Note, however, that a knockdown will override a stun, so be coordinated in when you are going to force that knockdown, because you may lose very valuable DPS time by cutting that stun duration with your knockdown (this is why you use Evasive Smash moreso). That is more of your one-shot gameplay. On a knockdown champion your warrior can force a knockdown with Scythe, call that their Retaliate is down, you swap targets & begin knockdown chaining while the warrior saves his backstab ready for the escape. If you can stop the escapes of your target, they will pretty much be dead.

  • One-shot king - Line up with your Warrior for his combo (Backstab, Cascade, etc.) with a fully charged Evasive Smash crit to the back. Keep in mind your knockdown will break the stun, so don't knockdown too early if they're stunned.
  • Knockdown Champ - Split DPS & keep track of Retaliates on targets, switch when you see an opportunity to punish & chain knockdown while healer is CCing opposing targets.

Archer / Berserker / Healer (typically Mystic):

This combo is very nice, but is heavily reliant on the archer being a fancy player. Archers combos can be a very deadly combo & their staggering capability is astonishing. What this means for a zerker is that you are kind of the backup on this, you are the assisting DPS. Your archer is the playmaker, specifically with his traps. Both of you need to be communicating saying "I have this person locked down - this person is low," etc. & if your archer lands traps paired with healer CC, you can get a perfect lineup to DEMOLISH any target. I recommend playing around pillars so your archer can utilize his ranged traps on the wall / pillars for easier trap landing & be prepared to capitalize on those trap hits. If you want to also be a heavy DPS on a target, you can say 'stagger X archer,' he/she can do that with his Rapid Fire. If you have a full Evasive Smash saved up & ready to unleash, get that stagger on a target as you get a free nuke on them (you could very well one-shot them)!

  • One-shot King - Have your archer stagger kill targets & healers CC at the proper times; a lot of kills will come solely from how well your archer is doing with his traps, because unlike a warrior, he has to really hit those to give you a perfect setup for a kill. Peel for him if you need to, but try to coordinate your burst with his traps.
  • Knockdown Champ - Peel for your archer, let the plays be made here, his explosive trap will land that initial knockdown you want them to waste Retaliate on. After that, if you or the archer lands a hit, that's a knockdown, and another knockdown, and another. Archers provide great 1v1 potential as well while you're 1v1ing until he gets his proper trap setup rolling.

Lancer / Berserker / Healer (can be either):

Kind of my least favorite setup to play that actually works. The idea with any lancer comp is heavily reliant on a gigaleash. That being said, you both have knockdowns on the leash & a LOT of damage to come out on three people if they're clumped up. Try to utilize strictly Evasive Smash on the gigaleash so you don't knockdown the targets out of his Wallop; let him force the initial knockdown & you be the follow-up. Lancers have great 'sticking' capability on targets so they can keep a target locked down if you want to go for kills outside of the giga.

  • One-Shot King - Your kills will be on giga - coordinate with your lancer, pop your Bloodlust, your Fiery Rage, your Flurry of Blows & have a full Evasive Smash lined up for that giga. Your burst is meant to basically kill them in that giga; if they live, be prepared to wait until giga is up again & setup for another kill.
  • Knockdown Champ - Still reliant on the gigaleash to fully run this setup, but the lancer will force the enemy teams' first Retaliate. Here is where you strike; every one of their Retaliates will be down & they will lose at least half of their health after Wallop & Evasive Smash combo. Healer sleeps opposing players on the escape after their Retaliate and you can catch up to kill target & punish him into the ground with multiple knockdowns while your lancer helps by dmg dealing, slowing, and stunning that kill target.

Other Setups:

Feel free to try whatever setup you would like, however berserkers are a class that doesn't like to be focused & needs some form of setup. The three setups I've listed are typically the safest bet due to much higher CC capabilities & lineups for you to truly shine.

Outro / Conclusion:

Alright everyone, I hope you enjoyed the guide; I've put a LOT of effort into it & hopefully have given birth to a quality guide at the same time. Berserkers are a super fun class to play, but a very hard class to master in many situations. By providing my PoV on how to play a berserker, hopefully I have helped a few of you learn the ways of Zerker PvP. Everything here is subject to change as I become better & learn new tricks, because you can never truly stop learning a class. I hope you all found this insightful & hope that you continue to enjoy TERAToday.com as well as my stream and TERA videos! Thank you all, once again adios everyone ^_^


Now let the reaping BEGIN!


Can you make PVE guide  too with rotations, glyph builds and gear to use ?

Can you make PVE guide  too with rotations, glyph builds and gear to use ?

Kilryan is really busy IRL, so he had to quit TERA, unfortunately.