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TERA Archer Guide by Espei

A (hopefully) simple guide to Archers with information post Dungeon Assault patch.

TERA Archer Guide by Espei

Hello! Since the previous guide is no longer up-to-date I figured I'd get the ball rolling with an updated guide.

Some may know me from KTERA translations or have seen me around in-game or on EME forums. I main a Lancer and my second favourite class is the Archer. By no means am I an expert but I will do my best to help out the newer players who wants to try out this class. If you see something you do not agree with, great, let me know. Only thing I ask that you provide constructive criticism. Have a reason behind why you don't agree with something so we can all learn.

I do PVP to some extent and have started to get into Skyring once again. There are many, many players who are much more skilled in terms of PVP but practice is key. Get into Battlegrounds or duel others to gain experience.

The guide will cover Archers in a general blanket leaning towards PVE but I will try to touch upon some basic PVP information as well.

Parts of the Equipment section will be changed soon to reflect changes done in the Ascension update that went live on February 13 so that players can prepare for the new sets of gear from now until NA TERA gets it.

Anyway, let's get it started.

Introduction to Archers

Archer Velik's Mark

Archers may still carry the stigma that was placed upon them in the earlier days of TERA where they sat at the lower end of the DPS spectrum. But with the recent gear changes as well as class adjustments they are pretty much on par with the rest of the DPS classes. The only thing that holds them back is the knowledge and skill carried by the person behind the class.

They are not a hard class to play but as with anything else, a better knowledge of the class will make them that much better.

Archers are very versatile in what they can bring to the table. They carry skills to be both a sustained DPS as well as provide burst damage. They also have the ability to crowd control (CC) pretty well in both PVE and PVP situations.


Here I will cover both the pre-Dungeon Assault (DA) gear as well as the newly introduced gear sets. There are too many sets within the same tier now and it may be a bit confusing as to which gear you should get or what you should upgrade to. I will try to provide some pathing depending on what you have and the funds you may possess.

The main different between the two groups of gear are how the stats are given on the equipment as well as their values. The pre-DA sets have a lot of useless damage modifiers (ie. minion damage) but provide an extra line at base so you were able to double up on stats. They also have higher attack speed modifiers on their weapons while the attack speed on the post-DA sets are distributed amongst the entire set rather than it being just on the weapon. So to get the full value of attack speed you need the weapon and gloves at the very least.

The post-DA sets are also Spellbind friendly. The masterwork stats (10 thru 12) are locked in and does not require you to Spellbind each line like the older stats which can be frustrating when you had one threat and rest power.

Here's an example:

Pre-DA and DA Weapon Comparison

As you may be able to see the older weapon (right) has power stats at +10 thru 12 while the new weapon (left) has attack speed. The rest of the attack speed can be gained through the new set jewelry (Zenith) and gloves.

Balder's Temple Gear

Archer's Reliquary Bow from BT Solo

This set is great for those who just hit 60, especially if it is your first level 60 character. You can get this set by running Balder's Temple (Solo) which you can enter 3 times a day (6 if Elite). These sets are non-enchantable but will still provide some decent defense and stats (base stats are the equivalent of +9 Abyss; in the most recent KTERA patch this set became the equivelent of +9 Steadfast) as you make your way to the enchantable sets. Most cost efficient.

You can also get the chest piece by doing the reputation quests in Allemantheia (UTI). I suggest you do both UTI and Jax so you can buy fodder with credit once you're done getting the equipment.

Balder's Temple (Solo) will also drop slotted jewelry which are pretty expensive on the broker. You don't need to re-roll their stats (Semi-Enigmatic Scrolls are stupidly expensive anyway to roll entry level gear) but having slots will allow you to equip Zyrks.

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PvE Gear

In anticipation of the new sets from the Ascension update I have removed most of the older Tier 14 sets as they are no longer worth the time to obtain and enchant with the exception of the Visionmaker which is required to craft Nightforge gear.

I encourage everyone to max out your gathering and crafts (Focuscraft, Leatherworking, and Alchemy) before the Production Points limit you. You will also need max level to craft higher tier items anyway so get started now during your downtime!


