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Min-Max Warriors with Bernkastel - Tank Expansion

Tank Expansion of the popular warrior min-max guide. This guide aims to show you exactly what a warrior tank is capable of through unveiling the numbers behind the myths.

Aug 10 2015 08:42 PM | Bernkastel in TERA Class Guides

Min-Max Warriors with Bernkastel - A Math-Based...

Systematic deconstruction of the warrior class using mathematical and analytical methods. This is a DPS guide aimed at experienced warriors to perfect their play.

Jul 18 2015 08:37 AM | Bernkastel in TERA Class Guides

(WIP) TERA Fate of Arun - Lancer PvE Guide

This Lancer PvE guide is currently up-to-date with the Fate of Arun expansion and covers everything you need to know to get yourself familiarized with tanking in endgame instances. Includes glyph builds, rotations, gear, crystals, etchings, etc.

Dec 25 2014 02:51 PM | Renai in TERA Class Guides

Warrior Tanking - Advanced Endgame Guide by Tri...

This is a complete Advanced Endgame Warrior Tanking Guide, stressing the importance of knowing the class's inner workings.
Jun 26 2014 06:20 AM | TriEdgeDTrace in TERA Class Guides

TERA Warrior Advanced Tanking Guide by lostguru

This advanced Warrior tanking guide assumes basic knowledge of tanking and is appropriate for current warrior tanks who want to improve their game or seasoned Lancers who want to give Warrior tanking a shot. The guide covers glyph builds, rotations, equipment and much more.
May 22 2014 09:04 PM | lostguru in TERA Class Guides

TERA Power Slayer PvE Guide by Clox

This guide will cover skill explanations and rotations, equipment, crystals and other things about Slayers in a PvE environment. It will contain traces of my idealistic gameplay in maximising the potential power of Slayers. I will continue to keep this guide updated and hopefully put more content in the near future.
Dec 23 2013 08:55 PM | Clox in TERA Class Guides

TERA Archer Guide by Espei

A (hopefully) simple guide to Archers with information post Dungeon Assault patch.
Oct 19 2013 08:15 PM | Espei in TERA Class Guides

TERA Fate of Arun - Priest PvE/PvP Guide

This Priest guide covers skills, glyphs, rotations, gear, and other things you need to know to become a great Priest in TERA!

Sep 30 2013 04:23 AM | Renai in TERA Class Guides

TERA Berserker Guide PvP by Kilryan

This guide takes into account my personal preferences for PvP as TERA's Berserker class. We will look into Glyph setups, Crystal setups and basic skill usage, as well as the overall concept of Berserker PvP in both Fraywind Canyon (15v15) & Champion's Skyring (3v3).
May 29 2013 05:17 PM | Kilryan in TERA Class Guides

TERA Fate of Arun - Warrior DPS Guide

A guide that focuses on the DPS aspect of the Warrior class in TERA. Here we'll look at glyph setups, rotations, gear, equipment stats, and more. Covers mainly PvE.

May 24 2013 08:42 PM | Renai in TERA Class Guides

TERA Fate of Arun - Mystic PvE/PvP Guide

A TERA Mystic Guide updated for TERA Rising. This guide covers both PvE and PvP, and provides an in-depth look at the skills, glyphs, equipment, crystals and more!

This guide is currently being updated for the Fate of Arun expansion (Feb 24, 2015).
Mar 11 2013 07:55 PM | Nan0teck in TERA Class Guides