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TERA Archer Guide PVE by Aliena

Covering Glyphs, Builds, Crystals and more!

TERA Archer Guide - Introduction

Hello and welcome! When I was first trying to build my Archer in TERA I noticed two things: 1. Not a lot of love for the archer. 2. Not a lot of help for the archer.

I do not know everything about the TERA Archer class and so it is my hope that as a community you will all put your input in and in this manner make this TERA Archer Guide more of a community thing. So here it goes!

Last but not least this Archer Guide is going to be a part of three: A PVE guide which you are reading now, a PVP guide for all you PVP gods out there, and a leveling guide to help you guys out.

Role of an Archer

Let's clear up some myths early on in this TERA Archer Guide:


  • Archers are horrible DPS

False. Archers are good sustained dps with high burst potential. Not as good as a sorc but, we also don't get one shot everytime a boss's eyelash falls on us.

  • Archers are only rated two stars! They must be easy and for noobs.

Ahaha, False. Archers might be rated two stars but a good archer who knows how to rotate skills and what to use when and why is surprisingly difficult to come by. Like any class it takes time and effort to learn how to be good.

Solo Play

  • Archers are very good at soloing and may be one of the best classes out there to do so.
  • Always make sure you bring band aids, campfires and charms when going out to grind because honestly it will make things much easier. The money you spend on these will be well worth the trouble.
  • As you are leveling your archer (slowly) keep in mind the best thing to do is learn to kite and keep your distance from your mob. This is also helpful when trying to solo BAMS. Archers can solo bams as long as they are able to kite properly and dodge.
  • Setting up traps ahead of time and then dragging mobs into them is a surprisingly good way to keep your kiting up. Setting a stun trap down allows you to use backstep and fire off a quick skill or two while the mob is helpless.
  • If you do intend on soloing BAMS please make sure you do not get caught while charging. You do not have to charge a skill fully, any damage is good damage.
  • If possible getting attack speed on a weapon helps a lot with mobility! It gets you out of your animations faster so you can survive longer. You might take a small hit to your max damage numerically but you will be alive and churn out your skills faster.

Group Play

  • In groups a lot of archers will find that they pull hate from the tank faster than most classes. Now hopefully you have a tank that is capable of pulling hate back but please: If it is not a dps race then give the tank a few moments to pull hate back. Be aware than when you use high burst combo's you are setting yourself up to pull.
  • The role of an archer in these groups is to try and get to the back of the mob and fire off a constant stream of skills. Take note that you might want to start within 12 meters to make things easy on the healer.
  • An archer is capable of multiple builds and have a wide range of debuffs. It is your job to keep certain debuffs up to make it easy on the whole group. Remember you are one member of a group, what is best for you might not be best for everyone as a whole. For instance: In a choice between firing off a high power skill now, or waiting a few seconds to slow or stun the boss when the tank is struggling, stun now, kill later.
  • As a ranged class it is very important for you to move around. Never stand in one spot for too long as bosses in this game have a tenancy to run over and sit on you. Hard. This being said try and make sure you are not using high-animation skills when the boss is on the move. Instead try waiting until the boss is in an attack animation before using a high-animation skill.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT RESTRAINING ARROW: While it has been nerfed a great deal some tanks still struggle with restraining arrow. Please read the section pertaining to this skill.

How to find your build

For the sake of simplicity I have broken this part of the Archer Guide into four parts. These are in my opinion the best PVE builds. With Tera's new ability to change glyphs on the fly it is possible to change your set up for each boss although I am sure you will find this unnecessary.

  1. DPS Build
  2. Utility and Teamwork
  3. Survival
  4. Solo Farming

Utility and Teamwork

This build focuses a lot on slows, stuns and debuffing the enemy to allow your fellow players to maximize their dps and positioning. Staples to this build are : Restraining arrow and glyphs, Ensnaring Trap and Glyphs, This is best suited for working with Sorcs and Zerkers who are abit slower (Fireblast, Charge moves) and greatly value the extra time they have to stand behind the boss and do the extra % damage due to enfeeblement. This build it actually very good for PVP (fraywind) as well as the new crucible instance. Try this although you need the glyphs from SJG to make it work:
Utility and Teamwork

DPS Build

This build focuses a lot of your raw DPS. This is self-explanatory and great when you are geared to the teeth and working with Warriors (who have their own debuff, traverse cut which increases your dps). Important staples include : Rain of Arrows and every glyph, Penetrating arrow and glyphs, Explosion Trap and glyphs. Try this:
DPS Build and once you have finished your SJG and TOT runs DPS Build

Survival Build -

This is my personal favorite. This build is set around moving and staying alive. Usually this set includes both escape moves glyphed for reduced cooldown. It also includes Final Salvo's 50% chance to eliminate CD (Please always keep this on your reguardless of your build.), and the 40% cast speed for penetrating arrow you get from arrow volley is also a good glyph.Try this but you WILL need at least one or two reduced point glyphs for it to all fit! 
Survival Build

Solo Farming Build 

Ok, now that you have spent a billion gold on gear and consumables, it is time to grind up some more gold. Your glyphs really won't change and in fact I suggest keeping with a dps survival build with only one exception. The "Glyph of the Pump" for radiant arrow is actually helpful here. Try this:

Solo Farming Build

Good Hybrids: DPS and Teamwork, DPS and Survival, Survival and Utility

Keep in mind you are each special snowflakes each individuals. So make your own damn build when you get comfortable.

So you managed to reach 60..What now?

Grats! As you have noticed the archer you have now is nothing like your level 20 archer. You (should) be able to move at full speed when charging, have excellent survivability, a variety of skills and some nice dps.

Finally hitting 60 is a huge deal. You might feel very overwelmed with everything you can do. Try and take it easy and don't go nuts. First you should get your happy little butt into Temple of Temerity and get yourself working on some glyphs. This is a fast, easy dungeon and it only takes a few minutes. A lot of archers can solo the first boss, since it is just a kuma and very easy. See the guide below for a video tutortial!