This set is a craftable Tier 14 set which used to be the best end-game PVE/PVP set. It is now very easy to craft this set since the prices of materials have lowered and Shandra's Quill now drops at a 100% rate (used to be that you did not see one after 80+ runs).

This is a good set to have and is good for anything the current content (Dungeon Assault) has to offer. If you have long term goals for your Archer it's not a bad idea to attempt to craft this for your PVE needs. Of course, your next upgrade will most likely be Nightforge PVE if you choose to go this route.

Here are the recipes you'll want to look for:

Weapon Visionary's Reach
Chest Dreamshot Vest
Gloves Scryhands
Boots Dreamer's Boots


This is part of the new gear set from the Dungeon Assault patch. You can get this set from Wonderholme (Normal), Molten Token exchange, Cyasma Token exchange, and as a possible drop from the Zenith Treasure Box (low rate). The chest piece does not have a class skill so if you are already sporting Regents, Mayhem, or Visionmaker don't bother with this set.

This set is supposedly easier to masterwork as well but some say there's no difference, regardless this set is good for anyone coming back into the game and already have decent gear (T13 or low end T14).

NOTE: There are two types of gloves. One for offense and one for defense. Make sure you choose the one for offense!

  Steadfast (BOP) Steadfast (BOE)
Weapon Bayspan Loyal Bow
Chest Vetted Vest Epauletted Vest
Gloves Riddling Gloves Deathworn Gloves
Boots Braven Boots Valleystride Boots


This is the best non-crafted gear available from the Dungeon Assault. There are also three types of weapons for you to choose from. This drops from Wonderholme (Hard). Most will be BOP while on rare occasions a BOE item will drop which goes for quite a sum on the broker. You'll want to get yourself into a group rather than buying the set though.

This set has a class skill on the chest piece so it is an ideal upgrade for anyone unless you are specifically planning for Nightforge from Visionmaker.

As mentioned above there are also three weapon paths you can choose from. The keen bow focuses on crit rate and damage; quick focuses on attack speed; and lastly the intense bow focuses on raw damage.

  Wonderholme (BOP) Wonderholme (BOE)
Keen Bow Terrencious Arc Scrapen Bow
Quick Bow  Formalesh Bow Olive Yew
Intense Bow Pigglemark Slithy Bow 
Chest Lattis Vestness Jub-Jub Jacket
Gloves Boojum Gripples Gripfast Gloves
Boots Burblesteppies Whited Boots

Nightforge PVE and PVP

Lastly, the "strongest T14" set out are the Nightforge sets. There are two paths this time around requiring different materials. For Nightforge PVE you will need to have crafted Visionmaker; for Nightforge PVP you have a choice of using Visionmaker or Bloodrave as your base material.

Currently the market for the Mark of Bloodshed is horrendous. If this is your alt then don't bother at this time and stick with Wonderholme. If this is your main, well, unless you have gold pouring out of your butt or extremely lucky you won't be seeing the PVE set for awhile.

The Nightforge PVP is a bit more reasonable in obtaining it so if you love to PVP then definitely go for it.

  Nightforge PVE Nightforge PVP
Weapon Steelshod Bow Anticipation's Reach
Chest Nettlevest Nettlelace Coat
Gloves Spitemitts Blightfists
Boots Rackboots Longwalkers

Ascension Update PvE

The Ascension update will introduce a set gear system. This means that if you have all 5 pieces in the set (weapon, chest, gloves, boots, and belt) you will receive the corresponding bonus. As you see the Ascension update will also bring another gear slot, the belt. Below are the new PvE sets available. Please note that names are subject to change with official localization.

Wanderlust Set

This will be your new entry-level PvE gear set much like the Steadfast. This set can be obtained by exchanging with Molten Token II and Cyasma Token II or dropped from Kushbar's Gorge (Normal). The Molten Token II can be obtained through the new dungeons or by trading in 12 Molten Token I for one Molten Token II. The Cyasma Token II can be obtained by trading in four Cyasma Token I for one Cyasma Token II at the Valeskyr Hunt merchant.

