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Bathysmal Rise Guide by Yosha

Welcome to my dungeon guide where I'll be guiding you through Bathysmal Rise. This guide has been put together from my experiences on the Korean servers and the information I will be sharing is through my perspective on how I approach this dungeon. You don't have to follow exactly as I've instructed so you can treat this as a guideline if you wish.
Nov 27 2014 06:18 AM | Yosha in TERA Instance Guides

TERA Endgame Guide for New Players - Wounded World

This guide covers the dungeons, factions, gear and other things you need to know as a new player who just reached the level cap in TERA Online.
Sep 06 2014 02:01 AM | Nan0teck in TERA General Guides

In-Depth Abscess HM Guide - Surviving Nightmare...

This guide assumes basic knowledge of Nightmare Krakatox's attacks and mechanics and aims to help you survive better against repeated attacks.
Sep 03 2014 10:33 PM | CosmicCricket in TERA Instance Guides

Advanced Kumasylum Guide by Methanols

This in-depth guide to Kumasylum, a 3v10 equalized PvP instance, covers everything you need to know for both the Federation and Kumas teams.
Aug 09 2014 08:51 PM | Methanols in TERA PvP Guides

Rift's Edge Hard Mode Guide by Yosha

Rift's Edge or REHM is the new 10-man raid dungeon for the Wounded World patch. This dungeon is designed to be straightforward and more action packed compared to Wonderholme. There will be a total of 3 big bosses to tackle which are brand new to TERA with new attack patterns and mechanics.
Jul 08 2014 10:04 AM | Yosha in TERA Instance Guides

The Abscess Hard Mode Guide by Yosha

Welcome to my The Abscess Hard Mode guide. I can share with you what I already know about this dungeon so far. I'll be examining this dungeon more carefully and make sure to add anything that I've missed out.
Jul 07 2014 03:12 PM | Yosha in TERA Guides

How to Stream TERA on Twitch.tv

This is a beginner's guide on how to setup your stream for Twitch.tv! Here you'll find some basic knowledge on using Open Broadcaster Software. Feel free to check this out if you are interested in streaming TERA Online or wish to improve your stream further!
Jun 29 2014 06:37 AM | Flowroro in TERA General Guides

Warrior Tanking - Advanced Endgame Guide by Tri...

This is a complete Advanced Endgame Warrior Tanking Guide, stressing the importance of knowing the class's inner workings.
Jun 26 2014 06:20 AM | TriEdgeDTrace in TERA Class Guides

Brooch Information Guide

What is a Brooch? Looking into the future, it's a decorative jewelry item introduced in the next update after the Reaper patch. It's another brand new equipment slot similar like the Innerwear. The brooch equipment slot is positioned right next to your necklace.
Jun 02 2014 08:20 PM | Yosha in TERA General Guides

TERA Warrior Advanced Tanking Guide by lostguru

This advanced Warrior tanking guide assumes basic knowledge of tanking and is appropriate for current warrior tanks who want to improve their game or seasoned Lancers who want to give Warrior tanking a shot. The guide covers glyph builds, rotations, equipment and much more.
May 22 2014 09:04 PM | lostguru in TERA Class Guides

TERA Kezzel's Gorge Dungeon Guide by Cannon...

A more or less in-depth guide of the dungeon Kezzel's Gorge. A dps race to kill one boss monster before he manages to break down the end gate. Along with 6 other raid members and quite a few different mechanics, your party should be able to take down this big boy and succeed, otherwise fail.
May 19 2014 04:49 PM | Nan0teck in TERA Instance Guides

TERA Reaper Introduction Guide by Yosha

TERA Reaper Introduction Guide by Yosha - Showcasing basic materials you need to know about Reapers.
Apr 30 2014 01:02 AM | Yosha in TERA Class Guides

TERA Lancer PvE Guide by Dante

A comprehensive PvE guide for Lancers. Contains some useful information about skills, gear, crystals, and some useful tricks.
Mar 20 2014 05:22 AM | Dante in TERA Class Guides

TERA Guide to Avatar Weapons

A quick look on how to acquire avatar weapons to help speed up the leveling process in TERA Online.
Dec 25 2013 03:50 AM | Nan0teck in TERA General Guides

TERA Power Slayer PvE Guide by Clox

This guide will cover skill explanations and rotations, equipment, crystals and other things about Slayers in a PvE environment. It will contain traces of my idealistic gameplay in maximising the potential power of Slayers. I will continue to keep this guide updated and hopefully put more content in the near future.
Dec 23 2013 08:55 PM | Clox in TERA Class Guides