I speak for all experienced members when I say: Please before you jump into an instance matching group at least watch a video of the instance. Let your team mates know if it is your first time and for the love of god don't faceroll.

Upgrading your Weapon

Now as a DPS I would have to say your weapon is even more important that your gear. At 60 the gaping hole that separates level 60 weapons from the rest of the leveling gear is overwelming. So unless you have a masterwork +12 level 58 weapon (Don't even pretend like some of you don't have this), then your first priority is to get your hands on a weapon. Level 60 weapons are broken down into the following:

  • T12 Lullabow: Don't even both
  • T13 Crap or t13 crafted Longsting: Don't bother with the crap. Longsting isn't bad and cheap to make and enchant, however any of the t14 weapons will outshine it very quickly.
  • Reach of Knowledge - This is your basic Nexus weapon earned from..Nexus... They aren't terribly expensive. However with a base stat of 4138 attack and 20975, there is a HUGE difference when fully enchanted to even an abyss weapon fully enchanting. With the recent patch you are able to buy this from the broker.
  • Boundless Reach - This is the Abyss weapon and this is the middle ground in t14. It drops from Argon Corpus Hard Mode. With a base starting point of 4243 attack and 22024 you might not think the difference is all that great. However I can assure you if you have even a little bit of gold to throw at your weapon or it drops for you I suggest doing with this one.
  • Imperial Reach - Awe yeah now we're talking. This is your Regent's weapon. This means that you either better come up with a chunk of gold or get ready to run Manaya's Core Hard Mode. Starting out with 4347 attack and 23072 impact this weapon is a beast. It also comes with a handy little proc chance called thunderlash that gives you a tiny boost to your dps (10k dot over 4 seconds). The good thing about that is while it is a "rare" chance, your chance to hit with it goes up with your impact rating.
  • T14 Visionmaker - This is what every person in the game wants. Well, they want their own class version but you get the picture. You will be unable to get this until you kill queen a thousand times and collect the bind-on-pick-up, one-per-group MAYBE, very rare item she drops on the third week in june when mercury is alligned with mars..kidding, it's just rare.

Upgrading your Armor

Alright now it is time to get your armor upgraded! This is important because remember: Dead you only do slightly more dps than a mystic. For your armor you again have some more choices:

  • T12 Crap - Why do I even spend the time to type it out?
  • T13 Crap and or Crafted - Not worth it.
  • T14 Nexus - These armor isn't actually all that bad, it isn't the best you can get however since you might just get it free from nexus, it's worth it to enchant it to at least +6. All your armor you shouldn't really bother to masterwork or enchant past +6 until to get to the higher level stuff.
  • T14 Abyss - This armor you can get as a drop from Argon Corpus HM or Manaya's Core NM. This would be the start of your Masterworking. ONLY MASTERWORK AND ENCHANT GLOVES AND BOOTS. The defensive bonus from the abyss-regent armor isn't worth the wait. With gloves you can get up to I THINK it is 15 power once masterworked. 
  • T14 Regent - This armor is either bought or found from Manaya's Core HM. The only think you truely want armor-wise is her chest peice as it does give you a class-based skill enchancement.
  • T14 Visionmaker - The chest piece is actually worth it for PVP. Keep in mind that the recipe for the archer chest is only about 60k on Tempest Reach, much lower than most other classes. For PVE the difference isn't amazing. Gloves and boots arn't worth it at all.

If you want to truth your armor isn't terribly important. You can get away with T14 +6, +9 for Manaya's Core Hard Mode. Your gloves should be your first enchanting priority, then your chest, then your boots. Or if you preffer the safe route: Chest-Gloves- Boots

Here is your basic chain:

Weapons: At 60 get nexus, +9 it, that will hold you over until you get your regents.

Armor: Go for nexus boots and gloves, get your rep chest piece until you can get your regents.

Glyphs - Where to Find them?

When you hit 60 you might have noticed not all your glyphs can be bought from the vendor anymore. There are 2 new dungeons you have to do in order to get your glyphs. Keep in mind the very first glyph you might want to get is your Rain of Swift Arrows from Sirjuka's. (Can you tell I like this glyph?)

Temple of Temerity -- This is the first instance you get to try at 60. It is laid out in three parts. You have 20 minutes to defend the large pillar in the ground. Now when you first step in you need to talk to the annoying turnip that will give you a potion. [color=darkred] DO NOT DRINK THIS POTION It will start a timer that you will need later. Now to save my poor fingers please watch this video:

Sirjuka's Gallery -- This is the worlds most annoying dungeon. Seriously whoever made this is a sadist. Keep in mind you do need abit of gear for this in order to get the best score. If you are undergeared just go ahead and go in single, hit a few things and die. You'll still get a few silver tokens. Now before you can even do this you have
to go talk to Fraya in Alemanthia and go a long, annoying, and boring quest line. Please watch
this video:

Starting Instances

When you first hit 60 you might notice now many new instances you can do. A lot of times your first dungeon at 60 is going to leave a huge impression on you, so you need to pick the right one. These dungeons are in order from hardest to easiest along with their benifits.

1. Fane of Karpima and Balder Temple Normal Mode

  • Very easy pre-queen dungeons.
  • Decent money, fodder (t13, SOMETIMES t14) drop.
  • Good to run it once or twice to prepare for hard mode.
  • Gear Rating: Since it's been patched you could probably run in there naked and be fine...

2. Temple of Temerity. 

  • Super Easy but also easy to mess up.
  • Glyph points, money, and crystalbinds all drops.
  • A decent level 60 necklace drops.
  • Gear Rating: Decent Weapon at the least (T13+6 weapon min)

3. Argon Corpus Normal

  • Another easy, starting dungeon.
  • Money, armor, weapon (t13 and basic pvp gear)
  • Money and fodder drop.
  • Good practice for Hard Mode
  • Small chance for visonmaker recipies
  • Gear Rating: Average (T13 +6 weapon min.)