Kushbar Set

This is one of the new Tier 15 sets dropped in the new 10-man raid dungeon, Kushbar's Gorge (Hard)

Barthir Set

The Barthir's set will be the next best in slot crafted PvE gear. This gear set is set at Tier 15 and will have two methods of crafting. Design A will allow you to sacrifice your Nightforge PvE piece to lower the need of extra materials while Design B will require you to obtain more. The design is only available when you pick-up Barthir's Vision Document from Kushbar's Gorge (Normal/Hard).

Luminous Barthir Weapon

The Raging Khielsreugal's Cave will drop an item similar to the Vision Document which starts a chain of quests for you to obtain the Luminous Barthir weapon. It takes on the Intense Barthir's stats with an extra line (usually ASPD for DPS weapons) in the base stat. Basically the best PvE weapon you will be able to obtain.

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PVP Gear

Conjunct and Strikeforce

Conjunct/Strikeforce will no longer be available once the Ascension update hits NA. Of course it will still be a good couple of months until then so if you are wanting to get started in some actual non-equalized PvP then get your Strikeforce set now.

  Conjunct Strikeforce
Weapon Compound Bow Bow of Bombardment
Chest Layered Leathers Vest of Bravado
Gloves Accretion Gloves Bloodgrove Mitts
Boots Coalescing Steps Downtreaders

Ascension Update PvP

Fighter and Hero Set

The Fighter set will be the new entry-level PvP set in the Ascension update. The name may change as it is just a literal translation at this point. To obtain this set you will need to complete 3 quests which will award you with the Fighter set and designs to craft the Hero set which will require the Fighter and other materials from the Battleground credits merchant.

Legendary Set

The Legendary set will be the new best in slot PvP gear in the Ascension update. There are two methods of crafting this set. Design A will allow you to sacrifice your Nightforge PvP set and lower the cost of other materials while Design B will allow you to craft this set even if you don't have the Nightforge PvP but will require more of the other materials.

The materials needed to craft this will NOT be available in-game until the update itself goes live. The only thing you can do to prepare for this now is to max out credits in the following factions: Agnitor, Noctenium Society, Bellicarium, and Killing Spree. If you have the resources you can attempt to craft the Nightforge PvP to prepare for this and lessen the grind but I suggest you wait at least a month to see if any changes will be made to the requirements.

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Gear Pathing

Archer Close Quarters

First 60 Archer

  • Run Balder's Temple (Solo) to get out of story quest gear
  • Run Channelworks, Shattered Fleet, and Kezzel's Gorge to collect Molten Tokens
    • Or farm Argon Essence in Kanstria (Argonea) to obtain Cyasma Tokens (every 22 hours)
  • Exchange Molten/Cyasma for full set if only PvE oriented; for PvP just get weapon/chest for now
  • Run Corsair's Stronghold/Kumasylum (equalized BG) to get enough credits to craft Strikeforce gloves/boots
  • Once you have at least +9 weapon/chest and +12 gloves/boots start running Wonderholme (Hard) for weapon/chest

Alt 60 Archer

  • Strikeforce gloves/boots
  • Wonderholme weapon/chest

Main 60 Archer

  • Follow "First 60 Archer" then work towards Nightforge weapon/chest
  • Strikeforce gloves/boots are sufficient for both PvE and PvP

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Equipment Stats

Here is a list of recommended stats to roll on your equipment. You can choose any that you feel you need. Pre-DA chest pieces have different values compared to the DA sets and have more useless ones as well (ie. minion damage) so keep that in mind.

Visit this [link] for a full list of re-rollable stats on each equipment piece.

Pre-DA Equipment

Whether you roll double attack speed or not is up to you but I would recommend at least one now that the attack speed stat also affects your charge speed. For gloves you have a choice of either Power or Crit Rate; you cannot roll Crit Rate on the +10 thru 12 so keep that in mind if you plan on rolling them.