4. Fane of Kaprima Hard Mode

  • Relativly Easy.
  • Money, a lot of fodder (t13, at least 1 t14) and enchantable t13 stuff drops.
  • Small chance for visonmaker recipies
  • Gear Rating: Decent. (T13 armor +6, t13 +9 min)

5.Sirjuka's Gallery

  • Annoying as hell
  • Annoying as hell
  • Tokens depending on your rank given to you in order to get glyphs
  • Annoying as hell
  • Nice necklace drops
  • Annoying as hell
  • Gear Rating: Good (T14+6 weapon, armor t13+9)

6. Argon Corpus Hard Mode

  • Huge step up in difficulty
  • Great weapons (t14 queen wrath/abyss drops)
  • Money, visonmaker recipies, and decent fodder drops
  • Very nice ring drops
  • Requires coordnation with the rest of the party
  • Gear Rating: Good (T14 +9 weapon, armor t14+6)

7. Mayana's Core Normal Mode

  • Heavilly mechanic based fights
  • Abyss(Really it's the Queen's Wrath but same thing basically.) armor drops.
  • Money, visonmaker recipies drop
  • VERY good practice for hard mode
  • Requires heavy coordnation with your group
  • Gear Rating: Good (T14 +9  weapon, armor t14 +6)

8. Manaya's Core Hard Mode

  • Ridiculously fast
  • Every boss has a hard enrage (one-shot after certain period of time
  • If you're not in vent with your group and/or are pugging it, good luck
  • Money, visonmaker recipies, quills (for crafting), regents weapons and armor all drop
  • Gear Rating: God(Kidding, you can get away with +9 nexus stuff as long as you know what you're doing.)

 Weapon Stats and Armor Stats

Just having the gear and armor isn't going to be enough. You also need to have the right stats and seals on the armor. This section will give you a detailed guide to exactly what you should be looking for. 

Weapon Stats

Attack Speed - Now ideally you want to have attack speed on your weapon. It is personal prefferance however do take into consideration that your attack speed helps or hurts your dodge speed and how quickly you get out of your animations. Faster everything lets you survive better. Now keep in mind if you are unlucky like me and tried rerolling 40 times and got no attack speed you -can- supplement with zyrks.

Boss Damage - Boss damage is a very good thing to have. the % base is a little lower, however it is universal and will give you the extra damage when fighting the boss from front, back, side, enraged or not. Everyone should have at least one on their weapon.

Enraged Boss Damage - Now the % is very high but keep in mind the boss will only take that extra damage when it is enraged. Most weapons have a static enrage seal on it so you will already hit it hard. I personally would recomend this because I happen to have a tank that enraged the boss a lot. Many bosses also enrage on their own. Be careful in pugs however as sometimes you can do too much damage and get hate.

Behind Damage - At first glance this might look good. % wise it is slightly higher than boss monster damage. Keep in mind however many bosses like to flip their shit and run around the place. This only hurts when you are able to stay behind the boss long enough to do damage to it. Not the best, not the worse.

% with the highest aggro to you - Now you might think this is useful, do damage to ALL the mobs! Or a loophole when attacking a single mob. This stat only works however when you are tanking the monster. So if you have the orange ring around your feet, you'll do the extra damage. If you find this benifital to you, find another tank. You do not need or want this stat.

For yours REGENTS and NEXUS weapons you have two options: With four stats to roll (Base, +3, +6, and +9), you can either roll "boss, speed, boss, enraged or behind" or sacrifice your speed for "Boss, enraged, behind, boss". 

For your VISONMAKER you can go nuts and get "Boss, boss, speed, behind, and enraged"

Armor Stats

Your armor should never be underestimated, some good stats on you and you
won't get one-shot nearly as much.


Balance - when using a skill Personally I really enjoy this stat. There is nothing so annoying as being in the middle of charging a skill and then getting knocked down by a ring, circle, or just a random hit. Now do you want your whole chest with balance? No. One is nice though.

% Reduced Damage from Boss - You need this, end of discussion.

% Reduced from Enraged - You really should have at keast one of these as well. An enraged boss hits a thousand times harder.

Increase Restoration by % - This is actually also a very good thing to have, especially since sometimes healers are streached thin and you may only have time for one heal. The extra % goes a long way.

Gloves - Power VS Crit

Now you only get two choices here, power and crit and the debate rages on. Because
archers have one of the lowest crit rating in the game you might be tempted to go crit rate.
However if you use a savage scroll you can make up for your loss of crit rate easilly since it
is a dimished return thing. Ideally you will have masterworked your gloves and have extra power
all the way.

Who cares, they are boots. I guess if you have to go with speed and balance.

End Game Queens Gear

Some gear (Regent's) will allow you to pick one extra stat for your gear.

  • Gain 50 MP when Velik's Mark HITS a target No.
  • Reduces Breakaway Bolt cooldown by 12% Uh. No.
  • Increases the duration of posion arrow by 17% Seriously?
  • Stun from Close Quarters lasts an extra 5% Are we at any good choices yet?
  • Stunning trap cooldown is reduced by 15% 99 bottles of mana potion on the wall..99 bottles of..
  • Reduces the Rain of Arrows cooldown by 10% FINALLY! This is one of the choices you should consider. The more you can spam this skill the better.
  • Increases the damage from Rain of Arrows by 10% The second one you should consider. Nice extra chunk of damage for one of your hardest hitting skills.
  • Increases arrow volley damage by 15% You'd think this would suck but if you are stuck with it, it's not bad. If you glyph arrow volley to the point where you can almost spam this skill on a single target you will notice an increase. Personally however I'd stick with Rain of Arrows.
  • Increases the damage from Penetrating Arrow by 10% Not a bad choice, it's a nice hard hitting skill. At this point it depends on what you use and how often/ROA hits harder, but this skill has a shorter cooldown rate.
  • Increases the damage from Radiant Arrow by 10% Same as the last one.

Ok these are the choices you have and right away you can see that you can rule out many of them. Really in the end the choice is yours.

PURPLE indicates a skill that if you happen to be very low on cash is an acceptable TEMPORARY skill.

ORANGE is the ability you most want.

BLACK means you might as well just not be using regents.


Crystals are a very important thing to have to maximize your dps. Never go anywhere without at least 5 of each kind you need. On a side note there are some presets on your character that you have one click and you automatically have them put in.


  • Mutinous: A decent crystal to have, but to many people make the mistake of running full mutinous because either they don't know about scrolls to increase our terribad base crit rate or because they think it is safer. At most when you know you won't be standing behind the boss and/or the boss has a stupidly high crit rate go ahead and throw one in. Never four but then that is my opinion.
  • Savage:Sadly this crystal has been nerfed back to 1.2 I still usually throw on into a crit build, but it takes a backseat to acrimonous now.
  • Forceful: Archers stack pretty damn well with power and this adds an extra 19 power to your attacks for the next 10 seconds or so. Your stances give 50 power, so you can imagine how much of an effect this crystal can have. Again, it works on crit. But keep in mind every TICK of rain of arrows stats this timer over so if you fire it off and you crit 5 times from that skill that's 5 times the timer resets. This effect does not end when you attack, it ends when the timer runs out.
  • Glistening: I will get [filtered] for this but it is alright. I always use this in pugs because mana is a huge problem for archers and frankly I don't want to burn through my supply when I can crit from behind and help generate my mana. Like the forceful this crystal sets a timer of about 10 seconds that regenerates your mana for a set period of time. If you are in a serious situation don't use this, it hinders your ability to dps.
  • Focused: Enraged damage and a lot of it! I always run with this because it boosts my boss crits no matter where I'm standing. 
  • Acrimonious: Savage crystals have been nerfed back to their original 1.2 strength. Since Acrimonious are now the top players again, always have one in your set up!
  • Carving: Archers have one of the lowest crit bases in the game. Carving really does help with this and I never go anywhere without it.

For most boss encounters I suggest: CARVING, ACRIMONIOUS, SAVAGE, FOCUSED


  • Anarchic: Honestly I never use them. They do give us nice boss damage reduction but because of how low our base health pool is, it works out better to use at most maybe one in place of one poised.

  • Relentless: This is what I usually use. We have a horribad pool of health so we do need something to keep us, well, alive. Due to how low our health pool is the relentless crystals actually work just as good if not better than anarchics. For Manaya's Core HM this is essential.

  • Poised: Sometimes if I know the fight might be rough you may want to throw in one just to be safe but for the most part you should try and stick to relentless or in hardmode queen try an empyrean

  • Empyrean: A sorc friend of mine got me to try this and it wasn't too terrible. Now these crystals activate a shield when knocked down by an enraged mob. For Queen Hardmode we have been using one so when she turns around with her lazer, and is enraged, it activates a shield that keeps us barely alive of we accidently get caught. It's to iffy to be my personal taste because it is a hit or miss thing, but I thought I might throw it in here, as it can save you.



  • Powerful: These give your dps a small boost and we all know how much a fan of power I am. However you might only want to use these on bosses with high crit resist, or mix them up with carving. I see many people using full power builds for some reason. I do not enjoy it myself but if you are oen of those people knock yourself out and use full power.

  • Carving: These give your crit rate a tiny boost. This depends on the type of build you want to run. I see many archers running full power build. Not really a big fan of it myself. For a CRIT build use full carving.

  • Swift: These are fun, they give your attack speed a tiny boost. Throw one or two in there and it gives you speed a little boost. This is very good for fights like the queen when you have to be on your toes.


Note on CRIT builds vs POWER builds

CRIT: For a more crit based build (which I support), you should focus more on carving zyrks, focused, carving, acrimonious, and savage crux's. 


Offensive: Keen for crit (I suggest this), Power for power build or with a mystic.

Defense: Enduring

Suppliment: Infused

Range and Positioning

  • Changes have been made to the NA version of Tera that the Korean players don't have. This includes our range.
  • We do NOT have to stand within 8 meters of the boss to do maximum damage! However when you get to 14-15 meters your damage will suffer. A lot. Some people say the drop off is 14 meters, so just to be safe, stand no further than 13.

My Healer is making me put the following in : Please try and stand near the healer or with the other ranged dps when at all possible. It makes healing easier.

Try and stand slightly to the side of the boss as standing right behind him (or her, no one has been brave enough to check yet) can prove to be dangerous.

Skills and Glyphs

Welcome to the reignbow (AHAHA get it?!) section. (No but seriously there is a bow..it's called a reignbow..oh forget it.) For convenience I have placed a + next to each of your major DPS skills. * is a glyph found in one of the dungeons and cannot be bought from a regular NPC.

Bright Eye Scorching Pink = Get this glyph or else.

Okay Orange = This is player preference.

Boring Grey = Meh

Suckish Red = If you get this glyph I will personally find you and delete your archer. Bad.

  1. Slow Trap
  2. Web Arrow
  3. Restraining Arrow
  4. Concussion Trap
  5. Ensnaring Trap
  6. Arrow Volley+
  7. Penetrating Arrow+
  8. Radiant Arrow+
  9. Poison Arrow
  10. Incendiary Trap
  11. Rain of Arrows+
  12. Explosion Trap+
  13. Backstep
  14. Close Quarters
  15. Breakaway Bolt
  16. Retaliate
  17. Rapid Fire
  18. Veliks Mark+

Slow Trap Slow Trap (6)

Just like it says, place a small trap on the ground that will stay active for up to 15 seconds or until something runs into it/over it. This is an aoe.
Base Damage: 4 (Level 6), 7(Level 18), 16 (Level 30), 34 (Level 42), 72 (Level 54) Careful with those big numbers there you might accidentally hurt a minion.
Cast Time: Instant
MP Cost: 175
Cooldown: 20 seconds

Thoughts: This skill is useful in some situations but It does have a slight animation time which doesn't let you use it too often until later levels in the heat of battle.


(4) Glyph of Lingering - Increases the effect duration by 50% - Getting this glyph I might not delete your character over, especially when leveling but honestly with your flying traps at 60, there really isn't a whole lot of need for this skill let alone wasting glyph points for it.