Weapon Chest Gloves Boots
Attack Speed (1 or 2) Boss Power Movement Speed
Boss Enrage Crit Rate Reduce slow effects
Behind Max HP / HP Restore - Endurance
Enrage Knockdown - Balance
- Frontal - -

DA Equipment

The great thing about the post DA equipment is that the +10 thru 12 stats are locked in which means less Spellbinds used and you also do not have to worry about having threat appear on your gloves. These are all pretty standard rolls so choose what works. If you do plan on doing some PVP I suggest getting at least one attack speed.

If you are making a weapon solely for PvE then forgo Crit Dmg and roll Enrage. The Crit Dmg will yield less results in PvE than going for straight damage. You can still roll Crit Dmg for your accessories though.

Weapon Chest Gloves Boots
Attack Speed Reduce Damage Power Movement Speed
Crit Rate / Crit Dmg Max HP Crit Rate Reduce slow effects
Damage Knockdown Attack Speed MP Regen
Behind Frontal - Endurance
Enrage (PvE)     Balance

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These are stats you want to look for on your necklace, earrings, and rings. I suggest trying to get yourself some Zenith accessories. 3 pieces will unlock the set bonus. If you are planning on going into PVP then the stun duration reduction is a must on both earrings. The Zenith Rings can roll both Crit Rate/Dmg and for the necklace whatever you want out of the two.

Alternatively, you can run the Alliance Vaults for the Noctenium rings. They can have upwards to 0.07 Crit Dmg plus 3% skill damage per ring. This is the perfect roll for those rings and they are few and far in-between since the Ring of Pain cannot be re-rolled via Semi-Enigmatic Scrolls.

New Accessory in the Ascension Update

The new accessory sets in the Ascension update will be a 5-piece set instead of the 3. So each accessory slot will require a unique piece for the set bonuses to activate.

You can read more about ideal combinations here. I suggest getting either Combo 1 or 2.


In the Ascension update a new accessory is introduced to the game which has different effects plus stats. I'll add in more information as they are made clear. An example of an effect it can have is the ability to cleanse any(?) debuff on the user which has a cooldown of 3 or 6 min depending on the grade. There is also a different effect which will give you a buff that adds +40 power for 15 seconds. The best ones can only be crafted.

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Runic Scrolls

Another new crafting item that will apply a bonus stat to your gear. More information coming soon.

You can read more about it on the January 15 Patch Preview.

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Class Skill on Chestpiece

Archer Chest Class Skill

The following chest pieces have class skills on their base line: Regent, Mayhem, Visionmaker, Wonderholme, and Nightforge. Below is the list of what is available and I've noted which I would recommend in getting.

Description PVE PVP
Gain 50 MP when Velik's Mark hits a target No No
Reduce cooldown of Breakaway Bolt by 12% Maybe Maybe
Increase duration of Poison Arrow by 17% No No
Increase stun duration of Close Quarters by 5% Maybe Maybe
Decrease cooldown of Stunning Trap by 15% Maybe Maybe
Reduce cooldown of Rain of Arrows by 10% Maybe Maybe
Increase damage of Rain of Arrows by 10% Yes Maybe
Increase damage of Arrow Volley by 15% No No
Increase damage of Penetrating Arrow by 10% Yes Yes
Increase damage of Radiant Arrow by 10% Yes Yes

What you choose to put on your chest is entirely up to you. For general PVE purposes damage on Rain of Arrows is a good choice. If you like to PVP often then it may be a good idea to go for Penetrating Arrow as it has a Glyph of Power that increases damage by 25% as well.

I'm unsure if increasing stun duration on CQ or cooldown reduction on Stunning Trap is worth it in PVP. It might just be better to go for damage but I'll leave that judgement up to you.

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Archer Stats and Crystals

Above are some crystal set-ups I use and my current stats. No buffs except my Eagle's Eye.

Below are the recommended crystal sets for Archers. When you are leveling or still getting used to a BAM fight it's good to just go for straight up damage. Once you are more comfortable you can get into worrying about whether you are properly behind the enemy or not.


  • 4x Hunter's
  • 4x Vigorous


You should only really be using Mutinous if you are just getting used to the game and its bosses. Once you are comfortable getting behind bosses you should be switching to a back crit crystal set-up for maximum damage output. If you have a Keen Wonderholme, it's not a bad idea to use Focused otherwise Carving will help you land more crits.