(3) Glyph of Lingering - Increases the effect duration by 50% - When a baby archer becomes a man/woman they learn about this wonderful instance called Temple or Temerity and/or Sirjuka's Gallery. Here you can spend hour after frustrating hour farming tokens for glyphs that you need. This is not one of them.

Web Arrow Web Arrow (42)

A quick arrow that slows the MOVEMENT speed of a target by 20% (30% at level 60) for 7 seconds.

This skill is not too bad because it does keep a monster from flying around like a bat out of hell and if it lands you can keep it up pretty regularly.
Cast Time: Instant
MP Cost: 25
Cooldown: 5 Seconds


(4) Glyph of Fleetfoot – Increase effect duration by 40%. – It might be alright if your tank is struggling and the mob is flying around but truthfully it isn't such a good idea. There are more important things to glyph.

(4) Glyph of Lingering – 20% chance to increase combat speed by 10 for 12 seconds. – Combat speed isn't really that bad, but your primary job is to be close to the boss anyway and at a 20% chance, not that useful.

Restraining Arrow Restraining Arrow (54)

This is a powerful slow that decreases the movement speed of the enemy by 50% and ATTACK SPEED of the enemy by 15% for 4 seconds. There have been a lot of arguments about the use of this skill which will be covered in its own private section below.

Cast Time: Instant, little to no animation speed
MP Cost: 150
Cooldown: 15 Seconds

Note: Super saddness but restraining arrow was nerfed in the last patch, giving the enemy a 15% attack debuff instead of 50% 


PLEASE READ my "restraining arrow and you" section before taking on the following glyphs even though most are rated blue.

(5) Glyph of Lingering – Increases effect duration by 50% - If you are going for a utility build this will make your slow last 6 seconds and allow you to finish the boss more quickly. BUT and I cant stress this enough: the chances are the boss wont finish his current skill anyway in 6 seconds so the extra time wont matter. The boss will finish the attack at the same speed he started it in.

(3) Glyph of Energy – Decreases cool down by 20% - The lower cool down allows the player to use it more often.

(5) Glyph of Sap – 20% chance to stun opponent for 3 seconds. Due to the already slow, 3 seconds eats into the slow time and you could easily use the points somewhere else.

(2) Glyph of Energy - Decreases cool down by 20% - Ditto.

Concussion Trap Concussion Trap (60)

Again at level 60 your traps become flying projectiles that DO NOT SHARE A COOLDOWN WITH YOUR NORMAL TRAPS. This one STUNS the enemy for 10 seconds.

Cast Time: Instant
MP Cost: 250
Cooldown: 25 Seconds


(4) Glyph of Energy – Decreases cool down by 20% - Eh, end game bosses don't really stun all that well.

*(3) Glyph of Energy – Decreases cool down by 30% - See above.

Ensnaring Trap Ensnaring Trap (60)

Again at level 60 your traps become flying projectiles that DO NOT SHARE A COOLDOWN WITH YOUR NORMAL TRAPS. This one SLOWS the enemy for 10 seconds.

Cast Time: Instant
MP Cost: 250
Cooldown: 15 Seconds


(3) Glyph of Energy – Decreases cool down by 20% - This is a very good pvp or pve skill when used in joint with the following glyph.

(5) Glyph of Enfeeblement – Lowers the enemies' endurance by 3% for 5 seconds. – VERY good skill pvp or pve when used with the above glyph as the extra 3% debuff seems to hit with a higher rate than the actual slow of the trap. You have a good chance of landing it and boosting not only the following attacks you do but your teammates as well.

Arrow Volley Arrow Volley (2)

A lock-on skill that does a smaller amount of damage with each target. Doesn't do a bad amount of damage on a single target but it's not really a good skill for more than one. Later on you have better skills to use. This is a nice filler though.

Base Damage: 10 (2) 14 (8) 20 (14) 30 (20) 43 (26) 63 (32) 92 (38) 135 (44) 197 (50) 287 (56)
Cast Time: "1 second" Little animation.
MP Cost: 200
Cooldown: 3 seconds.

Now, before I get spammed with "OMFG ITS USELESS" lets think about this for a second. Right now my arrow volley does 22-26k. It crits for 150-180k. Now my rain of arrows ticks for 26-28k, and can crit from 160-240k.  Sometimes you have downtime between skills, just weave your arrow volley in and it's a great boost of dps. Not as important as radiant arrow or another but well worth it. If you glyph for increased charging of penetrating arrow you just can't go wrong.


(3) Glyph of Persistence – Increases number of lock on targets by 1. - This is actually not as bad as it used to be. In the last patch they removed the split damage which means you will do the same damage to each target. Unfortunately end game bosses are singular so this isn't much help. Not bad for grinding though.

(4) Glyph of Blaze – Speed charging by 30% for Penetrating arrow (Lasts for about 5 seconds after using Arrow Volley, does NOT cancel if you use another skill before penetrating arrow) – Not really a bad thing, it depends on how often you use arrow volley. When glyphed with the 40% chance to reduce your cooldown you can almost spam this skill.

(3) Glyph of Blaze – Speeds charging by 40% for stunning trap. (Lasts for about 5 seconds after using Arrow Volley, does NOT cancel if you use another skill before stunning trap.) - Meh not really worth it.

(3) Glyph of Influence – Reduces MP cost by 44 for Incendiary trap. (Lasts for about 5 seconds after using Arrow Volley, does NOT cancel if you use another skill before Incendiary trap.) - SO not worth it.

(4) Glyph of Blaze – Speeds charging by 50% for stunning trap. (Lasts for about 5 seconds after using Arrow Volley, does NOT cancel if you use another skill before stunning trap.) Again not really worth it.

(2) Glyph of Persistence – 40% chance to eliminate cool down. - Same as the above.

Penetrating Arrow Penetrating Arrow (4)

This will be one of your main DPS abilities. It is only slightly less powerful than Radiant arrow and when you line your enemies up in a line you will hit each one straight through.

Cast Time: 3 Tier charge skill
MP Cost:
Base Damage: 57 (4) 100 (10) 146 (16) 228 (22) 333 (28) 486 (34) 709 (40) 1035 (46) 1510 (52) 2203 (58)


(3) Glyph of Longshot – Increases the range by 3 meters. – So not worth it. You do not need to be that far away from the boss.

* (2) Glyph of Longshot – Increases the range by 3 meters. – Ditto, bad glyph is still bad glyph even at a reduced cost.

(6) Glyph of Power – Increases power by 25% - Yes.

* (5) Glyph of Power – Increases power by 25% - Even more yes.

(7) Glyph of the Slick – Eliminates the slowed movement restriction. – No matter what, get this. It might be the first glyph you want.

* (6) Glyph of the Slick – Eliminates the slowed movement restriction. - Yes.

Radiant Arrow Radiant Arrow (18)

Shoots a good powered arrow at your enemy. Yay more pewpew. This will be a very vital skill along with penetrating arrow.

MP Cost: 60, 60, 60, 120 in the later levels.
Cooldown: 10 seconds.
Base Damage:185(18) 319 (24) 466 (30) 724 (36) 1057 (42) 1542 (48) 2249 (54) 2864 (60)


Glyph of Longshot – Increases max range by 3 meters. – Eh, same as with penetrating arrow. Dont get this far away from the boss. Have a heart, dont make the healer chase.) My pocket healer made me put this in. He says he wont give me heals if I dont.

Glyph of the Slick – Removes restricted movement speed when charging. – Get it if you don't feel like getting sat on by monsters.

*Glyph of the Pump – 35% chance to increase damage delt to normal monsters by 100% - NORMALY monsters. As in , grinding only.

*Glyph of the Slick– Removes restricted movement speed when charging.

*Glyph of Sanative – Decreases overcharge penalty by 40%. – AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA – Wheeze- AHAHAHAHAHA

Poison Arrow Poison Arrow (22)

Shoot a poisoned arrow at an enemy that does a sustained and unchangeable amount of damage despite gear. This stacks up to THREE TIMES. I am so very tired of getting flak for not oozing my love for the poison arrow. I do not like this skill. It's animation annoys me, and the effort you have to go through and the glyph points you have to sacrifice for it..I just don't like it. That being said if you feel your love for this skill bubbling up about to explode go ahead and use it.

MP Cost: 150
Cast Time:1.2 Seconds with a slightly slowish animation. Won't get you killed but it is noticeable.
Cooldown: 5 seconds.
Base Damage: The arrow itself doesn't do too much damage but each level increases the POSION damage. Unfortunately I do not have these numbers on hand but as the DOT lasts for about 10 seconds it is a VERY important leveling skill.


(6) Glyph of Lingering: Increases effect duration by 40%. – Without this glyph you have to almost spam the skill. With it, it allows you more freedom. I recommend this when leveling only as later on when you are more geared this will be a filler skill. – Poison arrow is a MUST for leveling but later on, again, meh. You have many more important skills to use.

(5) Glyph of the Blaze: Speeds charging for Radiant arrow by 30% (Lasts 5 seconds, does NOT get interrupted if another skill is used before Radiant arrow.) – Not SUPER amazing, but the poison isn't TERRIBLE end game and the increased radiant arrow cast speed is very good.

Incendiary Trap Incendiary Trap (26)

This is a small trap that when laid on the ground will explode and hurt all surrounding enemies for up to 15 seconds. Not terrible when leveling but to be honest I haven't used it since..ok so I've never used it.

Base Damage: 228 (level 26), 332 (Level 32), 485 (Level 38), 707 (Level 44), 1032 (Level 50), 1506 (Level 56)
Cast Time:"Instant" - Earlier levels have an animation time but by level 60 it is gone.
MP Cost: 300
Cooldown: 15s


(5) Glyph of Power - Increase damage by 25% - Not a terrible choice for a quick burst of damage when leveling but obsolete end game and you really REALLY should spend the points somewhere else.

(4) Glyph of Power link - Increases Arrow Volley skill damage by 25% - Arrow Volley isn't terrible, and I suppose in theory this could work out alright on a single target, but it really isn't worth your points, even when leveling.

Rain of Arrows Rain of Arrows (58)

An AMAZING dps skill that is also a powerful AOE. This is my favorite ability for archers.

Cast Time: Only downfall there IS a cast time of about 5 seconds and you are unable to cancel this ability once you start.
MP Cost: 450
Cooldown: 25 Seconds
Base Damage: 4804


(3) Glyph of Energy – Decreases the cool down by 25% - Ohhh yea. This is so amazing its alll pink

(6) Glyph of Power – Increases the power by 25% - Ooooooohhhhh yea.

*(5) Glyph of Swift – Decreases the cast time by 40% - BEST glyph you can get. You have to do the most painful instance over and over to get this but really, you WILL get killed if you are not careful with this ability but with this glyph you will be able to almost spam this skill whenever it's off cool down.

Explosion Trap Explosion Trap (60)

At level 60 all your traps get more or less replaced by flying projectiles. These do NOT SHARE A COOLDOWN WITH YOUR REGULAR TRAPS so you can (very seldom will you however) use them both. This one does about as much damage as a fully charged radiant arrow.

MP Cost: 350
Cast Time: Instant, very little animation.
Base Damage: 2200


(5) Glyph of Power – Increases skill damage by 25% - Very good, increases your ability and you want to use this skill often.

*(5) Glyph of Power– Increases skill damage by 35% - Higher damage, what's not to love? Besides having to do Sirjuka's Gallery..

Backstep Backstep (1)

A quick step backwards avoiding damage.

Cast time: "Instant" There is NO current invulnerability phase for this.
MP Cost: 75
Cooldown: 7 Seconds


(4) Glyph of Energy– Decreases cool down by 29% - PVP or PVE, this glyph will save your [filtered]. Trust me when I say you will notice the difference in the later levels.

(3) Glyph of Energy – Decreases cool down by 29% - Less glyph points the better, you will have to complete ToT a few times but if you have nothing better to do, it's not a bad idea to go for it.

Close Quarters Close Quarters (8)

A two part move that temporarily stuns the monster or the player.