  • 4x Mutinous (only for low levels)
  • Acrimonious, Savage, Focused
  • Carving or Forceful
  • 4x Anarchics or Relentless (Stalwarts if you are facing lots of trash)
  • 4x Pristine Powerful Zyrks


There are many crystal builds you can choose from in regards to PVP. Use what works for you on your weapon but I suggest you do slap on a Salivating Crux if you are in Skyring since you won't have any Infused Charms on you. For any other PVP settings where you can use comsumeables and charms then choose from any of the five or pick your own.

If your survivability is questionable then you can switch to Indomitable Zyrks to help you survive better. I've been trying out Warding Cruxes and they are great for when you face classes that have multiple knockdowns. There are also times when I have to constantly peel the enemy off my team and when that happens my MP just... well there's no MP. So in those cases you may want to switch in a Grieving Crux.

  • Savage, Forceful, Cruel, Carving, or Swift
  • Salivating
  • 4x Relentless or 3x Relentless, 1x Warding or 3x Relentless, 1x Grieving
  • 4x Pristine Griefing or Indomitable Zyrks

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Glyphs and Skills

Archer Glyph Window

I won't be going into any long lists of skills and their glyphs, if you'd like to learn more about each and every glyph you can look at a skill builder or visit your local Glyphs Master. I will cover key glyphs and some optional and/or situational glyphs for Archers.

Below is my main hotkey bar. I play with a Naga mouse so this may not be the best for you if you use a regular mouse so go into your setting and adjust as necessary.

Archer Skill Bar

Key Glyphs

  • Glyph of Slick for Penetrating and Radiant Arrow
  • Glyph of Energy for Backstep
  • Glyph of Power for Penetrating Arrow, Rain of Arrows, and Explosive Trap
  • Glyph of Swift for Rain of Arrows

Penetrating Arrow and Radiant Arrow are your main attacking skills on low cooldown. Then you have the Explosive Trap and Rain of Arrows that does massive damage but are on longer cooldowns. Backstep is your only means of an iframe escape so having that on lower cooldown is a must.

Optional Glyphs

The two charge-up skills are what you'll be using the most and with the recent patch your attack speed affects your charge speed. There are also glyphs that further speed up the charging process.

For Radiant Arrow you can speed your charge speed by using Poison Arrow first. This skill has a pretty fast charge speed already so whether you use it or not is up to you.

For Penetrating Arrow you have the choice between using Arrow Volley or Final Salvo to speed up your charge. This skill does have a noticeably slower charge speed than Radiant Arrow so I definitely recommended getting a Glyph of Blaze. I personally use Arrow Volley since I do not really like depending on Final Salvo to speed up my charge. I'd rather be able to use it whenever without having to use RA first. But the choice is up to you.


Overcharge is when you hold your charge skills (Radiant or Penetrating Arrow) until your HP starts ticking off. This increases the damage of your skill. You should try to OC whenever you can but don't wait so long that the enemy turns around. Use your judgement.

One thing to note is that if you OC a lot you will notice that your stamina depletes pretty quickly since it is 'damaging' your HP. If you notice your stamina below 100% make sure you drink a Combat Panacea or rest up to regain some stamina if you're out leveling. More on this a little later.

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Glyph Suggestions

Please remember that this is not the be all end all for glyph builds. They are just some of the builds I've used and figured worked for me. You can start with these and then tweak them to suit your needs.

I'm currently using the PA build for PVE which maximizes the damage done by PA through Breakaway Bolt powerlink.

Master Glyphs can be obtained from Temple of Temerity and Sirjuka Gallery. Alternatively you can get the Coveted Archer's Glyph Box from the Bellacarium rep store by running Corsair's Stronghold or Fraywind Canyon.

For PVP I'm using the build #2 at the moment. So far it's allowing me to have better control of my RA shots because it slows me down.

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Archer Consumeables

Consumables are important in maximizing your DPS and survivability. You should always have a set of HP and MP potions for emergencies. Archers actually have a low MP pool and due to their Overcharge capability (HP ticking away when you hold down your charge skill) their stamina lowers at a rapid rate compared to others.