Cast time: It is in TWO parts and the SECOND part is the stunning part.
MP Cost: 50, 100
Cooldown: 7 Seconds


(5) Glyph of Persistence – Increases power by 100% - Ahahaha 

* (4) Glyph of Fleetfoot – Increases movement speed by 50 for 3 seconds. Eh..

* (4) Glyph of Lingering – Increases effect duration by 40%. - Not useful for anything other than farming

Breakaway Bolt Breakaway Bolt (10)

Basically you throw down some sort of energy on the ground to hurl you backwards.

Cast Time: None
MP Cost: 150
Cooldown: 20 Seconds


(6) Glyph of Fleetfoot - Chance to increases movement speed (30% chance) by 10 for 3 seconds. Too little a chance to be useful. If you are so close to your enemy so often you rely on this, you're doing something wrong. 

(4) Glyph of Energy - Decreases cool down by 25% - Not bad, especially if you're struggling to survive. It's still a long cooldown though.

(5) Glyph of Powerlink – Increases power for Penetrating arrow by 25% - It's not really..BAD..it's just..something you wouldn't really use that often. Archers are not supposed to run in and throw that down on a boss on purpose. Spend your glyph points somewhere else.

* (4) Glyph of Slowing – Decreases movement speed on opponent by 40% for 6 seconds. - Only for farming, really not that helpful pve when you have so many other slows.

* (3) Glyph of Energy – Decreases CD by 25%

Retaliate Retaliate (12)

You get knocked down, you get back up, and possibly (tiny) chance to knock down your foe in the process.

MP Cost: None
Cast Time: None
Triggered by: Getting your [filtered] handed to you.
Cooldown: 15 Seconds


(4) Glyph of Power – Increases power by 25% - 0x.25 still = 0

(4) Glyph of Energy – Decreases cool down by 20% - Eh..not really worth the points.

Arrow Arrow (1)

This is your standard auto attack and MP regain system. Meh.

Base Damage: 9 ( Level 1) 10 (Level 6) 12 (Level 12) 14 (Level 18) 21 (Level 24) 31 (Level 30) 45 (Level 36) 66 (Level 42) 96 (Level 48) 140(Level 54) 195 (Level 60)
Cast Time: "Instant" Really not a lot of animation time required.
MP Cost: None
Cooldown: None


Glyph of Fleetfoot - Increase movement speed by 50 for 3 seconds. - Eh..not really worth it.

(5) Glyph of Sap - 5% chance to stun target. - VERY bad glyph in PVE, just no need for it.

(5) Glyph of Piercing - 10% chance to deal double damage. No. Just. No.

Rapid Fire Rapid Fire (14)

Shoots off tiny, quickly firing arrows that pretends to do damage and pretends to give you MP.

I'm not..even going to bother typing all the stuff about this skill. It's pretty much useless. I cannot STAND this skill. People act like its soooooo good but honestly it doesn't really give you much MP and doesn't do any damage. You're far better off using a potion, or auto-attacking. I KNOW I'll get some people [filtered]ing about this and hey, for some people it might work. I have never seen it though. Bring it on.

Final Salvo Final Salvo (26)

I really almost put this in survival. This skill is just like rapid fire only it can be used to cancel your animation of being thrown back from penetrating arrow or radiant arrow. You do not even need to use the full skill, just tap the space bar. This skill will SAVE you sometimes.

MP Cost: None
Cooldown: 10 Seconds
Base Damage: Ahahahahaha
Triggered by: Radiant arrow OR Penetrating arrow


(4) Glyph of Persistence: 50% chance to eliminate cool down. – Both these glyphs are GREAT when used together.

(4) Glyph of the Blaze: Speeds charging by 30% for Penetrating arrow (Lasts for about 5 seconds after using Arrow Volley, does NOT cancel if you use another skill before Penetrating arrow) – Very good for your slower charging skill. When used with persistence.

Velik''s Mark Velik's Mark (30)

Increases your skill damage by 10%. Those of you who can do math know how amazing this is. Those of you who can't, take our word for it.

MP Cost: 210
Cooldown: 4 Seconds


(3) Glyph of Influence : Reduce MP cost by 31 for poison arrow. – Don't even think about it. This is one of those..find you and..bad things..bad things man.

(3) Glyph of Lingering– Increases duration of skill by 25% - A lot of people will argue back and forth on this, it does help but at the same time you could use your points somewhere else. Because sometimes you won't really have the time or it just won't land.

(3) Glyph of Blaze – Speeds casting for 25% for poison arrow. (Lasts for about 5 seconds after using Arrow Volley, does NOT cancel if you use another skill before Poison Arrow) – Eh..nah not really worth it.

Eagle''s Eye Eagle's Eye (48)

A stance that increases your MOVEMENT SPEED by 8% and raises power by 30, and increases PvP damage by 4.3%. 

Sniper''s Eye Sniper’s Eye (48)

Your second stance. This one increases your ATTACK SPEED by 4% and raises power by 30, and increases PvP damage by 4.3%.

Archer Do's and Dont's

Congratulations on making it this far! I know, your eyes must be BLEEDING at this point but bear with me just a little longer. The following are a few helpful tips for my fellow archers.


  • Keep your gear updated and weapon. No one likes to have to carry someone else.
  • Keep extra crystals and consumables on you at all times.
  • Ask the tank and everyone in party if they would like you to slow the boss.


  • Pull for the tank, I've seen a lot of archers do it lately and unless the tank is cool with it, will piss them off.
  • Think one more arrow or skill will be fine because chances are, you'll get hit.
  • Think more/less of yourself or your class. You are an important player but not god.

Restraining arrow and you

Here are a few important things you need to know about this skill.

  • It misses a lot and is affected by your impact rating.
  • The boss will continue whatever attack he is doing in whatever speed he started it in reguardless of timers. Your best bet is to use it as soon as the boss finishes a skill and before he goes into the next animation.
  • Warrior tanks HATE this skill.
  • Do not be offended if a tank asks you not to slow the boss, some tanks just don't like it.
  • In the recent patch it got a massive nerf so it really isn't as big a deal anymore.


This is mostly for end game instances only, if anyone would like some help in earlier instances please feel free to contact me in game or by private message. Please check back as soon I will be uploading videos of each fight.

Argon Corpus HM

  • 1st Boss (Beaver): Stay behind the boss as often as possible and stay close. The beaver thing will target the furthest person away from him with the poison followed by a lazer so it will be important that it not be you. At 50% the boss will flip his [filtered] and run around the room. He will start doing a somersault that can oneshot you if you get in its way. So try and be careful.

Beaver Boss Fight

  • 2nd Boss (Bird): Assuming yall have done AC NM the fight is about the same. Slows can come in handy here as when he flies into the air to dive bomb you will buy the members of your team some valuable seconds (or minutes if you run with a slow tank) to get out of the way. Please do be very careful with your slows if you dont understand how they work you can screw the fight up. Also keep in mind the boss no longer warns you when it is targeting you.
  • 3rd Boss (Transformer): Really this is the easiest boss, just move around him, stay with your healer and you'll be fine.
  • Meldita: Stay within 4-6 meters on the boss and always be ready to jump to the side. If you stay this close to him you will not get random agro. At 80% he will start spawning worms that NEED to be killed as they duplicate every 10-20 seconds. They will wipe the party easilly. The worms will spawn after 80% every 50 seconds. Beware his spinning lazer which he will do either a. when the worms are spawning, or b.  when he is enraging. Also be aware that your explosion trap may not always work on the worms unless you are literally spot on range. Rain of Arrows is valuable here but only if you are glyphed for the speed cast. At 35% he will spawn stationary..whatever they are called that sit in the air and have a stunning aoe. at 20% the will spawn jellies that actually will chase whoever is farthest away. (Usually the healer so you're good).

Manaya's Core Normal Mode

  • 1st Boss: (The biggest asshole in the game.): This guy is the most annoying boss in the universe. If he targets you (and he will at random sometimes), it will be his sole goal in life to kill you. This boss literally gives 0 fucks. As an archer you should be alright with standing to the left or right of him. Every once in awhile he will turn around and target someone with an orange circle and pounce. It will silence you. He will often follow this up by beating on you a few times. At 70, 50, and 30 (NOT 100% sure on those exact percentages), he will move to the middle and some sort of message will flash over the screen. At this time it is very important that you move TOWARDS the boss and BEHIND him. Cuddle up close to the boss until you get a debuff. When this happens you need to move further behind the boss towards the healer. The debuff will tick you down and then take a massive chunk of HP from you. At some random point he will also turn towards a person, motion like he is going to do something and then he will spawn a single jelly. Whoever had the random aggro (indicated by the purple circle), will now be stalked by this jelly. The jelly will follow the person until it catches up and then spam down a small AOE that will destroy you.
  • 2nd Boss: This is a very easy boss. The only big thing here is as you go through the fight you will notice a debuff that you will get. The only way for you to get this off you is to jump. Thats right. Jump. At 70, 50, and 20 ((Again not sure about the percentages)), he will run to the middle. Tiny adds will spawn around him and a message will pop up. You need to kill whatever adds the message tells you to, OR whatever color the boss is. Note: 100% burn is possible. DPS as normal. After the THIRD wave of adds spawn, run to either one of the entrances (TRY and pick whichever side the boss ISNT facing.) and jump. He may knock you down. Wait for a second and then backstep towards the wall.
  • Queen PT 1: She's KIND OF a hooker. At the first phase just stay back and dps. Sometimes she will throw a circle around you. Either it will knock you down almost instantly and give you a debuff or you need to run to the side and throw a small pink circle of goo around you. This will be stationary on the floor. She will also shoot small white beams out from her core towards you. These will hurt. Dont get hit. At 5% you need to burn her as fast as possible.
  • Queen PT 2: Time for the fun. She will "donut" a lot so make sure you stay 12-13 meters away from her you really do not want to stay closer. At times she will curl into a small ball. Get out. At times she will turn and her shoulder-things will rotate. This is a lazer. You have exactly .05 seconds to turn and backstep out of it. She will also burrow underground and then  reappear, only to throw down an AOE on whoever she is targeted on. But wait! There's MORE! At 90% she will begin her debuff rotation. She will stand and throw out "three" rings around her. Once you take a debuff you need to STAY where you are. For the first ring just stand on her feet. Second ring is obvious. The third ring is outside the second ring. Let's say you take the third debuff at first. Stand OUTSIDE the second ring and stay there. The very next time she stands you need to move to her feet. After that take the second debuff. Continue this rotation until she dies. At 70, 50, and 30 (YES I AM STILL NOT 100% SURE ABOUT THESE except the 70 and 50 I am sure about), she will shield. Burn the HELL out of this or it will be an instant wipe. At 8% she will do her walk of shame and you need to burn her quickly or she will perma-enrage. 

Manaya's Core Hard Mode

Alright folks this is the part I'm sure at least half of you have been waiting for. Now before you go in make absolutly sure you have mana potions, health potions, combat panaceas, nosterums, and boosters.

Save your booster for part 2 of the queen since you might die during cocoon phase.

  • 1st Boss (You might actually die here): He's faster, hits harder, switches his aggro more often, and in in general more of an asshole. Only minor changes however. besides being faster and more of an asshole he now spawns three jellies instead of one, and the debuff now is a serious threat if your healer doesnt keep you healed up.
  • 2nd Boss: Literally the same as normal mode, very easy.
  • Queen PT 1: Same as normal mode, everything is now just harder and faster, for first timers I suggest standing about fifteen meters away.
  • Queens PT 2: Everything here is twitch reflex. Almost everything is a one shot here so be very careful. For the queen you want to use your movement speed debuff stance, it's much easier to fight with a movement penalty than with an attack speed penalty. It is also very important that you stay opposite your tank. No matter what happens really you need to stay opposite of him. Even if it means dpsing her from the front this is very important. The circle stage will now start at 90% as usual but will also continue every 50 seconds. DPS is very important here so you need to be able to keep up a steady stream of dps throughout the fight.