  • Combat Panacea (or Panaceaic Bolster III)
    • If the cost of Panaceaic Bolster III is lower than 20g it is much more cost efficient to buy and use them than using a Combat Panacea. Otherwise you should be using a Combat Panacea when your stamina hits around 104~109% to maximize your DPS.
    • Lower stamina will not only affect your MP recovery but your DPS and even crit rate so keep it close to full as possible.
  • MP Elixir / Divine Infusions
  • Ranger's Nostrum V or VI; decreases cooldown of skills, can be bought from General Merchant
  • Scroll of Savagery or Carving
    • I use Scroll of Carving when with a Priest and Savagery when with a Mystic.


Below are things you should be carrying because you never know when someone in your party (especially your Healer) will meet an unfortunate end or even yourself.

  • Scroll of Rapid Resurrection; bought from Specialty Merchant
  • Crystalbinds
  • Extra crystals
  • Greater Charms

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You should always, always be carrying your own set of Greater charms. Do not expect people to charm you just because you stand by a fire. If you are caught without charms during a run and happen to die... well, you're wasting everyone else's time.

Every class should have the following.

  • Power or Keen
  • Infused
  • Enduring

The choice between Power or Keen is, and has always been, up for hot debate. Archers have great attack power already but their crit rate is sub-par at best. If you do not have the Keen Wonderholme bow I suggest you use Keen Charms but you MUST keep your stamina up. The effectiveness of the charms are dependent on your stamina level so if your stamina is low your crit rate will be poor regardless.

I have a Keen WH bow but I still do use Keen Charms and have switched between using a Carving Crux to a Forceful. Try out what works out for you. I spent hours testing which combination of crystals and charms work best for me and my verdict was Pristine Powerful with Keen Charms, scrolls depending on healer type, and always keeping a full stamina.

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Skill Rotation / Chains

There really isn't much in terms of skill rotations or chains for Archers but here are some basic ones you can use. Personally I hate the default skill chains so I've removed all of them which you can also do by going to your skill (K) > Skills > Chained Skills. Click then drag off the ones you don't want chaining.

PvE Leveling

This is a pretty basic combo you can use when grouping a small number of mobs.

arrow_volley.png stunning_trap.png incendiary_trap.png breakaway_bolt.png arrow_volley.png penetrating_arrow.png

You will want Glyph of Slick and Power for Penetrating Arrow and Glyph of Blaze for Arrow Volley into Penentrating Arrow.

PvE Boss Fights (Party)

This assumes, for the most part the boss is still. The great thing about Archers is that even if the boss does move around your rotation rarely gets broken due to the ability to charge while moving around.

veliks_mark.png explosion_trap.png rain_of_arrows.png arrow_volley.png penetrating_arrow.png final_salvo.png radiant_arrow.png

Option 2: Glyph of Powerlink Breakaway Bolt to Penetrating Arrow

veliks_mark.png explosion_trap.png rain_of_arrows.png arrow_volley.png close_quarters.png breakaway_bolt.png penetrating_arrow.png final_salvo.png radiant_arrow.png

By the time you get to Radiant Arrow you can do the Arrow Volley to Pen Arrow or if your RoA / Explosion Trap is off CD you can repeat the cycle once again. Throw in stun traps in between if you need to interrupt and you're good to go.

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Alright, new section. Here I'll briefly go over some ways you can get through current end-game instances because I've seen some crazy people whenever I queue in. Let's get started and see how we can improve our game in a party.

So you all know by now that using consumeables are important in improving your DPS. Really, take the time to at the very least charm yourself. There has been too many times where people just expect to be charmed or just doesn't do it themselves. Charm yourself and then pop your Nostrums and Scrolls. 24g a run is not bad if you can speed things up. You can even charm beforehand at a Charming Campfire (purple) so you give yourself 30 minutes.


If you are running without a healer pop in some Vigorous Cruxes and a Panaceaic Bolster III (or keep your stamina up with Combat Panacea). It'll make sure your HP doesn't drop below 70% and will allow you to break the Slayer at the end rather than Mystic for the power buff. Assuming you don't get hit by everything of course.

Shattered Fleet

This is a pretty straight forward instance but too many just focus on the first boss. You have the ability to help contain the mobs that keep summoning. Do your healer a favour and make sure you use your traps to stun and kill them so that they do not get overwhelmed. This is especially true if your healer is a Mystic as they have far few ways to self-heal. It is also important to charm and use Nostrums/Scrolls so that you maintain optimal DPS output.

Kezzel's Gorge

This instance has you in combat the entire time and your stamina gets pretty damn low before you even reach the first set of cannons. Definitely pop your Panaceaic Bolster III or be diligent with the Combat Panaceas. Charm because this is a DPS race as well.

One thing a lot of ranged classes tend to do is to stay as far from Kezzel as possible. This is a bad idea. His attacks are wide and it's very difficult to reposition when you're really far away. SO, stay behind and close. Just a few steps away from the melee DPS is a good distance which will allow you to circle or dodge through when necessary.

There are two main skills you need watch out for. One has Kezzel throwing rocks to one side or the other causing massive damage that usually hits twice. The tell for this attack is that Kezzel will look over whichever shoulder he'll throw his rocks towards. As soon as you see Kezzel pause to look dodge to the opposite side. Another is the left foot stomp. This one has a much large AoE and hurts that much more. You should usually be okay but when he reaches 10% HP and is not at the gates he'll just keep using this left foot stomp so just make sure you dodge properly. If you get the timing correctly then your Backstep should be off cooldown before he does it again.

So, just because you're ranged doesn't mean you stay as far away as possible. Archer's optimal range is max 13 meters so stay close and allow yourself to dodge through rather than circles and getting hit when fighting large BAMs.

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Major Changes from KTERA

January 15 Patch

The most recent KTERA patch has added a unique buff for auto-attacks. This applies for all classes but for the Archer your charging speed for Penetrating Arrow is increased by 20% when you successfully land 8 auto-attacks.

A buff icon will pop up on the first auto-attack which lasts 10 seconds. You have 10 seconds to land another auto-attack and once that stacks up to 8 it will activate a buff to speed the charge and will be used up once you use Penetrating Arrow. So with this in mind I gues I lean more towards getting Penetrating Arrow on your chest piece stat.

October 2 Patch

The latest changes to Archers in KTERA has had quite an impact on the class in PVP. The changes as of their October 2nd patch are as follows.

  • Increased cooldown of Close Quarters from 7 seconds to 15 seconds
  • Removed stagger effect from Rapid Fire and Final Salvo's second hit
  • Removed knockdown effect from 0, 1 charge of Radiant Arrow; 2nd charge effect changed from knockdown to stagger on hit

We're not sure if they will come back and adjust these changes as the increased CD on Close Quarters has upset many players. Hopefully they'll take a second look and changed to at most 10-12 seconds.

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Last Words

I hope I was able to help you in some way to get you started on the Archer class. My guide is simply here to help you get started, the rest is up to you. The only way you can improve is to test things out yourself and see what best fits how you play. Prove me wrong (or right) with your own tests and experiences as you play this class.

This is the one class I enjoy the most aside from my Lancer and will to my best to keep the information here up-to-date as long as I play TERA.

Good luck!

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Edit History

  • [29.04.2014] Added Archer skill rotation section.
  • [17.02.2014] Adding in Ascension update changes.
  • [06.02.2014] Minor changes to Equipment Stat section.
  • [31.01.2014] Added Instances section.
  • [21.01.2014] Added KTERA changes to Archers.
  • [07.11.2013] Added another PvP glyph build.
  • [29.10.2013] Added clarification at gear pathing.
  • [28.10.2013] Accessory stats.
  • [26.10.2013] Added PA glyph build.
  • [19.10.2013] Guide created.


will anyone update this for Arun patch please? :)

will anyone update this for Arun patch please? :)

This archer guide is no longer being updated, but there is currently someone working on an up-to-date guide, which can be found here.